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RFC 7: Host-IMP interface

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Network Working Group                                         G. Deloche
Request for Comment: 7           University of California at Los Angeles
NIC: 4693                                                       May 1969

                           Host-Imp Interface

      G. Deloche      -->  Prof. J. Estrin
                           Prof. L. Kleinrock
                           Prof. B Bussel
                           D. Mandell
                           S. Crocker
                           L. Bonamy

   Object: Arpa Network - Specification Outlines for Host-IMP (HI)
   Interface Programs.


   I.  Introduction

   II.  Scope of the software organization.
           II-1    Network program
           II-2    Handler program

   III.  Questions

   [The original of RFC 7 was hand-written, and only partially illegible
   copies exist.  RFC 7 was later typed int NLS by the Augmentation
   Research Center (ARC) at SRI.  The following is the best
   reconstruction we could do.  RFC Editor.]

Deloche                                                         [Page 1]

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