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RFC 4: Network timetable

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Network Working Group                                   Elmer B. Shapiro
Request for Comment: 4                       Stanford Research Institute
Category: Informational                                    24 March 1969

                           Network Timetable

1  (n10) network checkout

2  Installation of communcation gear 8/1/69

   2a  From AT&T and/or BBN need dimensional, power and cabling

   2b  Need to establish SRI desired alternate locations so as to
   determine maximum telco cable lengths

   2c  Need to establish location and drops on voice coordination

   2d  Need circuit information on voice drops for tie to intercom

   2e  Need to order and install a.c. power (coordinate with 4b)

   2f  See 16

3  Design and construct host-Imp interface 9/1/69

   3a  Need specifications from BBN

   3b  Develop trial design

   3c  Review with system programmers

   3d  Establish final design

   3e  Build and design hardware

   3f  Debug trial software with hardware loop test

4  Imp installation 9/15/69

   4a  from BBN get dimensional, power and cabling specifications

   4b  SRI orders and installs a.c. power (coordinate with 2e)

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