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RFC 20: ASCII format for network interchange

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Network Working Group                                          Vint Cerf
Request for Comments: 20                                            UCLA
                                                        October 16, 1969

                  ASCII format for Network Interchange

   For concreteness, we suggest the use of standard 7-bit ASCII embedded
   in an 8 bit byte whose high order bit is always 0.  This leads to the
   standard code given on the attached page, copies from USAS X3, 4-
   1968.  This code will be used over HOST-HOST primary connections.
   Break characters will be defined by the receiving remote host, e.g.
   SRI uses "." (ASCII X'2E' or 2/14) as the end-of-line character,
   where as UCLA uses X'OD' or 0/13 (carriage return).

USA Standard Code for Information Interchange

1. Scope

   This coded character set is to be used for the general interchange of
   information among information processing systems, communication
   systems, and associated equipment.

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