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RFC 2: Host software

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Network Working Group                                        Bill Duvall
Request for Comments: 2                                              SRI

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   1a Control Links

      1a1 Logical link 0 will be a control link between any two HOSTs on
      the network

         1a1a Only one control link may exist between any two HOSTs on
         the network. Thus, if there are n HOSTs on the network, there
         are n-1 control links from each HOST.

      1a2 It will be primarily used for communication between HOSTs for
      the purposes of:

         1a2a Establishing user links

         1a2b Breaking user links

         1a2c Passing interrupts regarding the status of links and/or
         programs using the links

         1a2d Monitor communication

      1a3 Imps in the network may automatically trace all messages sent
      on link 0.

   1b Primary Links

      1b1 A user at a given HOST may have exactly 1 primary link to each
      of the other HOSTs on the network.

         1b1a The primary link must be the first link established
         between a HOST user and another HOST.

         1b1b Primary links are global to a user, i.e. a user program
         may open a primary link, and that link remains open until it is
         specifically closed.

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