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RFC 1: Host Software

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Network Working Group                                   Steve Crocker
Request for Comments: 1                                          UCLA
                                                         7 April 1969

                         Title:   Host Software
                        Author:   Steve Crocker
                          Installation:   UCLA
                          Date:   7 April 1969
             Network Working Group Request for Comment:   1



  I. A Summary of the IMP Software



     IMP Transmission and Error Checking

     Open Questions on the IMP Software

 II. Some Requirements Upon the Host-to-Host Software

     Simple Use

     Deep Use

     Error Checking

III. The Host Software

     Establishment of a Connection

     High Volume Transmission

     A Summary of Primitives

     Error Checking

     Closer Interaction

     Open Questions

Crocker                                                        [Page 1]

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