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This are man pages for commands starting with letter Y.

- y0: Bessel functions of the second kind - y0f: Bessel functions of the second kind - y0l: Bessel functions of the second kind - y1: Bessel functions of the second kind - y1f: Bessel functions of the second kind - y1l: Bessel functions of the second kind - y2racc: Yacc grammar to racc grammar - y4mcolorbars: Create a YUV4MPEG2 stream containing a colorbar test pattern - y4mdenoise: Motion-compensating YUV4MPEG-frame denoiser - y4mtopnm: Convert a YUV4MPEG2 stream to PNM images - y4mtoppm: Convert YUV4MPEG2 stream to PPM images - y4munsharp: Unsharp filter for YUV4MPEG2 streams - yabause-gtk: Yet Another Buggy And Uncomplete Saturn Emulator - yabause-qt: Yet Another Buggy And Uncomplete Saturn Emulator - yacas: small and flexible general-purpose computer algebra system - yacas_client: small and flexible general-purpose computer algebra system - yacc: yet another compiler compiler (DEVELOPMENT) - yacpi: Yet Another Configuration and Power Interface - yada: Yet Another Debianisation Aid - YAddHost: Y host access list adding - yade-0.60-batch: batch system for computational platform Yade - yade-0.60: open-source platform for dynamic computations - yafc: Yet another FTP client - yagi: Yagi-Uda project antenna current calculator - yagi: yagi binary output format - yagtd: utility to help organize your to-do lists - yahoo: surfraw(1) search tools - yahoo2mbox: Retrieve and store Yahoo! Groups messages - yahooquote: Get stock quotes from Yahoo - yahtzeesharp: sort of poker with dice and less money - yakuake: a Quake-style terminal emulator based on KDE Konsole technology - yamdi: yet another metadata injector (flv) - YAML: YAML Ain't Markup Language (tm) - yample: Yet Another Mail Processing Language - yank: Add a sequence reference (a full USA) to a list file - yao: Adaptive Optics simulation tool in yorick - yap: prolog interpreter and compiler - yapet: text based password manager - yapp: A perl frontend to the Parse::Yapp module - yapps: create a Python module from a grammar file - yapra: pluggable RSS/Atom feed aggregator - yaret: Yet another Ripper Encoder Tagger - yarssr: get RSS feeds in your GNOME notification area - yaskkserv_hairy: Yet Another SKK SERVer (feature-rich version) - yaskkserv_make_dictionary: dictionary converter for yaskkserv - yaskkserv_normal: Yet Another SKK SERVer (generic version) - yaskkserv_simple: Yet Another SKK SERVer (simple version) - yasm: The Yasm Modular Assembler - yasm_arch: Yasm Supported Target Architectures - yasm_dbgfmts: Yasm Supported Debugging Formats - yasm_objfmts: Yasm Supported Object Formats - yasm_parsers: Yasm Supported Parsers (Assembler Syntaxes) - yasr: is an attempt at a lightweight, portable screen reader - yate-config: retrieve metainformation about the YATE telephony engine - yate: launch the YATE telephony engine - yatm: Yet Another Time Machine - yauap: a simple command line audio player based on the GStreamer multimedia... - YAudioCDTrackStruct: Audio CD track structure - yaws.conf: Configuration file for the yaws web server - yaws: yet another webserver - yaws_api: api available to yaws web server programmers - yaz-asncomp: YAZ ASN.1 compiler - yaz-client: Z39.50/SRU client for implementors - yaz-config: Script to get information about YAZ - yaz-iconv: YAZ Character set conversion utility - yaz-icu: YAZ ICU utility - yaz-illclient: ILL client - yaz-json-parse: YAZ JSON parser - yaz-log: Log handling in all yaz-based programs - yaz-marcdump: MARC record dump utility - yaz-ztest: Z39.50 Test Server - yaz: Z39.50 toolkit - yazpp-config: Script to get information about YAZ++ - ybmtopbm: convert a Bennet Yee "face" file into a portable bitmap - YCalculateCycle: Y server cycle interval calculation - YChangeAudioModePreset: Audio mode changing - YCloseConnection: disconnects from Y server - YDestroyPlaySoundObject: sound object stopping - ydpdict: an interface for Collins and Langenscheidt dictionaries - ydump: JSON pretty printer - yeahconsole: drop-down X terminal emulator wrapper - yecc: LALR-1 Parser Generator - YEjectAudioCD: Audio CD ejecting - yellowfin-diag: EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for Ethernet cards... - yelp: browse system documentation - yencode: Y-encode/decode binary data - yersinia: A FrameWork for layer 2 attacks - yes: output a string repeatedly until killed - YEvent: base Y event structures - YEventAudioCDStats: Audio CD statistics event structures - YEventAudioChange: Y Audio change event structures - YEventAudioStats: Y Audio statistics event structures - YEventClientMessage: Client message event structures - YEventCycleChange: Y server cycle change event structures - YEventDisconnect: Y disconnect event structures - YEventHost: Y host event structures - YEventMixer: Y mixer event structures - YEventServerStats: Y server stats event structures - YEventShutdown: Y server shutdown event structures - YEventSoundKill: Y sound object killed event structures - YEventSoundObjectAttributes: Y sound object attributes event structures - YEventSoundPlay: Y sound object play event structures - YEventSync: Y server sync event structures - YEventYSHMSound: Y SHM Sound event structures - yexpand: tool to expand environment variables in Nypatchy cradles - yforth: a small, free Forth implementation - YFreeAudioCDTracksList: frees a audio CD tracks list - YFreeAudioModesList: frees an Audio modes list - YGetAudioCDTracks: Audio CD tracks list retrieving - YGetAudioModes: Audio mode list retrieving - YGetAudioStats: current Audio values retrieving - YGetMixerChannel: Y mixer channel getting - YGetMixerChannelQuad: Y mixer channel getting - YGetNextEvent: event retrieving - YGetPlaySoundObjectValues: get playing sound object values - YGetServerStats: Y server statistics retrieving - YGetSoundObjectAttributes: Sound object attributes - ygraph: plot and animate 1D data - yhost: Y sound system host access modification - yics: Yahoo! Chess client for use with FICS interfaces - yiff: Y sound system server - YIntro: introduction to YLib - YIPUnion: IP address structures - ykchalresp: Perform challenge-response operation with YubiKey - ykpersonalize: personalize Yubikey OTP tokens - ym2wav: a commandline YM to WAV audio converter - YMatchAudioModeValues: Audio mode matching - ymixer: Y sound system mixer setting and viewing - ymplayer: a curses based player for the YM chiptune format - yn: Bessel functions of the second kind - ynf: Bessel functions of the second kind - ynl: Bessel functions of the second kind - yodl: main Yodl converter - yodl2html: miscellaneous Yodl converters - yodl2latex: miscellaneous Yodl converters - yodl2man: miscellaneous Yodl converters - yodl2txt: miscellaneous Yodl converters - yodl2whatever: miscellaneous Yodl converters - yodl2xml: miscellaneous Yodl converters - yodlbuiltins: Builtins for the Yodl converters - yodlconverters: miscellaneous Yodl converters - yodlletter: Yodl's `letter' document type - yodlmacros: Macros for the Yodl converters - yodlmanpage: Yodl's `manpage' document type - yodlpost: Yodl post-processor - yodlstriproff: strip ASCII control characters - yodlverbinsert: Generate verb-sections from parts of a file - yofrankie-bge: 3D platform game created with Blender - yokadi: commandline todo system - yokadid: commandline todo system - YOpenConnection: connect to Y server - yorick: interpreted language for numerical analysis and postprocessing - yoshimi: A software synthesizer based on ZynAddSubFX - youtranslate: graphical translator which makes use of online services - youtube-dl: download videos from youtube.com - youtube: surfraw(1) search tools - yp.conf: NIS binding configuration file - ypatchy: tool to work with specialized-format patches - ypbind: NIS binding process - ypbind_selinux: Security Enhanced Linux Policy for NIS - ypcat: print values of all keys in a NIS database - ypchfn: change your password in the NIS database - ypchsh: change your password in the NIS database - ypdomainname: show or set the system's host name domainname - ypdomainname: set or display name of current domain nisdomainname - yphelper: helper application for internal use - ypinit: NIS database install and build program - yplay: Y sound system sound object playing - YPlayAudioCDTrack: Audio CD track playing - ypmatch: print the values of one or more keys from a NIS map - yppasswd: change your password in the NIS database - yppasswdd: NIS password update daemon - yppoll: return version and master server of a NIS map - yppush: force propagation of changed NIS databases - ypserv.conf: configuration file for ypserv and rpc.ypxfrd - ypserv: NIS server - ypset: bind ypbind to a particular NIS server - yptest: test NIS configuration - YPutBackEvent: event management - ypwhich: return name of NIS server or map master - ypxfr: transfer NIS database from remote server to local host - ypxfrd: NIS map transfer server - yrecinfo: Y recorder information utility - YRemoveHost: Y host access list removing - YSendClientMessage: Client message sending - yset: modify Y sound server resources and settings - YSetAudioModeValues: Audio values setting - YSetCycle: Y server cycle interval setting - YSetMixerChannel: Y mixer channel setting - YSetMixerChannelQuad: Y mixer channel setting - YSetPlaySoundObjectValues: set playing sound object values - ysh: The YAML Test Shell - YSHMCloseSound: shared sound buffer closing - YSHMOpenSound: shared sound buffer opening - yshutdown: Y server shut down - YShutdownServer: disconnects and shuts down Y server - YStartPlaySoundObject: sound object playing - YStartPlaySoundObjectSimple: sound object playing - YStopAudioCD: Audio CD stopping - YSyncAll: sync Y server execution - ytalk: A multi-user chat program - ytasm: TASM Frontend For The Yasm Modular Assembler - ytree - yubnub: surfraw(1) search tools - yudit: Unicode Editor for The X Window System - yui-compressor: JavaScript/CSS minifier - yum-shell: Yellowdog Updater Modified shell - yum-updatesd.conf: Configuration file for yum-updatesd(8) - yum-updatesd: Update notifier daemon - yum.conf: Configuration file for yum(8) - yum: Yellowdog Updater Modified - yuv2lav: encodes lavtool's raw YUV frame streams into MJPEG files - yuv4mpeg: video stream format used by pipe-based MJPEGtools - YUV411toRGB: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - YUV420Down2x2: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - YUV420ItoYUV422I: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - YUV420pt75filter: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - YUV420toRGB: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - YUV420toYUV422: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - YUV422ItoYUV420I: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - YUV422toRGB: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - YUV422toUYVY: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - YUV422toYUV420: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - YUV444toRGB: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - yuvdenoise: Motion-Compensating-YUV4MPEG2-frame-denoiser - yuvfps: Converts to a different frame rate - yuvinactive: Set a part of the video to a defined state - yuvkineco: revert 2-3 pulldown movie - yuvmedianfilter: A filter for yuv images produced by the mjpeg tools - yuvplay: Display YUV4MPEG2 streams (using SDL) - yuvscaler: UPscales or DOWNscales a YUV4MPEG2 stream to a specified format - yuvsplittoppm: convert a Y - yuvsum: YUV conversion program from the GATOS package - yuvtoppm: convert Abekas YUV bytes into a portable pixmap - yuvycsnoise: Noise filter specialized for NTSC Y/C separation noise - YVolumeStruct: volume structures - yyalloc - yyextract: extract grammar rules from a yacc grammar - yyref: generate cross-reference for yacc input - YYSTYPE - yyt: A psuedo tty program which automatically converts among Chinese... - yy_buffer_state

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