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Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - WinList: AfterStep module displaying list of opened windows - winnstr: get a string of characters from a curses window - winnwstr: get a string of wchar_t characters from a curses window - winop: Perform assorted window operations - winpdb: platform independent Python debugger - winright - winsch: insert a character before cursor in a curses window - winsdelln: delete and insert lines in a curses window - winsertln: delete and insert lines in a curses window - winsnstr: insert string before cursor in a curses window - winsstr: insert string before cursor in a curses window - winstr: get a string of characters from a curses window - wins_nwstr: insert a wide-character string into a curses window - wins_wch: insert a complex character and rendition into a window - wins_wstr: insert a wide-character string into a curses window - WinTabs: AfterStep module for arranging windows using tabs - wintop - winwrangler: Small desktop daemon to perform advanced window - winwstr: get a string of wchar_t characters from a curses window - win_wch: extract a complex character and rendition from a window - win_wchnstr: get an array of complex characters and renditions from a... - win_wchstr: get an array of complex characters and renditions from a curses... - wip: Word Interpreter - wipe: securely erase files from magnetic media - wipefs: wipe a filesystem signature from a device - wire-test: test your network interfaces and local IP address - wirefilter: Wire packet filter for Virtual Distributed Ethernet - wireless: Wireless Tools and Wireless Extensions - wireshark-filter: Wireshark filter syntax and reference - wireshark: Interactively dump and analyze network traffic - wish8.4: Simple windowing shell - wish8.5: Simple windowing shell - with-lock-ex: file locker - WITH: retrieve rows from a table or view - WithDependency.h - withlist: General framework for interacting with a mailing list object - WithParameter.h - withsctp: Run TCP binaries over SCTP - witness: lock validation facility - wkhtmltopdf: html to pdf converter - wl: T1 speed ISA/radio lan card - wlan: generic 802.11 link-layer support - wlancfg: manupulate linux-wlan-ng MIB values - wlanctl-ng: control utility for linux-wlan-ng 802.11 devices - wland: linux-wlan-ng daemon - wlan_acl: MAC-based ACL support for 802.11 devices - wlan_amrr: AMRR rate adaptation algorithm support for 802.11 devices - wlan_ccmp: AES-CCMP crypto support for 802.11 devices - wlan_tkip: TKIP and Michael crypto support for 802.11 devices - wlan_wep: WEP crypto support for 802.11 devices - wlan_xauth: External authenticator support for 802.11 devices - wlmscpfs: DICOM Basic Worklist Management SCP (based on data files) - wlock: Tests or sets a file with POSIX-fcntl() write-locks - wm-icons-config: show and set configuration for wm-icons - wm: Communicate with window manager - wm2: Small, non-configurable Window Manager for X - wm2xmcd: workman-to-xmcd CD database file converter - wmacpi: Battery status monitor for systems supporting ACPI - wmagnify: magnify parts of the screen - wmail: watches your inbox - wmaker: X11 window manager with a NEXTSTEP look - wmakerconf: configure the Window Maker X window manager - wmaloader: server to download firmware to the Linksys WMA11B media adapter - wmanager-loop: loop running window managers chosen with wmanager - wmanager: choose a window manager and launch it - wmanagerrc-update: update your wmanager settings automatically - wmauda: a dockable Audacious control applet - wmb: Website META Language Bug Reporting Tool - wmbattery: dockable battery monitor - wmbiff: A dockable Mailbox Monitor - wmbiffrc: configuration file for wmbiff(1) - wmbubble: system load monitor - wmbutton: dockable launcher application - wmc: Wine Message Compiler - wmCalClock: Dockable Calendar Clock - wmccc: WMCoinCoin Configurator - wmcdplay: A cd player designed for WindowMaker - wmclock: A dockable clock for the Window Maker window manager - wmclockmon-cal: A calendar to use with wmclockmon - wmclockmon-config: A program to configure wmclockmon - wmclockmon: A dockapp to monitor hour, date and alarms - wmcoincoin: stupid dockapp to browse DaCode sites news and board - wmcpu: program to show system information - wmcpuload: A dockapp to display CPU usage - wmctrl: interact with a EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager - wmd: Website META Language Documentation Browser - wmdate: A Window Maker window manager Dock app - wmdiskmon: A dockapp to monitor disks usage - wmdrawer: a dockapp providing a drawer to launch applications - wmd_missing: Requested Program Not Installed - wmemchr: search a wide character in a wide-character array - wmemcmp: compare two arrays of wide-characters - wmemcpy: copy an array of wide-characters - wmemmove: copy an array of wide-characters - wmempcpy: copy memory area - wmemset: fill an array of wide-characters with a constant wide character - wmf: convert and index mails in html format - wmforkplop: Monitors forking activity and displays top CPU consuming... - wmfrc: Configuration file for wmf - wmfrog: a dockapp for showing weather in graphical way - wmgui: GTK gui to the wiimote - wmhdplop: hard drive monitor dockapp - wmifinfo: dockapp for showing basic network info for all available... - wmifs: a dockable network traffic monitor - wmii: window manager improved 2 - wmii9menu: The wmii menu program - wmiibar: window manager improved 2 bar - wmiifs: window manager improved 2 filesystem - wmiikeys: window manager improved 2 keys - wmiimenu: window manager improved 2 menu - wmiir: window manager improved 2 remote - wmiiwm: window manager improved 2 - wminput: an event driver for the wiimote - wmitime: Window Maker dock app displaying date, clock and internet time - wmix: Dockapp mixer for OSS - wmk: Website META Language Make - wml: Website META Language - WML: The widget meta-language file format for creating uil compilers - wmlc: A basic WML compiler - wmld: A basic WML bytecode decompiler - wmlhtml: WML to HTML converter - wmlongrun: A dockapp to monitor the LongRun(tm) status on Crusoe(tm)... - wmlsc: WMLScript compiler - wmlsdasm: WMLScript disassembler - wmlv: Very simple text-based WML deck viewer - wml_aux_htmlinfo: HTML markup code information report - wml_aux_map2html: convert server-side to client-side imagemap - wml_faq: Frequently Asked Questions on WML - wml_intro: An introduction to WML's basic concepts - wml_macros: Writing powerful WML macros - wml_p1_ipp: Include Pre-Processor - wml_p5_divert: Text Diversion Filter - wml_p6_asubst: Area Substitution - wml_p7_htmlfix: Fixup HTML markup code - wml_p8_htmlstrip: Strip HTML markup code - wml_tags: Permutated index of defined WML tags - wml_tutorial: Understanding WML step-by-step - WMMail: Window Maker Mail.app - wmMatrix: Dockable Matrix Display - wmmemload: A dockapp to monitor memory/swap usages - wmmixer: A mixer application designed for WindowMaker - wmmon: Window Maker dockapp for monitoring system information - wmMoonClock: Dockable Moon Phase Clock - wmmount: the WindowMaker universal mount point - wmname: prints/sets window manager name - wmnd: WindowMaker network device monitor - wmnet: an IP accounting monitoring tool - wmnut: Dockable UPS Monitor - wmouse_trafo: mouse interface through curses - wmove: move curses window cursor - wmpanpan: hunt down and kill wmcoincoin - wmpinboard: a Window Maker dock app resembling a miniature pinboard - wmpomme: WindowMaker dockapp for use with pommed - wmppp: Graphically monitor the average PPP load - wmpuzzle: WindowMaker dock app 4x4 puzzle - wmrack: CD Player and Mixer dock applet - wmressel: Dockable X11 Resolution Selector - wmsensors - wmsetbg: sets the background on the X11 display - WMShell: The WMShell widget class - wmshutdown-run: suid program called by wmshutdown(1) to call /sbin/shutdown - wmshutdown: A graphical dock application to shutdown computer - wmSun: Dockable WindowMaker SunRise/SunSet App - wmtemp: WindowMaker dock applet displaying lm_sensors temperature values - wmtictactoe: Dockable TicTacToe game - wmtime: Window Maker dockapp that displays the time and date - wmtv: dockable video4linux TV player for WindowMaker - wmu: Website META Language Upgrade Utility - wmwave - wmWeather: dockable weather monitor - wmwork: keep track of time worked on projects - wmxmms2: A dockable XMMS2 client - wmxres: dockable application to change X modes - wn: command line interface to WordNet lexical database - wnb: WordNet window-based browser interface - wndb: files used by search code to display sentences illustrating the use... - wngloss: glossary of terms used in WordNet system - wngroups: discussion of WordNet search code to group similar verb senses - wnintro: WordNet user commands - wnintro: introduction to WordNet library functions - wnintro: introduction to descriptions of WordNet file formats - wnintro: introduction to miscellaneous WordNet information - wnlicens: text of WordNet license - wnoutrefresh: refresh curses windows and lines - wnpkgs: description of various WordNet system packages - wnpp-alert: check for installed packages up for adoption or orphaned - wnpp-check: check if a package is being packaged or if this has been... - wnsearch: functions for searching the WordNet database - wnstats: WordNet 3.0 database statistics - wnutil: utility functions used by the interface code - wobble: Plot third base position variability in a nucleotide sequence - wodim: write data to optical disk media - woffle: surfraw(1) search tools - wondershaper: simple traffic shaping script - woof: A small, simple, stupid webserver to share files - word-list-compress: word list compressor/decompressor for GNU Aspell - wordbib2xml: bibliography conversion utilities - wordcount: Count and extract unique words in molecular sequence(s) - wordexp.h: word-expansion types - wordexp: perform word expansion like a posix-shell - wordfinder: Match large sequences against one or more other sequences - wordfree: perform word expansion like a posix-shell - wordgrinder: console-based word processor - wordlist2dawg: command line OCR tool - wordmatch: Finds regions of identity (exact matches) of two sequences - wordnet: command line interface to WordNet lexical database - wordplay: anagram finder - wordview: displays text contained in MS-Word file in X window - word_components: Examples of the use of The Stanford GraphBase - worker: file manager for the X Window System - worklog: a program for keeping track of time spent on different projects - workrave: RSI prevention tool - World: control a display - worldtovoxel: convert world coordinates to voxel coordinates - WorldTransform: 3D API world transform - worldwind: 3D Virtual Globe - worm: Play the growing worm game - wormhole: animation of flying through a wormhole - worms: animate worms on a display terminal - wossname: Finds programs by keywords in their short description - wotsap: Web of Trust statistics and pathfinder - wp2t: displays Wikipedia entries on the command line - wp2x: A WordPerfect 5.0 to whatever converter - wpa_action: wpa_cli action script - wpa_background: Background information on Wi-Fi Protected Access and IEEE... - wpa_cli: WPA command line client - wpa_gui: WPA Graphical User Interface - wpa_passphrase: Generate a WPA PSK from an ASCII passphrase for a SSID - wpa_supplicant.conf: configuration file for wpa_supplicant - wpa_supplicant: Wi-Fi Protected Access client and IEEE 802.1X supplicant - wpi: Intel 3945ABG Wireless LAN IEEE 802.11 driver - wpp: The Web Preprocessor - WPrefs: Window Maker configuration tool - wprintf: formatted wide-character output conversion - wprintw: print formatted output in curses windows - wput: A wget-like ftp-uploader - wrap-and-sort: wrap long lines and sort items in Debian packaging files - Wrap0: 3D API wrap0 - Wrap1: 3D API wrap1 - Wrap2: 3D API wrap2 - Wrap3: 3D API wrap3 - Wrap4: 3D API wrap4 - Wrap5: 3D API wrap5 - Wrap6: 3D API wrap6 - Wrap7: 3D API wrap7 - Wrap8: 3D API wrap8 - Wrap9: 3D API wrap9 - Wrap10: 3D API wrap10 - Wrap11: 3D API wrap11 - Wrap12: 3D API wrap12 - Wrap13: 3D API wrap13 - Wrap14: 3D API wrap14 - Wrap15: 3D API wrap15 - wrapesd: start and stop the GPE sound service - wraplinux: Create an ELF or NBI file from a Linux kernel with optional... - wrapmgt: wraps long lines in Smart-Go files to make them safe to post or... - WrapperFactory: Application wrappers configuration tool - wrapsrv: DNS SRV record command line wrapper - wrap_log_reader: A function to read internally formatted wrap disk logs - wrc: Wine Resource Compiler - wredrawln: refresh curses windows and lines - wrefresh: refresh curses windows and lines - wreplace: Replace an address with the contents of stdin - wresize: resize a curses window - wrestool: extract resources from Microsoft Windows(R) binaries - write-mime-multipart: utilty for creating mime-multipart files, likely for... - write: write to another user - write: write to a file descriptor - write: write on a file - writeBlanks: Cdk Drawing Functions - writebuffer: write output to devices which don't like constant stopping and... - writeChar: Cdk Drawing Functions - writeCharAttrib: Cdk Drawing Functions - writeChtype: Cdk Drawing Functions - writeChtypeAttrib: Cdk Drawing Functions - writelog: add a entry to an INN log file - writetmp: write special wtmp entries to a wtmp file - writev: read or write data into multiple buffers - writev: write a vector - writevt: put text into the input buffer of a virtual terminal - write_log: a set of routines for logging writes to a history file - write_reading: Write a Read structure into a trace file - write_scf: Write SCF files - write_scf_header: Write SCF files - wrjpgcom: insert text comments into a JPEG file - wrmsr: tool for writing CPU machine specific registers (MSR) - ws-monitor: Real-time NorduGrid monitoring tool - wsapi.cgi: cgi wrapper for wsapi based dynamic pages - wscanf: convert formatted wide-character input - wscanw: convert formatted input from a curses window - wscrl: scroll a curses window - wsdl: Mono's Web Service Proxy Generator - wsdl1: Mono's Web Service Proxy Generator - wsdl2: Mono's Web Service Proxy Generator - wsdl2aws: Generate stubs and skeletons for web services - wsdl2dispatch: generate Python code skeleton for SOAP server from WSDL - wsdl2h: the gSOAP WSDL parser for C and C++ - wsdl2hed: ARC skeleton generator - wsdl2perl: create perl bindings for SOAP webservices - wsdl2py: generate client Python interface code from WSDL - wsetscrreg: curses output options - wsola: program to stretch and compress (speed up/slow down) audio without... - wstandend: curses character and window attribute control routines - wstandout: curses character and window attribute control routines - wstrcpy: wide string handling functions - wstrdup: wide string handling functions - wstrlen: wide string handling functions - wstr_append: wide string handling functions - wstr_equal: wide string handling functions - wstr_free_string: wide string handling functions - wstr_from_ascii: wide string handling functions - wstr_from_current: wide string handling functions - wstr_from_utf8: wide string handling functions - wstr_to_ascii: wide string handling functions - wstr_to_current: wide string handling functions - wstr_to_utf8: wide string handling functions - wsyncdown: create curses windows - wsyncup: create curses windows - wterm-ml: lightweight terminal emulator with Chinese character support... - wterm: lightweight terminal emulator for X - wtf: translates acronyms for you - wtimeout: curses input options - wtmp: login records - wtoc: Convert a Wnn text-form dictionary (or dictionaries) into Canna... - wtouchln: curses refresh control routines - wtpt: Show media white of profiles, identifying black body locus - wu-ftpd: Internet File Transfer Protocol server - wulf2html: A script to create an html table of cluster node statistics - wulflogger: A logging utility/client for xmlsysd - wulfstat: A simple project template - wump: hunt the wumpus in an underground cave - wunctrl: miscellaneous curses utility routines - wunctrl_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - wuzzah: keep an eye out for friends on a local system - wv2-config: script to get information about the installed version of wv2 - wvAbw: convert msword documents to Abiword's format - wvCleanLatex: convert msword documents to LaTeX - wvdial.conf: wvdial configuration file - wvdial: PPP dialer with built-in intelligence - wvdialconf: build a configuration file for wvdial(1) - wvDVI: convert msword documents to DVI - wvgain: adds ReplayGain information to wavpack files - wvHtml: convert msword documents to HTML4.0 - wvLatex: convert msword documents to LaTeX - wvline: create curses borders, horizontal and vertical lines - wvline_set: create curses borders or lines using complex characters and... - wvMime: view MSWord documents - wvPDF: convert msword documents to PDF - wvPS: convert msword documents to PS - wvRTF: convert msword documents to RTF - wvSummary: view word document's summary info - wvText: convert msword documents to text - wvunpack: decodes wavpack encoded files - wvVersion: view word document's version # - wvWare: convert msword documents - wvWml: convert msword documents to WML - wwl: Maidenhead locator utility - WWW: World Wide Web Package - WWWBrowser: platform independent means to start a WWW browser - wwwerrs: httpd log rotation for wwwstat - wwwifetch: Web presentation tool of ifetch-tools - wwwoffle-audit-usage: displays information about wwwoffle's state - wwwoffle-checkcert: check wwwoffle root certificate - wwwoffle-fsck: tools to manage wwwoffle cache - wwwoffle-gunzip: tools to manage wwwoffle cache - wwwoffle-gzip: tools to manage wwwoffle cache - wwwoffle-hash: tools to manage wwwoffle cache - wwwoffle-ls: tools to manage wwwoffle cache - wwwoffle-mv: tools to manage wwwoffle cache - wwwoffle-read: tools to manage wwwoffle cache - wwwoffle-rm: tools to manage wwwoffle cache - wwwoffle-tools: tools to manage wwwoffle cache - wwwoffle-write: tools to manage wwwoffle cache - wwwoffle.conf: The configuration file for the proxy server for the World... - wwwoffle.options: configuration options for wwwoffle - wwwoffle: A program to control the World Wide Web Offline Explorer - wwwoffled: A proxy server for the World Wide Web Offline Explorer - wwwstat: summarize WWW server (httpd) access statistics - wx-config: wxWidgets configuration search and query tool - wx: A port of wxWidgets - wxAcceleratorEntry: See external documentation: wxAcceleratorEntry - wxAcceleratorTable: See external documentation: wxAcceleratorTable - wxArtProvider: See external documentation: wxArtProvider - wxAuiDockArt: See external documentation: wxAuiDockArt - wxAuiManager: See external documentation: wxAuiManager - wxAuiManagerEvent: See external documentation: wxAuiManagerEvent - wxAuiNotebook: See external documentation: wxAuiNotebook - wxAuiNotebookEvent: See external documentation: wxAuiNotebookEvent - wxAuiPaneInfo: See external documentation: wxAuiPaneInfo - wxAuiTabArt: See external documentation: wxAuiTabArt - wxbanker: simple personal finance - wxBitmap: See external documentation: wxBitmap - wxBitmapButton: See external documentation: wxBitmapButton - wxBitmapDataObject: See external documentation: wxBitmapDataObject - wxBoxSizer: See external documentation: wxBoxSizer - wxBrush: See external documentation: wxBrush - wxBTreeDemo: B+ Tree demonstration program - wxBufferedDC: See external documentation: wxBufferedDC - wxBufferedPaintDC: See external documentation: wxBufferedPaintDC - wxButton: See external documentation: wxButton - wxCalendarCtrl: See external documentation: wxCalendarCtrl - wxCalendarDateAttr: See external documentation: wxCalendarDateAttr - wxCalendarEvent: See external documentation: wxCalendarEvent - wxCaret: See external documentation: wxCaret - wxcas: wx c aMule statistics - wxCheckBox: See external documentation: wxCheckBox - wxCheckListBox: See external documentation: wxCheckListBox - wxChildFocusEvent: See external documentation: wxChildFocusEvent - wxChoice: See external documentation: wxChoice - wxChoicebook: See external documentation: wxChoicebook - wxClientDC: See external documentation: wxClientDC - wxClipboard: See external documentation: wxClipboard - wxCloseEvent: See external documentation: wxCloseEvent - wxColourData: See external documentation: wxColourData - wxColourDialog: See external documentation: wxColourDialog - wxColourPickerCtrl: See external documentation: wxColourPickerCtrl - wxColourPickerEvent: See external documentation: wxColourPickerEvent - wxComboBox: See external documentation: wxComboBox - wxCommandEvent: See external documentation: wxCommandEvent - wxContextMenuEvent: See external documentation: wxContextMenuEvent - wxControl: See external documentation: wxControl - wxControlWithItems: See external documentation: wxControlWithItems - wxcopy: copy stdin or file into cutbuffer - wxCursor: See external documentation: wxCursor - wxDataObject: See external documentation: wxDataObject - wxDateEvent: See external documentation: wxDateEvent - wxDatePickerCtrl: See external documentation: wxDatePickerCtrl - wxDC: See external documentation: wxDC - wxDialog: See external documentation: wxDialog - wxDirDialog: See external documentation: wxDirDialog - wxDirPickerCtrl: See external documentation: wxDirPickerCtrl - wxDisplayChangedEvent: See external documentation: wxDisplayChangedEvent - wxEraseEvent: See external documentation: wxEraseEvent - wxEvent: See external documentation: wxEvent - wxEvtHandler: The Event handler - wxFileDataObject: See external documentation: wxFileDataObject - wxFileDialog: See external documentation: wxFileDialog - wxFileDirPickerEvent: See external documentation: wxFileDirPickerEvent - wxFilePickerCtrl: See external documentation: wxFilePickerCtrl - wxFindReplaceData: See external documentation: wxFindReplaceData - wxFindReplaceDialog: See external documentation: wxFindReplaceDialog - wxFlexGridSizer: See external documentation: wxFlexGridSizer - wxFocusEvent: See external documentation: wxFocusEvent - wxFont: See external documentation: wxFont - wxFontData: See external documentation: wxFontData - wxFontDialog: See external documentation: wxFontDialog - wxFontPickerCtrl: See external documentation: wxFontPickerCtrl - wxFontPickerEvent: See external documentation: wxFontPickerEvent - wxformbuilder: WYSIWYG GUI Designer and Code Generator for wxWidgets - wxFrame: See external documentation: wxFrame - wxGauge: See external documentation: wxGauge - wxGBSizerItem: See external documentation: wxGBSizerItem - wxGenericDirCtrl: See external documentation: wxGenericDirCtrl - wxglade: python program to build user interfaces based on the wxWidgets... - wxGLCanvas: See external documentation: wxGLCanvas - wxGraphicsBrush: See external documentation: wxGraphicsBrush - wxGraphicsContext: See external documentation: wxGraphicsContext - wxGraphicsFont: See external documentation: wxGraphicsFont - wxGraphicsMatrix: See external documentation: wxGraphicsMatrix - wxGraphicsObject: See external documentation: wxGraphicsObject - wxGraphicsPath: See external documentation: wxGraphicsPath - wxGraphicsPen: See external documentation: wxGraphicsPen - wxGraphicsRenderer: See external documentation: wxGraphicsRenderer - wxGrid: See external documentation: wxGrid - wxGridBagSizer: See external documentation: wxGridBagSizer - wxGridCellAttr: See external documentation: wxGridCellAttr - wxGridCellBoolEditor: See external documentation: wxGridCellBoolEditor - wxGridCellBoolRenderer: See external documentation: wxGridCellBoolRenderer - wxGridCellChoiceEditor: See external documentation: wxGridCellChoiceEditor - wxGridCellEditor: See external documentation: wxGridCellEditor - wxGridCellFloatEditor: See external documentation: wxGridCellFloatEditor - wxGridCellFloatRenderer: See external documentation:... - wxGridCellNumberEditor: See external documentation: wxGridCellNumberEditor - wxGridCellNumberRenderer: See external documentation:... - wxGridCellRenderer: See external documentation: wxGridCellRenderer - wxGridCellStringRenderer: See external documentation:... - wxGridCellTextEditor: See external documentation: wxGridCellTextEditor - wxGridEvent: See external documentation: wxGridEvent - wxGridSizer: See external documentation: wxGridSizer - wxGUI.Attribute_Table_Manager - wxGUI.GCP_Manager - wxGUI.Icons - wxGUI.Modeler - wxGUI.Nviz - wxGUI.Vector_Digitizer - wxGUI - wxHelpEvent: See external documentation: wxHelpEvent - wxHtmlEasyPrinting: See external documentation: wxHtmlEasyPrinting - wxHtmlLinkEvent: See external documentation: wxHtmlLinkEvent - wxHtmlWindow: See external documentation: wxHtmlWindow - wxIcon: See external documentation: wxIcon - wxIconBundle: See external documentation: wxIconBundle - wxIconizeEvent: See external documentation: wxIconizeEvent - wxIdleEvent: See external documentation: wxIdleEvent - wxImage: See external documentation: wxImage - wxImageList: See external documentation: wxImageList - wxJoystickEvent: See external documentation: wxJoystickEvent - wxKeyEvent: See external documentation: wxKeyEvent - wxLayoutAlgorithm: See external documentation: wxLayoutAlgorithm - wxListbook: See external documentation: wxListbook Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3

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