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This are man pages for commands starting with letter S.

Page 1 - Page 2 - s1ms2dlf: convert SunONE Messaging Server SMTP log files to the email DLF - s2both: program to suspend to disk (hibernate) - s2disk: program to suspend to disk (hibernate) - s2p: a stream editor - s2ram: program to suspend to ram (suspend) - S3: Amazon S3 Web Service Interface - s3: S3 video driver - s3acl: Display or manipulate the ACL of AWS S3 buckets and items - s3cmd: tool for managing Amazon S3 storage space and Amazon CloudFront... - s3d: network display server - s3dfm: s3d file manager - s3dosm: gps card application for s3d - s3dvt: 3d terminal emulator for s3d - s3dw_ani_mate: doing the whole animation thing - s3dw_button: button of s3d widget - s3dw_button_new: create a new button in the surface - s3dw_delete: delete widget - s3dw_focus: give widget focus - s3dw_getroot: get the root - s3dw_handle_click: handle click on widget - s3dw_handle_key: handle key input on widget - s3dw_input: input field of s3d widget - s3dw_input_change_text: changes the text of the input - s3dw_input_gettext: get text of input - s3dw_input_new: create a new input in the surface - s3dw_label: label of s3d widget - s3dw_label_change_text: change label text - s3dw_label_new: create a new label in the surface - s3dw_moveit: apply widgets moving function - s3dw_object_info: handle object info events - s3dw_scrollbar: scrollbar of s3d widget - s3dw_show: make widget visible - s3dw_style: style of s3d widget - s3dw_surface: root of s3d widget - s3dw_surface_new: create a new surface - s3dw_textbox: textbox of s3d widget - s3dw_textbox_change_text: change text - s3dw_textbox_new: create a new textbox in the surface - s3dw_textbox_scrolldown: scroll text down - s3dw_textbox_scrollleft: scroll text left - s3dw_textbox_scrollright: scroll text right - s3dw_textbox_scrollto: scroll text to position - s3dw_textbox_scrollup: scroll text up - s3dw_widget: s3d widget information - s3d_angle_to_cam: calculate angle between vector and cam - s3d_but_info: status of a button - s3d_clear_callback: clears a callback - s3d_clone: clone object - s3d_clone_target: changes the target of a clone-object - s3d_delete_event: delete event from stack - s3d_del_object: delete an object - s3d_draw_string: draw a simple string - s3d_evt: event information - s3d_find_event: find eevnt on stack - s3d_flags_off: disable flags of object - s3d_flags_on: enable flags of object - s3d_get_callback: get callback of event - s3d_ignore_callback: ignores an event - s3d_import_model_file: read model from file - s3d_init: initialize s3d library - s3d_key_event: key event information - s3d_link: link object to another one - s3d_load_line_normals: add normals to line - s3d_load_materials_a: add materials with alpha to polygons - s3d_load_polygon_normals: add normals to polygon - s3d_load_polygon_tex_coords: add texture coordinates to polygons - s3d_load_texture: load texture from memory - s3d_mainloop: set mainloop of program - s3d_mcp_focus: focus mcp object - s3d_net_check: get events from server - s3d_new_object: create new object - s3d_obj_info: object information - s3d_open_file: copy file into memory - s3d_pep_line: rewrite line - s3d_pep_lines: rewrite lines - s3d_pep_line_normals: add normals to lines - s3d_pep_material: rewrite material - s3d_pep_materials_a: rewrite materials with alpha - s3d_pep_material_a: rewrite material with alpha - s3d_pep_material_texture: add texture to material - s3d_pep_polygon_normals: add normals to polygon - s3d_pep_polygon_tex_coord: add texture coordinates to polygon - s3d_pep_polygon_tex_coords: add texture coordinates to polygons - s3d_pep_vertex: rewrite vertex - s3d_pep_vertices: rewrite lines - s3d_pop_event: pop event from stack - s3d_pop_line: remove lines - s3d_pop_material: remove materials - s3d_pop_polygon: remove polygons - s3d_pop_texture: remove textures - s3d_pop_vertex: remove vertices - s3d_process_stack: process all events on stack - s3d_push_event: push event onto stack - s3d_push_line: push line - s3d_push_lines: push many lines - s3d_push_material: push material - s3d_push_materials_a: push many materials - s3d_push_material_a: push material with alpha - s3d_push_polygon: push polygon - s3d_push_polygons: push many polygons - s3d_push_texture: push texture - s3d_push_textures: push many textures - s3d_push_vertex: push vertex - s3d_push_vertices: push many vertices - s3d_quit: shutdown s3d library - s3d_rotate: rotate object - s3d_scale: scale object - s3d_select_font: select font - s3d_set_callback: sets a callback - s3d_strlen: get rendered string size - s3d_translate: move object to absolute position - s3d_unlink: removes link from another object - s3d_usage: print s3d parameter - s3d_vector_angle: calculate angle between two vectors - s3d_vector_cross_product: calculate cross product of two vectors - s3d_vector_dot_product: calculate dot product of two vectors - s3d_vector_length: calculate length of vector - s3d_vector_subtract: substract two vectors - s3d_x11gate: 3d gateway for x11 desktops - s3get: Retrieve contents of S3 items - s3ls: List S3 buckets and bucket contents - s3mkbucket: Create Amazon AWS S3 buckets - s3put: Write an S3 item - s3rm: Delete Amazon AWS S3 items - s3rmbucket: Delete Amazon AWS S3 buckets - s3virge: S3 ViRGE video driver - s5: set up and update S5 presentations - s9: Scheme Interpreter - s9e: Extended Scheme Interpreter - s51: 8051, AVR and Z80 microcontrollers simulator for SDCC - s51dude: In-System Programmer for 8051 MCUs using usbtiny - s3270: IBM host access tool - sa-awl: examine and manipulate SpamAssassin's auto-whitelist db - sa-check_spamd: spamd monitoring script for use with Nagios, etc - sa-compile: compile SpamAssassin ruleset into native code - sa-heatu: Spamasassin Heuristic Email Address Tracker Utility - sa-learn-cyrus: Train Spamassassin with spam/ham from user's imap mailboxes - sa-learn: train SpamAssassin's Bayesian classifier - sa-update: automate SpamAssassin rule updates - sa: Socket Abstraction - sa: SCSI Sequential Access device driver - sa: summarizes accounting information - sa1: Collect and store binary data in the system activity daily data file - sa2: Write a daily report in the /var/log/sysstat directory - saaldump: preliminary manpage aread awrite enitune ilmid saaldump sonetdiag... - sabayon-apply: Apply a sabayon profile to a user - sabayon: A tool to graphically manage GNOME desktop profiles - sabnzbdplus: a web-based binary newsgrabber with nzb support - sac: system accounting - sacct: displays accounting data for all jobs and job steps in the SLURM job... - sacctmgr: Used to view and modify Slurm account information - sact: print current SCCS file-editing activity (DEVELOPMENT) - sadc: System activity data collector - sadf: Display data collected by sar in multiple formats - sadms-globs: set sadms global parameters This module allows globals... - sadms-share: manage shares You will find below some reference data to help... - sadms-shares: get information about current shares This gives you... - sadms-users: list current users, groups and homes This module allows users,... - sadms: turn a Linux box into a domain controller... - safe-rm: wrapper around the rm command to prevent accidental deletions - Safe: Compile and execute code in restricted compartments - safe: SafeNet crypto accelerator - SafeBase: A mechanism for creating and manipulating safe interpreters - safecat: safely write data to a file - safecopy: A data recovery tool - safenet: Driver for SafeNet compatible UPS equipment - safe_asterisk: A wrapper to run the asterisk executable in a loop - safe_finger: finger client wrapper that protects against nasty stuff from... - saga-depends: calculates SAGA Gis dependencies - sagan: Real-time System & Event Log Monitoring System - sagasu: GNOME tool to find strings in multiple files - saga_cmd: command-line interface to the System for Automated Geoscientific... - saga_gui: graphical user interface to the System for Automated... - sagcad: CAD/CAM of 2D program - sage: The SDL library for OpenGL extensions - sage_init: initialize sage library - saidar: a curses-based tool for viewing system statistics - sail: multi-user wooden ships and iron men - sailcut: a sail design and plotting package - sakura: A simple but powerful libvte-based terminal emulator - salasaga: IDE for producing eLearning - salasaga_screencapture: tool for capturing screenshots - salat: print a random German adage regeln - salliere: Duplicate Bridge Scorer - salloc: Obtain a SLURM job allocation (a set of nodes), execute a command,... - SALVAGE.fs: Triggers salvaging of AFS server partitions - salvage.lock: Prevents multiple simultaneous salvage operations on a... - SalvageLog: Traces Salvager operations - salvager: Initializes the Salvager component of the fs process - salvageserver: Initializes the Salvageserver component of the dafs process - sam2p: program to convert raster images to postscript, pdf, and other... - samba: A Windows SMB/CIFS fileserver for UNIX - samba: server to provide filesharing - samba_selinux: Security Enhanced Linux Policy for Samba - samdump2: dumps Windows 2k/NT/XP/Vista password hashes - samegame: puzzle game - samhain: check file integrity - samhainrc: samhain(8) configuration file - samidare: web page update checker - samizdat-create-database: Samizdat database generation script - samizdat-drb-server: Samizdat dRuby object cache server - samizdat-import-feeds: update RSS feeds imported by hosted Samizdat sites - samlsign: sign and verify XML documents - saml_assertion_init: ARC client to voms saml service, or arc aa service - SAMPLE: Stores sound data. Allegro game programming library - sample1d: Resampling of 1-D data sets - SampleAlphaToCoverageEnable: 3D API sample alpha to coverage enable - SampleAlphaToOneEnable: 3D API sample alpha to one enable - SampleCoverageEnable: 3D API sample coverage enable - samtools: Utilities for the Binary Call Format (BCF) and VCF - sam_finalize: Terminate SAM service - sam_hc_callback_register: Register health check callback - sam_hc_send: Send health check confirmation - sam_initialize: Initialize health checking - sam_overview: Overview of the Simple Availability Manager - sam_register: Register component for health checking - sam_start: Start health checking - sam_stop: Stop health checking - sam_warn_signal_set: Set warn signal - sandbox_unix_usr: Launcher Script for Platinum Arts Sandbox Game Maker - sanduhr: an alarm clock, which is designed as a sand-glass - sane-abaton: SANE backend for Abaton flatbed scanners - sane-agfafocus: SANE backend for AGFA Focus flatbed scanners - sane-apple: SANE backend for Apple flatbed scanners - sane-artec: SANE backend for Artec flatbed scanners - sane-artec_eplus48u: SANE backend for the scanner Artec E+ 48U and re - sane-as6e: SANE backend for using the Artec AS6E parallel port interface... - sane-avision: SANE backend for original Avision and Avision OEM scanners... - sane-bh: SANE backend for Bell+Howell Copiscan II series document scanners - sane-canon: SANE backend for Canon SCSI scanners - sane-canon630u: SANE backend for the Canon 630u USB flatbed scanner - sane-canon_dr: SANE backend for Canon DR-series scanners - sane-canon_pp: SANE backend for Canon CanoScan Parallel Port flatbed... - sane-cardscan: SANE backend for Corex CardScan usb scanners - sane-config: get information about the installed version of libsane - sane-coolscan: SANE backend for Nikon film-scanners - sane-coolscan2: SANE backend for Nikon Coolscan film scanners - sane-coolscan3: SANE backend for Nikon Coolscan film scanners - sane-dc25: SANE backend for Kodak DC20/DC25 Digital Cameras - sane-dc210: SANE backend for Kodak DC210 Digital Camera - sane-dc240: SANE backend for Kodak DC240 Digital Camera - sane-dmc: SANE backend for the Polaroid Digital Microscope Camera - sane-epjitsu: SANE backend for Epson-based Fujitsu USB scanners - sane-epson: SANE backend for EPSON scanners - sane-epson2: SANE backend for EPSON scanners - sane-find-scanner: find SCSI and USB scanners and their device files - sane-fujitsu: SANE backend for Fujitsu flatbed and ADF scanners - sane-genesys: SANE backend for GL646, GL841, GL843, GL847 and GL124 based... - sane-geniusvp2: SANE backend for Genius ColorPage-Vivid Pro II (PP) scanner - sane-gphoto2: SANE backend for gphoto2 supported cameras - sane-gt68xx: SANE backend for GT-68XX based USB flatbed scanners - sane-hp: SANE backend for HP ScanJet scanners - sane-hp3500: SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 3500 series scanners - sane-hp3900: SANE backend for RTS8822 chipset based scanners - sane-hp4200: SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard 4200 scanners - sane-hp5400: SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard 54XX scanners - sane-hp5590: SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard... - sane-hpljm1005: SANE backend for Hewlett-Packard LaserJet M1005 MFP Scanner - sane-hpsj5s: SANE backend for HP ScanJet 5S sheet-fed scanner - sane-hs2p: SANE backend for Ricoh SCSI flatbed/ADF scanners - sane-ibm: SANE backend for IBM and Ricoh SCSI flatbed scanners - sane-kodak: SANE backend for big Kodak flatbed and ADF scanners - sane-kvs20xx: SANE backend for Panasonic KV-S20xxC USB/SCSI ADF scanners - sane-kvs1025: SANE backend for Panasonic KV-S102xC USB ADF scanners - sane-leo: SANE backend for LEO Technologies scanners - sane-lexmark: SANE backend for Lexmark X1100/X1200 Series scanners - sane-ma1509: SANE backend for Mustek BearPaw 1200F USB scanner - sane-magicolor: SANE backend for KONICA MINOLTA magicolor scanners - sane-matsushita: SANE backend for Panasonic KV-SS high speed scanners - sane-microtek: SANE backend for Microtek scanners - sane-microtek2: SANE backend for Microtek scanners with SCSI-2 command set - sane-mustek: SANE backend for Mustek SCSI flatbed scanners (and some other... - sane-mustek_pp: SANE backend for Mustek parallel port flatbed scanners - sane-mustek_usb: SANE backend for Mustek USB flatbed scanners - sane-mustek_usb2: SANE backend for SQ113 based USB flatbed scanners - sane-nec: SANE backend for NEC scanners - sane-net: SANE network backend - sane-niash: SANE backend for scanners based on the NIASH chipset - sane-p5: SANE backend for the Primax PagePartner - sane-pie: SANE backend for PIE, Devcom and AdLib SCSI flatbed scanners - sane-pixma: SANE backend for Canon PIXMA Multi-Functions Printers MP, MX,... - sane-plustek: SANE backend for LM9831/2/3 based USB flatbed scanners - sane-plustek_pp: SANE backend for Plustek parallel port flatbed scanners - sane-qcam: SANE backend for Connectix QuickCam cameras - sane-ricoh: SANE backend for Ricoh flatbed scanners - sane-rts8891: SANE backend for rts8891 based scanners - sane-s9036: SANE backend for Siemens 9036 flatbed scanners - sane-sceptre: SANE backend for SCEPTRE scanners - sane-scsi: SCSI adapter tips for scanners - sane-sharp: SANE backend for SHARP scanners - sane-sm3600: SANE backend for Microtek scanners with M011 USB chip - sane-sm3840: SANE backend for Microtek scanners with SCAN08 USB chip - sane-snapscan: SANE backend for AGFA SnapScan flatbed scanners - sane-sp15c: SANE backend for Fujitsu ScanPartner 15C flatbed scanner - sane-st400: SANE backend for Siemens ST/Highscan flatbed scanners - sane-stv680: SANE backend for STV680 camera's - sane-tamarack: SANE backend for Tamarack flatbed scanners - sane-teco1: SANE backend for TECO / RELISYS scanners - sane-teco2: SANE backend for TECO / RELISYS scanners - sane-teco3: SANE backend for TECO / RELISYS scanners - sane-test: SANE backend for testing frontends - sane-u12: SANE backend for Plustek USB flatbed scanners, based on older... - sane-umax: SANE backend for UMAX scanners - sane-umax1220u: SANE backend for the UMAX Astra 1220U and similar scanners - sane-umax_pp: SANE backend for Umax Astra parallel port flatbed scanners - sane-usb: USB configuration tips for SANE - sane-v4l: SANE interface for Video for Linux API - sane-xerox_mfp: SANE backend for Xerox Phaser 3200MFP device - Sane: Perl extension for the SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) Project - sane: Scanner Access Now Easy: API for accessing scanners - saned: SANE network daemon - sanitizer: an email virus scanner - sap: Service Access Point specification - sapphire: minimal but configurable window manager - sapserver: SAP and SLP announcment for the VLC Media Player - saquery: query InfiniBand subnet administration attributes - sar.sysstat: Collect, report, or save system activity information - sar2pcp: Import sar data and create a PCP archive - sardec: SAR archive decompresser - sarg-reports: Daily/Weekly/Monthly squid usage reports creation tool - sarg: Squid Analysis Report Generator - sary: manual page for sary 1.0.2 - sash: stand-alone shell with built-in commands - sasl-sample-client: Sample client program for demonstrating and testing... - sasl-sample-server: Sample server program for demonstrating and testing... - sasl: SASL authentication library - sasl: The SASL Application - saslauthd: sasl authentication server - sasldbconverter2: Convert sasldb file into the new format - sasldblistusers2: list users in sasldb - saslfinger: A utility to collect SMTP AUTH relevant configuration for... - saslpasswd2: set a user's sasl password - saslpluginviewer: list loadable SASL plugins and their properties - sasl_authorize_t: The SASL authorization callback - sasl_auxprop: How to work with SASL auxiliary properties - sasl_auxprop_getctx: Acquire an auxiliary property context - sasl_auxprop_request: Request Auxiliary Properties from SASL - sasl_callbacks: How to work with SASL callbacks - sasl_canon_user_t: Plaintext Password Verification Callback - sasl_chalprompt_t: Realm Acquisition Callback - sasl_checkapop: Check an APOP challenge/response - sasl_checkpass: Check a plaintext password - sasl_client_init: SASL client authentication initialization - sasl_client_new: Create a new client authentication object - sasl_client_start: Begin an authentication negotiation - sasl_client_step: Perform a step in the authentication negotiation - sasl_decode: Decode data received - sasl_dispose: Dispose of a SASL connection object - sasl_done: Dispose of a SASL connection object - sasl_encode: Encode data for transport to authenticated host - sasl_encodev: Encode data for transport to authenticated host - sasl_errdetail: Retrieve detailed information about an error - sasl_errors: SASL error codes - sasl_errstring: Translate a SASL return code to a human-readable form - sasl_getconfpath_t: The SASL callback to indicate location of the config... - sasl_getopt_t: The SASL get option callback - sasl_getpath_t: The SASL callback to indicate location of the mechanism... - sasl_getprop: Get a SASL property - sasl_getrealm_t: Realm Acquisition Callback - sasl_getsecret_t: The SASL callback for secrets (passwords) - sasl_getsimple_t: The SASL callback for username/authname/realm - sasl_global_listmech: Retrieve a list of the supported SASL mechanisms - sasl_idle: Perform precalculations during an idle period - sasl_listmech: Retrieve a list of the supported SASL mechanisms - sasl_log_t: The SASL logging callback - sasl_server_init: SASL server authentication initialization - sasl_server_new: Create a new server authentication object - sasl_server_start: Begin an authentication negotiation - sasl_server_step: Perform a step in the authentication negotiation - sasl_server_userdb_checkpass_t: Plaintext Password Verification Callback - sasl_server_userdb_setpass_t: UserDB Plaintext Password Setting Callback - sasl_setpass: Check a plaintext password - sasl_setprop: Set a SASL property - sasl_user_exists: Check if a user exists on server - sasl_verifyfile_t: The SASL file verification - sass-convert: Converts between CSS, Sass and SCSS files - sass: Translates Sass markup into its CSS equivalent - sat4j: efficient library of SAT solvers in Java - satctl - sats: mpd stop after this song - sattach: Attach to a SLURM job step - saturate: returns smallest integer not less than a scalar or each vector... - sauce: print a random German adage regeln - sauerbraten-server: network server for sauerbraten - sauerbraten: a 3D first-person shooter - savage: S3 Savage video driver - Save: save revision of a file - save2aecg: converts different biomedical signal file formats - save2gdf: converts different biomedical signal file formats - save2scp: converts different biomedical signal file formats - saveCDKSwindowInformation: a curses scrolling window widget - savecore-lyskom: Save core files from lyskomd - savelog: save a log file - saveme: unlink ld.so.preload - savemixer: Open Sound System program for saving and restoring mixer... - SAVEPOINT: define a new savepoint within the current transaction - savetextmode: save or restore the complete SVGA status for textmode - savetty: low - savetty_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - saveunimap: load EGA/VGA console screen font - save_bitmap: Saves a bitmap into any supported file format. Allegro game... - save_bmp: Saves a bitmap into a BMP file. Allegro game programming library - save_bmp_pf: Packfile version of save_bmp. Allegro game programming library - save_d: AA-lib driver used to save ascii-art image into file in used... - save_joystick_data: Saves joystick calibration data. Allegro game... - save_pcx: Saves a bitmap into a PCX file. Allegro game programming library - save_pcx_pf: Packfile version of save_pcx. Allegro game programming library - save_sample: Writes a sample into a file. Allegro game programming library - save_tga: Saves a bitmap into a TGA file. Allegro game programming library - save_tga_pf: Packfile version of save_tga. Allegro game programming library - savr: 8051, AVR and Z80 microcontrollers simulator for SDCC - sawfish-client: Evaluate arbitrary Lisp forms with sawfish - sawfish-ui: The Sawfish Configurator - sawfish: Sawfish window manager - SAX2Count: xerces-c sample program - SAX2Print: xerces-c sample program - SAXCount: xerces-c sample program - saxonb-xquery: command line XQuery processor - saxonb-xslt: command line XSLT 2.0 processor - SAXPrint: xerces-c sample program - say: convert text to audible speech using the GNUstep speech engine - saydate: audio date/uptime check - saytime: audio time check - sb: XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM file send - sb2-config: scratchbox2 configuration tool - sb2-init: initialize a target for scratchbox2 - sb2-logz: sb2 log postprocessing tool - sb2-session: manage scratchbox2 sessions - sb2-show: sb2 diagnostics tool - sb2: crosscompiling environment - sb16ctrl: SoundBlaster16 emulator control program for Bochs - sballs: draws balls spinning like crazy in GL - sbatch: Submit a batch script to SLURM - SbBarrier - SbBool: a Boolean type - SbBox2d - SbBox2f - SbBox2i32 - SbBox2s - SbBox3d - SbBox3f - SbBox3i32 - SbBox3s - SbBSPTree - sbcast: transmit a file to the nodes allocated to a SLURM job - sbcl: Steel Bank Common Lisp - SbClip - SbColor: class, interpreting the 3 component vector as a vector in the RGB... - SbColor4f - SbCondVar - SbCylinder - SbCylinderPlaneProjector: for projections. If the 2D point mapping 'misses'... - SbCylinderProjector - SbCylinderSectionProjector - SbCylinderSheetProjector: class projects 2D points to 3D points on a sheet... - SbDict - SbDPLine: is used by many other classes in Coin. It provides a way of... - SbDPMatrix: class, but uses double-precision floating point values for its... - SbDPRotation: is used extensively throughout the Coin library - SbDPViewVolume - sbdsdc: computes the singular value decomposition (SVD) of a real N - sbdsqr: computes the singular values and, optionally, the right and/or left... - sbe2mipe: Inserts SBE data into MIPE file CAUTION: DOES NOT WORK AT THE... - SbFifo - SbHeap - SbHeapFuncs: struct is used to specify functions on heap elements - sbigtopgm: convert an SBIG CCDOPS file into a portable graymap - SbImage - SbIntList: class is a container for integer list arrays - SbLine: provides a way of specifying a directed line, through a 3D point... - SbLineProjector - SbList: is an extension of the Coin library versus the original Open... - SbMatrix: is used by many other classes in Coin. It provides storage for a... - sbmt: manipulate and administer version object base - SbMutex - SbName: method) - sbnc: an modular IRC proxy - sbni: Granch SBNI12 leased line modem driver - SbOctTree - SbOctTreeFuncs - sbp: Serial Bus Protocol 2 (SBP-2) Mass Storage Devices driver - SbPlane - SbPlaneProjector - SbPList: class is a container class for void pointers - SbProfilingData - SbProjector - sbp_targ: Serial Bus Protocol 2 (SBP-2) Target Mode devices driver - sbrk: change data segment size - SbRotation: is used extensively throughout the Coin library - SbRWMutex - SbSphere - SbSpherePlaneProjector: for projections. If the 2D point mapping 'misses'... - SbSphereProjector - SbSphereSectionProjector - SbSphereSheetProjector: in a Inventor-file on stdout: - SbStorage: object manages, they will receive different memory blocks back - SbString - SbStringList - sbtedit: GenBank submission template editor - SbTesselator: is used within Coin to split polygons into triangles. It... 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