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Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - RC4_set_key: RC4 encryption - rcalc: record calculator - rcapid: remote CAPI server - rcconf: Debian Runlevel configuration tool - rclock: clock and appointment reminder for X11 - rcmd: routines for returning a stream to a remote command - rconsole-user: attach to the remote-tty console equal to the current... - rconsole: attach to a specified remote-tty console - rcov: create a code coverage report for Ruby tests - rcs-checkin.emacs23: check files into RCS - rcs-checkin.xemacs21: accepts any number of file arguments and checks them... - rcs-checkin: check files into RCS - rcs: change RCS file attributes - Rcs: Perl Object Class for Revision Control System (RCS) - rcS: variables that affect the behavior of boot scripts - rcs2atfs: convert RCS archives to AtFS format - rcs2log: RCS to ChangeLog generator - rcsclean: clean up working files - rcsdiff: compare RCS revisions - rcsfile: format of RCS file - rcsfreeze: freeze a configuration of sources checked in under RCS - rcsintro: introduction to RCS commands - rcsmerge: merge RCS revisions - rctest: RFCOMM testing - rcvdist: asynchronously redistribute new mail - rcvpack: append message to file - rcvstore: asynchronously incorporate mail into a folder - rcvtty: report new mail - rc_copy_role: copy one RC role with all settings into another - rc_copy_type: Rule Set Based Access Control - rc_get_current_role: Rule Set Based Access Control - rc_get_eff_rights_fd: Rule Set Based Access Control - rc_get_item: Rule Set Based Access Control - rc_role_wrap: execute some program with different RC role - rc_set_item: Rule Set Based Access Control - rd-bomb: reaction/diffusion textures - rd2: converter from RD to other mark-up language - rdaj: echo the journal entry Athena/Artemis projects to the screen - rdate: set the system's date from a remote host - rdd-copy: copy a file, even if read errors occur - rdd-verify: verifies checksums and hash values generated by rdd - rddi: interactive shell, part of the rdd toolkit - rdebsums: a recursive debsums - rdeliver: Ruby mail filter script - rdesktop: Remote Desktop Protocol client - rdev: query/set image root device, RAM disk size, or video mode - rdf2bin: convert an RDOFF object file to flat binary - rdf2com: convert an RDOFF object file to flat binary - rdf2ihx: convert an RDOFF object file to flat binary - rdf2ith: convert an RDOFF object file to flat binary - rdf2srec: convert an RDOFF object file to flat binary - rdfdump: dumps an RDOFF object in human-readable form - rdfind: finds duplicate files - rdflib: manage a library file for use with ldrdf(1) - rdfpipe: Serialization format converter - rdfproc: Redland RDF processor utility - rdfwml: Converter for Netscape RDF channel files to WML decks - rdiff-backup-fs: Filesystem for accessing rdiff-backup archives - rdiff-backup-statistics: summarize rdiff-backup statistics files - rdiff-backup: local/remote mirror and incremental backup - rdiff: compute and apply signature-based file differences - rdiffdir: compute and apply signatures and diffs to directories - rdisc6: ICMPv6 Router Discovery tool - rdist: remote file distribution client program - rdistd: remote file distribution server program - rdjpgcom: display text comments from a JPEG file - rdma_accept: Called to accept a connection request - rdma_ack_cm_event: Free a communication event - rdma_bind_addr: Bind an RDMA identifier to a source address - rdma_client: simple RDMA CM connection and ping-pong test - rdma_cm: RDMA communication manager - rdma_connect: Initiate an active connection request - rdma_create_ep: Allocate a communication identifier and optional QP - rdma_create_event_channel: Open a channel used to report communication... - rdma_create_id: Allocate a communication identifier - rdma_create_qp: Allocate a QP - rdma_dereg_mr: deregisters a registered memory region - rdma_destroy_ep: Release a communication identifier - rdma_destroy_event_channel: Close an event communication channel - rdma_destroy_id: Release a communication identifier - rdma_destroy_qp: Deallocate a QP - rdma_disconnect: This function disconnects a connection - rdma_event_str: Returns a string representation of an rdma cm event - rdma_free_devices: Frees the list of devices returned by rdma_get_devices - rdma_getaddrinfo: Provides transport independent address translation - rdma_get_cm_event: Retrieves the next pending communication event - rdma_get_devices: Get a list of RDMA devices currently available - rdma_get_dst_port: Returns the remote port number of a bound rdma_cm_id - rdma_get_local_addr: Returns the local IP address of a bound rdma_cm_id - rdma_get_peer_addr: Returns the remote IP address of a bound rdma_cm_id - rdma_get_recv_comp: retrieves a completed receive request - rdma_get_request: Retrieves the next pending connection request event - rdma_get_send_comp: retrieves a completed send, read, or write request - rdma_get_src_port: Returns the local port number of a bound rdma_cm_id - rdma_join_multicast: Joins a multicast group - rdma_leave_multicast: Leaves a multicast group - rdma_listen: Listen for incoming connection requests - rdma_migrate_id: Move a communication identifer to a different event... - rdma_notify: Notifies the librdmacm of an asynchronous event - rdma_post_read: post an RDMA read work request - rdma_post_readv: post an RDMA read work request - rdma_post_recv: post a work request to receive an incoming message - rdma_post_recvv: post a work request to receive incoming messages - rdma_post_send: post a work request to send a message - rdma_post_sendv: post a work request to send a message - rdma_post_ud_send: post a work request to send a datagram - rdma_post_write: post an RDMA write work request - rdma_post_writev: post an RDMA write work request - rdma_reg_msgs: register data buffer(s) for sending or receiving messages - rdma_reg_read: register data buffer(s) for remote RDMA read access - rdma_reg_write: register data buffer(s) for remote RDMA write access - rdma_reject: Called to reject a connection request - rdma_resolve_addr: Resolve destination and optional source addresses - rdma_resolve_route: Resolve the route information needed to establish a... - rdma_server: simple RDMA CM connection and ping-pong test - rdma_set_option: Set communication options for an rdma_cm_id - rdmsr: tool for reading CPU machine specific registers (MSR) - rdnssd: IPv6 Recursive DNS Server discovery Daemon - rdoc1.8: Generate documentation from Ruby script files - rdoc1.9.1: Generate documentation from Ruby script files - rds-authorize-db-security-group-ingress: Authorize ingress traffic to be... - rds-create-db-instance-read-replica: Create a read-replica database... - rds-create-db-instance: Create new database instance - rds-create-db-parameter-group: Create a database parameter group - rds-create-db-security-group: Create a DB security group - rds-create-db-snapshot: Create a restorable backup for a database instance - rds-delete-db-instance: Initiate the delete process for a database instance - rds-delete-db-parameter-group: Delete a DBParameterGroup - rds-delete-db-security-group: Delete a DB security group - rds-delete-db-snapshot: Permanently remove a database snapshot - rds-describe-db-engine-versions: List the available database engine... - rds-describe-db-instances: List database instances - rds-describe-db-parameter-groups: List parameter groups - rds-describe-db-parameters: List parameters that are part of a... - rds-describe-db-security-groups: List database security group information - rds-describe-db-snapshots: List information about database snapshots - rds-describe-engine-default-parameters: List DBParameterGroup parameter... - rds-describe-events: List events related to database instances - rds-describe-orderable-db-instance-options: List information available... - rds-describe-reserved-db-instances-offerings: List reserved database... - rds-describe-reserved-db-instances: List database instance reservations - rds-gen: write data from a file to an RDS socket - rds-info: display information from the RDS kernel module - rds-modify-db-instance: Modify settings for an existing database instance - rds-modify-db-parameter-group: Modify the parameters in a DBParameterGroup - rds-ping: test reachability of remote node over RDS - rds-purchase-reserved-db-instances-offering: Purchase a reserved database... - rds-rdma: Zerocopy Interface for RDMA over RDS - rds-reboot-db-instance: Reboot a database instance - rds-reset-db-parameter-group: Reset parameter group values to their... - rds-restore-db-instance-from-db-snapshot: Create a new database database... - rds-restore-db-instance-to-point-in-time: Create a new database instance... - rds-revoke-db-security-group-ingress: Unauthorize ingress traffic subject... - rds-sink: write data from an RDS socket to a file - rds-stress: send messages between processes over RDS sockets - rds-version: Print the version of the CLI tool and the API - rds: Reliable Datagram Sockets - rdswap: a multi-language RD documents support tool - rdump: ext2/3/4 filesystem backup - rdup-backups: introduction into making backups with rdup - rdup-tr: transform rdup output - rdup-up: update a directory tree with a rdup archive - rdup: generate a file list suitable for making backups - rdx: load and execute an RDOFF object - re-PCR: Find sequence tagged sites (STS) in DNA sequences - re.pl: a modern Perl interactive shell - re: programm to conver russian texts between different encodings - re: Perl like regular expressions for Erlang - re: RealTek 8139C+/8169/816xS/811xS/8168/810xE/8111 PCI/PCIe Ethernet... - re2c: convert regular-expressions to C/C++ - ReachableSubGraphSelection.cpp - ReachableSubGraphSelection.h - ReachableSubGraphSelection - ReactiveNavigationDemo: GUI demo of robot reactive navigation - read: read a line from standard input - read: read from a file descriptor - read: read from a file - read2exp: Translate to and from the Read structure - read2scf: Translate to and from the Read structure - readahead-collector: collect list of files used during the boot process - readahead: perform file readahead into page cache - readahead: file preloader for boot process optimization - readbin: ATLC's binary file information provider - readbuffer: read input from devices which don't like constant stopping and... - readbutton: Returns the status front panel buttons - readclose: read a whole file into a stralloc - readclose_append: read a whole file into a stralloc - readdir: read directory entry - readdir: read a directory - readdir_r: read a directory - readdvd: is creating an image of your source dvd media or medias even if it... - readelf: Displays information about ELF files - reader.conf: configuration file for pcscd readers' drivers - readers.conf: Access control and configuration for nnrpd - readFile: Cdk4 compatibility functions - readkey: Returns the next character from the keyboard buffer. Allegro game... - readline: get a line from a user with editing - readlinebuf: std::streambuf offering line-editing and history - readlinehistory: std::streambuf offering line-editing and history - readlinestream: std::istream offering line-editing and history - readlink: print value of a symbolic link or canonical file name - readlink: read value of a symbolic link - readlink: read the contents of a symbolic link - readlinkat: read value of a symbolic link relative to a directory file... - readlink_by_handle: file handle operations - readmsg.mailutils: print messages - readmult: a multitrack wrapper for cdda2wav - readom: read or write data Compact Discs - readonly: set the readonly attribute for variables - Readonly: Facility for creating read-only scalars, arrays, hashes - readpassphrase: get a passphrase from the user - readproctitle: maintains an automatically rotated log in memory for... - readprofile: a tool to read kernel profiling information - readpst: convert PST (MS Outlook Personal Folders) files to mbox and other... - readPYBase: fcitx Pinyin related tools - readPYMB: fcitx Pinyin related tools - readseq: Reads and writes nucleic/protein sequences in various formats - readv: read or write data into multiple buffers - readv: read a vector - read_allocate: Allocate and deallocate the Read structure - read_all_mibs: mib_api functions - read_config: read_config functions - read_configs: read_config functions - read_config_print_usage: read_config functions - read_deallocate: Allocate and deallocate the Read structure - read_mib: mib_api functions - read_module: mib_api functions - read_module_node: mib_api functions - read_objid: mib_api functions - read_premib_configs: read_config functions - read_random: supply pseudo - read_reading: Read a trace file into a Read structure - read_scf: Read SCF files - read_scf_header: Read SCF files - read_sound_input: Retrieves the last recorded audio buffer. Allegro game... - read_tape: Reads volume dumps from a backup tape to a file - realcsh.c: A shell for running C code - realcxxsh.cc: A shell for running C++ code - realksh.c: A shell for running Kernel-mode C code - realloc: memory reallocator - realloc: kernel memory management routines - reallocate_voice: Switches the sample of an already-allocated voice.... - reallocf: general purpose memory allocation functions - reallocf: kernel memory management routines - really: gain privilege or run commands a different user - realpath: return the canonicalised absolute pathname - realpath: return the canonicalized absolute pathname - realtimebattle: a robot programming game - rearj: Converts other archive formats to .arj files - REASSIGN_OWNED: change the ownership of database objects owned by a... - rebaseextract: Process the REBASE database for use by restriction enzyme... - reboot: reboot or enable/disable Ctrl-Alt-Del - reboot: reboot or stop the system - rebuild-pysnmp-mibs: Rebuilds the mib modules for pysnmp from the original... - rebuildd-job: rebuildd job database management - rebuildd: rebuild daemon - rec: Sound eXchange, the Swiss Army knife of audio manipulation - rec2csv: rec to csv converter - recdel: remove records from a recfile - receive: receive files from the sendfile spool - receive: General input from terminals - receiver: Data source - recfix: check a recfile for errors - recfmt: apply a template to records - recinf: print information about a recfile - recins: insert records in a recfile - recipients - recite: english text speech synthesizer - recno: record number database access method - recode-sr-latin: convert Serbian text from Cyrillic to Latin script - recode: converts files between character sets - recoder: Find restriction sites to remove (mutate) with no translation... - recoll.conf: main personal configuration file for Recoll - recoll: user interface for the Recoll full text search system - recollindex: indexing command for the Recoll full text search system - recon: Check if LAM can be started - reconstruct: reconstruct mailboxes - record: records *.wav files - record: Define and create records (similar to 'C' structures) - recordio: records the input and output of a program - recordmydesktop: record desktop sessions to an Ogg-Theora-Vorbis file - recountdiff: recompute patch counts and offsets - recover: recover a deleted file - recover: recover a NetHack game interrupted by disaster - recoverdm: recover filesdisks with damaged sectors - recoverjpeg: recover jpeg pictures from a filesystem image - recovermov: recover movies from a filesystem image - recsel: print records from a recfile - recset: manipulate fields in a recfile - Rect: Rect from X Toolkit - rect: puzzle game based on Divide by Squares - Rectangle.h - RectangleArea.h - RectanglePacking.cpp - RectanglePacking.h - RectanglePacking - rectanglePackingFonctions.cpp - rectanglePackingFonctions.h - RectangleRelativePosition - RectangleRelativePositionList.cpp - RectangleRelativePositionList.h - RectangleRelativePositionList - RectComp: rectangle component subject, view, and PostScript external... - rectfill: Draws a solid filled rectangle. Allegro game programming library - RectObj: The RectObj widget class - recv: receive a message from a socket - recv: receive a message from a connected socket - recvfrom: receive a message from a socket - recvfrom: receive a message from a socket - recvmsg: receive a message from a socket - recvmsg: receive a message from a socket - recvq: received facsimile document format - recvstats: summarize HylaFAX receive accounting information - recwav: Record an audio file from a Voicetronix hardware port - rec_control: control pdns_recursor - red: text editor - redata: Retrieve information from REBASE restriction enzyme database - redet: regular expression development and execution tool - redi: All PStreams classes are declared in namespace redi - rediff: fix offsets and counts of a hand-edited diff - redir: redirect tcp connections - Redirect: xerces-c sample program - redirect: simple redirection CGI program - redirector: Redirects a file descriptor to another descriptor - redis-benchmark: Benechmark a Redis instance - redis-cli: Command-line client to redis-server - redis-server: Persistent key-value database - Redis: perl binding for Redis database - redi_basic_ipstream: Class template for Input PStreams - redi_basic_opstream: Class template for Output PStreams - redi_basic_pstream: Class template for Bidirectional PStreams - redi_basic_pstreambuf: Class template for stream buffer - redi_basic_rpstream: template for Restricted PStreams - redi_pstreams: Common base class providing constants and typenames - redi_pstream_common: Class template for common base class - redland-config: script to get information about the installed version of... - redland-db-upgrade: upgrade older Redland databases to 0.9.12 format - redland: Resource Description Framework (RDF) Library - rednotebook: daily journal with calendar, templates and keyword searching - redrawwin: refresh curses windows and lines - redshift: Set color temperature of display according to time of day - reducecap: The reducecap utility is used to lower the capability ceiling of... - redund: Convert between represetations of convex polyhedra - redzone: buffer corruptions detector - ree: extract ROM extensions - ref: Display a C function header - refchan: Command handler API of reflected channels, version 1 - refcount: Base class implementing reference counting - refcount: manage a simple reference counter - refcount_acquire: manage a simple reference counter - refcount_init: manage a simple reference counter - refcount_release: manage a simple reference counter - refer: preprocess bibliographic references for groff - ReferenceCountedObject - ReferenceCounter - reference_counted_object.C - reference_counted_object.h - reference_counter.C - reference_counter.h - reference_element: reference element - referer2dlf: convert referer web server log file to www DLF - refile: file message in other folders - RefinementSelector - refinement_selector.h - Reflect.Data: Data value, reflected as a kaya data structure - Reflect.dump: Print any value as a string - Reflect.h - Reflect.reflect: Convert a value into a data representation of that value - Reflect.reify: Convert a data representation back to the represented value - reflect: returns the reflectiton vector given an incidence vector and a... - reformail: E-mail reformatting tool - reformat: tool to simple format plain ascii texts - reformime: MIME E-mail reformatting tool - refract: computes a refraction vector - refresh: refresh curses windows and lines - refreshCDKScreen: Cdk Screen and Widget Manipulation Functions - regcomp: POSIX regex functions - regconcat: Combine several Regina data files - regconvert: Convert between different Regina file formats - regdbdump: parse and print out regulatory rules file - regdiff: Diff program for Windows registry files - regedit: Wine registry editor - regeln: print a random German adage regeln - regerror: POSIX regex functions - Regex.compile: Compile a regular expression - Regex.grep: Search for patterns - regex.h: regular expression matching types - Regex.match: Attempt to match a regular expression - Regex.NoUTF8Support: UTF-8 support unavailable - Regex.quickMatch: Test a String with a compiled regular expression - Regex.quickMatch_1: Test whether a string matches the pattern - Regex.REFlags: Flags for regular expression compilation - Regex.Regex: Compiled regular expression - Regex.RegexCompilationFailed: The regular expression could not be compiled - Regex.replace: Replace a compiled pattern with a string - Regex.ReplaceFlags: Replacement options - Regex.replace_1: Replace a compiled pattern with a string - Regex.split: Split a string into substrings - Regex.split_1: Split a string into substrings - regex: POSIX regex functions - regex: POSIX.2 regular expressions - regexec: POSIX regex functions - regexp-assemble: Assemble a list of regular expressions from a file - regexp: regular expression handler - regexp_table: format of Postfix regular expression tables - regexxer: visual regular expression search and replace - regfiledump: Dump the contents of a Regina data file - regfiletype: Identify the formats of Regina data files - regfree: POSIX regex functions - regina-config: Developer Configuration for The Regina Rexx interpreter - regina-engine-config: get information about the installed version of Regina - regina-kde: Regina KDE user interface - regina-python: Regina command-line Python interface - regina: The Regina Rexx Interpreter - regionset: display and set the zone setting of a DVD drive - register-common-lisp-implementation: 8 - register-common-lisp-source: 8 - register-stardata: Install or remove star data catalogues and astronomy... - registerCDKObject: Cdk Screen and Widget Manipulation Functions - registerrpc: library routines for remote procedure calls - register_app_config_handler: read_config functions - register_app_premib_handler: read_config functions - register_assert_handler: Registers a custom handler for assert failures.... - register_bitmap_file_type: Registers custom bitmap loading/saving functions... - register_config_handler: read_config functions - register_datafile_object: Registers load/destroy functions for custom... - register_font_file_type: Register a new font loading function. Allegro game... - register_mib_handlers: read_config functions - register_premib_handler: read_config functions - register_sample_file_type: Registers custom loading/saving sample routines.... - register_trace_handler: Registers a custom handler for trace output.... - register_uformat: Installs handler functions for a new text encoding format... - registrar: RSerPool Pool Registrar (PR) Service - registry: Store and backup key-value pairs - reglookup-recover: Windows NT+ registry deleted data recovery tool - reglookup-timeline: Windows NT+ registry MTIME timeline generator - reglookup: Windows NT+ registry reader/lookup tool - regorge: measures I/O performance and/or generates I/O load - regpatch: Applies registry patches to registry files - regshell: Windows registry file browser using readline - regsub: Perform substitutions based on regular expression pattern matching - regsvr32: Wine DLL Registration Server - regtree: Text-mode registry viewer - REINDEX: rebuild indexes - reindexdb: reindex a PostgreSQL database - reinteract: worksheet-based graphical Python shell - reiserfsck: The checking tool for the ReiserFS filesystem - reiserfstune: The tunning tool for the ReiserFS filesystem - rekonq: A lightweight Web Browser for KDE based on WebKit - rel: Release resource file - relational-cli: Python implementation of Relational algebra - relational: Python implementation of Relational algebra - relative: Load modules with relative names - relaytest: attempt to use SMTP to relay to a DSBL-compliant host - release-build: convenient script for "building" an upstream... - release.c.tmpl: templates in the shapeTools RMS - Release.tmpl: templates in the shapeTools RMS - release: convenient script for "releasing" an upstream project... - release_bitmap: Releases a previously locked bitmap. Allegro game... - release_handler: Unpacking and Installation of Release Packages - RELEASE_SAVEPOINT: destroy a previously defined savepoint - release_screen: Shortcut of release_bitmap(screen); Allegro game... - release_voice: Releases a sound card voice. Allegro game programming... - relic: the NDBM-compatible API of QDBM - reload: init daemon control tool - reload_config_texts: Reloads translated strings returned by... - reloc65: relocator for o65 object files - relocated: Postfix relocated table format - relpbuf: functions for managing physical buffers - reltool: Main API of the Reltool application - relup: Release upgrade file - rem: Invoke Remind with a default filename - rem2ps: draw a PostScript calendar from Remind output - remainder: floating-point remainder function - remainderf: floating-point remainder function - remainderl: floating-point remainder function - remake: A patched GNU make with a debuger, better tracing and error... - remap: Display restriction enzyme binding sites in a nucleotide sequence - remap_file_pages: create a nonlinear file mapping - remctl: Remote execution tool - remctl: Simple remctl call to a remote server - remctld: Server for remctl, a remote command execution utility - remctl_close: Close a remctl connection and free the client object - remctl_command: Send a command to a remctl server - remctl_commandv: Send a command to a remctl server - remctl_error: Retrieve the error from a failed remctl operation - remctl_new: Create a new remctl client - remctl_open: Connect to a remote remctl server - remctl_output: Retrieve the results of a remctl command - remctl_result_free: Simple remctl call to a remote server - remind: a sophisticated reminder service - remmina: remote desktop client for GNOME desktop environment - remote-filesystems: event signalling that remote filesystems have been... - remote-tty: connect to a ttysrv serial console instance - RemoteElem - remote_elem.C - remote_elem.h - remove-default-ispell: remove default ispell dictionary - remove-default-wordlist: remove default wordlist - remove-duplicates: remove duplicates of the same file in the current... 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