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This are man pages for commands starting with letter R.

Page 1 - Page 2 - r.average: Finds the average of values in a cover map within areas assigned... - r.basins.fill: Generates watershed subbasins raster map - r.bilinear: Bilinear interpolation utility for raster map layers - r.bitpattern: Compares bit patterns with a raster map - r.blend: Blends color components of two raster maps by a given ratio - r.buffer: Creates a raster map layer showing buffer zones surrounding cells... - r.carve: Takes vector stream data, transforms it to raster and subtracts... - r.category: Manages category values and labels associated with user - r.cats: Manages category values and labels associated with user - r.circle: Creates a raster map containing concentric rings around a given... - r.clump: Recategorizes data in a raster map by grouping cells that form... - r.coin: Tabulates the mutual occurrence (coincidence) of categories for two... - r.colors.out: Exports the color table associated with a raster map layer - r.colors.stddev: Set color rules based on stddev from a map's mean value - r.colors: Creates/modifies the color table associated with a raster map... - r.composite: Combines red, green and blue raster maps into a single... - r.compress: Compresses and decompresses raster maps - r.contour: Produces a vector map of specified contours from a raster map - r.cost: Creates a raster map showing the cumulative cost of moving between... - r.covar: Outputs a covariance/correlation matrix for user-specified raster... - r.cross: Creates a cross product of the category values from multiple... - r.describe: Prints terse list of category values found in a raster map... - r.digit: Interactive tool used to draw and save vector features on a... - r.distance: Locates the closest points between objects in two raster maps - r.drain: Traces a flow through an elevation model on a raster map - r.external: Link GDAL supported raster file to a binary raster map layer - r.fill.dir: Filters and generates a depressionless elevation map and a flow... - r.fillnulls: Fills no-data areas in raster maps using v.surf.rst splines... - r.flow: Construction of slope curves (flowlines), flowpath lengths, and... - r.grow.distance: Generates a raster map layer of distance to features in... - r.grow: Generates a raster map layer with contiguous areas grown by one... - r.gwflow: Numerical calculation program for transient, confined and... - r.his: Generates red, green and blue raster map layers combining hue,... - r.horizon: Horizon angle computation from a digital elevation model.... - r.in.arc: Converts an ESRI ARC/INFO ascii raster file (GRID) into a... - r.in.ascii: Converts ASCII raster file to binary raster map layer - r.in.aster: Georeference, rectify and import Terra-ASTER imagery and... - r.in.bin: Import a binary raster file into a GRASS raster map layer - r.in.gdal: Import GDAL supported raster file into a binary raster map layer - r.in.gridatb: Imports GRIDATB.FOR map file (TOPMODEL) into GRASS raster map - r.in.mat: Imports a binary MAT-File(v4) to a GRASS raster - r.in.poly: Creates raster maps from ASCII polygon/line/point data files - r.in.srtm: Import SRTM HGT files into GRASS - r.in.wms: Downloads and imports data from WMS servers - r.in.xyz: Create a raster map from an assemblage of many coordinates using... - r.info: Output basic information about a raster map layer - r.kappa: Calculate error matrix and kappa parameter for accuracy assessment... - r.lake: Fills lake from seed at given level - r.le.patch: Calculates attribute, patch size, core (interior) size, shape,... - r.le.pixel: Contains a set of measures for attributes, diversity, texture,... - r.le.setup: Interactive tool used to setup the sampling and analysis... - r.le.trace: Displays the boundary of each r.le patch and shows how the... - r.li.cwed: Calculates contrast weighted edge density index on a raster map - r.li.daemon: r.li landscape index support library - r.li.dominance: Calculates dominance's diversity index on a raster map - r.li.edgedensity: Calculates edge density index on a raster map, using a 4... - r.li.mpa: Calculates mean pixel attribute index on a raster map - r.li.mps: Calculates mean patch size index on a raster map, using a 4... - r.li.padcv: Calculates coefficient of variation of patch area on a raster... - r.li.padrange: Calculates range of patch area size on a raster map - r.li.padsd: Calculates standard deviation of patch area a raster map - r.li.patchdensity: Calculates patch density index on a raster map, using a... - r.li.patchnum: Calculates patch number index on a raster map, using a 4... - r.li.pielou: Calculates Pielou's diversity index on a raster map - r.li.renyi: Calculates Renyi's diversity index on a raster map - r.li.richness: Calculates dominance's diversity index on a raster map - r.li.setup: Configuration editor for r.li.'index' - r.li.shannon: Calculates Shannon's diversity index on a raster map - r.li.shape: Calculates shape index on a raster map - r.li.simpson: Calculates Simpson's diversity index on a raster map - r.li: Landscape structure analysis package overview - r.los: Line-of-sight raster analysis program - r.mapcalc - r.mapcalculator: Calculate new raster map from a r.mapcalc expression - r.mask: Create a MASK for limiting raster operation - r.median: Finds the median of values in a cover map within areas assigned... - r.mfilter.fp: Raster map matrix filter - r.mfilter: Performs raster map matrix filter - r.mode: Finds the mode of values in a cover map within areas assigned the... - r.neighbors: Makes each cell category value a function of the category... - r.null: Manages NULL-values of given raster map - r.out.arc: Converts a raster map layer into an ESRI ARCGRID file - r.out.ascii: Converts a raster map layer into an ASCII text file - r.out.bin: Exports a GRASS raster to a binary array - r.out.gdal.sh: Exports GRASS raster into GDAL supported formats - r.out.gdal: Exports GRASS raster maps into GDAL supported formats - r.out.gridatb: Exports GRASS raster map to GRIDATB.FOR map file (TOPMODEL) - r.out.mat: Exports a GRASS raster to a binary MAT-File - r.out.mpeg: Raster File Series to MPEG Conversion Program - r.out.png: Export GRASS raster as non-georeferenced PNG image - r.out.pov: Converts a raster map layer into a height-field file for POVRAY - r.out.ppm: Converts a GRASS raster map to a PPM image file at the pixel... - r.out.ppm3: Converts 3 GRASS raster layers (R,G,B) to a PPM image file at... - r.out.tiff: Exports a GRASS raster map to a 8/24bit TIFF image file at the... - r.out.vrml: Export a raster map to the Virtual Reality Modeling Language... - r.out.vtk: Converts raster maps into the VTK-Ascii format - r.out.xyz: Export a raster map to a text file as x,y,z values based on cell... - r.param.scale: Extracts terrain parameters from a DEM. Uses a multi-scale... - r.patch: Creates a composite raster map layer by using known category... - r.plane: Creates raster plane map given dip (inclination), aspect (azimuth)... - r.profile: Outputs the raster map layer values lying on user-defined... - r.proj: Re-projects a raster map from one location to the current location - r.quant: Produces the quantization file for a floating-point map - r.quantile: Compute quantiles using two passes - r.random.cells: Generates random cell values with spatial dependence - r.random.surface: Generates random surface(s) with spatial dependence - r.random: Creates a raster map layer and vector point map containing... - r.reclass.area: Reclasses a raster map greater or less than user specified... - r.reclass: Creates a new map layer whose category values are based upon a... - r.recode: Recodes categorical raster maps - r.region: Sets the boundary definitions for a raster map - r.regression.line: Calculates linear regression from two raster maps: y = a... - r.report: Reports statistics for raster map layers - r.resamp.interp: Resamples raster map layers to a finer grid using... - r.resamp.rst: Reinterpolates and optionally computes topographic analysis... - r.resamp.stats: Resamples raster map layers to a coarser grid using... - r.resample: GRASS raster map layer data resampling capability - r.rescale.eq: Rescales histogram equalized the range of category values in... - r.rescale: Rescales the range of category values in a raster map layer - r.ros: Generates three, or four raster map layers showing 1) the base... - r.series: Makes each output cell value a function of the values assigned to... - r.shaded.relief: Creates shaded relief map from an elevation map (DEM) - r.sim.sediment: Sediment transport and erosion/deposition simulation using... - r.sim.water: Overland flow hydrologic simulation using path sampling method... - r.slope.aspect: Generates raster maps of slope, aspect, curvatures and... - r.spread: Simulates elliptically anisotropic spread on a graphics window... - r.spreadpath: Recursively traces the least cost path backwards to cells... - r.statistics: Calculates category or object oriented statistics - r.stats: Generates area statistics for raster map layers - r.sum: Sums up the raster cell values - r.sun: Solar irradiance and irradiation model. Computes direct (beam),... - r.sunmask: Calculates cast shadow areas from sun position and elevation... - r.support.stats: Update raster map statistics - r.support: Allows creation and/or modification of raster map layer support... - r.surf.area: Surface area estimation for rasters - r.surf.contour: Surface generation program from rasterized contours - r.surf.fractal: Creates a fractal surface of a given fractal dimension - r.surf.gauss: GRASS module to produce a raster map layer of gaussian... - r.surf.idw: Surface interpolation utility for raster map - r.surf.idw2: Surface generation program - r.surf.random: Produces a raster map of uniform random deviates whose range... - r.terraflow: Flow computation for massive grids (float version) - r.texture: Generate images with textural features from a raster map - r.thin: Thins non-zero cells that denote linear features in a raster map - r.tileset: Produces tilings of the source projection for use in the... - r.timestamp: Modifies a timestamp for a raster map. Print/add/remove a... - r.to.rast3: Converts 2D raster map slices to one 3D raster volume map - r.to.rast3elev: Creates a 3D volume map based on 2D elevation and value... - r.to.vect: Converts a raster map into a vector map layer - r.topidx: Creates topographic index ln(a/tan(beta)) map from elevation map - r.topmodel: Simulates TOPMODEL which is a physically based hydrologic model - r.transect: Outputs raster map layer values lying along user defined... - r.univar.sh: calculates univariate statistics from a GRASS raster map - r.univar: Calculates univariate statistics from the non-null cells of a... - r.volume: Calculates the volume of data "clumps", and... - r.walk: Outputs a raster map layer showing the anisotropic cumulative cost... - r.water.outlet: Watershed basin creation program - r.watershed.ram - r.watershed.seg - r.watershed: Watershed basin analysis program - r.what.color: Queries colors for a raster map layer - r.what: Queries raster map layers on their category values and category... - R: a language for data analysis and graphics - r2: Advanced commandline hexadecimal editor - r2e: receive RSS feeds by email - r2test.conf: OpenR2 r2test program configuration file - r2test: MFC/R2 call setup test program - r2w: build websites with Python and docutils - r3.cross.rast: Creates cross section 2D raster map from 3d raster map based... - r3.gwflow: Numerical calculation program for transient, confined... - r3.in.ascii: Convert a 3D ASCII raster text file into a (binary) 3D raster... - r3.in.v5d: import of 3-dimensional Vis5D files (i.e. the v5d file with 1... - r3.info: Outputs basic information about a user-specified 3D raster map... - r3.mapcalc - r3.mapcalculator: Calculates new grid3D volume from r3.mapcalc expression - r3.mask: Establishes the current working 3D raster mask - r3.mkdspf: Creates a display file from an existing grid3 file according to... - r3.null: Explicitly create the 3D NULL-value bitmap file - r3.out.ascii: Converts a 3D raster map layer into an ASCII text file - r3.out.v5d: Export of GRASS 3D raster map to 3-dimensional Vis5D file - r3.out.vtk: Converts 3D raster maps (G3D) into the VTK-Ascii format - r3.stats: Generates volume statistics for raster3d maps - r3.timestamp: Print/add/remove a timestamp for a 3D raster map - r3.to.rast: Converts 3D raster maps to 2D raster maps - r3.univar: Calculates univariate statistics from the non-null 3d cells of a... - r3dtops: Raster3D to PostScript label conversion - r3d_objects: object types used by the Raster3D package - r8tohdf: convert 8-bit raster images to HDF format - r128: ATI Rage 128 video driver - ra-index: index files for use with remembrance agent software - ra-retrieve: retrieve files that match a query for use with remembrance... - Ra: Just-in-time compilation support for R - rabbit-command: commandline utility for Rabbit - rabbit-theme-manager: Theme browser for Rabbit - rabbit: presentation tool using RD, simple text format - rabbitmq-env.conf: default settings for RabbitMQ AMQP server - rabbitmq-server: start RabbitMQ AMQP server - rabbitmqctl: command line tool for managing a RabbitMQ broker - rabbitsign: sign applications for TI graphing calculators - rabbitvcs: Integrated version control for Nautilus - rabid: program to test POP server throughput - rabin: Binary program info extractor - rabin2: Binary program info extractor - racc: Ruby LALR parser generator - racc2y: Racc grammar to yacc grammar - racket: core Racket implementation - raco: the RAcket COmmand-line tool - racoon-tool.conf: configuration file for racoon-tool(8) - racoon-tool: program to manage the racoon(8) IPSEC IKE daemon - racoon.conf: configuration file for racoon - racoon: IKE (ISAKMP/Oakley) key management daemon - racoonctl: racoon administrative control tool - racount: count things from an argus(8) data file/stream - rad: render a RADIANCE scene - rad2mgf: convert RADIANCE scene description to Materials and Geometry... - radare: Advanced commandline hexadecimal editor - radare2: Advanced commandline hexadecimal editor - radarerc: Configuration file for radare - radclient: send packets to a RADIUS server, show reply - raddebug: Display debugging output from a running server - raddepend: find RADIANCE scene dependencies - radeapclient: send EAP packets to a RADIUS server, calculate responses - radeon: ATI RADEON video driver - radeontool: utility to get/set registers and to control backlight on radeon... - radiance-experttools: Specialty programs of the Radiance package, used by... - radians: converts values of scalars and vectors from degrees to radians - radicale: a simple calendar server - radiff: Unified binary diffing utility - radiff2: unified binary diffing utility - radio: console radio application - radiobutton: Mutually exclusive option widget - radioclkd: decode time from radio clock(s) attached to serial port - radiotap: 802.11 device packet capture support - radiotray: a simple streaming music player - radius.conf: Configuration for nnrpd RADIUS authenticator - radius: nnrpd RADIUS password authenticator - radiusd.conf: configuration file for the FreeRADIUS server - radiusd: RADIUS authentication/accounting server - radiusd_attributes: extended users attributes - radixsort: radix sort - radlast: show "last" info from the radwtmp file - radlist: lists current on-line users and per user stats - radmin: FreeRADIUS Administration tool - rados: rados object storage utility - radosgw: rados REST gateway - radosgw_admin: rados REST gateway user administration utility - radrelay.conf: configuration file for the FreeRADIUS server... - radrelay: replicate accounting data to another RADIUS server - radrelay: Deprecated command - radsecproxy: a generic RADIUS proxy that provides both RADIUS UDP and... - radsqlrelay: relay SQL queries to a central database server - radtest: example RADIUS client program - radtofix_r: Constant to convert radians to fixed point angles. Allegro game... - raduse: Shows the usage of the modem lines on a terminal server - radvd.conf: configuration file of the router advertisement daemon radvd - radvd: router advertisement daemon for IPv6 - radvdump: dump router advertisements - radwatch: wrapper for radiusd - radwho: show online users - radzap: remove rogue entries from the active sessions database - rae: surfraw(1) search tools - rafind2: Advanced commandline hexadecimal editor - rafkill: a vertical shoot'em-up - ragator: aggregate argus(8) data file entries - ragator: ragator flow model definitions - ragel: compile regular languages into executable state machines - ragraph: graph argus(8) data - rahash: Block based hashing utility - rahash2: block based hashing utility - rahosts: report network addresses in argus(8) data - raidfile-config: Configure Box Backup's RAID files - raidfile.conf: Userland RAID for Box Backup - rails: Ruby on Rails deployment script - rain: animated raindrops display - rainbow-easy: wrapper of rainbow-run for the secure execution of untrusted... - rainbow-gc: Helper script which attempts to garbage-collect stale uid... - rainbow-resume: wrapper of rainbow-run for the secure execution of... - rainbow-run: Create and use Rainbow-isolated instances - rainbow-sugarize: Helper script for using Sugar with Rainbow - rainbow-xify: Enable the use of the X display in rainbow-secured shells - raincat: 2D puzzle game featuring a fuzzy little cat - raise: send a signal to the caller - raiseCDKObject: Cdk Screen and Widget Manipulation Functions - rakarrack: for guitar players and musicians - rake: a ruby build program with capabilities similar to make - rake1.9.1: a ruby build program with capabilities similar to make - ral: Ralink Technology IEEE 802.11 wireless network driver - ralsh: The resource abstraction layer shell - ram: ram disk device - ramaze1.8: This little tool helps you creating, controlling, and debugging... - ramaze1.9.1: This little tool helps you creating, controlling, and... - ramon: provide RMON2 style reports from argus(8) data - ramond.conf: Configuration file for ramond(8) - ramond: IPv6 Router Advertisement MONitor Daemon - Ramp: initialize an array with a piecewise-linear ramp - ramsize: query/set image root device, RAM disk size, or video mode - ran2tiff: expose and convert a RADIANCE animation to TIFF frames - ranal2: radare2 code analysis commandline frontend - rancid-cvs: initialize CVS or Subversion and rancid group files and... - rancid-run: run rancid for each of the groups - rancid.conf: rancid environment configuration file - rancid: Cisco configuration filter - rancid_intro: introduction to the Really Awesome New Cisco confIg Differ - rancid_par: parallel command processing - rand: display a random numbers - rand: pseudo-random number generator - randbuffer: std::streambuf generating random numbers - Random.State: no description - random: random number generator - random: kernel random number source devices - random: random lines from a file or random numbers - random: supply pseudo - RandomGraph.cpp - RandomGraph - RandomMetric: This plugins assigns random values to nodes and edges - randomplay: command-line based shuffle music player that remembers songs... - RandomSimpleGraph.cpp - RandomSimpleGraph - randomsound: ALSA sound card related entropy gathering daemon - RandomTree.cpp - RandomTree - RandomTreeGeneral.cpp - RandomTreeGeneral - random_harvest: gather entropy from the kernel for the entropy device - random_r: reentrant random number generator - random_range: a set of routines for dealing with integer ranges, and random... - random_range_seed: a set of routines for dealing with integer ranges, and... - randtype: Output characters or lines at random intervals - randverse: Displays a randomly selected verse from scripture - RAND_add: add entropy to the PRNG - RAND_bytes: generate random data - RAND_cleanup: erase the PRNG state - RAND_egd: query entropy gathering daemon - RAND_event: add entropy to the PRNG - RAND_file_name: PRNG seed file - RAND_get_rand_method: select RAND method - RAND_load_file: PRNG seed file - RAND_pseudo_bytes: generate random data - rand_r: pseudo-random number generator - RAND_screen: add entropy to the PRNG - RAND_seed: add entropy to the PRNG - RAND_set_rand_method: select RAND method - RAND_SSLeay: select RAND method - RAND_status: add entropy to the PRNG - RAND_write_file: PRNG seed file - range: puzzle game based on Kurodoko - rangecheck: pointer range checking - RangeFogEnable: 3D API range fog enable - ranger: visual file manager - range_arrayinbuf: range check for array in buffer - range_bufinbuf: range check for buf in buffer - range_ptrinbuf: range check pointer in buffer - range_str2inbuf: range check for string in buffer - range_str4inbuf: range check for string in buffer - range_strinbuf: range check for string in buffer - range_validbuf: range check buffer - ranimate: compute a RADIANCE animation - ranimove: render a RADIANCE animation with motion - ranktest: image processing library - rank_reg: image processing library - ranlib: generate index to archive - ranonymize: anonymize argus(8) data fields - ranonymize: ranonymize(1) configuration file - rant-import: Flexible, Ruby based make - rant: A flexible and portable build tool - rapiconfig: upload an XML config file to a SynCE connected device - rapid-gui: GUI for rapid a content download tool for spring - rapid-photo-downloader: imports photos and videos from cameras, memory... - rapid-spring-gui: GUI for rapid a content download tool for spring - rapid-spring: content download tool for spring - rapid: content download tool for spring - rapidsvn: application providing a gui frontend for the subversion version... - rapi_connection_from_name: obtain connection for RAPI function calls - rapolicy: compare a argus(8) data file/stream against a Cisco Access... - rapper: Raptor RDF parsing and serializing utility - raptor-config: script to get information about the installed version of... - rar: archive files with compression - rarc: ra client resource file - rarc2-tool: radare2 relocatable compiler - rarc2: radare2 relocatable compiler - rarp: manipulate the system RARP table - rarpd: Reverse Address Resolution Protocol (RARP) daemon - ras2tiff: create a TIFF file from a Sun rasterfile - rasc: Radare Shellcode helper utility - rasc2: Radare Shellcode helper utility - rasm: Radare patch assembler - rasm2: radare2 patch assembler and disassembler - rasmol-classic: Molecular Graphics Visualisation Tool v2.7.5 - rasmol-gtk: Molecular Graphics Visualisation Tool v2.7.5 - rasmol: Molecular Graphics Visualisation Tool v2.7.5 - rasort: sort argus(8) data file - rasqal-config: script to get information about the installed version of the... - rastep: (Raster3D Thermal Ellipsoid Program) - raster3d: molecular graphics package - RasterComp: raster component subject, view, and PostScript external... - rasterintro: Raster data processing - rasterisk: All-purpose telephony server - rasterizer: SVG conversion - rasterman: assorted text filters - RasterRect: structured graphic displaying a raster image - rastrip: strip argus(8) data file - rasttopnm: convert a Sun rasterfile into a portable anymap - rat: unicast and multicast audio conferencing tool - ratbox-services: ratbox IRC services - rate-files: Format of rate-files - rateup: backend tool used by mrtg - ratfor: ratfor preprocessor for Fortran 77 - rational_funcs: Polynomial functions - ratmenu: create a menu to run commands - ratpoison: window manager without mouse dependency - ratproxy-report: report generator for the ratproxy tool - ratproxy: a passive web application security assessment tool - rats: Rough Auditing Tool for Security - raw: curses input options - raw: Linux IPv4 raw sockets - raw: bind a Linux raw character device - raw2dv: Convert a Raw DV stream to a DV File format - raw2gif: A program to convert RAW image data into GIF files. Only one image... - raw2hdf: Create an .hdf hard disk image from a raw data file - raw2image: Convert a Raw DV stream to a series of image files - raw2psf - raw2tiff: create a TIFF file from a raw data - raw2wav: Convert a file of raw audio samples to a wav format file - raw2webcam: Supply an FTP/HTTP based webcam with images from a Raw DV... - raw2yuv: Convert a Raw DV stream to a YUV4MJPEG stream - rawdog: an RSS Aggregator Without Delusions Of Grandeur - rawip: Internet Protocol - rawlog-edit: Command-line robotic datasets (rawlogs) manipulation tool - rawlog-grabber: Collects data from robotic sensors - RawLogViewer: GUI dataset viewer and editor - rawmemchr: scan memory for a character - rawmultiply: Repeat or drop raw dv frames received on stdin to stdout - rawplay: Play DV streams and files - rawshark: Dump and analyze raw libpcap data - rawstudio: GTK+ raw-image converter - rawtherapee: A free RAW converter and digital photo processing software - rawtmp: display wtmp entries in raw form - rawtominc: converts a stream of binary image data to a minc format file - rawtopgm: convert raw grayscale bytes into a portable graymap - rawtoppm: convert raw RGB bytes into a portable pixmap - RawVoxels: specify an array of volume data - raw_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - raw_to_xgraph: Programs for audio and speech manipulation - rax: radare base converter - rax2: radare base converter - raxml: convert argus(8) data to XML - raxmlHPC: Randomized Axelerated Maximum Likelihood - razers: Fast Read Mapping with Sensitivity Control - razip: Compress and decompress files in RAZip format - razor-admin: Razor Registering Agent - razor-agent.conf: Configuration file for Razor Agents - razor-agents: Collection of files for checking, reporting, and revoking... - razor-check: Razor Filtering Agent - razor-client: Meta program for the razor utilities - razor-report: Razor Reporting Agent - razor-revoke: Razor Revoking Agent - razor-whitelist: Format for Vipul's Razor Whitelist - Razor2__Errorhandler: Error handling mechanism for Razor - Razor2__Preproc__deHTMLxs: Perl extension for libpreproc deHTMLxs code - Razor2__Syslog: Syslog support for Razor2 - ra_bmp: convert RADIANCE picture to/from Windows BMP image - ra_gif: convert RADIANCE picture to Compuserve GIF - ra_hexbit: Specialty programs of the Radiance package, used by experts - ra_pfm: Specialty programs of the Radiance package, used by experts - ra_pict: convert Radiance pictures to Macintosh PICT files - ra_ppm: convert RADIANCE picture to/from a Poskanzer Portable Pixmap - ra_ps: convert RADIANCE picture to a PostScript file - ra_rgbe: convert between different RADIANCE picture types - ra_t8: convert RADIANCE picture to/from Targa 8-bit image file - ra_t16: convert RADIANCE picture to/from Targa 16 or 24-bit image file - ra_tiff: convert RADIANCE picture to/from a TIFF color or greyscale image - ra_xyze: convert between RADIANCE RGBE and XYZE formats - rb-meta: read and write metadata from an RB file - rb: XMODEM, YMODEM, ZMODEM (Batch) file receive - rb: The Report Browser Tool - rbash: restricted bash, see bash(1) - rbbr: browse Ruby classes and documentation - rbd: manage rados block device (RBD) images - rbkconfig_compiler4: KDE config resource compiler - rblcheck: DNSBL lookup utility - rbldns-conf: sets up an IP-address-listing DNS service - rbldns-data: data tool for rbldns - rbldns: an IP-address-listing DNS server - rbldnsd: DNS daemon suitable for running DNS-based blocklists - rblsmtpd: blocks mail from RBL-listed sites. It works with any SMTP server... - rbootd: HP remote boot server - rbot-remote: IRC bot written in ruby - rbot: IRC bot written in ruby - rbox: generate point distributions for qhull - rbpf-slam: Robot map building with Rao-Blackwellized Particle Filters - rbqt4api: a qtruby introspection tool - rbqtapi: a qtruby introspection tool - rbrcc: Qt/Ruby resource compiler - rbuic4: Qt/Ruby user interface compiler - rc-alert: check for installed packages with release-critical bugs - rc.news: Start or stop INN daemons - rc: shell - rc: RISCom/8 multiport card - rc2po: convert .rc files to Gettext PO localization files - rc4: RC4 encryption Page 1 - Page 2

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