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This are man pages for commands starting with letter Q.

Page 1 - Page 2 - qselect: select queues - qsemaphore: Robust integer semaphore - qserversocket: TCP-based server - qsessionmanager: Access to the session manager - qsettings: Persistent platform-independent application settings - qsf: quick spam filter - qsfilter2: Utility to generate mod_qos request line rules out from existing... - qsgistyle: SGI/Irix look and feel - qsgrep: Print matching patterns within a file - qsh: submit a batch job in a familiar pbs format - qshape: Print Postfix queue domain and age distribution - qshowevent: Event which is sent when a widget is shown - qshutdown: An avanced shutdown tool - qshutdown_script: An avanced shutdown tool - qsig: signal pbs batch job - qsignal: Can be used to send signals for classes that don't inherit QObject - qsignalmapper: Bundles signals from identifiable senders - qsimplerichtext: Small displayable piece of rich text - QSimpson - qsize: Defines the size of a two-dimensional object - qsizegrip: Corner-grip for resizing a top-level window - qsizepolicy: Layout attribute describing horizontal and vertical resizing... - qsjiscodec: Conversion to and from Shift-JIS - qslider: Vertical or horizontal slider - qslog: Utility to collect request statistics from access log data - QSO: Morse-code trainer and QSO generator for aspiring radio hams - qsocket: Buffered TCP connection - qsocketdevice: Platform-independent low-level socket API - qsocketnotifier: Support for socket callbacks - qsort: sorts an array - qsound: Access to the platform audio facilities - qsource-highlight: A Qt4 front-end for GNU Source-Highlight - qspaceritem: Blank space in a layout - qspinbox: Spin box widget (spin button) - qsplashscreen: Splash screen that can be shown during application startup - qsplitter: Implements a splitter widget - qspng: Utility to draw a png graph from qslog output data - qsql: Namespace for Qt SQL identifiers that need to be global-like - qsqlcursor: Browsing and editing of SQL tables and views - qsqldatabase: Used to create SQL database connections and to provide... - qsqldriver: Abstract base class for accessing SQL databases - qsqldriverplugin: Abstract base for custom QSqlDriver plugins - qsqleditorfactory: Used to create the editors used by QDataTable and... - qsqlerror: SQL database error information - qsqlfield: Manipulates the fields in SQL database tables and views - qsqlfieldinfo: Stores meta data associated with a SQL field - qsqlform: Creates and manages data entry forms tied to SQL databases - qsqlindex: Functions to manipulate and describe QSqlCursor and QSqlDatabase... - qsqlpropertymap: Used to map widgets to SQL fields - qsqlquery: Means of executing and manipulating SQL statements - qsqlrecord: Encapsulates a database record, i.e. a set of database fields - qsqlrecordinfo: Encapsulates a set of database field meta data - qsqlresult: Abstract interface for accessing data from SQL databases - qsqlselectcursor: Browsing of general SQL SELECT statements - qsrotate: Log rotation tool - qssign: Utility to sign/verify log data - qsstv: Qt based slow scan television and fax - qstail: Utility prints the end of a log file starting at the specified... - qstardict: a Qt4 dictionary - qstart: start pbs batch job processing at a destination - qstat: display job/partition information in a familiar pbs format - qstatusbar: Horizontal bar suitable for presenting status information - Qstl: support for Forall, Exists, etc in GNU C++ using STL - qstop: stop pbs batch job processing at a destination - qstoreddrag: Simple stored-value drag object for arbitrary MIME data - qstrilist: Doubly-linked list of char* with case-insensitive comparison - qstring: Abstraction of Unicode text and the classic C... - qstringlist: List of strings - qstrlist: Doubly-linked list of char* - qstrlistiterator: Iterator for the QStrList and QStrIList classes - qstyle: The look and feel of a GUI - qstylefactory: Creates QStyle objects - qstyleoption: Optional parameters for QStyle functions - qstyleplugin: Abstract base for custom QStyle plugins - qstylesheet: Collection of styles for rich text rendering and a generator... - qstylesheetitem: Encapsulation of a set of text styles - qsub: submit a batch job in a familiar pbs format - qsyntaxhighlighter: Base class for implementing QTextEdit syntax... - qsynth: A fluidsynth Qt GUI Interface - qs_eval: A simple Qt Script interpreter / launcher - qt-faststart: utility for Quicktime files - qt-qconf: program generated configure from qc file - qt: Namespace for miscellaneous identifiers that need to be global - qt20fix: Helps clean namespace when porting an app from Qt1 to Qt2 - qtab: The structures in a QTabBar - qtabbar: Tab bar, e.g. for use in tabbed dialogs - qtabdialog: Stack of tabbed widgets - qtable: Flexible editable table widget - qtableitem: The cell content for QTable cells - qtableselection: Access to a selected area in a QTable - qtabletevent: Parameters that describe a Tablet event - qtabwidget: Stack of tabbed widgets - qtads: Multimedia interpreter for TADS games - qtconfig-qt3: Configuration tool for Qt - qtconfig-qt4: Configuration tool for Qt - QtCPULODCalculator.h - qtcreator: Integrated Development Environment for Qt - qtdmm: GUI for Digital Multimeters - qtdoc: Open a Qt(TM) help page in Konqueror - qterm: BBS client for X Window System written in Qt - qterm: terminate processing by a PBS batch server - qtextbrowser: Rich text browser with hypertext navigation - qtextcodec: Conversion between text encodings - qtextcodecplugin: Abstract base for custom QTextCodec plugins - qtextdecoder: State-based decoder - qtextdrag: Drag and drop object for transferring plain and Unicode text - qtextedit: Powerful single-page rich text editor - qtextencoder: State-based encoder - qtextistream: Convenience class for input streams - qtextostream: Convenience class for output streams - qtextstream: Basic functions for reading and writing text using a QIODevice - qthread: Platform-independent threads - qthreadstorage: Per-thread data storage - qtime: Clock time functions - qtimeedit: Time editor - qtimer: Timer signals and single-shot timers - qtimerevent: Parameters that describe a timer event - qtinfo: A simple texinfo browser in Qt - qtiplot: Data Analysis and Scientific Plotting - qtjs: Implement QtOctave interfaces in Javascript - qtm: Desktop client for content management systems - qtoctave: A Qt front-end for Octave - qtoctave_pkg: A Qt front-end for Octave's user-contributed packages - qtodo: ToDo List manager - qtool: manipulate sendmail queues - qtoolbar: Movable panel containing widgets such as tool buttons - qtoolbox: Column of tabbed widget items - qtoolbutton: Quick-access button to commands or options, usually used... - qtooltip: Tool tips (balloon help) for any widget or rectangular part of a... - qtooltipgroup: Collects tool tips into related groups - qtoptions: Common commandline options for all applications based on the Qt... - qtpfsgui: GUI offering a workflow for HDR imaging - QtProgress.h - qtractor: Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer - qtranslate_matrix: Optimised routine for translating an already generated... - qtranslate_matrix_f: Optimised routine for translating an already generated... - qtranslator - qtranslatormessage: Translator message and its properties - QTrap - qtsciicodec: Conversion to and from the Tamil TSCII encoding - qtsmbstatus: qtsmbstatus client : GUI (graphical user interface) for... - qtsmbstatusd: qtsmbstatus server : GUI (graphical user interface) for... - qtsmbstatusl: qtsmbstatus light : GUI (graphical user interface) for... - qtstalker: stock and commodity market charting and technical analysis - Quad - quad3d: Draws a 3d quad onto the specified bitmap. Allegro game programming... - quad3d_f: Draws a 3d quad onto the specified bitmap. Allegro game... - Quad4 - Quad8 - Quad9 - quadrangle: Quadrangular reference element - quadrapassel: Tetris-like game for GNOME - quadrature.C - quadrature.h - quadrature: quadrature formulae on the reference lement - QuadratureRules - quadrature_build.C - quadrature_clough.C - quadrature_clough.h - quadrature_clough_1D.C - quadrature_clough_2D.C - quadrature_clough_3D.C - quadrature_conical.C - quadrature_conical.h - quadrature_conical_2D.C - quadrature_conical_3D.C - quadrature_gauss.C - quadrature_gauss.h - quadrature_gauss_1D.C - quadrature_gauss_2D.C - quadrature_gauss_3D.C - quadrature_gm.C - quadrature_gm.h - quadrature_gm_3D.C - quadrature_grid.C - quadrature_grid.h - quadrature_grid_1D.C - quadrature_grid_2D.C - quadrature_grid_3D.C - quadrature_jacobi.C - quadrature_jacobi.h - quadrature_jacobi_1D.C - quadrature_monomial.C - quadrature_monomial.h - quadrature_monomial_2D.C - quadrature_monomial_3D.C - quadrature_rules.C - quadrature_rules.h - quadrature_simpson.C - quadrature_simpson.h - quadrature_simpson_1D.C - quadrature_simpson_2D.C - quadrature_simpson_3D.C - quadrature_trap.C - quadrature_trap.h - quadrature_trap_1D.C - quadrature_trap_2D.C - quadrature_trap_3D.C - quakestat: Tool for querying gaming servers - Quality - quanta: a web development environment for KDE - QuantitativeParallelAxis.cpp - QuantitativeParallelAxis.h - quantize: ImageMagick's color reduction algorithm - quantlib-benchmark: performance benchmark executable for QuantLib - quantlib-config: compiler / linker flags for QuantLib - quantlib-test-suite: test executable for QuantLib - quarry: GUI for Go, Reversi/Othello and Amazons - quassel: Distributed IRC client (monolithic binary) - quasselclient: Distributed IRC client, client-only binary - quasselcore-makecert: Distributed IRC client, SSL certificate creator - quasselcore: Distributed IRC client, server-only binary - QUAT: Stores quaternion information. Allegro game programming library - quat_interpolate: Constructs a quaternion representing a rotation between... - quat_mul: Multiplies two quaternions. Allegro game programming library - quat_slerp: Version of quat_interpolate() allowing control over the... - quat_to_matrix: Constructs a rotation matrix from a quaternion. Allegro... - qucs: An integrated electronic circuit simulator - qucsator: An integrated electronic circuit simulator - qucsattenuator: An attenuator synthesis application - qucsconv: Command line tool for data conversion - qucsdigi: A wrapper script for digital simulations - qucsedit: A simple text editor for Qucs - qucsfilter: A filter synthesis application - qucshelp: A small program to display help files - qucslib: A component library manager for Qucs - qucstrans: A transmission line calculator - qucsveri: A wrapper script for digital simulations - queen: Examples of the use of The Stanford GraphBase - queen: fantasy adventure game - queens: n queens screensaver - quelcom: frontend to the quelcom audio utilities - query-pr: query problem reports in the GNATS database - querybts: view outstanding bug reports on a debbugs server - query_user_context: determine SELinux context(s) for user sessions - quest: Xapian command line search tool - queue-pr: incoming mail control for GNATS - queue-repair: deal with the qmail queue directory structure - Queue.array: Coercion to array - Queue.dequeue: Remove an item from a queue - Queue.empty: Create an empty queue - Queue.EmptyQueue: Queue was empty - Queue.enqueue: Add an item to a queue - Queue.length: Get the length of a queue - Queue.Queue: FIFO queue - Queue.traverse: Iteration over queues - queue: implementations of lists, tail queues, and circular queues - queuebase.h - queuebase: class AppDataUnit Interface (envelope) to data received over RTP... - QueueRTCPManager - queue_mover2: PgQ consumer that copies data from one queue to another - queue_splitter2: PgQ consumer that transports events from one queue into... - quickbook: WikiWiki style documentation tool geared towards C++... - quickly: create software programs (and other things) quickly - quickplot: fast interactive 2D plotter and data viewer - quicksynergy: GUI for easily configuring Synergy - quilt: tool to manage series of patches - quitcount: graphic counter which may help yourself quit smoking - quiz: random knowledge tests - quodlibet: audio library manager and player - quot: summarize filesystem ownership - quota: display disk usage and limits - Quota: Perl interface to file system quotas - quota: report and optionally fix quota usage - quotacheck: scan a filesystem for disk usage, create, check and repair... - quotactl: manipulate disk quotas - quotaoff: turn filesystem quotas on and off - quotaon: turn filesystem quotas on and off - quotastats: Program to query quota statistics - quotatool: manipulate filesystem quotas - quota_nld: quota netlink message daemon - quoted-printable: Encoding "quoted-printable" - QuotientClustering.cpp - QuotientClustering.h - QuotientClustering - quridrag: Drag object for a list of URI references - qurl: URL parser and simplifies working with URLs - qurlinfo: Stores information about URLs - qurloperator: Common operations on URLs - qutecom: SIP-based software telephone with video and chat features internet... - qutecsound: GUI interface and IDE for the csound synthesis system - qutim: Qt Instant Massanger - quuid: Defines a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) - quvi: query media tool - qvalidator: Validation of input text - qvaluelist: Value-based template class that provides lists - qvaluelistconstiterator: Const iterator for QValueList - qvaluelistiterator: Iterator for QValueList - qvaluestack: Value-based template class that provides a stack - qvaluevector: Value-based template class that provides a dynamic array - qvariant: Acts like a union for the most common Qt data types - qvbox: Vertical geometry management of its child widgets - qvboxlayout: Lines up widgets vertically - qvbuttongroup: Organizes QButton widgets in a vertical column - qvgroupbox: Organizes a group of widgets in a vertical column - qvlc: the VLC media player - qvoronoi: compute the Voronoi diagram - qwaitcondition: Allows waiting/waking for conditions between threads - qwavcut: extract and/or delete parts of a wav file - qwavfade: fade in/out wav files - qwavheaderdump: dump (and fix) wav headers - qwavinfo: show info from wav files - qwavjoin: join wav files - qwavsilence: detect and shrink silence sequences in wav files - qweborf: Shares files using the HTTP protocol - qwhatsthis: Simple description of any widget, i.e. answering the question... - qwheelevent: Parameters that describe a wheel event - qwidget: The base class of all user interface objects - qwidgetfactory: For the dynamic creation of widgets from Qt Designer .ui... - qwidgetitem: Layout item that represents a widget - qwidgetplugin: Abstract base for custom QWidget plugins - qwidgetstack: Stack of widgets of which only the top widget is user - qwindowsmime: Maps open-standard MIME to Window Clipboard formats - qwindowsstyle: Microsoft Windows-like look and feel - qwit: Qt4-based lightweight cross-platform client for Twitter - qwizard: Framework for wizard dialogs - qwmatrix: 2D transformations of a coordinate system - qwo: An input method for touchscreen - qworkspace: Workspace window that can contain decorated windows, e.g. for... - qwsdecoration: Allows the appearance of the Qt/Embedded Window Manager to... - qwsinputmethod: International input methods for Qt/Embedded - qwskeyboardhandler: Implements the keyboard driver for Qt/Embedded - qwsmousehandler: Mouse driver for Qt/Embedded - qwsserver: Server-specific functionality in Qt/Embedded - qwswindow: Server-specific functionality in Qt/Embedded - QwtAbstractScale - QwtAbstractScaleDraw - QwtAbstractSlider - QwtAlphaColorMap: variies the alpha value of a color - QwtAnalogClock - QwtArrayData - QwtArraySeriesData - QwtArrowButton - QwtAutoScale - QwtClipper - QwtColorMap: is used to map values into colors - QwtColumnRect - QwtColumnSymbol - QwtCompass - QwtCompassMagnetNeedle - QwtCompassRose - QwtCompassWindArrow - QwtCounter - QwtCPointerData - QwtCurve - QwtCurveFitter - QwtData - QwtDblRange - QwtDial: class provides a rounded range control - QwtDialNeedle - QwtDialScaleDraw - QwtDialSimpleNeedle - QwtDiMap - QwtDoubleInterval: A class representing an interval - QwtDoublePoint - QwtDoublePointData - QwtDoubleRange - QwtDoubleRect - QwtDoubleSize - QwtDynGridLayout: class lays out widgets in a grid, adjusting the number of... - QwtEventPattern - QwtEventPattern_KeyPattern: QwtEventPattern - QwtEventPattern_MousePattern: QwtEventPattern - QwtGrid - QwtInterval - QwtIntervalData: Series of samples of a value and an interval - QwtIntervalSample - QwtIntervalSeriesData - QwtIntervalSymbol - QwtKnob - QwtLegend - QwtLegendButton - QwtLegendItem - QwtLegendItemManager - QwtLegendLabel - QwtLinearColorMap: builds a color map from color stops - QwtLinearScaleEngine - QwtLog10ScaleEngine - QwtMagnifier: provides zooming, by magnifying in steps - QwtMarker - QwtMathMLDocument: class renders mathematical formulas written in MathML... - QwtMathMLTextEngine - QwtMatrixRasterData - QwtMetricsMap: A Map to translate between layout, screen and paint device... - QwtNullPaintDevice - QwtPaintBuffer - QwtPainter - QwtPanner: provides panning of a widget - QwtPicker: provides selections on a widget - QwtPickerClickPointMachine - QwtPickerClickRectMachine - QwtPickerDragPointMachine - QwtPickerDragRectMachine - QwtPickerMachine: selections - QwtPickerPolygonMachine - QwtPickerTrackerMachine - QwtPlainText - QwtPlainTextEngine - QwtPlot - QwtPlotAbstractSeriesItem - QwtPlotCanvas - QwtPlotCurve - QwtPlotDict - QwtPlotDirectPainter - QwtPlotGrid - QwtPlotHistogram: represents a series of samples, where an interval is... - QwtPlotIntervalCurve: represents a series of samples, where each value is... - QwtPlotItem - QwtPlotLayout - QwtPlotMagnifier: provides zooming, by magnifying in steps - QwtPlotMappedItem - QwtPlotMarker - QwtPlotPanner: provides panning of a plot canvas - QwtPlotPicker: provides selections on a plot canvas - QwtPlotPrintFilter - QwtPlotRasterItem - QwtPlotRenderer - QwtPlotRescaler: takes care of fixed aspect ratios for plot scales - QwtPlotScaleItem - QwtPlotSeriesItem - QwtPlotSpectroCurve - QwtPlotSpectrogram - QwtPlotSvgItem - QwtPlotZoomer: provides stacked zooming for a plot widget - QwtPoint3D: class defines a 3D point in double coordinates - QwtPoint3DSeriesData - QwtPointArrayData - QwtPointPolar - QwtPointSeriesData - QwtPolygonFData: Data class containing a single... - QwtPushButton - QwtRasterData: defines an interface to any type of raster data - QwtRect - QwtRichText - QwtRichTextEngine - QwtRoundScaleDraw - QwtSamplingThread - QwtScale - QwtScaleArithmetic - QwtScaleDiv - QwtScaleDraw - QwtScaleEngine - QwtScaleIf - QwtScaleMap - QwtScaleTransformation - QwtScaleWidget - QwtSeriesData - QwtSetSample - QwtSetSeriesData - QwtSimpleCompassRose - QwtSlider - QwtSliderBase - qwtspec: qwt.spec - QwtSpline - QwtSplineCurveFitter - QwtSymbol - QwtSyntheticPointData - QwtSystemClock: provides high resolution clock time functions - QwtText - QwtTextEngine - QwtTextLabel - QwtThermo - QwtWeedingCurveFitter - QwtWheel - qwt_math.h - qxmlattributes: XML attributes - qxmlcontenthandler: Interface to report the logical content of XML data - qxmldeclhandler: Interface to report declaration content of XML data - qxmldefaulthandler: Default implementation of all the XML handler classes - qxmldtdhandler: Interface to report DTD content of XML data - qxmlentityresolver: Interface to resolve external entities contained in XML... - qxmlerrorhandler: Interface to report errors in XML data - qxmlinputsource: The input data for the QXmlReader subclasses - qxmllexicalhandler: Interface to report the lexical content of XML data - qxmllocator: The XML handler classes with information about the parsing... - qxmlnamespacesupport: Helper class for XML readers which want to include... - qxmlparseexception: Used to report errors with the QXmlErrorHandler... - qxmlreader: Interface for XML readers (i.e. parsers) - qxmlsimplereader: Implementation of a simple XML reader (parser) Page 1 - Page 2

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