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This are man pages for commands starting with letter Q.

Page 1 - Page 2 - q-dot: program to do something - q-grab-mappings: program to do something - q-syscollect: program to collect raw performance data from the system - q-view: program to do something - Q: support for Forall, Exists, etc in GNU C and C++ - q4wine-cli: console utility for wine applications and prefixes management - q4wine-helper: run Windows program in Q4Wine helper enveropment - q4wine: runs GUI utility for wine applications and prefixes management - qa-assistant: checklist assistant - qa-convert: convert command for qa-assistant - qaccel: Handles keyboard accelerator and shortcut keys - qaccessible: Enums and static functions relating to accessibility - qaccessibleinterface: Defines an interface that exposes information about... - qaccessibleobject: Implements parts of the QAccessibleInterface for... - qacct: report and account for Sun Grid Engine usage - qaction: Abstract user interface action that can appear both in menus and... - qactiongroup: Groups actions together - qalc: Powerful and easy to use command line calculator - qalculate-gtk: Powerful and easy to use desktop calculator - qalter: submit a batch job in a familiar pbs format - qantenna: Qt based program for viewing antennas as described by NEC files - qapplication: Manages the GUI application's control flow and main settings - qarecord: an audio recording tool - qasciicache: Template class that provides a cache based on char* keys - qasciicacheiterator: Iterator for QAsciiCache collections - qasciidict: Template class that provides a dictionary based on char* keys - qasciidictiterator: Iterator for QAsciiDict collections - qassistantclient: Means of using Qt Assistant as an application's help tool - qavg: Reversible jump MCMC linkage analysis in general pedigrees - qaxaggregated: Abstract base class for implementations of additional COM... - qaxbase: Abstract class that provides an API to initalize and access a COM... - qaxbindable: Interface between a QWidget and an ActiveX client - qaxfactory: Defines a factory for the creation of COM components - qaxobject: QObject that wraps a COM object - qaxscript: Wrapper around script code - qaxscriptengine: Wrapper around a script engine - qaxscriptmanager: Bridge between application objects and script code - qaxwidget: QWidget that wraps an ActiveX control - qbankmanager: Online Banking Application - QBase - qbig5codec: Conversion to and from the Big5 encoding - qbig5hkscscodec: Conversion to and from the Big5-HKSCS encoding - qbitarray: Array of bits - qbitmap: Monochrome (1-bit depth) pixmaps - qbittorrent-nox: a command line Bittorrent client written in C++ / Qt4 - qbittorrent: a Bittorrent client written in C++ / Qt4 - qbitval: Internal class, used with QBitArray - qboxlayout: Lines up child widgets horizontally or vertically - qbrew: homebrewer's recipe calculator (uses Qt) - qbrush: Defines the fill pattern of shapes drawn by a QPainter - qbuffer: I/O device that operates on a QByteArray - qbutton: The abstract base class of button widgets, providing functionality... - qbuttongroup: Organizes QButton widgets in a group - qbytearray: Array of bytes - qcache: Template class that provides a cache based on QString keys - qcacheiterator: Iterator for QCache collections - qcad: A professional CAD System - qcam: get pictures from B&W Connectix QuickCam(tm) - qcanvas: 2D area that can contain QCanvasItem objects - qcanvasellipse: Ellipse or ellipse segment on a QCanvas - qcanvasitem: Abstract graphic object on a QCanvas - qcanvasitemlist: List of QCanvasItems - qcanvasline: Line on a QCanvas - qcanvaspixmap: Pixmaps for QCanvasSprites - qcanvaspixmaparray: Array of QCanvasPixmaps - qcanvaspolygon: Polygon on a QCanvas - qcanvaspolygonalitem: Polygonal canvas item on a QCanvas - qcanvasrectangle: Rectangle on a QCanvas - qcanvasspline: Multi-bezier splines on a QCanvas - qcanvassprite: Animated canvas item on a QCanvas - qcanvastext: Text object on a QCanvas - qcanvasview: On-screen view of a QCanvas - qcatool2: command line tool for the Qt Cryptographic Architecture - qcdestyle: CDE look and feel - qchar: Lightweight Unicode character - qcharref: Helper class for QString - qchat: desc - qcheckbox: Checkbox with a text label - qchecklistitem: Checkable list view items - qchecktableitem: Checkboxes in QTables - qchildevent: Event parameters for child object events - qclipboard: Access to the window system clipboard - qcloseevent: Parameters that describe a close event - QClough - qcmd: Rename or copy files quickly, editing the file names in a text editor - qcolor: Colors based on RGB or HSV values - qcolordialog: Dialog widget for specifying colors - qcolordrag: Drag and drop object for transferring colors - qcolorgroup: Group of widget colors - qcombobox: Combined button and popup list - qcombotableitem: Means of using comboboxes in QTables - qcomicbook: QT viewer for comic book archives (cbr/cbz) - qcommonstyle: Encapsulates the common Look and Feel of a GUI - qcomplex: Straightforward complex number package - qconf: Sun Grid Engine Queue Configuration - QConical - qconststring: String objects using constant Unicode data - qcontextmenuevent: Parameters that describe a context menu event - qconvex: compute the convex hull - qcopchannel: Communication capabilities between several clients - qcp: Rename or copy files quickly, editing the file names in a text editor - qcset: Logitech QuickCam driver configurator - qcstring: Abstraction of the classic C zero-terminated char array (char *) - qct: Qt Commit Tool - qcursor: Mouse cursor with an arbitrary shape - qcustomevent: Support for custom events - qcustommenuitem: Abstract base class for custom menu items in popup menus - qd-config: determine flags for compilation and linking - qdatabrowser: Data manipulation and navigation for data entry forms - qdatastream: Serialization of binary data to a QIODevice - qdatatable: Flexible SQL table widget that supports browsing and editing - qdataview: Read-only SQL forms - qdate: Date functions - qdateedit: Date editor - qdatetime: Date and time functions - qdatetimeedit: Combines a QDateEdit and QTimeEdit widget into a single... - qdatetimeeditbase: Abstraction for date and edit editors - qdbm: quick database manager - qdbus: a communication-interface for qt-based applications - qdeepcopy: Template class which ensures that - qdel: deletes jobs in a familiar pbs format - qdelaunay: compute the Delaunay triangulation - qdesktopwidget: Access to screen information on multi-head systems - qdevelop: A development environment entirely dedicated to Qt4 - qdial: Rounded range control (like a speedometer or potentiometer) - qdialog: The base class of dialog windows - qdict: Template class that provides a dictionary based on QString keys - qdictiterator: Iterator for QDict collections - qdir: Access to directory structures and their contents in a platform - qdirectpainter: Direct access to the video hardware - qdisable: disable input to a pbs destination - qdisk: a disk-based quorum daemon for CMAN / Linux-Cluster - qdiskd: Cluster Quorum Disk Daemon - qdns: Asynchronous DNS lookups - qdockarea: Manages and lays out QDockWindows - qdockwindow: Widget which can be docked inside a QDockArea or floated as a... - qdomattr: Represents one attribute of a QDomElement - qdomcdatasection: Represents an XML CDATA section - qdomcharacterdata: Represents a generic string in the DOM - qdomcomment: Represents an XML comment - qdomdocument: Represents an XML document - qdomdocumentfragment: Tree of QDomNodes which is not usually a complete... - qdomdocumenttype: The representation of the DTD in the document tree - qdomelement: Represents one element in the DOM tree - qdomentity: Represents an XML entity - qdomentityreference: Represents an XML entity reference - qdomimplementation: Information about the features of the DOM... - qdomnamednodemap: Collection of nodes that can be accessed by name - qdomnode: The base class for all the nodes in a DOM tree - qdomnodelist: List of QDomNode objects - qdomnotation: Represents an XML notation - qdomprocessinginstruction: Represents an XML processing instruction - qdomtext: Represents text data in the parsed XML document - qdoublevalidator: Range checking of floating-point numbers - qdragenterevent: Event which is sent to the widget when a drag and drop... - qdragleaveevent: Event which is sent to the widget when a drag and drop... - qdragmoveevent: Event which is sent while a drag and drop is in progress - qdragobject: Encapsulates MIME-based data transfer - qdropevent: Event which is sent when a drag and drop is completed - qecvt: convert a floating-point number to a string - qecvt_r: convert a floating-point number to a string - qeditorfactory: Used to create editor widgets for QVariant data types - qelectrotech: Electric diagrams editor - qembed: Converts arbitrary files into C++ code - qemu-alpha-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-alpha: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-arm-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-arm: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-armeb-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-armeb: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-cris-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-cris: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-i386-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-i386: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-img: QEMU disk image utility - qemu-kvm: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-launcher: Graphical front-end for the QEMU computer emulator - qemu-m68k-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-m68k: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-microblaze-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-microblaze: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-mips-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-mips: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-mipsel-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-mipsel: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-nbd: QEMU Disk Network Block Device Server - qemu-ppc-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-ppc: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-ppc64-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-ppc64: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-ppc64abi32-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-ppc64abi32: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-sh4-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-sh4: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-sh4eb-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-sh4eb: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-sparc-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-sparc: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-sparc32plus-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-sparc32plus: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-sparc64-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-sparc64: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-system-arm: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-cris: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-i386: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-m68k: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-microblaze: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-mips: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-mips64: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-mips64el: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-mipsel: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-ppc: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-ppc64: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-ppcemb: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-sh4: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-sh4eb: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-sparc: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-sparc64: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system-x86_64: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-system: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemu-user-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-user: QEMU User Emulator - qemu-x86_64-static: QEMU User Emulator (static version) - qemu-x86_64: QEMU User Emulator - qemu: QEMU Emulator User Documentation - qemubuilder: a pbuilder wrapper for qemu - qemuctl: Graphical control for qemu - qemulator: a solution for easy setup and management of qemu - qenable: enable input to a pbs destination - qerrormessage: Error message display dialog - qeucjpcodec: Conversion to and from EUC-JP character sets - qeuckrcodec: Conversion to and from EUC-KR character sets - qevent: The base class of all event classes. Event objects contain event... - qeventloop: Manages the event queue - qextract: Extract an wriions from FITS files - qfcvt: convert a floating-point number to a string - qfcvt_r: convert a floating-point number to a string - qfile: I/O device that operates on files - qfiledialog: Dialogs that allow users to select files or directories - qfileiconprovider: Icons for QFileDialog to use - qfileinfo: System-independent file information - qfilepreview: File previewing in QFileDialog - qfocusdata: Maintains the list of widgets in the focus chain - qfocusevent: Event parameters for widget focus events - qfont: Font used for drawing text - qfontdatabase: Information about the fonts available in the underlying... - qfontdialog: Dialog widget for selecting a font - qfontinfo: General information about fonts - qfontmanager: Implements font management in Qt/Embedded - qfontmetrics: Font metrics information - qframe: The base class of widgets that can have a frame - qfreefax: GUI for fax fonctionality provided by French ISP "Free" - qftp: Implementation of the FTP protocol - QGauss - qgb2312codec: Conversion to and from the Chinese GB2312 encoding - qgb18030codec: Conversion to and from the Chinese GB18030/GBK/GB2312... - qgbkcodec: Conversion to and from the Chinese GBK encoding - qgcvt: convert a floating-point number to a string - qgfe: QT based gnuplot front end - qgfxdriverfactory: Creates QScreen objects for Qt/Embedded - qgfxdriverplugin: Abstract base for Qt/Embedded graphics driver plugins - qgis: Quantum GIS Geographic Information System - qgis_help: help viewer for qgis, the geographic data viewer - qgit: QT interface to git trees, with stgit support - qgl: Namespace for miscellaneous identifiers in the Qt OpenGL module - qglayoutiterator: Abstract base class of internal layout iterators - qglcolormap: Used for installing custom colormaps into QGLWidgets - qglcontext: Encapsulates an OpenGL rendering context - qgle: A Graphical Interface to GLE - qglformat: The display format of an OpenGL rendering context - qglwidget: Widget for rendering OpenGL graphics - qgo: Go client and full featured SGF editor - QGrid - qgridlayout: Lays out widgets in a grid - qgridview: Abstract base for fixed-size grids - qgroupbox: Group box frame with a title - QGrundmann_Moller - qguardedptr: Template class that provides guarded pointers to QObjects - qhalf: halfspace intersection about a point - qhbox: Horizontal geometry management for its child widgets - qhboxlayout: Lines up widgets horizontally - qhbuttongroup: Organizes QButton widgets in a group with one horizontal row - qheader: Header row or column, e.g. for tables and listviews - qhebrewcodec: Conversion to and from visually ordered Hebrew - qhgroupbox: Organizes widgets in a group with one horizontal row - qhideevent: Event which is sent after a widget is hidden - qhold: places a hold on jobs in a familiar pbs format - qhost: show the status of Sun Grid Engine hosts, queues, jobs - qhostaddress: IP address - qhttp: Implementation of the HTTP protocol - qhttpheader: Header information for HTTP - qhttprequestheader: Request header information for HTTP - qhttpresponseheader: Response header information for HTTP - qhull: convex hull, Delaunay triangulation, Voronoi diagram, halfspace... - qicondrag: Supports drag and drop operations within a QIconView - qicondragevent: Signals that a main icon drag has begun - qicondragitem: Encapsulates a drag item - qiconfactory: Used to create pixmaps for a QIconSet - qiconset: Set of icons with different styles and sizes - qiconview: Area with movable labelled icons - qiconviewitem: Single item in a QIconView - qiflush: curses input options - qiflush_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - qimage: Hardware-independent pixmap representation with direct access to... - qimageconsumer: Abstraction used by QImageDecoder - qimagedecoder: Incremental image decoder for all supported image formats - qimagedrag: Drag and drop object for transferring images - qimageformat: Incremental image decoder for a specific image format - qimageformatplugin: Abstract base for custom image format plugins - qimageformattype: Factory that makes QImageFormat objects - qimageio: Parameters for loading and saving images - qimevent: Parameters for input method events - qingy: Framebuffer-enabled replacement for getty - qinputdialog: Simple convenience dialog to get a single value from the user - qintcache: Template class that provides a cache based on long keys - qintcacheiterator: Iterator for QIntCache collections - qintdict: Template class that provides a dictionary based on long keys - qintdictiterator: Iterator for QIntDict collections - qintvalidator: Validator which ensures that a string contains a valid... - qio: Quick I/O routines for reading files - qiodevice: The base class of I/O devices - qiv: a fast gdk/imlib image viewer for X - qix: bounce colored lines around a window - qjackctl: User interface for controlling JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit) - QJacobi - qjadeo: GUI front-end to xjadeo - qjiscodec: Conversion to and from JIS character sets - qkbddriverfactory: Creates QWSKeyboardHandler objects for Qt/Embedded - qkbddriverplugin: Abstract base for Qt/Embedded keyboard driver plugins - qkeyevent: Describes a key event - qkeysequence: Encapsulates a key sequence as used by accelerators - ql-dynamic-tgt-lun-disc: Scans for newly added LUNs - ql-hba-snapshot: display specific information of the QLogic HBA - ql-lun-state-online: scans for all offline LUNs and enables them - ql-set-cmd-timeout: set the timeout on the devices connected to the QLogic... - qlabel: Text or image display - qlandkartegt: GPS mapping (GeoTiff and vector) and GPSr management - qlayout: The base class of geometry managers - qlayoutitem: Abstract item that a QLayout manipulates - qlayoutiterator: Iterators over QLayoutItem - qlc: Query Interface to Mnesia, ETS, Dets, etc - qlcdnumber: Displays a number with LCD-like digits - QLength: Display macros and functions - qli: Query Language Interpreter - qlibrary: Wrapper for handling shared libraries - qlineedit: One-line text editor - qliss3d: demonstration tool for Lissajous physiques - qlistbox: List of selectable, read-only items - qlistboxitem: The base class of all list box items - qlistboxpixmap: List box items with a pixmap and optional text - qlistboxtext: List box items that display text - qlistview: Implements a list/tree view - qlistviewitem: Implements a list view item - qlistviewitemiterator: Iterator for collections of QListViewItems - qlix: Manage MTP devices - qlocale: Converts between numbers and their string representations in... - qlocalfs: Implementation of a QNetworkProtocol that works on the local file... - qlogin: submit a batch job in a familiar pbs format - qmacmime: Maps open-standard MIME to Mac flavors - qmacstyle: Implements an Appearance Manager style - qmail-newaliases: create a forwarding database from /etc/aliases - qmail2dlf: convert sanitized qmail-send logs to dlf - qmainwindow: Main application window, with a menu bar, dock windows (e.g.... - qmake-qt4: cross-platform makefile generator for Qt - qmap: Value-based template class that provides a dictionary - qmapconstiterator: Iterator for QMap - qmapiterator: Iterator for QMap - qmc-gui: simplification tool (by using the Quine - qmc: simplification tool (by using the Quine - qmemarray: Template class that provides arrays of simple types - qmenubar: Horizontal menu bar - qmenudata: Base class for QMenuBar and QPopupMenu - qmessagebox: Modal dialog with a short message, an icon, and some buttons - qmetaobject: Meta information about Qt objects - qmetaproperty: Stores meta data about a property - qmg2geo: convert qmg mesh in geo format - qmgr: pbs batch system manager - qmgr: Postfix queue manager - qmhandle: tool to manage the qmail message queue - qmidiarp: MIDI arpeggiator and LFO - qmidinet: MIDI Network Gateway via UDP/IP Multicast - qmidiroute: MIDI event processor and router - qmimesource: Abstraction of objects which provide formatted data of a... - qmimesourcefactory: Extensible provider of mime-typed data - qmmp: program to play audio files - qmod: modify a Sun Grid Engine queue and running job - qmon: X-Windows OSF/Motif graphical user's interface for Sun Grid Engine - QMonomial - qmotif: The basis of the - qmotifdialog: The QDialog API for Motif-based dialogs - qmotifplusstyle: More sophisticated Motif-ish look and feel - qmotifstyle: Motif look and feel - qmotifwidget: The QWidget API for Xt/Motif widgets - qmousedriverfactory: Creates QWSMouseHandler objects for Qt/Embedded - qmousedriverplugin: Abstract base for Qt/Embedded mouse driver plugins - qmouseevent: Parameters that describe a mouse event - qmove: move pbs batch job - qmoveevent: Event parameters for move events - qmovie: Incremental loading of animations or images, signalling as it... - qmp3check: check and clean mp3 streams - qmp3cut: extract and/or delete parts of a mp3 file - qmp3info: show info from mp3 files - qmp3join: join mp3 files - qmp3report: report mp3 files and directories - qmqp-sink: multi-threaded QMQP test server - qmqp-source: multi-threaded QMQP test generator - qmqpd: Postfix QMQP server - qmr: quasi-minimal residual algoritm - qmsg: send message to pbs batch jobs - qmtest: access QMTest's functionality from the command line - qmttest: test cases for thread-safety - qmutex: Access serialization between threads - qmutexlocker: Simplifies locking and unlocking QMutexes - qmv: Rename or copy files quickly, editing the file names in a text editor - qnetworkoperation: Common operations for network protocols - qnetworkprotocol: Common API for network protocols - qnpinstance: QObject that is a web browser plugin - qnplugin: The main factory for plugin objects - qnpstream: Stream of data provided to a QNPInstance by the browser - qnpwidget: QWidget that is a web browser plugin window - qnx_get_window: Retrieves a handle to the window used by Allegro - qobject: The base class of all Qt objects - qobjectcleanuphandler: Watches the lifetime of multiple QObjects - qobjectlist: QPtrList of QObjects - qobjectlistiterator: Iterator for QObjectLists - qonk: Small build-and-conquer strategy game with very simple rules - qorder: exchange order of two pbs batch jobs in a queue - qorganizer: program to organize your life - qos.conf: server IP filter shell script file - qos: Quality of Service specification - qpaintdevice: The base class of objects that can be painted - qpaintdevicemetrics: Information about a paint device - qpainter: Does low-level painting e.g. on widgets - qpaintevent: Event parameters for paint events - qpair: Value-based template class that provides a pair of elements - qpalette: Color groups for each widget state - qpcr1k: programs to control Icom PCR-1000 receiver - qpdf: PDF transformation software - qpdldecode: Decode a QPDL stream into human readable form - qpen: Defines how a QPainter should draw lines and outlines of shapes - qpicture: Paint device that records and replays QPainter commands - qping: check application status of Sun Grid Engine daemons - qpixmap: Off-screen, pixel-based paint device - qpixmapcache: Application-global cache for pixmaps - qplatinumstyle: Mac/Platinum look and feel - qpngimagepacker: Creates well-compressed PNG animations - qpoint: Defines a point in the plane - qpointarray: Array of points - qpopupmenu: Popup menu widget - qprint: encode / decode file as RFC 1521 MIME Quoted-Printable - qprinter: Paint device that paints on a printer - qprocess: Used to start external programs and to communicate with them - qprof: profiling tool - qprogram-starter: A program starter tool - qprogressbar: Horizontal progress bar - qprogressdialog: Feedback on the progress of a slow operation - qps: Visual Process Manager - qpsmtpd-forkserver: Fork-on-demand server for qpsmtpd - qpsmtpd-prefork: Preforkin server for qpsmtpd - Qpsmtpd: base class for the qpsmtpd mail server - qptrcollection: The base class of most pointer-based Qt collections - qptrdict: Template class that provides a dictionary based on void* keys - qptrdictiterator: Iterator for QPtrDict collections - qptrlist: Template class that provides a list - qptrlistiterator: Iterator for QPtrList collections - qptrqueue: Template class that provides a queue - qptrstack: Template class that provides a stack - qptrvector: Template collection class that provides a vector (array) - qpushbutton: Command button - qpxtool: a gui to control qpxtool command line interfaces (cli) - qquota: shows current usage of Sun Grid Engine resource quotas - qradiobutton: Radio button with a text or pixmap label - qrangecontrol: Integer value within a range - qrdel: delete Sun Grid Engine Advance Reservations (AR) - qrect: Defines a rectangle in the plane - qregexp: Pattern matching using regular expressions - qregexpvalidator: Used to check a string against a - qregion: Clip region for a painter - qrencode: Encode input data in a QR Code and save as a PNG image - qrerun: rerun a pbs batch job - qresizeevent: Event parameters for resize events - qresub: submit a batch job in a familiar pbs format - qRFCView: RFC viewer - qrls: release a hold on a job in a familiar pbs format - qrq: morse telegraphy trainer - qrqscore: morse telegraphy trainer - qrsh: submit a batch job in a familiar pbs format - qrstat: show the status of Sun Grid Engine Advance Reservations (AR) - qrsub: Submit an Advance Reservation (AR) to Sun Grid Engine - qrttoppm: convert output from the QRT ray tracer into a portable pixmap - qrun: run a pbs batch job - qsampler: LinuxSampler GUI frontend based on the Qt toolkit - qsapecng: symbolic analyzer of linear analog circuits - qscale_matrix: Optimised routine for scaling an already generated matrix.... - qscale_matrix_f: Optimised routine for scaling an already generated matrix.... - qscan: console tool for quality measurement of optical media - qscand: network wrapper for qscan - qscreen: And its descendants manage the framebuffer and palette - qscrollbar: Vertical or horizontal scroll bar - qscrollview: Scrolling area with on-demand scroll bars Page 1 - Page 2

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