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Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - openapp: launch applications from the command line - openarena-server: OpenArena dedicated server - openarena: OpenArena client - openat: open a file relative to a directory file descriptor - openBmapGTK: program to log gsm/gps data for openBmap - openbox-gnome-session: Run a GNOME session with Openbox as the window... - openbox-kde-session: Run a KDE session with Openbox as the window manager - openbox-lxde: wrapper to run openbox for LXDE - openbox-session: Runs an Openbox session without any session manager - openbox-xdgmenu: Xdg menu structure to OpenBox XML segment converter - openbox: standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager - openbsd: surfraw(1) search tools - openbve: train/railway simulator and game - opencc: simplified-traditional chinese conversion tool - opencc_dict: open chinese convert dictionary tool - openchangeclient: MAPI command line messaging tool - openchangepfadmin: Exchange users and Public Folder administration tool - openchrome: video driver for VIA Unichromes - opencity: a 3D city simulator game - opencryptoki: A PKCS#11 implementation - openct-tool: OpenCT smart card utility - opencv_createsamples: create training and testing samples - opencv_haartraining: train classifier - opencv_performance: evaluate the performance of the classifier - opencv_traincascade - opendchub: hub clone for Direct Connect Peer-to-Peer networks - opendict: computer dictionary with several dictionary format support - opendir: open a directory - opendkim-convert-keylist: convert an OpenDKIM KeyList - opendkim-genkey: DKIM filter key generation tool - opendkim-genzone: DKIM public key zone file generation tool - opendkim-lua: programming the OpenDKIM filter using Lua scripts - opendkim-stats: output opendkim statistics - opendkim-testadsp: DKIM filter ADSP evaluation tool - opendkim-testkey: DKIM filter installation test - opendkim.conf: Configuration file for opendkim - opendkim: DKIM signing and verifying filter for MTAs - opendnssec: making DNSSEC easy for DNS administrators - openerp-client: Client for OpenERP - openerp-server.conf: configuration file for OpenERP - openerp-server: manual page for OpenERP Server 5.0.0 - openerp-web: Open ERP web frontend - openerp_serverrc: configuration file for OpenERP - openfetion: open source implementation of fetion protocol client - OpenGL: v0.62 - openguides-setup-db: script to set up OpenGuides database - OpenGuides: A complete web application for managing a... - openhpi: an implementation of the SA Forum's Hardware Platform Interface - openhpid: HPI instance to which multiple clients can connect - openipmicmd: An IPMI Command Interface - openipmish: Shell interface to an IPMI system - openipmi_conparms: Connection parmeters for OpenIPMI - openjade-1.4devel: apply a DSSSL stylesheet to an SGML or XML document - openjade1.3: applies a DSSSL stylesheet to an SGML or XML document - openjump: A Java GIS Program - openload: Tool for load testing of web applications - openlog: send messages to the system logger - openmcu: simple Multi Conference Unit using H.323 - OpenMPI: General information Open MPI 1.4.3 - openmsx-catapult: perfectly emulate the MSX standard and more - openmsx-debugger: Graphical debugger for openMSX - openmsx: perfectly emulate the MSX standard and more - openmx: Package for nano-scale material simulations - openntpd: Network Time Protocol (NTP) daemon - openocd: A free and open on-chip debugging, in-system programming and... - openoffice: LibreOffice office suite - openpgp2ssh: translate OpenPGP keys to SSH keys - openpref: card game against two virtual players - openpty: tty utility functions - openreadclose: read a whole file into a stralloc - openrocket: model rocket design and simulation - openrpg-client: The client for OpenRPG - openrpg-server-cli: The command line server for OpenRPG - openrpg-server-gui: The graphical server for OpenRPG - opensc-config: a tool to get information about the installed version of... - opensc-explorer: generic interactive utility for accessing smart card and... - opensc-tool: generic smart card utility - opensearch-discover: Find an OpenSearch link from a given URL - opensearch-genquery: Output the URL of a query generated from an OpenSearch... - openshot-render: OpenShot command line renderer - openshot: Non-Linear Video Editor - opensm: InfiniBand subnet manager and administration (SM/SA) - openssl-vulnkey: check blacklist of compromised certificates, requests and... - openssl: OpenSSL command line tool - OpenSSL_add_all_algorithms: add algorithms to internal table - OpenSSL_add_all_ciphers: add algorithms to internal table - OpenSSL_add_all_digests: add algorithms to internal table - OpenSSL_add_ssl_algorithms: initialize SSL library by registering... - OPENSSL_Applink: glue between OpenSSL BIO and Win32 compiler run-time - OPENSSL_config: simple OpenSSL configuration functions - OPENSSL_ia32cap: finding the IA-32 processor capabilities - OPENSSL_load_builtin_modules: add standard configuration modules - OPENSSL_no_config: simple OpenSSL configuration functions - OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER: get OpenSSL version number - openstv-run-election: Single Transferable Vote and Instant Runoff Voting... - openstv: Single Transferable Vote and Instant Runoff Voting Software - opentool: Command line tool for starting tools - openttd: An open source clone of the Microprose game Transport Tycoon... - openuniverse: 3D space simulation - openvas-adduser: add a user in the openvasd userbase - OpenVAS-Client: The client part of the OpenVAS Security Scanner - openvas-libnasl-config: displays compiler/linker flags for NASL library - openvas-mkcert-client: Creates a client certificate - openvas-mkcert: Creates a server certificate - openvas-mkrand: Creates a file with random bytes - openvas-nasl: Nessus Attack Scripting Language - openvas-nvt-sync: updates the OpenVAS security checks - openvas-rmuser: removes a user from the openvasd userbase - openvasclient-mkcert: Creates a client certificate - openvasd-config: displays compiler/linker flags for the OpenVAS server - openvasd: The server part of the OpenVAS Security Scanner - openvpn-vulnkey: check blacklist of compromised keys - openvpn: secure IP tunnel daemon - openvt: start a program on a new virtual terminal (VT) - openyahtzee: play a classic game of Yahtzee - open_append: open a file for appending - open_by_handle: file handle operations - open_excl: open a file for exclusive writing - open_fli: Makes a FLI file open and ready for playing. Allegro game... - open_init_pty: run an program under a psuedo terminal - open_memory_fli: Makes a FLI file open and ready for playing. Allegro game... - open_memstream: open memory as stream - open_read: open a file for reading - open_rw: open a file for reading and writing - open_trunc: open a file for writing - open_wmemstream: open memory as stream - open_write: open a file for writing - operator: C operator precedence and order of evaluation - opgprof: produce gprof-format profile data - ophcrack-cli: a Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables - ophcrack: a Microsoft Windows password cracker using rainbow tables - ophelp: list OProfile events - opie: One-time Passwords In Everything - opieinfo: Extract sequence number and seed for future OPIE challenges - opiekey: Programs for computing responses to OTP challenges - opiekeys: OPIE database of user key information - opiepasswd: Change or set a user's password for the OPIE authentication... - opimport: converts sample database files - oping: send ICMP ECHO_REQUEST to network hosts - opj2dat: Converts origin project files to dat files - opl2ofm: convert Omega and TeX property-list files to font-metric files - opldecode: Decode a Raster Object (opl) stream into human readable form - opreport: produce symbol or binary image summaries - oprofile: a system-wide profiler - oprof_start: a system-wide profiler - ops: Perl pragma to restrict unsafe operations when compiling - ops2c: An opcode compiler for Parrot - opt-2.7: LLVM optimizer - opt-2.8: LLVM optimizer - opt-2.9: LLVM optimizer - opt: LLVM optimizer - optarg: Parse command-line options - opterr: Parse command-line options - opticalraytracer: A virtual lens design workshop - optics2rad: Specialty programs of the Radiance package, used by experts - optimise: Yagi-Uda project antenna optimiser - optimise: output data file formats - optimize: Optimisation routines - optimize2bw: automatic thresholder of the ExactImage toolkit - optind: Parse command-line options - option: Add/retrieve window options to/from the option database - optionFileLoad: Load the locatable config files, in order - optionFindNextValue: find a hierarcicaly valued option instance - optionFindValue: find a hierarcicaly valued option instance - optionFree: free allocated option processing memory - optionGetValue: get a specific value from a hierarcical list - optionLoadLine: process a string for an option name and value - optionNextValue: get the next value from a hierarchical list - optionOnlyUsage: Print usage text for just the options - optionProcess: this is the main option processing routine - optionRestore: restore option state from memory copy - options: Standard options supported by widgets... - optionSaveFile: saves the option state to a file - optionSaveState: saves the option state to memory - optionUnloadNested: Deallocate the memory for a nested value - optionVersion: return the compiled AutoOpts version number - optipng: Advanced optimization program for Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - optiups: Driver for Opti-UPS (Viewsonic) UPS and Zinto D (ONLINE-USV)... - optopt: Parse command-line options - opts: set and get form options - op_server: Proxy server for the Asterisk Flash Operator Panel - oqmgr: old Postfix queue manager - oqueue.h - oqueue: class DestinationListHandler This class handles a list of... - orage: Calendar for the Xfce Desktop Environment - orange: extract CAB files from self-extracting installers - orber: The main module of the Orber application - orber_acl: Orber ACL operations - orber_diagnostics: Diagnostics API for Orber - orber_ifr: The Interface Repository stores representations of IDL... - orber_tc: Help functions for IDL typecodes - orbit-idl-2: IDL compiler for ORBit2 - orbit-name-server-2: CORBA Naming Server - orbit2-config: helper script for building with ORBit2 - orca: is a scriptable screen reader and magnifier - orcahobbit: Xymon client utility to grab data from ORCA - orchestra-generate-cloud-init: generate user-data needed by cloud init - orchestra-import-isos: sync and import Ubuntu isos into cobbler - orddict: Key-Value Dictionary as Ordered List - Ordering.h - ordering_driver - ordering_driver_cntls: globus_result_t globus_xio_handle_cntl - ordering_driver_envs - ordering_driver_errors: enum globus_xio_ordering_error_type_t - ordering_driver_instance - ordering_driver_io: does not enforce any restriction - ordering_driver_types - ordsets: Functions for Manipulating Sets as Ordered Lists - oregano: GNOME application for schematic capture of electrical circuits - org.debian.apt.transaction: the main interface of an aptdaemon transaction - org.debian.apt: the main interface of aptdaemon - OrientableConstants.h - OrientableCoord.cpp - OrientableCoord.h - OrientableCoord - OrientableLayout.cpp - OrientableLayout.h - OrientableLayout - OrientableLayoutInterface.h - OrientableLayoutInterface - OrientableSize.cpp - OrientableSize.h - OrientableSize - OrientableSizeProxy.cpp - OrientableSizeProxy.h - OrientableSizeProxy - Orientation.cpp - Orientation.h - origami: command-line management tool for Folding @ Home clients - original-awk: pattern-directed scanning and processing language - originator: Associate seamounts with hotspot point sources - origsplitter: Split a sequence into (overlapping) smaller sequences - origunion: Reads sequence fragments and builds one sequence - ORLite: Extremely light weight SQLite-specific ORM - orm: ISA I/O space option ROM(s) driver - oroborus: lightweight themeable window manager for X - oroborusrc: oroborus(1) configuration file - orphaner: frontend for deborphan - orpie-curses-keys: orpie-curses-keys is a small utility designed to assist... - orpie: orpie is a console-based RPN calculator with an interactive visual... - orpierc: orpierc is the configuration textfile for the orpie(1) console... - orte-checkpoint: Checkpoint a running parallel process using the Open MPI... - orte-clean: Cleans up any stale processes and files leftover from Open MPI... - orte-iof: Displays a copy of the output streams from a process - orte-ps: Displays information about the active jobs and processes in Open... - orte-restart: Restart a previously checkpointed parallel job using the Open... - ortecc: OpenRTE C wrapper compiler - orted: Start an Open RTE User-Level Daemon - orterun: Execute serial and parallel jobs in Open MPI - orte_filem: Open RTE MCA File Management (FileM) Framework: Overview of... - orte_hosts: OpenRTE Hostfile and HOST Behavior: Overview of OpenRTE's... - orte_snapc: Open RTE MCA Snapshot Coordination (SnapC) Framework: Overview... - orville-write: write to another user - os: Operating System Specific Functions - os8: boots os8 images via simh pdp8 emulator - osage: filter for drawing clustered graphs - osc-receive: receives OSC messages - osc-send: sends an OSC message - osc: openSUSE build service command-line tool - oscap: OpenSCAP command line tool - osdctl: Controls osdsh via the command line - osdmaptool: ceph osd cluster map manipulation tool - osdsh: Overlays your screen with various system informations - osdshconfig: Create themefiles for osdsh - osd_cat: X on-screen file displayer - osd_clock: X on-screen clock displayer - osg2cpp: set of examples program - osganimate: set of examples program - osganimationhardware: set of examples program - osganimationmakepath: set of examples program - osganimationnode: set of examples program - osganimationskinning: set of examples program - osganimationsolid: set of examples program - osganimationtimeline: set of examples program - osganimationviewer: set of examples program - osgarchive: set of applications program - osgautocapture: set of examples program - osgautotransform: set of examples program - osgbillboard: set of examples program - osgblendequation: set of examples program - osgbrowser: set of examples program - osgcallback: set of examples program - osgcamera: set of examples program - osgcatch: set of examples program - osgclip: set of examples program - osgcluster: set of examples program - osgcompositeviewer: set of examples program - osgconv: set of applications program - osgcopy: set of examples program - osgcubemap: set of examples program - osgdelaunay: set of examples program - osgdepthpartition: set of examples program - osgdepthpeeling: set of examples program - osgdistortion: set of examples program - osgdrawinstanced: set of examples program - osgfadetext: set of examples program - osgfilecache: set of applications program - osgfont: set of examples program - osgforest: set of examples program - osgfxbrowser: set of examples program - osggameoflife: set of examples program - osggeodemo: set of examples program - osggeometry: set of examples program - osggeometryshaders: set of examples program - osghangglide: set of examples program - osghud: set of examples program - osgimagesequence: set of examples program - osgimpostor: set of examples program - osgintersection: set of examples program - osgintrospection: set of examples program - osgkdtree: set of examples program - osgkeyboard: set of examples program - osgkeyboardmouse: set of examples program - osglauncher: set of examples program - osglight: set of examples program - osglightpoint: set of examples program - osglogicop: set of examples program - osglogo: set of examples program - osgmanipulator: set of examples program - osgmemorytest: set of examples program - osgmlnorm: An SGML/XML document normalizer - osgmotionblur: set of examples program - osgmovie: set of examples program - osgmultiplerendertargets: set of examples program - osgmultitexture: set of examples program - osgmultitexturecontrol: set of examples program - osgoccluder: set of examples program - osgocclusionquery: set of examples program - osgpackeddepthstencil: set of examples program - osgpagedlod: set of examples program - osgparametric: set of examples program - osgparticle: set of examples program - osgparticleeffects: set of examples program - osgpdf: set of examples program - osgphotoalbum: set of examples program - osgpick: set of examples program - osgplanets: set of examples program - osgpoints: set of examples program - osgpointsprite: set of examples program - osgprecipitation: set of examples program - osgprerender: set of examples program - osgprerendercubemap: set of examples program - osgreflect: set of examples program - osgrobot: set of examples program - osgscalarbar: set of examples program - osgscreencapture: set of examples program - osgscribe: set of examples program - osgsequence: set of examples program - osgshaders: set of examples program - osgshaderterrain: set of examples program - osgshadow: set of examples program - osgshape: set of examples program - osgsharedarray: set of examples program - osgsidebyside: set of examples program - osgsimplifier: set of examples program - osgsimulation: set of examples program - osgslice: set of examples program - osgspacewarp: set of examples program - osgspheresegment: set of examples program - osgspotlight: set of examples program - osgstereoimage: set of examples program - osgstereomatch: set of examples program - osgteapot: set of examples program - osgterrain: set of examples program - osgtessellate: set of examples program - osgtext: set of examples program - osgtext3D: set of examples program - osgtexture1D: set of examples program - osgtexture2D: set of examples program - osgtexture3D: set of examples program - osgtexturerectangle: set of examples program - osgthirdpersonview: set of examples program - osgunittests: set of examples program - osgversion: set of applications program - osgvertexprogram: set of examples program - osgviewer: set of applications program - osgviewerGLUT: set of examples program - osgvolume: set of examples program - osgwidgetaddremove: set of examples program - osgwidgetbox: set of examples program - osgwidgetcanvas: set of examples program - osgwidgetframe: set of examples program - osgwidgetinput: set of examples program - osgwidgetlabel: set of examples program - osgwidgetmenu: set of examples program - osgwidgetmessagebox: set of examples program - osgwidgetnotebook: set of examples program - osgwidgetperformance: set of examples program - osgwidgetscrolled: set of examples program - osgwidgetshader: set of examples program - osgwidgetstyled: set of examples program - osgwidgettable: set of examples program - osgwidgetwindow: set of examples program - osgwindows: set of examples program - osip: The GNU oSIP library is a low layer SIP implementation - osirrox: creates, loads, manipulates and writes ISO 9660 filesystem images... - osis2mod: create SWORD module from OSIS - osm2pgsql: Openstreetmap data to PostgreSQL converter - osmo: a handy personal organizer - osmosis: command line OpenStreetMap data processor - osmtest: InfiniBand subnet manager and administration (SM/SA) test program - ospam: An SGML/XML markup stream editor - ospcat: SGML print catalog - ospeed: direct curses interface to the terminfo capability database - ospenroll: OSP enroll script - ospent: Concatenates entities in an SGML/XML document - ospf6d: an OSPFv3 routing engine for use with Quagga routing software - ospfd: an OSPFv2 routing engine for use with Quagga routing software - osptest: OSP test application - osql: utility to test FreeTDS connections and queries - osscore: Open Sound Sytem core audio framework - ossdetect: Open Sound System audio device detection program - ossdevlinks: Open Sound System legacy device management utility - ossinfo: Open Sound System information/status program - ossmix: Open Sound System command-line mixer program - ossplay: Open Sound System playback program - ossrecord: Open Sound System recording program - osstest: Open Sound System audio self test applet - ossxmix: Open Sound System GTK based GUI mixer program - oss_ali5455: ALIM5455 audio driver - oss_atiaudio: ATI IXP southbridge audio driver - oss_audigyls: Creative Labs CA106 (AudigyLS/SBLive 24bit) driver - oss_audioloop: Loopback audio driver - oss_audiopci: Creative/Ensoniq Audiopci - oss_cmi878x: CMedia CMI8788 audio driver - oss_cmpci: CMedia CMI8738/8768 audio driver - oss_cs461x: Cirrus Logic CS461x/CS4280 audio driver - oss_cs4281: Cirrus Logic CS4281 driver - oss_digi96: RME Digi96 professional audio driver - oss_emu10k1x: Creative Labs P16x (EMU10K1X) driver - oss_envy24: ICE Envy24 audio device driver - oss_envy24ht: VIA Envy24HT/PT audio driver - oss_fmedia: Forte Media FM801 driver - oss_geode: National Semiconductor Geode audio driver - oss_hdaudio: Intel High Definition Audio (AZALIA) - oss_ich: Intel ICH/SiS7012/Nvidia/AMD audio device driver - oss_imux: Input Muplexer audio driver - oss_madi: RME HDSP MADI and AES32 audio driver - oss_midiloop: Loopback MIDI driver - oss_sblive: Creative Labs Sound Blaster Live/Audigy family driver - oss_sbpci: Creative Labs ES1371 audio driver - oss_sbxfi: SoundBlaster X-Fi audio driver - oss_solo: ESS Solo-1 audio driver - oss_trident: SiS7018, 4Dwave, ALIM5451 audio driver - oss_usb: USB Audio/MIDI/Mixer driver - oss_userdev: OSS client/server audio pseudo device - oss_via97: VIA 82C686 audio driver - oss_via823x: Open Sound System driver for VIA 8233/8235/8237 audio... - oss_ymf7xx: Yamaha DS-XG audio driver - ost - OStringStream - oststring.h - ost_Assoc: ost - ost_AtomicCounter: class offers thread-safe manipulation of an integer... - ost_Audio: ost - ost_AudioBase: base class for many other audio classes which stream data - ost_AudioBuffer: class is for mixing one-to-one soft joins - ost_AudioCodec: ost - ost_AudioDevice: ost - ost_AudioFile: ost - ost_AudioResample: class is used to manage linear intropolation buffering... - ost_AudioStream: accesses AudioFile - ost_AudioTone: class is used to create a frame of audio encoded single or... - ost_Audio_dtmf_detect_state_t: ost - ost_Audio_goertzel_state_t: ost - ost_Audio_Info: source description - ost_Audio_mpeg_audio: ost - ost_Audio_mpeg_tagv1: ost - ost_Audio_tone_detection_descriptor_t: ost - ost_BaseObject: ost - ost_Buffer: ost - ost_Cancellation: ost - ost_ChecksumDigest: ost - ost_cistring_char_traits: ost - ost_CommandOption: is the base class for all command line options - ost_CommandOptionArg: ost - ost_CommandOptionCollect: ost - ost_CommandOptionNoArg: type for flags - ost_CommandOptionParse: interface class - ost_CommandOptionRest: ost - ost_CommandOptionWithArg: for options that have a value associated with... - ost_Conditional: ost - ost_Counter: ost - ost_CRC16Digest: ost - ost_CRC32Digest: ost - ost_Date: class uses a julian date representation of the current year,... - ost_DateNumber: ost - ost_Datetime: class uses a julian date representation of the current year,... - ost_DCCPSocket: ost - ost_Digest: ost - ost_Dir: ost - ost_DirException: ost - ost_DirTree: ost - ost_DSO: dynamic loader class is used to load object files - ost_DSOException: ost - ost_DTMFDetect: is used for detecting DTMF tones in a stream of audio - ost_DTMFTones: is used to generate a series of dtmf audio data from a... - ost_Engine: ost - ost_Event: class implements a feature originally found in the WIN32 API;... - ost_Exception: ost Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3

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