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This are man pages for commands starting with letter O.

Page 1 - Page 2 - O: Generic interface to Perl Compiler backends - o2cb: Default cluster stack for the OCFS2 file system - o2cb_ctl: Control program for the O2CB cluster service - o2image: Copy or restore OCFS2 file system meta-data - oai_browser: Command line OAI repository browser - oakdecode: Decode an OAKT printer stream into human readable form - oasis: generates a complete build system for OCaml libraries and... - oathtool: OATH one-time password tool - oauth - obabel: a converter for chemistry and molecular modeling data files - obchiral: print molecular chirality information - obconf: configuration utility for Openbox - obconformer: generate conformer coordinates - obd2csv: Convert obdgpslogger(1) logs to csv files - obd2gpx: Convert obdgpslogger(1) logs to gpx files - obd2kml: Convert obdgpslogger(1) logs to Google Earth kml files - obdgpslogger: Log OBD and GPS data to sqlite - obdgui: Interactive UI for obdgpslogger - obdlogrepair: Attempt to repair a disfunctional logfile - obdsim: Simulate an ELM327 device - obenergy: calculate the energy for a molecule - obex-data-server: D-Bus service providing OBEX functionality - obex-folder-listing: create an obex folder-listing object - obexautofs: search, display and mount ObexFTP capabable devices - obexfs: mount filesystem of ObexFTP capabable devices - obexftp: Mobile Equipment file transfer tool - obexftpd: Mobile Equipment file transfer server - obexget: Mobile Equipment file transfer tool - obexls: Mobile Equipment file transfer tool - obexpushd: receive files with OBEX protocol via Bluetooth, IrDA or network... - obexput: Mobile Equipment file transfer tool - obexrm: Mobile Equipment file transfer tool - obextool: a graphical frontend to browse obex file systems - obex_tcp: Send or receive files via TCP - obex_test: interactive test application for the openobex library - obfit: superimpose two molecules based on a pattern - obgen: generate 3D coordinates for a molecule - obgrep: an advanced molecular search program using SMARTS - Obj: Operations on internal representations of values - obj2mesh: create a compiled RADIANCE mesh file from Wavefront .OBJ input - obj2rad: convert Wavefront .obj file to RADIANCE description - ObjCmdWrite: Writing C language extensions to Tcl - objcopy: copy and translate object files - objcount.h - objc_count: count physical lines of code, in each input file - objdump: display information from object files - objdump86: Examine object, archive or executable files - object.h - Object: The Object widget class - object_message: Sends a message to an object and returns the answer.... - objline: create metafile line drawings of RADIANCE object(s) - objlink.h - objmap.h - objpict: Specialty programs of the Radiance package, used by experts - objsync.h - objview: view RADIANCE object(s) - OBJ_cleanup: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_cmp: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_create: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_dup: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_ln2nid: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_nid2ln: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_nid2obj: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_nid2sn: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_obj2nid: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_obj2txt: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_sn2nid: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_txt2nid: ASN1 object utility functions - OBJ_txt2obj: ASN1 object utility functions - obm-dir: a pipe-menu for openbox - obm-moz: a pipe-menu for openbox - obm-nav: a pipe-menu for openbox - obm-xdg: a pipe-menu for openbox - obmenu: a menu editor for openbox - obminimize: optimize the geometry, minimize the energy for a molecule - obprobe: create electrostatic probe grid - obprop: print standard molecular properties - obrotamer: generate conformer/rotamer coordinates - obrotate: batch-rotate dihedral angles matching SMARTS patterns - Observable.h - ObservableGraph.h - ObservableProperty.h - observations2map: Transforms a set of pairs... - observe: Runtime debugging output in TkCon - observer: The Observer Application - obus-dump: a D-Bus message dumper - obus-gen-client: generate client-side ocaml bindings from D-Bus... - obus-gen-interface: convert D-Bus introspection files to ocaml code - obus-gen-server: generate server-side ocaml bindings from D-Bus... - obus-idl2xml: convert an obus IDL file into a D-Bus introspection one - obus-introspect: a D-Bus introspecter - obus-xml2idl: convert a D-Bus introspection file into an obus IDL one - obxprop: A minimalistic, highly configurable, next generation window... - ocaml-gettext: program to manage PO and MO files for OCaml source files - ocaml-gettext: common options to manage internationalisation in OCaml... - ocaml-lintian: Dump OCaml object information for lintian test - ocaml-md5sums: Use and maintain ocaml md5sums registry files - ocaml-xgettext: program to extract translatable strings from OCaml source... - ocaml.m4: Autoconf macros for OCaml - ocaml: The Objective Caml interactive toplevel - ocamlbuild.byte: The Objective Caml project compilation tool - ocamlbuild.native: The Objective Caml project compilation tool - ocamlbuild: The Objective Caml project compilation tool - ocamlc.opt: The Objective Caml bytecode compiler - ocamlc: The Objective Caml bytecode compiler - ocamlcp: The Objective Caml profiling compiler - ocamlcvs2.byte: GUI to manipulate CVS-managed files - ocamldebug: the Objective Caml source-level replay debugger - ocamldep.opt: Dependency generator for Objective Caml - ocamldep: Dependency generator for Objective Caml - ocamldoc.opt: The Objective Caml documentation generator - ocamldoc: The Objective Caml documentation generator - ocamldsort: Dependency sorter for OCaml source files - ocamlduce: The Objective Caml interactive toplevel - ocamlducec.opt: The Objective Caml bytecode compiler - ocamlducec: The Objective Caml bytecode compiler - ocamlducedep.opt: Dependency generator for Objective Caml - ocamlducedep: Dependency generator for Objective Caml - ocamlducedoc.opt: The Objective Caml documentation generator - ocamlducedoc: The Objective Caml documentation generator - ocamlducefind: Command-line interface of the Package manager - ocamlduceobjinfo: dump information about OCaml compiled objects - ocamlduceopt.opt: The Objective Caml native-code compiler - ocamlduceopt: The Objective Caml native-code compiler - ocamldumpobj: disassembler for OCaml executable and .cmo object files - ocamlfind: Command-line interface of the Package manager - ocamlgraph-editor.byte: GTK-based graph editor based on hyperbolic geometry - ocamlgraph-editor: GTK-based graph editor based on hyperbolic geometry - ocamlgraph-viewer.byte: GTK-based graph viewer - ocamlgraph-viewer: GTK-based graph viewer - ocamlify: create an OCaml file including other files - ocamllex.opt: The Objective Caml lexer generator - ocamllex: The Objective Caml lexer generator - ocamlmklib: generate libraries with mixed C / Caml code - ocamlmktop: Building custom toplevel systems - ocamlobjinfo: dump information about OCaml compiled objects - ocamlopt.opt: The Objective Caml native-code compiler - ocamlopt: The Objective Caml native-code compiler - ocamlprof: The Objective Caml profiler - ocamlrss2.byte: OCaml RSS 2.0 editor - ocamlrun: The Objective Caml bytecode interpreter - ocamltdl2.byte: Edit TODO lists in XML files - ocamlviz-ascii: monitoring tools for Objective Caml - ocamlviz-gui: monitoring tools for Objective Caml - ocamlviz: monitoring tools for Objective Caml - ocamlwc: count the lines of code and comments in OCaml sources - ocamlweb: A literate programming tool for Objective Caml - ocamlyacc: The Objective Caml parser generator - occi-compute: Manages OpenNebula compute resources via OCCI - occi-network: Manages OpenNebula virtual networks via OCCI - occi-server: OpenNebula OCCI service - occi-storage: Manages OpenNebula storage resource via OCCI - OcclusionTest.h - ocf-tester: Part of the Linux-HA project - ocfs2console: GUI console for OCFS2 - ocfs2_hb_ctl: Starts and stops the OCFS2 heartbeat on a given device - ocf_heartbeat_anything: Manages an arbitrary service - ocf_heartbeat_AoEtarget: Manages ATA-over-Ethernet (AoE) target exports - ocf_heartbeat_apache: Manages an Apache web server instance - ocf_heartbeat_AudibleAlarm: Emits audible beeps at a configurable interval - ocf_heartbeat_ClusterMon: Runs crm_mon in the background, recording the... - ocf_heartbeat_conntrackd: This resource agent manages conntrackd - ocf_heartbeat_CTDB: CTDB Resource Agent - ocf_heartbeat_db2: Resource Agent that manages an IBM DB2 LUW databases in... - ocf_heartbeat_Delay: Waits for a defined timespan - ocf_heartbeat_drbd: Manages a DRBD resource (deprecated) - ocf_heartbeat_Dummy: Example stateless resource agent - ocf_heartbeat_eDir88: Manages a Novell eDirectory directory server - ocf_heartbeat_ethmonitor: Monitors network interfaces - ocf_heartbeat_Evmsd: Controls clustered EVMS volume management (deprecated) - ocf_heartbeat_EvmsSCC: Manages EVMS Shared Cluster Containers (SCCs)... - ocf_heartbeat_exportfs: Manages NFS exports - ocf_heartbeat_Filesystem: Manages filesystem mounts - ocf_heartbeat_fio: fio IO load generator - ocf_heartbeat_ICP: Manages an ICP Vortex clustered host drive - ocf_heartbeat_ids: Manages an Informix Dynamic Server (IDS) instance - ocf_heartbeat_IPaddr: Manages virtual IPv4 addresses (portable version) - ocf_heartbeat_IPaddr2: Manages virtual IPv4 addresses (Linux specific... - ocf_heartbeat_IPsrcaddr: Manages the preferred source address for outgoing... - ocf_heartbeat_IPv6addr: Manages IPv6 aliases - ocf_heartbeat_iscsi: Manages a local iSCSI initiator and its connections to... - ocf_heartbeat_iSCSILogicalUnit: Manages iSCSI Logical Units (LUs) - ocf_heartbeat_iSCSITarget: iSCSI target export agent - ocf_heartbeat_jboss: Manages a JBoss application server instance - ocf_heartbeat_LinuxSCSI: Enables and disables SCSI devices through the... - ocf_heartbeat_LVM: Controls the availability of an LVM Volume Group - ocf_heartbeat_lxc: Manages LXC containers - ocf_heartbeat_MailTo: Notifies recipients by email in the event of resource... - ocf_heartbeat_ManageRAID: Manages RAID devices - ocf_heartbeat_ManageVE: Manages an OpenVZ Virtual Environment (VE) - ocf_heartbeat_mysql-proxy: Manages a MySQL Proxy daemon - ocf_heartbeat_mysql: Manages a MySQL database instance - ocf_heartbeat_nfsserver: Manages an NFS server - ocf_heartbeat_nginx: Manages an Nginx web/proxy server instance - ocf_heartbeat_oracle: Manages an Oracle Database instance - ocf_heartbeat_oralsnr: Manages an Oracle TNS listener - ocf_heartbeat_pgsql: Manages a PostgreSQL database instance - ocf_heartbeat_pingd: Monitors connectivity to specific hosts or IP... - ocf_heartbeat_portblock: Block and unblocks access to TCP and UDP ports - ocf_heartbeat_postfix: Manages a highly available Postfix mail server... - ocf_heartbeat_proftpd: OCF Resource Agent compliant FTP script - ocf_heartbeat_Pure-FTPd: Manages a Pure-FTPd FTP server instance - ocf_heartbeat_Raid1: Manages a software RAID1 device on shared storage - ocf_heartbeat_Route: Manages network routes - ocf_heartbeat_rsyncd: Manages an rsync daemon - ocf_heartbeat_SAPDatabase: Manages any SAP database (based on Oracle,... - ocf_heartbeat_SAPInstance: Manages a SAP instance as an HA resource - ocf_heartbeat_scsi2reservation: scsi-2 reservation - ocf_heartbeat_SendArp: Broadcasts unsolicited ARP announcements - ocf_heartbeat_ServeRAID: Enables and disables shared ServeRAID merge groups - ocf_heartbeat_sfex: Manages exclusive access to shared storage using Shared... - ocf_heartbeat_SphinxSearchDaemon: Manages the Sphinx search daemon - ocf_heartbeat_Squid: Manages a Squid proxy server instance - ocf_heartbeat_Stateful: Example stateful resource agent - ocf_heartbeat_symlink: Manages a symbolic link - ocf_heartbeat_SysInfo: Records various node attributes in the CIB - ocf_heartbeat_syslog-ng: Syslog-ng resource agent - ocf_heartbeat_tomcat: Manages a Tomcat servlet environment instance - ocf_heartbeat_VIPArip: Manages a virtual IP address through RIP2 - ocf_heartbeat_VirtualDomain: Manages virtual domains through the libvirt... - ocf_heartbeat_vmware: Manages VMWare Server 2.0 virtual machines - ocf_heartbeat_WAS: Manages a WebSphere Application Server instance - ocf_heartbeat_WAS6: Manages a WebSphere Application Server 6 instance - ocf_heartbeat_WinPopup: Sends an SMB notification message to selected hosts - ocf_heartbeat_Xen: Manages Xen unprivileged domains (DomUs) - ocf_heartbeat_Xinetd: Manages an Xinetd service - oclock: round X clock - oconv: create an octree from a RADIANCE scene description - ocp-curses: music player - ocp-vcsa: music player - ocp-x11: music player - ocp: music player - ocpp5: Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for OCaml mkcamlp5 - ocrad: command line text recognition tool - ocrfeeder-cli: command line interface for OCRFeeder, a document layout... - ocrfeeder: document layout analysis and optical character recognition... - ocrodjvu: OCR for DjVu files - ocroscript: command line OCR tool - ocs: creates and maintains the database for cscope on a recursive directory... - ocsigen.opt: web programming framework in OCaml - ocsigen: web programming framework in OCaml - ocsinventory-agent: Unified client for OCS-Inventory - ocsp: Online Certificate Status Protocol utility - oct: Encoding "oct" - octanol: Draw a White-Wimley protein hydropathy plot - octave-3.2.4: A high-level interactive language for numerical computations - octave-bug-3.2.4: report a bug in GNU Octave - octave-config-3.2.4: GNU Octave component and library information retrieval - octave-depends-3.2.4: calculates Octave dependencies - octave-tags-3.2.4: Generate Emacs tags file from GNU Octave code - octave3.2-depends: calculates Octave dependencies - octave3.2: A high-level interactive language for numerical computations - OctreeMask: compute a mask representing one level of a min-max octree - od-tkdesk: remotely open a directory using TkDesk - od: dump files in octal and other formats - odbc: Erlang ODBC application - ODBCConfig: Qt-based ODBC Data Source Administrator - odbcinst: command line tool for batch ODBC configuration - ODBM_File: Tied access to odbm files - oddcomp: Identify proteins with specified sequence word composition - ode-config: show information about installed ode libraries - ode: numerical solution of ordinary differential equations - odeum: the inverted API of QDBM - odf2html: Converts OpenDocument files to HTML or XML - odf2pod: POD generation from an OpenDocument file - odf2xliff: convert OpenDocument (ODF) files to XLIFF localization files - odfbuild: OpenDocument file creation utility - odfextract: Text selection and copy from one document to another one - odffilesearch: File selection by keywords - odffindbasic: Basic macro removal from OpenOffice.org files - odfhighlight: search, replace and highlight text in a document - odfmetadoc: Document properties management interface - odfsearch: Text selection and copy from one document to another using... - odf_set_fields: Set names & values for user-defined fields - odf_set_title: Set the title of a document using the first heading of the... - odidx: indexer of document files - odin: Graphical user interface of ODIN - odinreco: Automatic reconstruction for ODIN sequences - odmgr: administration utility for QDBM Odeum - odopen: the inverted API of QDBM - odot: A task list manager - odp2pdf: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odp2ppt: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odp2txt: a simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text - ods-auditor: auditor component of OpenDNSSEC - ods-control: OpenDNSSEC control utility - ods-enforcerd: OpenDNSSEC Policy Enforcer daemon - ods-hsmspeed: OpenDNSSEC HSM speed tester - ods-hsmutil: OpenDNSSEC HSM utility - ods-kaspcheck: KASP policy check component of OpenDNSSEC - ods-ksmutil: OpenDNSSEC zone and key management - ods-server: minimal OBEX server based on obex-data-server - ods-signer: OpenDNSSEC Signer Engine client - ods-signerd: OpenDNSSEC Signer Engine daemon - ods-timing: OpenDNSSEC timing specification - ods2pdf: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - ods2txt: a simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text - odt-meta: read and write metadata from an ODT file - odt2bib: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odt2doc: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odt2docbook: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported... - odt2html: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odt2lt: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odt2pdf: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odt2rtf: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odt2sdw: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odt2sxw: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odt2txt.odt2txt: a simple converter from OpenDocument Text to plain text - odt2txt.unoconv: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported... - odt2xhtml: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odt2xml: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - odtest: test cases for QDBM Odeum - odvicopy: produce modified copy of DVI file - odvitype: translate a dvi file for humans - oem-config-firstboot: run oem-config on first boot after shipping to end... - oem-config-prepare: prepare system for shipping to end user - oem-config: install Ubuntu from a live CD - ofdstream: Output Stream initialized by a File Descriptor - ofdstreambuf: Output stream buffer initialized by a file descriptor - offconsol: polylist consolidator - offer_focus: Offers the input focus to a particular object. Allegro game... - OFFIO - offline: Interchange offline database builder - offlineimap: Powerful IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader support - OfflinePlayer: Plays CLAM networks off-line - offsetof: offset of a structure member - offsets: Manipulate auxiliary files created by ingests - off_io.C - off_io.h - ofilterstreambuf: Base class for std::ostream filtering - ofm2opl: convert Omega and TeX font-metric files to property-list files - ofoldstream: Folds long lines - ofoldstreambuf: Folds long lines written to ostream - ofonod: oFono mobile telephony daemon - OFStream - ofx2qif: convert OFX files to QIF format - ofxconnect: Create a statement request file - ofxdump: Dump content of OFX files as human-readable text - ogamesim: Console Ogame Simulator - ogg123: plays Ogg Vorbis files - oggCat: concatenates two ogg video files (.ogv, .ogg or oga) - oggconvert: Converts media files to free formats - oggCut: extracts parts of an ogg file (.ogv, .ogg and .oga) - oggdec: simple decoder, Ogg Vorbis file to PCM audio file (Wave or RAW) - oggenc: encode audio into the Ogg Vorbis format - oggfwd: pipe an Ogg stream from stdin to an Icecast server - ogginfo: gives information about Ogg files, and does extensive validity... - oggJoin: multiplexes ogg streams (.ogv, .ogg or oga) - oggResize: resizes ogg files in multiple ways - oggSilence: creates a silence period in vorbis format - oggSlideshow: creates slideshows from pictures - oggSplit: demultiplexes ogv files - oggsplt: Utility for mp3/ogg splitting without decoding - oggThumb: creates thumbnails from an ogg video file - oggz-chop: Extract the part of an Ogg file between given start and/or end... - oggz-codecs: List codecs in one or more Ogg files and their bitstreams - oggz-comment: List or edit comments in an Ogg file - oggz-diff: Hexdump the packets of two Ogg files and output differences - oggz-dump: Hexdump packets of an Ogg file, or revert an Ogg file from such... - oggz-info: Display information about one or more Ogg files and their... - oggz-known-codecs: List codecs known by this version of Oggz - oggz-merge: Merge Ogg files together, interleaving pages in order of... - oggz-rip: Extract one or more logical bitstreams from an Ogg file - oggz-scan: Scan an Ogg file and output characteristic landmarks - oggz-sort: Sort the pages of an Ogg file in order of presentation time - oggz-validate: Validate the Ogg framing of one or more files - oggz: inspect and manipulate Ogg multimedia files - ogmcat: Concatenate several OGG/OGM files into one big OGG/OGM file - ogmdemux: Extract streams from OGG/OGM files into separate files - ogminfo: Print information about streams in OGG/OGM files - ogmmerge: Merge multimedia streams into an OGG/OGM file - ogmrip: An application to rip and encode DVD for GNOME - ogmsplit: Split OGG/OGM files into several smaller OGG/OGM files - ogonkify: international support for PostScript - ogr2ogr: ogr2ogr converts simple features data between file formats - OgreMaterialUpgrade: upgrades .material files to the latest version - OgreMeshUpgrade: upgrades .mesh files to the latest version - OgreMeshUpgrader: upgrades .mesh files to the latest version - OgreXMLConverter: converts data between XML and Ogre binary formats - ogrinfo: ogrinfo lists information about an OGR supported data source - ogrtindex: ogrtindex creates a tileindex - ogr_utilities: OGR Utility Programs The following utilities are distributed... - ohai: collect system information - ohci: OHCI USB Host Controller driver - ohexstreambuf: Writes characters written to an ostream as hex values - oidentd.conf: The oidentd configuration file - oidentd: TCP/IP IDENT protocol server - oidentd_masq.conf: oidentd IP masquerading/NAT configuration file - oidua: audio file metadata lister - oinkmaster: update Snort signatures - OIS: Perl binding for the OIS C++ input framework - ojo: Fun Oneliners With Mojo - ojot: write to another user - ok: Alternative to Test::More::use_ok - oldfind: search for files in a directory hierarchy - oldfstat: get file status - oldlog2new: Convert an NCSA httpd 1.1 access_log file to CLF access_log - oldlstat: get file status - oldolduname: get name and information about current kernel - oldstat: get file status - olduname: get name and information about current kernel - ole2img: programe to convert all OLE objects of a .sxw OpenOffice.org... - olfilter: undocumented LADR4 applications - oligotm: Prints oligo's melting temperature on stdout - olive: console RSS reader - ols: Programs for audio and speech manipulation - oLschema2ldif: Converts LDAP schema's to LDB-compatible LDIF - olsrd.conf: configuration file for olsrd(8) - olsrd: Optimized Link State Routing protocol daemon - ols_test: Programs for audio and speech manipulation - olvwm: OPEN LOOK virtual window manager for X11 and OpenWindows - olvwmrc: Resource file for the OPEN LOOK Virtual Window Manager - olwm: OPEN LOOK window manager for OpenWindows - olwmslave: helper program for olwm - om-led: control OpenMoko phone LEDs - om: control OpenMoko phone hardware - omapi: Object Management Application Programming Interface - omaque: comicbook reader - omega-rpg: a hack-style game with quests - omegat: Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) tool - omfonts: the driver program behind ofm2opl, opl2ofm, ovf2ovp, and ovp2ovf - omindex: Index static website data via the filesystem - omnicpp: OmniORB cpp preprocessor for IDL compiler - omniEvents: CORBA Event Service daemon - omniidl: omniORB idl compiler - omniMapper: Simple proxy for CORBA naming service from omniORB - omniNames: OmniORB Interoperable Naming Service - ompi-checkpoint: Checkpoint a running parallel process using the Open MPI... - ompi-clean: Cleans up any stale processes and files leftover from Open MPI... - ompi-iof: Displays a copy of the output streams from a process - ompi-ps: Displays information about the active jobs and processes in Open... - ompi-restart: Restart a previously checkpointed parallel job using the Open... - ompi-server: Server for supporting name publish/lookup operations - ompi_crcp: Open MPI MCA Checkpoint/Restart Coordination Protocol (CRCP)... - ompi_info: Display information about the Open MPI installation - omshell: OMAPI Command Shell - onak-mail.pl: Process OpenPGP keyserver emails - onak: an OpenPGP compatible keyserver - ondelay: open device without waiting for carrier - one: OpenNebula startup script - oneac: Driver for Oneac UPS equipment - oneauth: handle permission and quota for OpenNebula users - onecluster: add a host into an OpenNebula cluster - oned: OpenNebula core process - onehost: register physical machines into OpenNebula - oneimage: manage OpenNebula VM image repository - oneisenough: 2D platform game about communist and capitalist balls - onekey: Single keystroke input, not requiring `Return' - oneko - onesixtyone: easy SNMP scanner - onetime: command-line encryption program using the "one-time pad"... - oneuser: manage OpenNebula internal users - onevm: create/modifiy/delete OpenNebula Virtual machines - onevnet: configure OpenNebula virtual networks - onig-config: provide information about the installed version of libonig - onnode: run commands on ctdb nodes - onscripter-1byte: NScripter-compatible visual novel games engine - onscripter: NScripter-compatible visual novel games engine - onsgmls: An SGML/XML parser and validator - on_ac_power: test whether computer is running on AC power - on_exit: register a function to be called at normal process termination - Oo: Operations on objects - oo2po: convert an OpenOffice.org (SDF) localization file to Gettext PO... - oo2xliff: convert an OpenOffice.org (SDF) localization file to XLIFF... - oodoc_test: OpenOffice::OODoc test document generation - oodraw: LibreOffice office suite - oofromtemplate: LibreOffice office suite - oogl2rib: convert OOGL file to RenderMan rib format - oogl2vrml: convert OOGL to VRML - ooimpress: LibreOffice office suite - oolite: a space-sim game - oomath: LibreOffice office suite - ooo-thumbnailer: create Nautilus thumbnails for OpenOffice.org documents,... - ooo2dbk: program to convert OpenOffice.org-Writer (ODT and SXW) files to... - oose: syntactic sugar to make Moose one-liners easier - ooweb: LibreOffice office suite - oowriter: LibreOffice office suite - ooxml2doc: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - ooxml2odt: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - ooxml2pdf: convert any document from and to any OpenOffice supported format - op: operator access - op2calltree: convert OProfile profiling data to KCachegrind calltree format - opal-checkpoint: Checkpoint a running sequential process using the Open PAL... - opal-restart: Restart a previously checkpointed sequential process using... - opalcc: Open PAL C wrapper compiler - opal_crs: Open PAL MCA Checkpoint/Restart Service (CRS): Overview of Open... - opal_wrapper: Back-end Open MPI wrapper command - opannotate: produce source or assembly annotated with profile data - opaque: curses window properties - oparchive: produce archive of oprofile data for offline analysis - Opcode: Disable named opcodes when compiling perl code - opcontrol: control OProfile profiling - open-cobol: COBOL compiler - open-invaders: Space Invaders clone - open: start a program on a new virtual terminal (VT) - open: open and possibly create a file or device - open: perl pragma to set default PerlIO layers for input and output - openac: Generation of X.509 attribute certificates - openais.conf: openais executive configuration file - openam: H.323 answering machine Page 1 - Page 2

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