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Page 1 - Page 2 - N3BiasFieldCorrection: part of ANTS registration suite - N4BiasFieldCorrection: part of ANTS registration suite - nabi: X Input Method Server for Korean text input - nacctd: network accounting daemon - nad2bin: convert nad ASCII files into binary format usable by nad2nad - nad2nad: North American Datum conversion filter - nadoka: IRC Client Server program - nagcon: nagcon is a console application interfacing to nagios - nagios3: network/systems status monitoring daemon - nagios3stats: report statistics information from the nagios system - nagiosgrapher: Collects data from nagios and pipes them to generate graphs - nagircbot: announce Nagios status to an IRC channel - nagstamon: Nagios status monitor which takes place in systray or on desktop - nagzillac: jabber relay bot client - nagzillad: jabber relay bot daemon - nam: VINT/LBL Network Animator - nama: Ecasound-based recorder, mixer and mastering system - namazu: a search program of Namazu - name-client-2: CORBA Naming Service client - name - name2addr: perform DNS lookups from scripts - namebench: open-source DNS benchmark utility - namecheck: Check project names are not already taken - nameclt: Naming Service client - named-checkconf: named configuration file syntax checking tool - named-checkzone: zone file validity checking or converting tool - named-compilezone: zone file validity checking or converting tool - named-journalprint: print zone journal in human-readable form - named.conf: configuration file for named - named: Internet domain name server - named_selinux: Security Enhanced Linux Policy for the Internet Name server... - namei: follow a pathname until a terminal point is found - namei: pathname translation and lookup operations - nameif: name network interfaces based on MAC addresses - namespace.conf: the namespace configuration file - namespace: create and manipulate contexts for commands and variables - namespacex: Namespace utility commands - NAN: floating-point constants - nana-clg: compiles and runs a program using the nana library - nana-libtrace: generates a GDB script for tracing a library/object file - nana-run: run a program under the debugger without user interaction - nana-sfdir: run's nana-sfg over a set of C/C++ source files - nana-sfg: the nana shortform generator (aka nana science fiction generator) - nana-trace: does a line-by-line trace of a program - nana: generates debugger commands from C and C++ source code - nana: verify assertions in C and C++ code - nanafilter: extract special commands from an input stream - nanf: return 'Not a Number' - nanl: return 'Not a Number' - nano-tiny: Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico Clone - nano: Nano's ANOther editor, an enhanced free Pico clone - nanoctl: Starts and Stops Nanoweb - nanorc: GNU nano's rcfile - nanosleep: high-resolution sleep - nanosleep: high resolution sleep (REALTIME) - nanotime: get the current time - nanouptime: get the time elapsed since boot - nanourl: create small urls - nanoweb.conf: Nanoweb main configuration file - nanoweb: Nanoweb HyperText Transfer Protocol server - nant: .NET build tool similar to Ant - nap: Linux Napster Client - napms: low - napms_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - napping: Linux Napster Client - narval_launch: first step to enable narval sub systems - narval_naming_service: program collecting all narval sub systems name and... - narval_shell: is a console oriented program to control narval sub systems - nas: a portable, network-transparent audio system - nasd.conf: Configuration file for NAS servers - nasd: Network Audio System server - nash: find nash equilibria of two person noncooperative games - naslist: RADIUS naslist file - nasm: the Netwide Assembler, a portable 80x86 assembler - nast: Network Analyzer Sniffer Tool - nasty: A tool which helps you to recover your GPG passphrase - Nativeint: Processor-native integers - natm: Native Mode ATM protocol layer - natmip: IP over ATM PVCs - natpmpc: NAT-PMP library test client and mapping setter - natsemi-diag: EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for ethernet cards based... - naturaldocs: an extensible, multi-language documentation generator - nautilus-actions-config-tool: configure programs to launch from the... - nautilus-actions-new: create new nautilus actions - nautilus-actions-print: Print a menu or an action to stdout - nautilus-actions-run: execute an action on the specified target - nautilus-actions-schemas: Deprecated for now - nautilus-connect-server: To Access a remote server - nautilus-file-management-properties: File Management Preferences - nautilus-image-manipulator: resize and send images from Nautilus - nautilus-pastebin-configurator: Nautilus Pastebin configuration panel - nautilus-script-manager: Simple management script for nautilus scripts - nautilus-scripts-manager: easy tool for nautilus scripts management - nautilus-sendto: convenience application to send a file via email or... - nautilus: the GNOME File Manager - navit: The modular touchscreen-friendly vector based navigation software - navlog-viewer: GUI viewer of robot navigation logs - na_play: play waveform files on audio device - na_record: record waveform from audio device - nb: small weblog engine for the UNIX command line - nbackup: Physical backup manager for Firebird - nbd-client: connect to a server running nbd-server(1), to use its exported... - nbd-server: serve a file as a block device to other computers running the... - nbd-server: configuration file for nbd-server - nbdrootd: Serve out LTSP images created with ltsp-update-image(8) - nbdswapd: dynamically create swap files on request export with an... - nbibfind: find bibliography entries for BibTeX or NbibTeX - nbibtex: make a bibliography for LaTeX - nbp: access NBP database - nbplkup: access NBP database - nbprgstr: access NBP database - nbpunrgstr: access NBP database - nbp_name: NBP name parsing - nbtk-create-image-cache: program to make a cache of a directory - nbtscan: program for scanning networks for NetBIOS name information - nc.traditional: TCP/IP swiss army knife - nc2xy: Converting netCDF column file(s) to ASCII xy data - nc6: network swiss army knife - ncal: displays a calendar and the date of Easter - ncap: netCDF Arithmetic Processor - ncap: network data capture - ncap2: netCDF Arithmetic Processor, Next Generation - ncat: Concatenate and redirect sockets - ncatted: netCDF Attribute Editor - ncbo: netCDF Binary Operator - nccar: source code analysis - nccc++: source code analysis - nccg++: source code analysis - nccgen: source code analysis - nccld: source code analysis - nccnav: explore the output of nccgen on a text-mode console - nccnavi: explore the output of nccgen on a text-mode console - ncd: compute the Normalized Compression Distance - ncdiff: netCDF Differencer - ncdt: directory tree printer with extended capabilities - ncdu: NCurses Disk Usage - ncdump-hdf: Convert netCDF files to ASCII form (CDL) - ncdump: Convert netCDF file to text form (CDL) - ncea: netCDF Ensemble Averager - ncecat: netCDF Ensemble Concatenator - ncflint: netCDF File Interpolator - ncftp3: Browser program for the File Transfer Protocol - ncftpbatch: Individual batch FTP job processor - ncftpbookmarks: full screen bookmarks editor for ncftp - ncftpget: Internet file transfer program for scripts - ncftpls: Internet file transfer program for scripts - ncftpput: Internet file transfer program for scripts - ncftpspooler: Global batch FTP job processor daemon - ncgen-hdf: From a CDL file generate a netCDF file, a C program, or a... - ncgen: From a CDL file generate a netCDF-3 file, a netCDF-4 file or a C... - ncgi: Procedures to manipulate CGI values - ncks: netCDF Kitchen Sink - ncmpc: curses Music Player Daemon (MPD) client - ncmpcpp: An ncurses Music Player Daemon (MPD) client - nco: netCDF Operators - ncoils: prediction of coiled-coil secondary structure elements - ncopy: NetWare file copy - ncpd: Daemon which handles the serial link to a Psion - ncpdq: netCDF Permute Dimensions Quickly, Pack Data Quietly - ncplogin: create permanent connection to a NetWare server - ncplogout: schedule permanent connection to close - ncpmap: mounts some resource from Netware server or tree previously... - ncpmount: mount volume(s) from a specified NetWare fileserver - ncpumount: unmount a NetWare filesystem mounted with ncpmount - ncpus: print the number of virtual CPUs - ncr: NCR 53C8xx SCSI driver - ncra: netCDF Record Averager - ncrcat: netCDF Record Concatenator - ncrename: netCDF Renamer - nctoh5: Convert a NetCDF file into a PyTables (HDF5 format) file - ncurses: CRT screen handling and optimization package - ncurses5-config: helper script for ncurses libraries - ncursesw5-config: helper script for ncurses libraries - ncv: NCR 53C500 based SCSI host adapter driver - ncview: graphically display netCDF files under X windows - ncwa: netCDF Weighted Averager - nc_openbsd: arbitrary TCP and UDP connections and listens - nd: Tiny little command line WebDAV interface - ndbm.h: definitions for ndbm database operations - NDBM_File: Tied access to ndbm files - ndb_config: extract MySQL Cluster configuration information - ndb_delete_all: delete all rows from an NDB table - ndb_desc: describe NDB tables - ndb_drop_index: drop index from an NDB table - ndb_drop_table: drop an NDB table - ndb_error_reporter: NDB error-reporting utility - ndb_mgm: the MySQL Cluster management client - ndb_restore: restore a MySQL Cluster backup - ndb_select_all: print rows from an NDB table - ndb_select_count: print row counts for NDB tables - ndb_show_tables: display list of NDB tables - ndb_size.pl: NDBCLUSTER Size Requirement Estimator - ndb_waiter: wait for MySQL Cluster to reach a given status - ndelay_off: put file descriptor in non-blocking mode - ndelay_on: put file descriptor in non-blocking mode - NDFREE: pathname translation and lookup operations - NDHASGIANT: pathname translation and lookup operations - ndiff: Utility to compare the results of Nmap scans - NDINIT: pathname translation and lookup operations - ndis: NDIS miniport driver wrapper - ndisasm: the Netwide Disassembler, an 80x86 binary file disassembler - ndisc6: ICMPv6 Neighbor Discovery tool - ndisgtk: load Windows wireless drivers with ndiswrapper - NDist: remove noise from high throughput nucleotide sequence data - ndiswrapper-1.9: Linux kernel module and user space tool to load and run... - ndiswrapper: install/modify/remove ndis driver (wrapper) - ndo2db-3x: Stores Nagios event and configuration data to a database - ndrdump: DCE/RPC Packet Parser and Dumper - ndsend: sends an unsolicited Neighbor Advertisement ICMPv6 multicast packet - ndtpcheck: a lint for ndtpd configuration - ndtpcontrol: a controller for ndtpd - ndtpd: the Network Dictionary Transfer Protocol server - ne: A nice editor - ne2k-diag: Diagnostic program for NE2000 ethernet cards - ne2k-pci-diag: EEPROM setup and diagnostic program for PCI NE2000 ethernet... - nearblack: nearblack convert nearly black/white borders to black - nearbyint: round to nearest integer - nearbyintf: round to nearest integer - nearbyintl: round to nearest integer - nearneighbor: A "Nearest neighbor" gridding algorithm - neaten: neaten up output columns - neato: filter for drawing directed graphs neato - nec2: Numerical Electromagnetics Code (Antenna Modelling Program) - nec2diff: NEC2 (Numerical Electromagnetics Code) is software for modelling... - nec2small: Numerical Electromagnetics Code (Antenna Modelling Program) - nedit-nc: Client program for NEdit text editor - nedit: Text Editor - needle: Needleman-Wunsch global alignment of two sequences - needleall: Many-to-many pairwise alignments of two sequence sets - need_uconvert: Tells if a string requires encoding conversion. Allegro game... - nefte: Text editor - neko: Neko virtual machine - nekoc: compile Neko programs to Neko bytecode - nekotools: tools for running Neko programs - Nemesis - nemesis_io.C - nemesis_io.h - Nemesis_IO - nemesis_io_helper.C - nemesis_io_helper.h - Nemesis_IO_Helper - nemiver: graphical debugger for GNOME - neomagic: Neomagic video driver - neon-config: script providing information about installed copy of neon... - neon: HTTP and WebDAV client library - neotoppm: convert an Atari Neochrome .neo into a portable pixmap - nepenthes - nepomukserver: KDE daemon - nepomukservicestub: KDE wrapper around Nepomuk service plugins - neqn: format equations for ascii output - nerr_error_string: return the string associated with a clearsilver error - nerr_error_traceback: return the full traceback of a clearsilver error... - nerr_handle: walk the NEOERR chain for a matching error (clearsilver) - nerr_ignore: free the clearsilver error chain - nerr_init: initialize clearsilver error chain - nerr_log_error: print the error to stderr - nerr_match: walk the NEOERR chain for a matching error (clearsilver) - nerr_pass: pass a clearsilver error up a level in the call chain - nerr_pass_ctx: pass a clearsilver error up a level in the call chain - nerr_register: register a clearsilver error type - nerverot: induces edginess in the viewer - neso: Tryton Application Platform (Standalone Client/Server) - net-snmp-config: returns information about installed net-snmp libraries and... - Net.accept: Accept a connection on a socket - Net.AcceptFailed: Failed to accept connection - Net.CantBind: Can't bind to port - Net.CantGetHost: Host not known - Net.CantInit: Initialisation failed - Net.CantListen: Can't listen on port - Net.closeConnection: Close a connection handle - Net.CloseError: Close failed - Net.closeSocket: Close a socket - Net.connect: Connect to a server - Net.ConnectError: Connection failed - Net.connWaiting: Check for connections waiting on a socket - Net.getHost: Get the host name from a connection handle - Net.listen: Listen on a port - Net.microPending: Return whether data is waiting at a socket - Net.microRecv: Recieve data from a connection - Net.NegativeLength: Negative Length - Net.NetHandle: A network connection - Net.netInit: Initialises networking libraries - Net.NothingToReceive: No data to receive - Net.pending: Return whether data is waiting at a socket - Net.Protocol: The protocol to use - Net.ProtocolNotSupported: Protocol not supported - Net.recv: Recieve data from a connection - Net.recvByte: Recieve data from a connection - Net.recvBytes: Recieve binary data from a connection - net.samba3: Tool for administration of Samba and remote CIFS servers - Net.SelectError: Testing connection failed - Net.send: Send data across a connection - Net.sendByte: Send a single byte across a connection - Net.sendBytes: Send binary data across a connection - Net.SendFailed: Sending data failed - Net.shutdown: Shutdown a network handle - Net.startTLS: Convert an existing connection to use TLS - net: introduction to networking facilities - net2kiss: convert a network AX.25 driver to a KISS stream on a pseudo - net80211: standard interface to IEEE 802.11 devices - netaddr: interactive shell for netaddr Python library - netams: Network Traffic Accounting and Monitoring Software - netamsctl: command-line configuration tool for NeTAMS daemon - netapplet: notification area applet for user-level network configuration - netatalk-config: script to get information about the installed version of... - netatalk-uniconv: convert Netatalk volume encoding - netatalk.conf: Configuration file used by Netatalk to determine its general... - netbeans: Java IDE - netbsd: surfraw(1) search tools - netcap: a program to see capabilities - netcdf: Unidata's Network Common Data Form (netCDF) library interface - netcdf_f77: Unidata's Network Common Data Form (netCDF) library interface - netcdf_f90: Unidata Network Common Data Form (netCDF) library, version 3... - netclose: close an existing socket - netdaemon: monitors network state and alters network configuration - netdb.h: definitions for network database operations - netdevice: Low level access to Linux network devices - netdisco-mibs-download: Downloader for the Netdisco MIB bundle - netdisco-mibs-install: Installer for the Netdisco MIB bundle - netdisco: Internal API - netdiscover: an active/passive arp reconnaissance tool - netemul: computer network simulator - netenv: Configure your system for different network environments - netgame: tile manipulation puzzle game based on FreeNet - netgen: Automatic 3d tetrahedral mesh generator - netgraph: graph based kernel networking subsystem - netgroup: List netgroup members - netgroup: specify network groups - nethack-console: Exploring The Mazes of Menace - nethack-lisp: Exploring The Mazes of Menace - nethack-qt: Exploring The Mazes of Menace - nethack: Exploring The Mazes of Menace - nethackify: assorted text filters - nethogs: Net top tool grouping bandwidth per process - NetInfo: Defines machine interfaces to register with AFS servers - netintro: introduction to networking facilities - netio230a-cli: CLI to python-netio230a - netio230a-discover: detect all Koukaam NETIO-230A devices on your network - netio230a-gui: GUI to python-netio230a - netisr: Kernel network dispatch service - netkey-tool: administrative utility for Netkey E4 cards - netkit-ftp: Internet file transfer program - netkit-ntalk: talk to another user - netkit-rcp: remote file copy - netkit-rlogin: remote login - netkit-rsh: remote shell - netlink: Netlink macros - netlink: Communication between kernel and userspace (AF_NETLINK) - NETLINK_ROUTE: Linux IPv4 routing socket - netload: Network device load monitor - netmask: a netmask generation and conversion program - netmrg-gatherer: Gathers data from devices - NetPacket: assemble/disassemble network packets at the protocol level - netpanzer: an online multiplayer tactical warfare game - netpbm: package of graphics manipulation programs and libraries - netperf: a network performance benchmark - netperfmeter: Network Performance Meter - netpipes: a package to manipulate BSD TCP/IP stream sockets - netplan: IP server for plan(1) appointment lists - netplugd: network cable hotplug management daemon - netrc: user configuration for ftp - netread: read data transported over network using netwrite - netread: receive a message from a socket - netrek-client-cow: manual page for NETREK-CLIENT-COW 3.2.7 - NetRestrict: Defines interfaces not to register with AFS servers - netrik: The ANTRIK internet browser - netrikrc: netrik configuration file - netris-sample-robot: sample robot for netris - netris: networked version of tetris - netrom: NET/ROM amateur packet radio protocol family - netromd: Send and receive NET/ROM routing messages - netrom_call: make an AX.25, NET/ROM, ROSE or TCP connection - netscript-2.4.conf: server IP filter shell script file - netscript-compile: netscript ipfilter-defs compile back end - netscript: netscript network configuration command - netscsid: write data to optical disk media - NetSDS: Service Delivery Suite by Net Style - netsed: network packet stream editor - netsend: a speedy filetransfer and network diagnostic program - netserver: a network performance benchmark server - netslide: tile manipulation puzzle game - netsniff-ng: the packet sniffing beast - netsnmp_agent - netsnmp_baby_steps: * netsnmp_baby_steps_handler_get - netsnmp_bulk_to_next: * netsnmp_get_bulk_to_next_handler - netsnmp_cache_handler: * netsnmp_cache_get_head - netsnmp_container: Net-SNMP null container - netsnmp_debug: void netsnmp_init_serialize - netsnmp_ds_get_boolean: generic storage of global data - netsnmp_ds_get_int: generic storage of global data - netsnmp_ds_get_string: generic storage of global data - netsnmp_ds_register_config: generic storage of global data - netsnmp_ds_register_premib: generic storage of global data - netsnmp_ds_set_boolean: generic storage of global data - netsnmp_ds_set_int: generic storage of global data - netsnmp_ds_set_string: generic storage of global data - netsnmp_ds_shutdown: generic storage of global data - netsnmp_example_scalar_int: This example merely creates some scalar... - netsnmp_handler: * netsnmp_create_handler - netsnmp_instance: * netsnmp_get_instance_handler - netsnmp_iterator_info_s - netsnmp_leaf - netsnmp_library: the Net-SNMP library - netsnmp_mib_handler_methods: Defines the subhandlers to be called by the... - netsnmp_mib_utilities: the Net-SNMP mib parsing and datatype manipulation... - netsnmp_mode_end_call: * netsnmp_get_mode_end_call_handler - netsnmp_multiplexer: * netsnmp_get_multiplexer_handler - netsnmp_old_api: * get_old_api_handler - netsnmp_read_only: * netsnmp_get_read_only_handler - netsnmp_row_merge: * netsnmp_get_row_merge_handler - netsnmp_scalar: * netsnmp_get_scalar_handler - netsnmp_scalar_group_group: * netsnmp_get_scalar_group_handler - netsnmp_serialize: * netsnmp_get_serialize_handler - netsnmp_stash_cache: * netsnmp_get_new_stash_cache - netsnmp_table: * netsnmp_get_table_handler - netsnmp_table_array: int netsnmp_table_container_register - netsnmp_table_data: void netsnmp_table_data_generate_index_oid - netsnmp_table_dataset: void netsnmp_init_table_dataset - netsnmp_table_iterator: Netsnmp_Node_Handler... - netsnmp_utilities - netsnmp_watcher: * netsnmp_get_watcher_handler - netspeed_applet2: Traffic monitor applet for Gnome2 - netstat-nat: Show the natted connections on a linux iptable firewall - netstat: Print network connections, routing tables, interface statistics,... - netsurf-gtk: A small fast web browser - nettle-lfib-stream: pseudorandom generator - nettoe: Networked version of Tic Tac Toe for the console - netwag: graphical front end for netwox - netwatch: Ethernet Internet Protocol Monitor - network-admin: Network Administration Tool - network-config: Simple network configuration tool - network-test: check the network and test if everything is fine - network.conf: server IP filter shell script file - network.h - NetworkEditor: Edits CLAM networks - networking: introduction to networking facilities - NetworkManager.conf: NetworkManager configuration file - NetworkManager: network management daemon - networks: network name information - netwox: examples/tools of the network library netwib - netwrite: write data transported over network for reading using netread - netwrite: send a message on a socket - netxml-ups: Driver for Eaton / MGE Network Management Card / Proxy... - net_add_domain: network domain management - net_adm: Various Erlang Net Administration Routines - net_kernel: Erlang Networking Kernel - net_temp: work with network templates - neverball: 3D floor-tilting game - neverputt: 3D miniature golf game - nevow-xmlgettext: extract translatable strings - new-bug-description-search: searches new bugs by description - new: create and destroy forms - newaliases.sendmail: rebuild the data base for the mail aliases file - newaliases: Send an E-mail message - newaliases: DragonFly Mail Agent - newauto: undocumented LADR4 applications - newbiedoc: Debian documentation for newbies by newbies - newCDKAlphalist: curses sorted list widget - newCDKButton: create and manage a curses button widget - newCDKButtonbox: Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget - newCDKCalendar: curses calendar widget - newCDKDialog: curses dialog widget - newCDKDScale: curses scale widget (type double) - newCDKEntry: curses text-entry widget - newCDKFScale: curses scale widget (type float) - newCDKFselect: curses file selector widget - newCDKFSlider: curses slider widget (type float) - newCDKGraph: curses graph widget - newCDKHistogram: curses histogram widget - newCDKItemlist: curses itemlist widget - newCDKLabel: Creates a managed curses label widget - newCDKMarquee: curses marquee widget - newCDKMatrix: curses matrix widget - newCDKMentry: curses multiple line entry widget - newCDKMenu: curses menu widget - newCDKRadio: curses radio list widget - newCDKScale: curses scale widget (type int) - newCDKScroll: curses scrolling list widget - newCDKSelection: curses selection list widget - newCDKSlider: curses slider widget (type int) - newCDKSwindow: a curses scrolling window widget - newCDKTemplate: a curses template widget - newCDKUScale: curses scale widget (type unsigned) - newCDKUSlider: curses slider widget (type unsigned) - newCDKViewer: curses viewer list widget - newcoils: Predicts coils protein secondary structure - newcpgreport: Identify CpG islands in nucleotide sequence(s) - newcpgseek: Identify and report CpG-rich regions in nucleotide sequence(s) - newedgeg: For each pair of non-adjacent edges, output the graph obtained - newgrp: log in to a new group - newhelp: generate a performance metrics help database - newicktops: A phylogenetic tree drawing program for biologists newicktops - newicktotxt: A phylogenetic tree drawing program for biologists newicktops - newinclude: create a binary mailing list from an :include: file - newlist: Create a new, unpopulated mailing list - newmail: biff like tool for the terminal - NewmarkSystem - newmark_system.C - newmark_system.h - newnfsvserver: Creates a new Debian vserver by downloading packages via... 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