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Page 1 - Page 2 - m-a: manage kernel modules packages - m-acr: ACR/NEMA medical image format (MedCon) - m-anlz: Analyze (SPM) medical image format (MedCon) - m-ecat: CTI ECAT 6/7 medical image format (MedCon) - m-gif: GIF87a and annimated GIF89a format (MedCon) - m-intf: InterFile 3.3 medical image format (MedCon) - m-inw: RUG INW1.0 medical image format (MedCon) - m.cogo: A simple utility for converting bearing and distance measurements... - m.proj: Convert coordinates from one projection to another (cs2cs frontend) - m2ts2ts: Convert m2ts to TS - m4: macro processor - m16c-flash: Flash programmer for Renesas M16C and R8C microcontrollers - m17n-config: Print compile/link options of the m17n library - m17n-conv: convert file code - m17n-date: display date and time - m17n-db: Print information about the m17n database - m17n-dump: dump text image - m17n-edit: edit multilingual text - m17n-im-config: an input method configuration utility for m17n-lib - m17n-view: view file - m17nCharacter: Character objects and API for them - m17nCharset: Charset objects and API for them - m17nChartable: Chartable objects and API for them - m17nConv: Coding system objects and API for them - m17nCore: API provided by libm17n-core.so - m17nDatabase: The m17n database and API for it - m17nDebug: Support for m17n library users to debug their programs - m17nDraw: Drawing M-texts on a window - m17nError: Error handling of the m17n library - m17nFace: A face is an object to control appearance of M-text - m17nFLT: API provided by libm17n-flt.so - m17nFont: Font object - m17nFontset: A fontset is an object that maps a character to fonts - m17nFrame: A frame is an object corresponding to the graphic device - m17nGUI: API provided by libm17n-gui.so - m17nInputMethod: API for Input method - m17nInputMethodWin: Input method support on window systems - m17nIntro: Introduction to the m17n library - m17nLocale: Locale objects and API for them - m17nMisc: Miscellaneous API - m17nMtext: M-text objects and API for them - m17nObject: Objects managed by the reference count - m17nPlist: Property List objects and API for them - m17nShell: API provided by libm17n.so - m17nSymbol: Symbol objects and API for them - m17nTextProperty: Function to handle text properties - m17n_object: Allocate a managed object - m17n_object_ref: Increment the reference count of a managed object - m17n_object_unref: Decrement the reference count of a managed object - m17n_status: Report which part of the m17n library is initialized - ma2asm: Prolog compiler, includes CLP(FD) - maatkit: Essential command-line utilities for MySQL - mac-vendor: Ethernet vendor file for arp-scan - mac: Mandatory Access Control - mac: TrustedBSD Mandatory Access Control framework - mac2unix: DOS/Mac to Unix and vice versa text file format converter - macbethcal: compute color compensation based on measured Macbeth chart - macbinary: Macintosh file format transformer - macchanger-gtk: a GTK+ interface for GNU/MACchanger - macchanger: MAC Changer - mace2: searches for finite countermodels of first-order statements - mace4: searches for finite countermodels of first-order statements - machineparameters: Compute double precision machine parameters - macof: flood a switched LAN with random MAC addresses - macopix: Mascot Constructive Pilot for X - macpack: Macintosh OS X Packager for managed gui assemblies - macports: surfraw(1) search tools - macptopbm: convert a MacPaint file into a portable bitmap - macro1: PDP1 macro assembler - macro7: PDP7 macro assembler - macro8x: PDP8 macro assembler - MacroCmd: a command that composes other commands - macros: When extending Coin, there are a number of macros one needs to know... - macsave: Save Mac files read from standard input - macstream: Convert a series of files to a MacBinary stream - mactime-sleuthkit: Create an ASCII time line of file activity - mactime: an mtime, atime, and ctime reporter - macunpack: Macintosh file de-archiver - macutil: A package that deals with MacIntosh files on a Unix system - mac_back_trusted: Rule Set Based Access Control - mac_biba: Biba data integrity policy - mac_bsdextended: file system firewall policy - mac_get_levels: Rule Set Based Access Control - mac_ifoff: interface silencing policy - mac_lomac: Low-watermark Mandatory Access Control data integrity policy - mac_mls: Multi-Level Security confidentiality policy - mac_none: null MAC policy module - mac_partition: process partition policy - mac_portacl: network port access control policy - mac_seeotheruids: simple policy controlling whether users see other users - mac_set_trusted: Rule Set Based Access Control - mac_stub: MAC policy stub module - mac_test: MAC framework testing policy - mac_wrap: Rule Set Based Access Control - mad: move/copy/append/link multiple files by wildcard patterns - madbomber: a clone of Activision's classic Atari 2600 game, "Kaboom - madfuload: Device firmware loader utility for M-Audio DFU devices - madison-lite: display versions of Debian packages in an archive - madplay: decode and play MPEG audio stream(s) - madvise: give advice about use of memory - madvise1: unimplemented system calls - madwimax: driver for mobile WiMAX equipment based on Samsung CMC-730 - Maelstrom-netd: an arcade-style game resembling Asteroids - Maelstrom: an arcade-style game resembling Asteroids - maf-convert: Convert MAF-format alignments to tabular format - maf-cull: Cull alignments whose top-sequence coordinates are contained in... - maf-join: Join two or more sets of MAF-format multiple alignments - maf-sort: Sort MAF-format alignments by sequence name - maf-swap: changes the order of the sequences in MAF-format alignments - mafft-einsi: Multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide... - mafft-fftns: Multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide... - mafft-fftnsi: Multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide... - mafft-ginsi: Multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide... - mafft-homologs: aligns sequences together with homologues automatically... - mafft-linsi: Multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide... - mafft-profile: Multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide... - mafft: Multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide sequences - mag: computes fontsizes and magsteps - magic: file command's magic pattern file - magicfilter: automatic configurable printer filter - magicfilterconfig: writes interactively a printcap file - magicicada: launch the GUI - Magick-config: get information about the installed version of ImageMagick - MagickCore-config: get information about the installed version of... - MagickWand-config: get information about the installed version of the... - magicmaze: simple monster-bashing game - magicor-editor: Level editor for Magicor - magicor: Puzzle game in the spirit of solomon's key - magicrescue: Scans a block device and extracts known file types by looking... - magicsort: Categorize files by their file(1) magic - magnet-link: calculate/check CRC32, MD5, SHA1, GOST, TTH, BTIH or other... - magnets: magnets puzzle game - magnifier: GNOME Magnifier (gnome-mag) - MagnifyTool: tool for magnifying a portion of the GraphicView displayed in... - magnus: computational group theory software with GUI - mahjongg: A matching game played with Mahjongg tiles - maidag: the mail delivery agent - mail-expire: program to extract outdated messages from mbox files - mail-lock: command-line programs to safely lock and unlock files and... - mail-notification: a mail notification system tray icon - mail-touchlock: command-line programs to safely lock and unlock files and... - mail-unlock: command-line programs to safely lock and unlock files and... - Mail.CantConnect: Could not connect to SMTP server - Mail.HeaderError: Badly-formed SMTP header - mail.local: store mail in a mailbox - mail.mailutils: process mail messages - Mail.sendmail: Send a mail via SMTP - Mail.SMTPError: Error talking to SMTP server - Mail: Handler for Palm Mail databases - mailaddr: mail addressing description - mailagent: an automatic mail-processing tool - mailbot: A MIME-aware autoresponder utility - mailcap.order: the mailcap ordering specifications - mailcap: metamail capabilities file - mailcheck: Check multiple mailboxes and/or Maildirs for new mail - mailcross: a cross-validation simulator for use with dbacl - maildir-bulletin: programs to send mail to all maildir users in a group - maildir-filter: program to filter mail in Maildir folders - maildir.courier: E-mail directory - maildir.maildrop: E-mail directory - maildiracl: manage access control lists - maildirkw: set maildir message keywords - maildirmake.courier: create maildirs and maildir folders - maildirmake.dovecot: creates maildirs and maildir subfolders - maildirmake.maildrop: create maildirs and maildir folders - maildirquota.courier: voluntary Maildir quotas - maildirquota.maildrop: voluntary Maildir quotas - maildirsync: Online synchronizer for Maildir-format mailboxes - maildist: mailagent's commands - maildrop: mail delivery filter/agent - maildropex: maildrop filtering language examples - maildropfilter: maildrop's filtering language - maildropgdbm: GDBM/DB support in maildrop - mailer: script to warn users about their weak passwords - mailexec: run program on messages in mbox file or maildir - mailfilter: Filters e-mail, gets rid of spam - mailfilterex: Mailfilter configuration file examples - mailfilterrc: Mailfilter configuration file - mailfoot: a full-online-ordered-training simulator for use with dbacl - mailgo: shell script for using mgt to automate email go games - mailgraph: daemon which produces graphs of SMTP traffic - mailheaders: Handles SMTP Mail Headers - mailhelp: mailagent's commands - mailinspect: sort an mbox by category and pipe emails to a command - maillock: manage mailbox lockfiles - mailmail: Twisted sendmail compatibility script - mailname: the visible mail name of the system - mailp: POSTSCRIPT pretty printer - mailpatch: mailagent's commands - mailping-cron: run periodic processing to test email service availability... - mailping-latency: Munin plugin to graph latency of mail deliveries - mailping-store: store email from stdin to a mailping incoming maildir - mailping-success: Munin plugin to graph time since last mail delivery - mailplate: reformat mail drafts according to templates - mailpost: Feed an e-mail message into a newsgroup - mailq.sendmail: print the mail queue - mailq: Send an E-mail message - mailq: DragonFly Mail Agent - mailrm: show contents of the mail queue - mailsnarf: sniff mail messages in Berkeley mbox format - Mailsound: Play sounds when mail arrives - mailstat: shows mail-arrival statistics - mailstats: display mail statistics - mailsync: Synchronize IMAP mailboxes - mailtextbody: returns the body of an email message - mailto.conf: configuration file for cups email notifier - mailtoe: a train-on-error simulator for use with dbacl - mailtool: Process mailboxes - mailunlock: manage mailbox lockfiles - mailutil: mail utility program - mailutils-config: display compiler and loader options needed for building - mailx: process messages - MainController.h - mainline: command line interface to Dosage - mainpage.dox - mairix: index and search mail folders - mairixrc: configuration file for mairix(1) - major: manage a device number - major_minor: PERL start engine - make-aisleriot-freecell-board: Programs to generate boards to be used as... - make-clamav-data-package: preliminary manpage clamav-getfiles - make-fai-nfsroot: create the FAI nfsroot directory - make-googleearth-package: builds a googleearth Debian package - make-klone-project: manage a KLone based custom Debian package - make-kpkg: build Debian kernel packages from Linux kernel sources - make-microsoft-freecell-board: Programs to generate boards to be used as... - make-pysol-freecell-board: Programs to generate boards to be used as input... - make-sqldeveloper-package: Oracle SQL Developer Debian package builder - make-ssl-cert: Debconf wrapper for openssl - make.darkmask - make: GNU make utility to maintain groups of programs - make: A Make Utility for Erlang - make2cook: translate makefiles into cookbooks - makeacceptmailfor: Create /etc/courier/esmtpacceptmailfor.dat - makeacm - makeacol: Converts RGBA colors into display dependent pixel formats.... - makeacol32: Converts an RGBA color into a 32-bit display pixel format.... - makeacol_depth: Converts RGBA colors into display dependent pixel formats.... - makeactive: tool to recover Usenet active file - makealiases: Create an alias database - makeastheme: manage themes in the Afterstep windows manager - makebdb: Make a BerkeleyDB database from stdin - makebearoff: generate a GNU Backgammon bearoff database - makebin: convert a Intel IHX file to binary - makebootfat: Makebootfat Bootable FAT Disk Creation - makecat: Build an Interchange catalog from a template - makecbf: convert detector images to CBF format - makecert: Create X.509 certificates for test purposes - makecol: Converts an RGB value into the current pixel format. Allegro game... - makecol8: Converts an RGB value into a display dependent pixel format.... - makecol15: Converts an RGB value into a display dependent pixel format.... - makecol15_dither: Calculates a dithered 15 or 16-bit RGB value. Allegro... - makecol16: Converts an RGB value into a display dependent pixel format.... - makecol16_dither: Calculates a dithered 15 or 16-bit RGB value. Allegro... - makecol24: Converts an RGB value into a display dependent pixel format.... - makecol32: Converts an RGB value into a display dependent pixel format.... - makecol_depth: Converts an RGB value into the specified pixel format.... - makecontext: manipulate user context - makeconv: compile a converter table - makecpt: Make GMT color palette tables - makecsd: Creates a CSD file from the specified input files - makedat.courier: create GDBM/DB files for maildrop - makedat.maildrop: create GDBM/DB files for maildrop - makedb: Create simple DB database from textual input - makedbm: create or dump a ypserv database file - makedbz: Rebuild dbz files - makedepend: create dependencies in makefiles - makedev: manage a device number - MAKEDEV: create devices - makedic: Utility program for generating your own "kanjidic" style... - makedist: a distribution kit maker - makedumpfile: make a small dumpfile of kdump - makeedict: Utility program for generating your own "edict" style... - Makefile.tmpl: templates in the shapeTools RMS - makefile_count: count physical lines of code, given a comment marker - MAKEFLOPPIES: Creates the default floppy device nodes - makefs: create a file system image from a directory tree - makeg: make a debuggable executable - makegdbm: Make a GDBM database from stdin - makehistory: Initialize or rebuild INN history database - makehosteddomains: Build a database of hosted domains - makehyper: generate a GNU Backgammon Hypergammon position database - makeindex: a general purpose, formatter-independent index processor - makeinfo: translate Texinfo documents - makeivs-ng: generate a dummy IVS dump file with a specific WEP key - makejail: Helps creating and maintaining a chroot jail - makejvf: generate VF file from japanese TeX TFM file for dvips - makekdewidgets: Builds Qt(TM) widget plugins from an ini style description... - makemap: create database maps for sendmail - makemat: convert binary profiles into portable ASCII form - makemime: Create MIME-formatted messages - makempy: convert PDF or PostScript text to MetaPost graphics - makemulti: is a Convolution Engine for JACK using FFT-based partitioned... - makensis: A program to create Windows installers - makenucseq: Create random nucleotide sequences - makeobj: run make from the correct directory - makeobj: compile data sets for Simutrans - makepage: convert markdown input to a fully-formed xhtml page - makepasswd: generate and/or encrypt passwords - makepatch: create script to update a source tree - makepattern: make GMT color pattern from b/w pattern or icon - makepercentrelay: Build a list of %-relayed domains - makeprotseq: Create random protein sequences - makeself: An utility to generate self-extractable archives - makeset: build a Bioseq-set from Seq-entries - makeSH: a .SH script maker - makesimple: De-sugar GNU makefiles to its simplest form using the GmakeDB... - makeskel-2.4.4: generate description file for fpdoc - makeskel: generate description file for fpdoc - makeskkcdbdic: SKK dictionary file to cdb converter - makesmtpaccess-msa: Build ESMTP server access file - makesmtpaccess: Build ESMTP server access file - maketestzone: generates a test dnssec zone that can be used to DNSSEC - maketext: translate and make messages - makeuserdb: create /etc/courier/userdb - makeuucpneighbors: Sample Courier mail filter - makeweb: create user web directory - makeweights: generate a GNU Backgammon binary weights file - makexvpics: create xv-compatible thumbnails - make_absolute_filename: Makes an absolute filename from a path and relative... - make_combined_log2: make combined logfile from SQL database - make_das_conf: Create GBrowse config files from DAS sources - make_db: Create the image database needed by pixelize - make_dev: manage cdev's and DEVFS registration for devices - make_dev_alias: manage cdev's and DEVFS registration for devices - make_driver_db_cups: create a printer database from ppd files - make_driver_db_lpr: create a printer database from aps filter database and... - make_edi: generate input files for essential dynamics sampling - make_edi_d: generate input files for essential dynamics sampling - make_encmap: create an XML representation from an Unicode mapping file - make_filelists: count source lines of code (SLOC) - make_method: Turn Perl code into an XML description for RPC::XML::Server - make_my_chamo: Building custom chamo executable - make_ndx: makes index files - make_ndx_d: makes index files - make_relative_filename: Tries to make a relative filename from absolute... - make_services: generate GNUstep services info - make_sockdfc: Generates frozen configuratyion file for SOCKS server - make_sockdfr: Generates frozen route file for SOCKS server - make_socksfc: Generates frozen configuratyion file for SOCKS clients - make_strings: tool to build lists of localizable strings from Objective-C... - make_trans_font: Makes a font use transparency. Allegro game programming... - MAKE_VERSION: Create a 32 bit integer from the Allegro version - make_wagon_desc: Programs for audio and speech manipulation - maki: IRC daemon - mako-render: renders Mako templates - malaga: natural-language word and sentence analysis - malbolge: an interpreter for Malbolge programming language - mallex: generate a Malaga run-time lexicon - malloc: a memory allocator - malloc: kernel memory management routines - MALLOC_DECLARE: kernel memory management routines - MALLOC_DEFINE: kernel memory management routines - malloc_hook: malloc debugging variables - mallopt: dynamic allocation tuning - malmake: compile a Malaga project - malo: Marvell Libertas IEEE 802.11b/g wireless network driver - malrul: compile a Malaga rule file - malshow: show Malaga's results and/or debugging state - malsym: compile a Malaga symbol file - mame: The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator - man-pages: conventions for writing Linux man pages - man: an interface to the on-line reference manuals - man: macros to format man pages - man2html: format a manual page in html - mana: Mana: A 2D MMORPG client - manage_jobq: Sched job queue manager - mancala-text: simple board game for human player and computer - mancala: simple board game for human player and computer - manconv: convert manual page from one encoding to another - mandb: create or update the manual page index caches - manderlbot: An erlang IRC bot - mandos-client: Client for Mandos - mandos-clients.conf: Configuration file for the Mandos server - mandos-ctl: Control the operation of the Mandos server - mandos-keygen: Generate key and password for Mandos client and server - mandos-monitor: Text-based GUI to control the Mandos server - mandos.conf: Configuration file for the Mandos server - mandos: Gives encrypted passwords to authenticated Mandos clients - mangler: a Ventrilo compatible client for Linux - mango-lassi: Share mouse and pointer with other computers - manhole: Connect to a Twisted Manhole service - manicheck: check manifest accuracy - manifake: creates a MANIFEST.new out of a MANIFEST file - manilist: report status of files in a source directory - manip: manip - manips - Manipulator: base class for defining direct-manipulation semantics - manipulators: Manipulators defined in the FBB namespace - manlifter: mass-conversion script and test harness for doclifter - manpage-alert: check for binaries without corresponding manpages - manpath: determine search path for manual pages - manpath: format of the /etc/manpath.config file - manual_user_enter_context: determine SELinux context(s) for user sessions - manx: a list of Manx Gaelic words - map-partition: Spectral bisection of observation graphs - Map.Make: Functor building an implementation of the map structure given a... - Map.OrderedType: Input signature of the functor Map.Make - Map.S: Output signature of the functor Map.Make - Map: Association tables over ordered types - map: map colouring game - map2slim: maps gene associations to a 'slim' ontology - mapc: A map compiler for Neverball and Neverputt - maphimbu: histogram builder for 1-d numerical and text data - mapiadmin_ctx - mapiadmin_init - mapiadmin_release - mapiadmin_user_add - mapiadmin_user_del - mapiadmin_user_extend - mapiprofile: administer OpenChange MAPI Profiles databases - mapiproxy-documentation: .PP - mapistore-documentation: .PP - mapistore.h - mapistoredb_dump_conf - mapistoredb_get_firstorg - mapistoredb_get_firstou - mapistoredb_get_netbiosname - mapistoredb_set_firstorg - mapistoredb_set_firstou - mapistoredb_set_netbiosname - mapistore_add_context - mapistore_add_context_indexing - mapistore_add_context_ref_count - mapistore_backend.h - mapistore_backend - mapistore_backend_get_installdir - mapistore_backend_load - mapistore_backend_lookup - mapistore_backend_lookup_by_uri - mapistore_backend_run_init - mapistore_closedir - mapistore_common.h - mapistore_createmessage - mapistore_defs.h - mapistore_deletemessage - MAPISTORE_DELETION_TYPE - mapistore_del_context - MAPISTORE_DFLT_FOLDERS - mapistore_errors.h - mapistore_errstr - MAPISTORE_ERR_BACKEND_REGISTER - MAPISTORE_FOLDER_TABLE - mapistore_getprops - mapistore_get_database_path - mapistore_get_fid_by_name - mapistore_get_folder_count - mapistore_get_mapping_path - mapistore_get_message_count - mapistore_get_table_property - mapistore_indexing_add - mapistore_indexing_del - mapistore_indexing_get_folder_list - mapistore_indexing_record_add_fid - mapistore_indexing_record_add_mid - mapistore_indexing_record_del_fid - mapistore_indexing_record_del_mid - mapistore_init - mapistore_message - MAPISTORE_MESSAGE_TABLE - mapistore_mkdir - mapistore_namedprops_get_mapped_id - mapistore_opendir - mapistore_openmessage - MAPISTORE_PERMANENT_DELETE - mapistore_release - mapistore_release_record - mapistore_rmdir - mapistore_savechangesmessage - mapistore_search_context_by_uri - mapistore_setprops - mapistore_set_database_path - mapistore_set_mapping_path - MAPISTORE_SOFT_DELETE - mapistore_submitmessage - MAPISTORE_SUCCESS - MAPISTORE_TABLE_TYPE - MapIterator.h - mapivi: Picture Viewer and Organizer MaPiVi means Martin's Picture Viewer - mapi_obj_bookmark - mapi_obj_store - mapnik-plugin-base: determine path to Mapnik plugins - mapnik-viewer: GUI for rendering and viewing maps based on Mapnik mapfiles - mapper: Create graphical maps of DNS zone data - mapproj: Map projection routines - mapproject: Forward and Inverse map transformation of 2-D coordinates - mapscrn: load EGA/VGA console screen font - maptool: parse osm textfile and converts to NavIt binfile format - maptransfer-server: allows easy up - maptransfer: allows easy up - mapvector.h - mapvector - mapvector_const_veclike_iterator: mapvector - mapvector_veclike_iterator: mapvector - mapview: package for sequence alignment of multiple genomes - map_slippy: Common code for slippy based map packages - map_slippy_cache: Management of a tile cache in the local filesystem - map_slippy_fetcher: Accessing a server providing tiles for slippy - maq: Mapping and Assembly with Qualities - maqview: Maq alignment indexer and viewer Page 1 - Page 2

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