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This are man pages for commands starting with letter K.

Page 1 - Page 2 - k3b: KDE CD burning program - k3d-renderframe: Part of a simple system for queueing K-3D render jobs on... - k3d-renderjob: Part of a simple system for queueing K-3D render jobs on the... - k3d-sl2xml: Parses a RenderMan shader to create a meta file used by the... - k3d-uuidgen: generates unique ID - k3d: 3D modeling and animation system - k3dsurf: tool for mathematical surfaces - k5srvutil: host key table (keytab) manipulation utility - k5start: Obtain and optionally keep active a Kerberos v5 ticket - k9copy: DVD copy tool for KDE - k9play: A movie playing utility - k9xineplayer: A movie playing utility - ka-forwarder: Forward AFS Authentication Server requests to another server - kab2kabc: KDE address book converter - kabcclient: commandline client for the KDE addressbook - kabikaboo: recursive writing assistant - kacpimon: Kernel ACPI Event Monitor - kaddprinterwizard: Start the add printer wizard - kadm5_check_password_quality: Heimdal warning and error functions - kadmin.local: Kerberos V5 database administration program - kadmin: Kerberos V5 database administration program - kadmin: Kerberos administration utility - kadmind: KADM5 administration server - kadu: instant messenger for Gadu-Gadu protocol - kaget: a TakTuk wrapper for cluster management - kakasi-config: script to get information about the installed version of... - kakasi: Kanji kana simple inverter (between Kanji, both Kana and Romaji) - kaleidescope: rotating line segments - kali: draw tilings, frieze patterns, etc - kalign: performs multiple alignment of biological sequences - kaliprint: draw tilings, frieze patterns, etc - kalt: print a random German adage regeln - kalzium: A KDE based chemistry teaching tool - kamoso: Webcam picture retriever - kanatest: a beginner's drill game to learn Japanese kana characters - kanif.conf: configuration file for kanif - kanif: a TakTuk wrapper for cluster management - kanjipad: handwriting recognition for Kanji - kannel: Parts of Kannel, the WAP and SMS gateway - kantiword: installs desktop icon for d'n'd function of antiword - kanyremote: KDE frontend for anyRemote - kapptemplate: creates a framework to develop a KDE application - kaptain: Universal graphical front-end for command-line programs - kaput: a TakTuk wrapper for cluster management - karma_helper: adjusts the state of the Rio Karma - kas: Introduction to the kas command suite - kash: a TakTuk wrapper for cluster management - KASSERT: kernel expression verification macro - kasumi: a personal dictionary manager for Anthy - kas_apropos: Displays each help entry containing a keyword string - kas_create: Creates an entry in the Authentication Database - kas_delete: Deletes an entry from the Authentication Database - kas_examine: Displays information from an Authentication Database entry - kas_forgetticket: Discards all tickets for the issuer - kas_help: Displays help for kas commands - kas_interactive: Enters interactive mode - kas_list: Displays all entries in the Authentication Database - kas_listtickets: Displays all of the issuer's tickets (tokens) - kas_noauthentication: Discards an authenticated identity in interactive... - kas_quit: Leaves interactive mode - kas_setfields: Sets fields in an Authentication Database entry - kas_setpassword: Changes the key field in an Authentication Database entry - kas_statistics: Displays statistics from an Authentication Server process - kas_stringtokey: Converts a character string into an octal key - kas_unlock: Unlocks a locked user account - katalyzer: analyzes Kate streams and displays various information about... - kate: Advanced text editor for KDE - katedec: decodes Kate streams to a textual description - KateDJ: edits and remixes Kate streams in Ogg - kateenc: create Kate streams from text input - katerm: a VT102 emulator for the X window system - katomic: The Atomic Entertainment Handbook - katoob: A Gtk2 light weight multilingual BiDi aware text editor - kawari_decode2: kawari 8.0 encoder/decoder - kawari_encode: kawari 8.0 encoder/decoder - kawari_encode2: kawari 8.0 encoder/decoder - kaya-rekey: Binary key regeneration for kaya web applications - kaya: Top-level interpreter for the kaya language - kayac: Compiler for the kaya language - KayaDoc.Constructor: A constructor function - KayaDoc.DataSummary: A data type - KayaDoc.describeDataHTML: Describe a data type in HTML - KayaDoc.describeDataMan: Describe a data type in man page format - KayaDoc.describeExceptionHTML: Describe an Exception in HTML - KayaDoc.describeExceptionMan: Describe an Exception in man page format - KayaDoc.describeFunctionHTML: Describe a function in HTML - KayaDoc.describeFunctionMan: Describe a function in man page format - KayaDoc.EntryLocation: An entry within the document - KayaDoc.EntryType: Types of documentation entry - KayaDoc.ExceptionSummary: An Exception - KayaDoc.extractSummary: Find the summary component of a documentation block - KayaDoc.findEntry: Find a documentation entry - KayaDoc.FunctionSummary: A function - KayaDoc.listDataTypes: Lists data types in a module - KayaDoc.listExceptions: Lists Exceptions in a module - KayaDoc.listFunctions: Lists functions in a module - KayaDoc.listTypes: Lists type synonyms in a module - KayaDoc.manFilename: Return the man page name for a function or data type - KayaDoc.maniseContents: Convert the contents of a (e.g.)... - KayaDoc.manSummary: Convert a summary to man page format - KayaDoc.manTime: Return a time for a man page - KayaDoc.ModuleContext: EntryModule not allowed - KayaDoc.moduleSummary: Get the summary of a module - KayaDoc.NoSuchEntry: No such entry - KayaDoc.readDoc: Read an -xmldocs .xml file - KayaDoc.readString: Read a String from an -xmldocs file - KayaDoc.toHTML: Convert API documentation to HTML - KayaDoc.toMan: Convert API documentation to man page format - KayaDoc.TypeSynonym: A type synonym - kayadoc2man: Automatic man pages for Kaya modules - KayaDociseContents: Convert the contents of a (e.g.) <prose>... - kayali: a qt and maxima-based computer algebra system - Kayurses.clearScreen: Clear the screen - Kayurses.endScreen: End Curses - Kayurses.hideCursor: Hide the cursor - Kayurses.printAt: Add new text - Kayurses.printAtColour: Add new coloured text - Kayurses.readChar: Read a character - Kayurses.showCursor: Show the cursor - Kayurses.startScreen: Initialise Curses - Kayurses.updateScreen: Update the screen - Kayurses.waitChar: Wait for input - Kayurses.WeightName: Text weights - kbackup: An easy to use backup program - kball: a game of skill and reflexes for all the family - kbattleship: The KDE Battleship clone - kbd-compat: load EGA/VGA console screen font - kbd-config: Configure the console keyboard - kbd: Keyboard input driver - kbdmux: keyboard multiplexer - kbdrate: reset the keyboard repeat rate and delay time - kbd_mode: report or set the keyboard mode - kblackbox: KDE Blackbox Game - kbookmarkmerger: A program for merging a given set of bookmarks into the... - kbounce: KDE Jezz Ball game - kbruch: Learn calculating with fractions - kbuildsycoca: Rebuilds the system configuration cache - kbuildsycoca4: Rebuilds the system configuration cache - kc: generate C code from Kimwitu input - kc2img: convert KC files to raw KC tape images - kc2raw: convert KC files to KC memory dumps - kc2tap: convert KC files to raw KC tape images - kc2wav: convert KC files audio files (.WAV format) - kcachegrind: a visualisation tool for valgrind profiling output - kcc: Kanji code coverter with encoding auto detection - kcemu-remote: A remote controller for the KC 85/4 Emulator - kcemu: The KC 85/4 Emulator - kcheckgmail: A Google Mail notifier for KDE - kchmviewer: Windows CHM viewer for KDE - kcm: is a process based credential cache for Kerberos tickets - kcmshell: tool to start single KDE control modules - kcollectd: view collectd datacollections - kcoloredit: color palette file editor for KDE 4 - kcometen4.kss: An OpenGL screensaver with exploding comets - kconfig_compiler: KDE configuration compiler - kconf_update: KDE Tool for updating user configuration files - kcookiejar: HTTP Cookie Daemon - kcookiejar4: KDE HTTP cookie daemon - kcov: Code coverage analysis using DWARF debugging information - kctape: handle tape files for KCemu - kdb: Elektra key database command line administration tool - kdb: int kdbMount - kdb5_ldap_util: Kerberos Configuration Utility - kdb5_util: Kerberos database maintenance utility - kdbg: a graphical debugger interface - kdbhighlevel: int kdbGetKey - kdc.conf: Kerberos V5 KDC configuration file - kdc: Kerberos 5 server - kdc2jpeg: convert Kodac kdc files to jpeg - kdc2tiff: convert Kodac kdc files to tiff - kde-config-tablet: kcm module that implements a GUI for the Wacom Linux... - kde-config: A little program to output installation paths - kde-menu: KDE Menu query tool - kde4-config: Prints KDE installation paths - kde4-gnash: GNU Flash (SWF) Player - kde4-window-decorator: Compiz window decorator for the KDE desktop... - kdecmake: Reference of available CMake custom modules - kded: triggers Sycoca database updates when needed - kded4: KDE daemon - kdeinit: KDE process launcher - kdeinit4: KDE process launcher - kdeinit_shutdown: shuts down kdeinit master process - kdeinit_wrapper: start applications via kdeinit - kdenlive: An open source non-linear video editor - kdenlive_render: Render program for Kdenlive - kdeoptions: Common commandline options for all applications based on the... - kDepIDB: framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks - kDepObj: framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks - kDepPre: framework for writing simple makefiles for complex tasks - kdestroy: destroy Kerberos tickets - kdesudo: a sudo frontend for KDE - kdesu_stub: used by KDE su - kdesvn: A Subversion client for KDE (standalone application) - kdesvnaskpass: ssh-askpass for kdesvn - kdevelop: Integrated Development Environment for KDE - kdiff3: compares two or three input files or directories - kdm.options: configuration options for X display manager - kdm: KDE Display Manager - kdmctl: kdm remote control application - kdm_config: helper program for kdm to read configuration files - kdm_greet: KDE greeter module for kdm - kdocker: puts everything to traybar - kdontchangethehostname: Informs KDE about a change in hostname - kdostartupconfig: KDE configuration options loader - kdrill: drill program for kanji chars under Xwindows (X11R5 or better is... - kdump-config: configure kdump, check status, or save a vmcore file - kdump-tools: configuration file for the kdump-tools init script - kdump: This is just a placeholder until real man page has been written - keditbookmarks: Bookmark Organizer and Editor - keen: game based on KenKen - keep-one-running: run just one instance at a time of some command and... - keepalived.conf: configuration file for keepalived - keepalived: keepalive demon - keepass2: password manager - keepassx: password manager - kelbt: generate backtracking LR parsers - KellyErrorEstimator - KellySlater: part of ANTS registration suite - kelly_error_estimator.C - kelly_error_estimator.h - ken: assorted text filters - kenny: assorted text filters - kenv: kernel environment - kep_reload: Update Predict's Keplerian elements - kerberos: introduction to the Kerberos system - kerberos: introduction to the Kerberos system - kerberos_selinux: Security Enhanced Linux Policy for Kerberos - kermit-sshsub: C-Kermit 8.0 - kermit: C-Kermit 8.0: transport - kermrc: C-Kermit 8.0 - kernacc: check memory regions for accessibility - kernel-img.conf: site wide configuration file for kernel image packages - kernel-package: A system for creating kernel related packages - kernel-packageconfig: Internal handler of /etc/kernel-pkg.conf - kernel-pkg.conf: configuration file for make-kpkg - kernel-wedge: industrial stength kernel splitter - kernel: low - kernel: The Kernel Application - kerneloops: program to collect and submit kernel oopses to kerneloops.org - kerneltop: shows linux kernel function usage in a style like top - kernel_mount: functions provided as part of the kernel mount interface - kernel_reg: image processing library - kernel_vmount: functions provided as part of the kernel mount interface - kEsetroot: Eterm accessory programs - ketchup: Utility to update the kernel source - ketm: Kill everything that moves - keurocalc: A KDE-based universal currency converter and calculator - kevent: kernel event notification mechanism - kexec: directly boot into a new kernel - key-mon: Keyboard and mouse monitor window for GTK - key: alternative for S/KEY's "key" command - key: Key * keyNew - keyanalyze: Web of Trust analysis - keyarch: DNSSEC-Tools daemon to archive old KSK and ZSK keys - KeyArcher: Interactive keyed-archive explorer for GNUstep - keyboard-request: event signalling console press of Alt-UpArrow - keyboard: pc keyboard interface - keyboardcast: keyboard multiplexer - keyboard_callback: User specified keyboard callback handler. Allegro game... - keyboard_clearstate: reset the state of all keys when in raw keyboard mode - keyboard_close: return the keyboard to normal operation from raw mode - keyboard_getstate: get a pointer to a buffer holding the state of all keys... - keyboard_init: initialize the keyboard to raw mode - keyboard_init_return_fd: initialize the keyboard to raw mode - keyboard_keypressed: check if a key is pressed when in raw keyboard mode - keyboard_lowlevel_callback: User specified low level keyboard event handler... - keyboard_needs_poll: Tells if the keyboard needs polling. Allegro game... - keyboard_setdefaulteventhandler: define an event handler for keyboard... - keyboard_seteventhandler: define an event handler for keyboard events in... - keyboard_translatekeys: modify scancode mappings in raw keyboard mode - keyboard_ucallback: User specified unicode keyboard callback handler.... - keyboard_update: process raw keyboard events - keyboard_waitforupdate: process raw keyboard events - keybound: return definition of keycode - keybound_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - keychain: re-use ssh-agent and/or gpg-agent between logins - keyctl: Key management facility control - keyctl: Manipulate the kernel's key management facility - keyctl_assume_authority: Assume the authority to instantiate a key... - keyctl_chown: Change the ownership of a key - keyctl_clear: Clear a keyring - keyctl_describe: Describe a key - keyctl_describe_alloc: Describe a key - keyctl_get_keyring_ID: Get the ID of a special keyring - keyctl_instantiate: Assume the authority to instantiate a key... - keyctl_join_session_keyring: Join a different session keyring - keyctl_link: Link a key to a keyring keyctl_unlink - keyctl_negate: Assume the authority to instantiate a key keyctl_instantiate - keyctl_read: Read a key - keyctl_read_alloc: Read a key - keyctl_revoke: Revoke a key - keyctl_search: Search a keyring for a key - keyctl_setperm: Change the permissions mask on a key - keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring: Set the implicit destination keyring - keyctl_set_timeout: Set the expiration timer on a key - keyctl_unlink: Link a key to a keyring keyctl_unlink - keyctl_update: Update a key - keyd: Backend key serving daemon for the onak PGP keyserver - keydctl: control an onak keyd instance - KeyFile: Defines AFS server encryption keys - keyjnote: presentation tool with eye candy - keylaunch: A utility for binding commands to a hot key - Keylist: Keyed list management routines - keylookup: Fetch and Import GnuPG keys from keyservers - KeyMap: activates controls given their keyboard equivalents - keymaps: keyboard table descriptions for loadkeys and dumpkeys - keymeta: int keyStat - keyname: const char * keyName - keyname_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - keynav: a keyboard-driven mouse cursor mover - keyok: enable or disable a keycode - keyok_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - keypad: curses input options - keypressed: Tells if there are keypresses waiting in the input buffer.... - keysafe: a safe to put your passwords in - keyset: KeySet * ksNew - keysyms: keysyms recognized by Tk... - keytab-lilo: compile keytables files for use with LILO - keytab2shishi: Shishi host key conversion tool - keytest: reports names of pressed keys - keytest: int keyNeedStat - keytouch-acpid: configure extra 'multimedia' keys - keytouch-editor: An editor for keytouch keyboard definition files - keytouch-init: configure extra 'multimedia' keys - keytouch-keyboard-bin: configure extra 'multimedia' keys - keytouch-keyboard: configure extra 'multimedia' keys - keytouch: configure extra 'multimedia' keys - keytouchd-launch: start keytouch-related daemons in background - keytouchd: configure extra 'multimedia' keys - keyvalue: const void * keyValue - key_decryptsession: interfaces to rpc keyserver daemon - key_defined: check if a keycode is defined - key_defined_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - key_encryptsession: interfaces to rpc keyserver daemon - key_gendes: interfaces to rpc keyserver daemon - key_led_flag: Flag to prevent the keyboard LEDs from being updated. Allegro... - key_name: miscellaneous curses utility routines - key_secretkey_is_set: interfaces to rpc keyserver daemon - key_setsecret: interfaces to rpc keyserver daemon - key_shifts: Bitmask containing the current state of modifier keys. Allegro... - kf-slam: SLAM method using Kalman filtering - kf: securely forward tickets - kfax: fax viewer for KDE 4 - kfd: receive forwarded tickets - kfile: A commandline tool to read and modify metadata of files - kfilereplace: Batch search and replace tool - kfind: file find utility for KDE - kfmclient: KDE tool for opening URLs from the command line - kfmexec: open remote files, watch modifications, ask for upload - kfourinline: Connect Four clone for KDE - kfourinlineproc: AI backend for kfourinline - kfritz: Notifies about phone activity and browses call history and... - kftp: ARPANET file transfer program - kftpgrabber: ftp client for KDE - kgb-bot: an IRC bot helping collaborative work - kgb-client: relay commits to KGB servers - kgb: .kgb files archiver - kgetcred: get a ticket for a particular service - kgmailnotifier: Gmail notifier applet for KDE - kgoldrunner: KDE version of the Loderunner arcade game - kgrab: screen shot utility for KDE 4 - kgrantpty: KDE helper program to fix terminal permissions - khangman: The classical hangman game for KDE - khim: Provides key bindings for entering international characters on a... - khmerconverter: convert between legacy Khmer encodings and Unicode - khotnewstuff: KDE tool to test GHNS repositories - kibitz: allow two people to interact with one shell - kic: an editor for integrated circuits and photolithography masks - kicad: manager application for Kicad projects - kiconedit: KDE Icon Editor - kid: manual page for Kid 0.7a - kid3-qt: Kid3 ID3 Tagger - kid3: Kid3 ID3 Tagger - kidc: manual page for option --version not recognized - kig: an interactive geometry program for KDE - kiki-the-nano-bot: Kiki the nano bot, a 3D puzzle game - kiki: tool for python regular expression testing - kildclient: A powerful MUD client with a built-in Perl interpreter - kile: the KDE Integrated LaTeX Environment - kill-acms: an aerial combat simulator for X (version 4.X) - kill-ifupdown-scripts-zg2.d-symlinks: preliminary manpage... - kill: send a signal to a process - kill: send signal to a process - kill: send a signal to a process or a group of processes - killall: kill processes by name - killall5: send a signal to all processes - killchar: curses environment query routines - killchar_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - killer: Background job killer - killpg: send signal to a process group - killpg: send a signal to a process group - killposte: delete the names and the postal codes of the cities from the... - killproc: kernel signal functions - killwchar: curses environment query routines - kill_ctndisp: Generic CTN manual page - kill_ctnnetwork: Generic CTN manual page - kimagemapeditor: an HTML image map editor for KDE - kimpersonate: impersonate a user when there exist a srvtab, keyfile or... - kinect-3d-slam: Demo for Kinect sensor and 3D SLAM - kinit: obtain and cache Kerberos ticket-granting ticket - kino: non-linear editing of Digital Video data - kino2raw: output a Kino SMIL as raw DV to stdout - KinoSearch: Search engine library - KinoSearch1: search engine library - KinoSearch1__Analysis__Analyzer: base class for analyzers - KinoSearch1__Analysis__LCNormalizer: convert input to lower case - KinoSearch1__Analysis__PolyAnalyzer: multiple analyzers in series - KinoSearch1__Analysis__Stemmer: reduce related words to a shared root - KinoSearch1__Analysis__Stopalizer: suppress a "stoplist" of... - KinoSearch1__Analysis__Token: unit of text - KinoSearch1__Analysis__TokenBatch: a collection of tokens - KinoSearch1__Analysis__Tokenizer: customizable tokenizing - KinoSearch1__Docs__FileFormat: overview of invindex file format - KinoSearch1__Docs__Tutorial: sample indexing and search applications - KinoSearch1__Document__Doc: a document - KinoSearch1__Document__Field: a field within a document - KinoSearch1__Highlight__Encoder: encode excerpted text - KinoSearch1__Highlight__Formatter: format highlighted bits within excerpts - KinoSearch1__Highlight__Highlighter: create and highlight excerpts - KinoSearch1__Highlight__SimpleHTMLEncoder: encode a few HTML entities - KinoSearch1__Highlight__SimpleHTMLFormatter: surround highlight bits with... - KinoSearch1__Index__Term: string of text associated with a field - KinoSearch1__InvIndexer: build inverted indexes - KinoSearch1__QueryParser__QueryParser: transform a string into a Query... - KinoSearch1__Searcher: execute searches - KinoSearch1__Search__BooleanQuery: match boolean combinations of Queries - KinoSearch1__Search__Hit: successful match against a Query - KinoSearch1__Search__Hits: access search results - KinoSearch1__Search__MultiSearcher: Aggregate results from multiple... - KinoSearch1__Search__PhraseQuery: match ordered list of Terms - KinoSearch1__Search__Query: base class for search queries - KinoSearch1__Search__QueryFilter: build a filter based on results of a... - KinoSearch1__Search__SearchClient: connect to a remote SearchServer - KinoSearch1__Search__SearchServer: make a Searcher remotely accessible - KinoSearch1__Search__TermQuery: match individual Terms - KinoSearch1__Store__FSInvIndex: file system InvIndex - KinoSearch1__Store__InvIndex: inverted index - KinoSearch1__Store__RAMInvIndex: in-memory InvIndex - kinput2-canna-wnn: kanji input server for X11 - kinput2-canna: kanji input server for X11 - kinput2-wnn: kanji input server for X11 - kinstalltheme: KDE Tool to build a cache list of all pixmap themes... - kioexec: open remote files, watch modifications, ask for upload - kio_http_cache_cleaner: KDE HTTP cache maintenance tool - kio_uiserver: KDE Progress Information UI Server - kism3d: 802.11 visualizer for s3d - kismet.conf: Wireless sniffing and monitoring configuration file - kismet: Wireless sniffing and monitoring - kismet_drone.conf: Wireless sniffing and monitoring drone configuration... - kismet_drone: Wireless sniffing and monitoring remote drone - kismet_ui.conf: Wireless sniffing and monitoring configuration file - kissattach: Attach a KISS or 6PACK interface - kissbridge: connect scc port to a pty device - kissnetd: Create a virtual network - kissparms: Configure KISS TNCs - kita2: 2ch client for KDE - kitpost: posts distribution kits - kitsend: sends distribution kits - kitsune: Program to solve mathematical problems - kjs: KDE ECMAScript compatible interpreter - kjscmd: KDE KJSEmbed interpreter - klash: GNU Flash (SWF) Player - klatency: Xenomai kernel latency test - klatexformula: Gui to generate pictures from latex formulas - klatexformula_cmdl: Gui to generate pictures from latex formulas - klauncher: daemon for service activation in KDE - klavaro: Flexible touch typing tutor using GTK+2 - klcc: compile a program against klibc - kld: dynamic kernel linker facility - kldfind: returns the fileid of a kld file - kldfirstmod: return first module id from the kld file specified - kldload: load KLD files into the kernel - kldnext: return the fileid of the next kld file - kldstat: get status of kld file - kldsym: look up address by symbol name in a KLD - kldunload: unload kld files - kldunloadf: unload kld files - klein: Draws a 4d Klein bottle - klick: An advanced metronome for JACK - klickety: a little game about balls and how to get rid of them - klines: Color Lines game for KDE - klinkstatus: a web link validity checker for KDE - klist: list cached Kerberos tickets - klog.afs: Authenticates with the Authentication Server - klog.krb5: Authenticates to Kerberos and obtains a token - klog: The KDE Ham Radio Logging program - klogd: Kernel Log Daemon - klogind: remote login server - klone: KLone swiss army knife - kloned.conf: The configuration file for the kloned daemon - kloned: klone daemon - kluppe: loop-player and recorder designed for live use - kmag: Screen magnifier - kmahjongg: Mahjongg game for KDE - kmailservice: mail service - kmchart: strip chart tool for Performance Co-Pilot - kmdr-editor: editor for the Kommander visual dialog building tool - kmdr-executor: executor for the Kommander visual dialog building tool - kmdr-plugins: plugin manager for the Kommander visual dialog building tool - kmdr2po: create a PO-file from a Kommander dialog Page 1 - Page 2

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