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Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - geany: a small and lightweight IDE - gearhead: roguelike mecha role playing game - gearman: command line interface for Gearman clients and workers - gearmand: Gearman client/worker connector - gearmand: Gearman job server - gearman_bugreport: Gearman Declarations - gearman_client_add_options: Client Declarations - gearman_client_add_server: Client Declarations - gearman_client_add_servers: Client Declarations - gearman_client_add_task: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_add_task_background: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_add_task_high: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_add_task_high_background: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_add_task_low: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_add_task_low_background: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_add_task_status: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_clear_fn: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_clone: Client Declarations - gearman_client_context: Client Declarations - gearman_client_create: Client Declarations - gearman_client_do: Single Task Interface - gearman_client_do_background: Single Task Interface - gearman_client_do_high: Single Task Interface - gearman_client_do_high_background: Single Task Interface - gearman_client_do_job_handle: Single Task Interface - gearman_client_do_low: Single Task Interface - gearman_client_do_low_background: Single Task Interface - gearman_client_do_status: Single Task Interface - gearman_client_echo: Single Task Interface - gearman_client_errno: Client Declarations - gearman_client_error: Client Declarations - gearman_client_free: Client Declarations - gearman_client_job_status: Single Task Interface - gearman_client_options: Client Declarations - gearman_client_remove_options: Client Declarations - gearman_client_remove_servers: Client Declarations - gearman_client_run_tasks: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_set_complete_fn: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_set_context: Client Declarations - gearman_client_set_created_fn: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_set_data_fn: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_set_exception_fn: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_set_fail_fn: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_set_log_fn: Client Declarations - gearman_client_set_options: Client Declarations - gearman_client_set_status_fn: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_set_task_context_free_fn: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_set_timeout: Client Declarations - gearman_client_set_warning_fn: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_set_workload_fn: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_set_workload_free_fn: Client Declarations - gearman_client_set_workload_malloc_fn: Client Declarations - gearman_client_task_free_all: Concurrent Task Interface - gearman_client_timeout: Client Declarations - gearman_client_wait: Client Declarations - gearman_job_free: Job Declarations - gearman_job_free_all: Worker Declarations - gearman_job_function_name: Job Declarations - gearman_job_handle: Job Declarations - gearman_job_send_complete: Job Declarations - gearman_job_send_data: Job Declarations - gearman_job_send_exception: Job Declarations - gearman_job_send_fail: Job Declarations - gearman_job_send_status: Job Declarations - gearman_job_send_warning: Job Declarations - gearman_job_take_workload: Job Declarations - gearman_job_unique: Job Declarations - gearman_job_workload: Job Declarations - gearman_job_workload_size: Job Declarations - gearman_parse_servers: Gearman Declarations - gearman_task_context: Task Declarations - gearman_task_data: Task Declarations - gearman_task_data_size: Task Declarations - gearman_task_denominator: Task Declarations - gearman_task_free: Task Declarations - gearman_task_function_name: Task Declarations - gearman_task_give_workload: Task Declarations - gearman_task_is_known: Task Declarations - gearman_task_is_running: Task Declarations - gearman_task_job_handle: Task Declarations - gearman_task_numerator: Task Declarations - gearman_task_recv_data: Task Declarations - gearman_task_send_workload: Task Declarations - gearman_task_set_context: Task Declarations - gearman_task_take_data: Task Declarations - gearman_task_unique: Task Declarations - gearman_top: Monitor the gearman job server - gearman_verbose_name: Gearman Declarations - gearman_version: Gearman Declarations - gearman_worker_add_function: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_add_options: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_add_server: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_add_servers: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_clone: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_context: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_create: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_echo: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_errno: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_error: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_free: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_function_exist: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_grab_job: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_options: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_register: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_remove_options: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_remove_servers: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_set_context: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_set_log_fn: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_set_options: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_set_timeout: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_set_workload_free_fn: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_set_workload_malloc_fn: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_timeout: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_unregister: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_unregister_all: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_wait: Worker Declarations - gearman_worker_work: Worker Declarations - gears: draw interlocking gears, for xscreensaver - gebabbel: GPS file conversion and transfer from/to GPS units - ged2gwb: Create a GeneWeb database from a GEDCOM file - gedit: text editor for the GNOME Desktop - geecee: Calculate fractional GC content of nucleic acid sequences - geekcode: generate geek code block - geeqie-gps: GTK based multiformat image viewer - geeqie-standard: GTK based multiformat image viewer - geeqie: GTK based multiformat image viewer - geier: Command line interface to the Geier library - geiser-racket: REPL server for geiser and racket - geistest: test operation of the GEIS API - geki2: a vertical shoot'em-up - geki3: a horizontal shoot'em-up - gelemental: periodic table viewer - gem: ERI/GEM/GMAC Ethernet device driver - gem1.8: the front end to RubyGems - gem1.9.1: the front end to RubyGems - gem2deb: converts Rubygems' .gem file into Debian package - gem2tgz: converts Rubygems' .gem file into tarballs - gemanx: Term BBS Client beyond PCMan X - gemcal: Ruby/Gtk base calendar - gemdropx: an interesting one-player puzzle game for X-Window - GEMLayout.cpp - GEMLayout.h - GEMLayout - gems-client: Show data transmitted by gems-server (1) - gems-server: Transmit a shell session in real time - gemtopbm: convert a GEM .img file into a portable anymap - gemtopnm: convert a GEM .img file into a portable anymap - gen-cam-menu: utility for updating Enlightenment user menus for feh-cam - gen-ctl-io: generate C interface code for libctl control files - gen-index: generate new GNATS database index - gen-ruby-trans-pkgs: generate ruby transitional packages - gen-scale: curses scale widget (type <CTYPE>) - gen-slider: curses slider widget (type <CTYPE>) - gen-wmmountrc: build a wmmountrc file out of /etc/fstab - gen: program to generate test files of radio transmission modulation - genambpos: Specialty programs of the Radiance package, used by experts - genbg: mine:maxe res/mod file - genblinds: generate a RADIANCE description of venetian blinds - genbox: solvates a system - genbox_d: solvates a system - genbrk: Compiles ICU break iteration rules source files into binary data... - genBSDF: generate BSDF description from Radiance or MGF input - genbugs: surfraw(1) search tools - gencat: Generate message catalog - genccode: generate C or platform specific assembly code from an ICU data... - gencfg: Generate z8530drv.conf from xNOS data - gencfu: Generates Unicode Confusable data files - genclock: generate a RADIANCE description of a clock - gencmn: generate an ICU memory-mappable data file - gencnval: compile the converters aliases file - gencoil: Generates a virtual coil suitable for sequence simulation in ODIN - genconf: multiplies a conformation in 'random' orientations - genconf_d: multiplies a conformation in 'random' orientations - genctd: Compiles word list into ICU compact trie dictionary - gendarme: Rule-based code analysis for Mono - gendaylit: generates a RADIANCE description of the daylit sources using... - Genders: Perl library for querying a genders file - genders_attrlist_clear: list create, clear, and destroy routines - genders_attrlist_create: list create, clear, and destroy routines - genders_attrlist_destroy: list create, clear, and destroy routines - genders_errnum: genders error routines - genders_errormsg: genders error routines - genders_getattr: get attributes from a genders file - genders_getattr_all: get all the attributes stored in a genders file - genders_getmaxattrlen: genders statistics routines - genders_getmaxattrs: genders statistics routines - genders_getmaxnodelen: genders statistics routines - genders_getmaxvallen: genders statistics routines - genders_getnodename: get the current node name - genders_getnodes: get nodes from the genders file - genders_getnumattrs: genders statistics routines - genders_getnumnodes: genders statistics routines - genders_handle_create: create a genders handle - genders_handle_destroy: destroys a genders handle - genders_index_attrvals: internally index attribute values in genders - genders_isattr: node, attribute, value check routines - genders_isattrval: node, attribute, value check routines - genders_isnode: node, attribute, value check routines - genders_load_data: read and parse a genders file - genders_nodelist_clear: list create, clear, and destroy routines - genders_nodelist_create: list create, clear, and destroy routines - genders_nodelist_destroy: list create, clear, and destroy routines - genders_parse: determine errors with a genders file - genders_perror: genders error routines - genders_query: query genders database for a set of nodes - genders_strerror: genders error routines - genders_testattr: test if a node has an attribute - genders_testattrval: test if a node has an attribute - genders_testquery: query genders database for a set of nodes - genders_vallist_clear: list create, clear, and destroy routines - genders_vallist_create: list create, clear, and destroy routines - genders_vallist_destroy: list create, clear, and destroy routines - gendesc: Generate a test case description file - gendiff: utility to aid in error-free diff file generation - gendlib: perl library for querying genders file - gendsa: generate a DSA private key from a set of parameters - gene2xml: convert NCBI Entrez Gene ASN.1 into XML - general: to store this information provides lots of various functionality... - generatekeys: Generate SIFT keypoints from an image file - GenerateMipmap: 3D API texture mipmap generation - generate_332_palette: Constructs a fake truecolor palette. Allegro game... - generate_optimized_palette: Generates an optimized palette for a bitmap.... - generate_randfile: a program to generate a file of random data - generatorrunner: plugin-based binding source code generator - generic: Postfix generic table format - genericups: Driver for contact-closure UPS equipment - generic_consumer: program that load a shared library as a C or C++ plugin... - generic_count: count physical lines of code, given a comment marker - generic_filter: program that load a shared library as a C or C++ plugin to... - generic_producer: program that load a shared library as a C or C++ plugin... - genesis-convert: convert GENESIS 1.x scripts to GENESIS 2.x syntax and... - genesis: GEneral NEural SImulation System - genewise: comparison of a related protein to genomic DNA - genewisedb: a database of proteins vs a database of genomic dna sequences - genext2fs: ext2 filesystem generator for embedded systems - genfonts: image processing library - geng: -x#X# n mine:maxe res/mod file - gengetopt: skeleton main.c generator - genhash: md5 hash generation tool for remote web pages - genhtml: Generate HTML view from LCOV coverage data files - geninfo: Generate tracefiles from .da files - genion: generates mono atomic ions on energetically favorable positions - genion_d: generates mono atomic ions on energetically favorable positions - genior: Utility for creating a stringified IOR - genisoimage: create ISO9660/Joliet/HFS filesystem with optional Rock Ridge... - genisoimagerc: startup configuration file for genisoimage - genisovh: Make CD-ROMs bootable for SGI MIPS machines - genkdmconf: generate configuration files for kdm - genklemsamp: generate ray samples over surfaces using Klems BSDF basis - genkrf: Generate a keyrec file from Key Signing Key (KSK) and/or Zone... - Genlex: A generic lexical analyzer - genlist: ping scanner - genmakefile: Generates a Makefile for ODIN methods - gennorm2: Builds binary data file with Unicode normalization data - genomewise: A tool for combining disparate evidence strands - genotype2mipe: Inserts SNP data into MIPE file based on MIPE version v0.9... - genparse: command line parser generator - GenPat: A program to create patch files in VPatch format - genpkey: generate a private key - genpmda: Performance Co-Pilot PMDA Generator - genpng: Generate an overview image from a source file - genpo: general purpose organ - genpolbools: Rewrite a binary policy with different boolean settings - genpolusers: Generate new binary policy with updated user configuration - genportage: surfraw(1) search tools - genprism: generate a RADIANCE description of a prism - genpyt: generate the PINYIN lexicon - genrandom: generate a file containing random data - genrang: Generate random graphs - genrb: compile a resource bundle - genrbox: generate a RADIANCE description of a box - genresscript: generate resource script from PE and NE binaries - genrestr: generates position restraints or distance restraints for index... - genrestr_d: generates position restraints or distance restraints for index... - genrev: generate a RADIANCE description of surface of revolution - genrhgrid: Specialty programs of the Radiance package, used by experts - genromfs: create a romfs image - genrsa: generate an RSA private key - gensample: Generates a virtual sample suitable for sequence simulation in... - gensgmlenv: Generate /etc/sgml/sgml.env and /etc/sgml/sgml.cenv - gensky: generate a RADIANCE description of the sky - genskyvec: compute patch radiance averages for a specific sky - gensprep: compile StringPrep data from files filtered by filterRFC3454.pl - genSslCert: Generate SSL certificates for Small-Footprint CIM Broker (sfcb) - gensurf: generate a RADIANCE or Wavefront description of a curved surface - gentest: Run random generic SMB operations against two SMB servers and show... - GENtle: program to plan genetic cloning experiments - gentoo: A highly configurable file manager for X - genuca: create the UCA data table - genworm: generate a RADIANCE description of a functional worm - genxs: Mono's Xml Serializer Generator - genxs1: Mono's Xml Serializer Generator - genxs2: Mono's Xml Serializer Generator - gen_at_graph: generates a random graph for use in algotutor - gen_cam_menu: a utility for updating Enlightenment user menus for feh-cam - gen_event: Generic Event Handling Behaviour - gen_fsm: Generic Finite State Machine Behaviour - gen_keymap: generate a keyboard map decision tree - gen_sctp: The gen_sctp module provides functions for communicating with... - gen_server: Generic Server Behaviour - gen_tcp: Interface to TCP/IP sockets - gen_udp: Interface to UDP sockets - geo-code: Convert a street address into geo coordinates - geo: plot a finite element mesh - geo: the finite element mesh class - GeoConvert: convert geographic coordinates - Geod: perform geodesic calculations - geoedit: Geometry editor of ODIN - geogebra: algebra and geometry software - GeoidEval: look up geoid heights - geoinfo: Download and convert waypoints for use with gpsdrive - geoip: A Tcl extension for geographic or organisational lookup of IP... - geoiplookup: look up country using IP Address or hostname - geoiplookup6: look up country using IP Address or hostname - geoipupdate: a program for updating the MaxMind GeoIP databases - geom: modular disk I/O request transformation framework - geomap: discrete mesh advection by a field: gh(x)=fh(x-dt*uh(x)) - Geometry: Geometry utilities - GeometryProgram: 3D API geometry program - GeometryShader: 3D API geometry shader - geomobjs: helper classes that manage geometric information for structured... - geomutil: various geometry utilities (introduction) - geomview: interactive geometry viewer - geom_fox: GEOM based basic disk multipathing - geom_linux_lvm: GEOM based Linux LVM logical volume mapping - geom_uzip: GEOM based compressed disk images - geordi-local: Local version of Geordi IRC bot - geordi-refresh-chroot: Refresh chroot for Geordi C++ eval bot - geordi: IRC bot that compiles and runs C++ code snippets - geos-config: returns information about installed GEOS libraries and... - geosat: Calculate Az and El to Geostationary Satellites - geotranz: GEOgraphic coordinates TRANslator - geo_element: element of a mesh - geqn: format equations for troff or MathML - gerbv: Gerber Viewer - gerbview: viewer for GERBER format files - germinate-pkg-diff: compare seeds against currently installed packages - germinate-update-metapackage: update a set of metapackages generated from... - germinate: expand dependencies in a list of seed packages - gerris2D: the Gerris flow solver simulation engine - gerris3D: the Gerris flow solver simulation engine - gespeaker: A GTK+ frontend for eSpeak and mbrola - gesturetest: Test program for the X Gesture Stack - get-branches: downloads all branches related to a Launchpad team or person - get-build-deps: install build dependencies for one or more packages - get-edid: read-edid tools to retrieve and interpret monitor specifications... - get-iab: Fetch the arp-scan IAB file from the IEEE website - get-iana: updates the list of reserved ips from the IANA for usage from... - get-iplayer: Stream Recording tool and PVR for BBC iPlayer, BBC Podcasts... - get-news: Debian Suck front end - get-oui: Fetch the arp-scan OUI file from the IEEE website - get-wings-flags: output libWINGs compile and linker flags - get-wraster-flags: output libwraster compile and linker flags - get-wutil-flags: output libwutil compile and linker flags - get: symbolic link to as_run command - Get: get the value of an option - get6x86: access Cyrix control registers - geta: Extract a color component from the current pixel format. Allegro game... - geta32: Extract the alpha component form a 32-bit pixel format color.... - getaddrinfo: network address and service translation - getafm: create an AFM file for a PostScript font - getaliasbyname: read an alias entry - getaliasbyname_r: read an alias entry - getaliasent: read an alias entry - getaliasent_r: read an alias entry - getaline: file manipulation utilities - getattrs: get curses cursor and window coordinates, attributes - getaudit: retrieve audit session state - getaudit_addr: retrieve audit session state - getauid: retrieve audit session ID - geta_depth: Extract a color component from a color in a specified pixel... - getb: Extract a color component from the current pixel format. Allegro game... - getb8: Extract a color component from the specified pixel format. Allegro... - getb15: Extract a color component from the specified pixel format. Allegro... - getb16: Extract a color component from the specified pixel format. Allegro... - getb24: Extract a color component from the specified pixel format. Allegro... - getb32: Extract a color component from the specified pixel format. Allegro... - getbbox: compute bounding box for RADIANCE scene - getbegx: get curses cursor and window coordinates, attributes - getbegy: get curses cursor and window coordinates, attributes - getbegyx: get curses cursor and window coordinates - getbintime: get the current time - getbinuptime: get the time elapsed since boot - getbkgd: curses window background manipulation routines - getbkgrnd: curses window complex background manipulation routines - getbuildlog: download build logs from Debian auto-builders - getb_depth: Extract a color component from a color in a specified pixel... - getc: input of characters and strings - getcap: examine file capabilities - getcCDKObject: Curses Development Kit Character Binding Capabilities - getcchar: Get a wide character string and rendition from a cchar_t or set a... - getCDKAlphalistBox: curses sorted list widget - getCDKAlphalistContents: curses sorted list widget - getCDKAlphalistCurrentItem: curses sorted list widget - getCDKAlphalistFillerChar: curses sorted list widget - getCDKAlphalistHighlight: curses sorted list widget - getCDKButtonBox: create and manage a curses button widget - getCDKButtonboxBox: Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget - getCDKButtonboxButtonCount: Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget - getCDKButtonboxCurrentButton: Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget - getCDKButtonboxHighlight: Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget - getCDKButtonMessage: create and manage a curses button widget - getCDKCalendarBox: curses calendar widget - getCDKCalendarDate: curses calendar widget - getCDKCalendarDayAttribute: curses calendar widget - getCDKCalendarHighlight: curses calendar widget - getCDKCalendarMarker: curses calendar widget - getCDKCalendarMonthAttribute: curses calendar widget - getCDKCalendarYearAttribute: curses calendar widget - getCDKDialog: curses dialog widget - getCDKDialogBox: curses dialog widget - getCDKDialogHighlight: curses dialog widget - getCDKDialogSeparator: curses dialog widget - getCDKDScaleBox: curses scale widget (type double) - getCDKDScaleDigits: curses scale widget (type double) - getCDKDScaleHighValue: curses scale widget (type double) - getCDKDScaleLowValue: curses scale widget (type double) - getCDKDScaleValue: curses scale widget (type double) - getCDKEntryBox: curses text-entry widget - getCDKEntryFillerChar: curses text-entry widget - getCDKEntryHiddenChar: curses text-entry widget - getCDKEntryMax: curses text-entry widget - getCDKEntryMin: curses text-entry widget - getCDKEntryValue: curses text-entry widget - getCDKFocusCurrent: functions to support keyboard traversal - getCDKFScaleBox: curses scale widget (type float) - getCDKFScaleDigits: curses scale widget (type float) - getCDKFScaleHighValue: curses scale widget (type float) - getCDKFScaleLowValue: curses scale widget (type float) - getCDKFScaleValue: curses scale widget (type float) - getCDKFselectBox: curses file selector widget - getCDKFselectContents: curses file selector widget - getCDKFselectCurrentItem: curses file selector widget - getCDKFselectDirAttribute: curses file selector widget - getCDKFselectDirContents: curses file selector widget - getCDKFselectDirectory: curses file selector widget - getCDKFselectFileAttribute: curses file selector widget - getCDKFselectFillerChar: curses file selector widget - getCDKFselectHighlight: curses file selector widget - getCDKFselectLinkAttribute: curses file selector widget - getCDKFselectSocketAttribute: curses file selector widget - getCDKFSliderBox: curses slider widget (type float) - getCDKFSliderDigits: curses slider widget (type float) - getCDKFSliderHighValue: curses slider widget (type float) - getCDKFSliderLowValue: curses slider widget (type float) - getCDKFSliderValue: curses slider widget (type float) - getCDKGraphBox: curses graph widget - getCDKGraphCharacter: curses graph widget - getCDKGraphCharacters: curses graph widget - getCDKGraphDisplayType: curses graph widget - getCDKGraphValue: curses graph widget - getCDKGraphValues: curses graph widget - getCDKHistogramBox: curses histogram widget - getCDKHistogramFillerChar: curses histogram widget - getCDKHistogramHighValue: curses histogram widget - getCDKHistogramLowValue: curses histogram widget - getCDKHistogramStatsAttr: curses histogram widget - getCDKHistogramStatsPos: curses histogram widget - getCDKHistogramValue: curses histogram widget - getCDKHistogramViewType: curses histogram widget - getCDKItemlistBox: curses itemlist widget - getCDKItemlistCurrentItem: curses itemlist widget - getCDKItemlistDefaultItem: curses itemlist widget - getCDKItemlistValues: curses itemlist widget - getCDKLabelBox: Creates a managed curses label widget - getCDKLabelMessage: Creates a managed curses label widget - getCDKMarqueeBox: curses marquee widget - getCDKMatrixBox: curses matrix widget - getCDKMatrixCell: curses matrix widget - getCDKMatrixCol: curses matrix widget - getCDKMatrixRow: curses matrix widget - getCDKMentryBox: curses multiple line entry widget - getCDKMentryFillerChar: curses multiple line entry widget - getCDKMentryHiddenChar: curses multiple line entry widget - getCDKMentryMin: curses multiple line entry widget - getCDKMentryValue: curses multiple line entry widget - getCDKMenuCurrentItem: curses menu widget - getCDKMenuSubTitleHighlight: curses menu widget - getCDKMenuTitleHighlight: curses menu widget - getCDKRadioBox: curses radio list widget - getCDKRadioChoiceCharacter: curses radio list widget - getCDKRadioCurrentItem: curses radio list widget - getCDKRadioHighlight: curses radio list widget - getCDKRadioItems: curses radio list widget - getCDKRadioLeftBrace: curses radio list widget - getCDKRadioRightBrace: curses radio list widget - getCDKRadioSelectedItem: curses radio list widget - getCDKScaleBox: curses scale widget (type int) - getCDKScaleHighValue: curses scale widget (type int) - getCDKScaleLowValue: curses scale widget (type int) - getCDKScaleValue: curses scale widget (type int) - getCDKScrollBox: curses scrolling list widget - getCDKScrollCurrent: curses scrolling list widget - getCDKScrollCurrentItem: curses scrolling list widget - getCDKScrollCurrentTop: curses scrolling list widget - getCDKScrollHighlight: curses scrolling list widget - getCDKScrollItems: curses scrolling list widget - getCDKSelectionBox: curses selection list widget - getCDKSelectionChoice: curses selection list widget - getCDKSelectionChoices: curses selection list widget Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3

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