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Page 1 - Page 2 - f-spot: A program to manage a photo collection - f1tattoo: disc T@2 feature for Yamaha F1 CD-RW devices - f2c: Convert Fortran 77 to C or C++ - f2py-dbg: Fortran to Python interface generator - f2py: Fortran to Python interface generator - f2py2.6-dbg: Fortran to Python interface generator - f2py2.6: Fortran to Python interface generator - f2py2.7-dbg: Fortran to Python interface generator - f2py2.7: Fortran to Python interface generator - f5rancid: Cisco configuration filter - f10rancid: Cisco configuration filter - f90_count: count physical lines of code, in each input file - fa: Create and manipulate finite automatons - fa2htgs: formatter for high throughput genome sequencing project... - faac: encode audio to the MPEG-2/-4 AAC format - faad: Process an Advanced Audio Codec stream - fab: Simple Pythonic remote deployment tool - fabs: absolute value of floating-point number - fabsf: absolute value of floating-point number - fabsl: absolute value of floating-point number - fac: F*EX admin control - faccessat: check user's permissions of a file relative to a directory file... - face.C - face.h - Face - faceforward: returns a normal as-is if a vertex's eye-space position vector... - FaceIterator.h - face_inf_quad.C - face_inf_quad.h - face_inf_quad4.C - face_inf_quad4.h - face_inf_quad6.C - face_inf_quad6.h - face_quad.C - face_quad.h - face_quad4.C - face_quad4.h - face_quad8.C - face_quad8.h - face_quad9.C - face_quad9.h - face_tri.C - face_tri.h - face_tri3.C - face_tri3.h - face_tri6.C - face_tri6.h - fact-add: wrapper script for adding custom facts to facter - fact-del: wrapper script for deleting custom facts to facter - facter - factor: factor numbers - factory.h - Factory - FactoryImp - fadecut: Toolset to rip audiostreams, cut, fade in/out and tag the... - fadeplot: draws a waving ribbon following a sinusoidal path - fade_from: Gradually fades the palette between two others. Allegro game... - fade_from_range: Gradually fades a part of the palette between two others.... - fade_in: Gradually fades the palette from black. Allegro game programming... - fade_interpolate: Calculates a new palette interpolated between two others.... - fade_in_range: Gradually fades a part of the palette from black. Allegro... - fade_out: Gradually fades the palette to black. Allegro game programming... - fade_out_range: Gradually fades a part of the palette to black. Allegro... - fadvise64: predeclare an access pattern for file data - fadvise64_64: predeclare an access pattern for file data - fahash: sequence hash builder for reverse e-PCR - fai-cd: make a bootable CD-ROM or USB stick that performs an FAI - fai-chboot: manage the network boot configuration files - fai-class: define classes using files and scripts - fai-debconf: set debconf values using classes - fai-do-scripts: call configuration scripts - fai-mirror: create and manage a partial mirror for FAI - fai-progress: show an informative progress bar during FAI operations - fai-setup: Setup script for Fully Automatic Installation (FAI) - fai-statoverride: dpkg-statoverride for multiple files - fai: fully automatic installation - faifa: configure HomePlug 1.0/AV devices - fail: fail points - fail2ban-client: configure and control the server - fail2ban-regex: test Fail2ban "failregex" option - fail2ban-server: start the server - faillog: login failure logging file - faillog: display faillog records or set login failure limits - failmalloc: memory allocation failure crash-test tool - faimond-gui: fai monitor daemon, graphical interface - faimond: fai monitor daemon - fair.conf: configuration file for the carrousel and transponder daemons - fair: simple TCP load balancing service - fairymax: xboard-compatible chess and chess-variant engine 'Fairy-Max' - faith: IPv6-to-IPv4 TCP relay capturing interface - fake: IP address takeover tool - fakechanges: reverse engineer a Debian .changes file - fakechroot: gives a fake chroot environment - faked-sysv: daemon that remembers fake ownership/permissions of files... - faked-tcp: daemon that remembers fake ownership/permissions of files... - fakepop: a fake pop3 daemon - fakeroot-ng: run a command while making it believe it is running as root - fakeroot-sysv: run a command in an environment faking root privileges for... - fakeroot-tcp: run a command in an environment faking root privileges for... - faketime: manipulate the system time for a given command - fal: File Access Listener for DECnet - falcon-conf: Falcon makefile settings helper - falcon: The Falcon Programming Language command line interpreter - falconeer.fal: Falcon skeleton module startup configurator script - faldisass: The Falcon disassembler - fallc.fal: Falcon Language table compiler - fallocate: preallocate space to a file - fallocate: manipulate file space - falpack: The falcon application packaging tool - falrun: The Falcon command line execution tool - false: do nothing, unsuccessfully - falsecolor: make a false color RADIANCE picture - falselogin: a false login shell - faltest: Falcon unit test interface - fam.conf: The File Alteration Monitor (FAM) configuration file - fam: File Alteration Monitor (FAM) library routines - famap: prepare Fasta sequence database for re-PCR searches - famd: The File Alteration Monitor (FAM) daemon - fame_close: flush remaining data and cleanup - fame_encode_frame: encode a single frame (DEPRECATED) - fame_encode_slice: encode a single slice - fame_end_frame: ends encoding of a frame - fame_get_object: get an object from the library - fame_init: initialize the fame library - fame_open: open the fame library - fame_register: register an object to the library - fame_start_frame: starts encoding of a frame - fame_unregister: unregister a type from the library - fanboy: assorted text filters - fancontrol: automated software based fan speed regulation - fantasdic: Versatile dictionary application - faop: Operations on finite automatons - fapg: Fast Audio Playlist Generator - faqpods: print out pod paths for the standard perl faqs - farpd: ARP reply daemon - FascistCheck: a pro-active password checker library - fassert: file manipulation utilities - fast: surfraw(1) search tools - fasta2esd: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastaannotatecdna: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence... - fastachecksum: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastaclean: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastaclip: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastacmd: retrieve FASTA sequences from a BLAST database - fastacomposition: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastadiff: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastaexplode: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastafetch: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastahardmask: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastaindex: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastalength: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastanrdb: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastaoverlap: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastareformat: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastaremove: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastarevcomp: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastasoftmask: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastasort: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastasplit: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastasubseq: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastatranslate: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - FastaUnique: remove noise from high throughput nucleotide sequence data - fastautils: FASTA format file manipulation utilities - fastavalidcds: suite for investigating DNA and RNA sequence similarities - fastcgi-mono-server: Mono ASP.NET Web Server (xsp and xsp2) - fastcgi-mono-server1: Mono ASP.NET Web Server (xsp and xsp2) - fastcgi-mono-server2: Mono ASP.NET Web Server (xsp and xsp2) - fastcgi-mono-server4: Mono ASP.NET Web Server (xsp and xsp2) - fastdep: fast dependency generator for C/C++ - fastDNAml-util: DNA Maximum Likelihood program - fastDNAml: DNA Maximum Likelihood program - fastforward: forward mail according to a cdb database - fastjar: archive tool for Java archives - fastline: Faster version of line(). Allegro game programming library - fastrm: Quickly remove a list of files - fastrm: quickly remove a set of files - Fatal: Replace functions with equivalents which succeed or die - fatattr: Display or change attributes on a FAT filesystem - fatm: device driver for Fore PCA200E ATM interfaces - fatrat: download/upload manager for Linux - fatresize: Resize an FAT16/FAT32 volume non-destructively - fatsort: FAT filesystem sorting utility - fattach: attach a STREAMS-based file descriptor to a file in the file... - faucc: C compiler generating Intel code for 16 bit/32 bit CPUs - faucet: a fixture for a BSD network pipe - fauhdlc: Compile VHDL files to intermediate code - fauhdli: Interprete intermediate code that was generated from fauhdlc - faum-cd-to-iso: Create an ISO image from a FAUmachine CD image - faum-encoder: Create an ogg/theora video from a FAUmachine video stream - faum-gen-vhdl: Compile a simple wait/action script into VHDL code - faum-iso-to-cd: Create a FAUmachine CD image from an ISO image - faum-mergecow: Tool for merging copy-on-write files - faum-node-pc: Start a virtual machine - faum: Small FAUmachine launcher - fax: make, send, receive, view or print a fax - fax2ps: convert a TIFF facsimile to compressed PostScripttm - fax2tiff: create a TIFF Class F fax file from raw fax data - faxabort: tell a HylaFAX server to abort a receive - faxaddmodem: configure a modem for use with HylaFAX - faxadduser: add a fax user to the permissions file - faxalter: alter parameters of a HylaFAX job queued for transmission - faxanswer: tell a HylaFAX server to answer the telephone - faxconfig: dynamically change HylaFAX configuration parameters - faxcover: generate a POSTSCRIPT cover page for an outgoing facsimile - faxcron: HylaFAX routine maintenance script - faxdeluser: delete a fax user from the permissions file - faxe: an X editor - faxgetty: HylaFAX front-door process - faxinfo: print information about a received facsimile - faxlock: tell a HylaFAX server to switch to LOCKWAIT state - faxmail: HylaFAX mail-to-fax gateway application - faxmodem: dynamically add a modem to a HylaFAX server system - faxmsg: back end to faxabort, faxanswer and faxquit - faxq-helper: privileged helper process to access the fax queue - faxq: display fax jobs queued by faxspool(1) - faxq: HylaFAX queue manager process - faxqclean: HylaFAX queue cleaner process - faxqueue: sendfax fax spool queue control files - faxquit: tell a HylaFAX server to terminate - faxrcvd: HylaFAX notification script for received facsimile - faxrm: remove fax jobs queued by faxspool(1) - faxrunq: send fax jobs queued by faxspool(1) - faxrunqd: daemon to send fax jobs queued by faxspool(1) - faxsend: HylaFAX facsimile transmit program - faxsetup: setup a machine for use with HylaFAX - faxspool: queue and convert files for faxing with sendfax(8) - faxstat: display HylaFAX status - faxstate: control ``modem state'' of a device used by HylaFAX - faxwatch: monitor low-level HylaFAX server actions - fb.modes: frame buffer modes file - fb2-meta: read and write metadata from FB2 file - fba2cfba - fbautostart: Autostart all XDG applications - fbb: Script to start the fbb daemon - fbbgetconf: Returns values from the fbb configuration - fbcat: takes a screenshot using the framebuffer device - fbdesk: Icons on the desktop - fbdev: video driver for framebuffer device - fbdevhw: os-specific submodule for framebuffer device access - fbgrab: takes a screenshot using the framebuffer device - fbgs: poor man's PostScript/pdf viewer for the linux framebuffer console - fbguard: start and restart firebid server - fbi: linux framebuffer imageviewer - fblocked: Test whether the last input operation exhausted all available... - fbpager: pager application for the Fluxbox window manager - fbpanel: a NETWM compliant lightweight GTK2-based panel for UNIX desktop - FBReader: e-book reader - fbrun: display run dialog window - fbserver: Firebird super server - fbset: show and modify frame buffer device settings - fbsetbg: Set a background wallpaper or pattern - fbsetroot: a simple background utility used by the fluxbox(1) window... - fbstat: Tool for retrieving and reporting database statistics - fbsvcmgr: access services API of Firebird - fbterm: a fast Frame Buffer based TERMinal emulator for linux - fbterm_ucimf: ucimf input method interface for fbterm - fbtracemgr: Firebird operation traces - fbtv: a console program for watching TV - fbx-playlist-cmd: create playlists for the FreeBox - fbx-playlist: create playlists for the FreeBox - fbxkb: a lightweight X11 keyboard switcher - fb_inet_server: Firebird classic server - fb_lock_print: Information about Firebird database locks - fb_smp_server: Firebird superclassic server - fc-cache: build font information cache files - fc-cat: read font information cache files - fc-list: list available fonts - fc-match: match available fonts - fc-query: query font files - fc-scan: scan font files or directories - fc-solve-board_gen: Programs to generate boards to be used as input to... - fc-solve: The Freecell Solver command-line program for solving Freecell... - fc: frontend script to the f2c fortran compiler - fcasplit: tool to split source code into separate per-routine files - FcAtomicCreate: create an FcAtomic object - FcAtomicDeleteNew: delete new file - FcAtomicDestroy: destroy an FcAtomic object - FcAtomicLock: lock a file - FcAtomicNewFile: return new temporary file name - FcAtomicOrigFile: return original file name - FcAtomicReplaceOrig: replace original with new - FcAtomicUnlock: unlock a file - FcBlanksAdd: Add a character to an FcBlanks - FcBlanksCreate: Create an FcBlanks - FcBlanksDestroy: Destroy and FcBlanks - FcBlanksIsMember: Query membership in an FcBlanks - FcCacheCopySet: Returns a copy of the fontset from cache - FcCacheDir: Return directory of cache - FcCacheNumFont: Returns the number of fonts in cache - FcCacheNumSubdir: Return the number of subdirectories in cache - FcCacheSubdir: Return the i'th subdirectory - FcCharSetAddChar: Add a character to a charset - FcCharSetCopy: Copy a charset - FcCharSetCount: Count entries in a charset - FcCharSetCoverage: DEPRECATED return coverage for a Unicode page - FcCharSetCreate: Create an empty character set - FcCharSetDestroy: Destroy a character set - FcCharSetEqual: Compare two charsets - FcCharSetFirstPage: Start enumerating charset contents - FcCharSetHasChar: Check a charset for a char - FcCharSetIntersect: Intersect charsets - FcCharSetIntersectCount: Intersect and count charsets - FcCharSetIsSubset: Test for charset inclusion - FcCharSetMerge: Merge charsets - FcCharSetNew: DEPRECATED alias for FcCharSetCreate - FcCharSetNextPage: Continue enumerating charset contents - FcCharSetSubtract: Subtract charsets - FcCharSetSubtractCount: Subtract and count charsets - FcCharSetUnion: Add charsets - FcConfigAppFontAddDir: Add fonts from directory to font database - FcConfigAppFontAddFile: Add font file to font database - FcConfigAppFontClear: Remove all app fonts from font database - FcConfigBuildFonts: Build font database - FcConfigCreate: Create a configuration - FcConfigDestroy: Destroy a configuration - FcConfigEnableHome: controls use of the home directory - FcConfigFilename: Find a config file - FcConfigGetBlanks: Get config blanks - FcConfigGetCache: DEPRECATED used to return per-user cache filename - FcConfigGetCacheDirs: return the list of directories searched for cache... - FcConfigGetConfigDirs: Get config directories - FcConfigGetConfigFiles: Get config files - FcConfigGetCurrent: Return current configuration - FcConfigGetFontDirs: Get font directories - FcConfigGetFonts: Get config font set - FcConfigGetRescanInterval: Get config rescan interval - FcConfigHome: return the current home directory - FcConfigParseAndLoad: load a configuration file - FcConfigReference: Increment config reference count - FcConfigSetCurrent: Set configuration as default - FcConfigSetRescanInterval: Set config rescan interval - FcConfigSubstitute: Execute substitutions - FcConfigSubstituteWithPat: Execute substitutions - FcConfigUptoDate: Check timestamps on config files - FcDefaultSubstitute: Perform default substitutions in a pattern - FcDirCacheLoad: load a directory cache - FcDirCacheLoadFile: load a cache file - FcDirCacheRead: read or construct a directory cache - FcDirCacheUnlink: Remove all caches related to dir - FcDirCacheUnload: unload a cache file - FcDirCacheValid: check directory cache - FcDirSave: DEPRECATED: formerly used to save a directory cache - FcDirScan: scan a font directory without caching it - fceu: An emulator for the original (8-bit) Nintendo game console - fceux: An emulator for the original (8-bit) Nintendo game console - FcFileIsDir: check whether a file is a directory - FcFileScan: scan a font file - FcFini: finalize fonconfig library - FcFontList: List fonts - FcFontMatch: Return best font - FcFontRenderPrepare: Prepare pattern for loading font file - FcFontSetAdd: Add to a font set - FcFontSetCreate: Create a font set - FcFontSetDestroy: Destroy a font set - FcFontSetList: List fonts from a set of font sets - FcFontSetMatch: Return the best font from a set of font sets - FcFontSetPrint: Print a set of patterns to stdout - FcFontSetSort: Add to a font set - FcFontSetSortDestroy: DEPRECATED destroy a font set - FcFontSort: Return list of matching fonts - FcFreeTypeCharIndex: map Unicode to glyph id - FcFreeTypeCharSet: compute unicode coverage - FcFreeTypeCharSetAndSpacing: compute unicode coverage and spacing type - FcFreeTypeQuery: compute pattern from font file (and index) - FcFreeTypeQueryFace: compute pattern from FT_Face - FcGetLangs: Get list of languages - FcGetVersion: library version number - FCGI: Fast CGI module - fcgiwrap: serve CGI applications over FastCGI - fchdir: change working directory - fchdir: change working directory - fcheck: IDS filesystem baseline integrity checker - fchflags: set file flags - fchmod: change permissions of a file - fchmod: change mode of a file - fchmodat: change permissions of a file relative to a directory file... - fchown: change ownership of a file - fchown: change owner and group of a file - fchown32: change ownership of a file - fchownat: change ownership of a file relative to a directory file... - FcInit: initialize fontconfig library - FcInitBringUptoDate: reload configuration files if needed - FcInitLoadConfig: load configuration - FcInitLoadConfigAndFonts: load configuration and font data - FcInitReinitialize: re-initialize library - FcIsLower: check for lower case ASCII character - FcIsUpper: check for upper case ASCII character - fcitx-remote: Tool for control fcitx state via console - fcitx: Free Chinese Input Toy of X - FcLangGetCharSet: Get character map for a language - FcLangSetAdd: add a language to a langset - FcLangSetCompare: compare language sets - FcLangSetContains: check langset subset relation - FcLangSetCopy: copy a langset object - FcLangSetCreate: create a langset object - FcLangSetDestroy: destroy a langset object - FcLangSetEqual: test for matching langsets - FcLangSetGetLangs: get the list of languages in the langset - FcLangSetHash: return a hash value for a langset - FcLangSetHasLang: test langset for language support - fclique: Largest clique program - fclose: close a stream - fcloseall: close all open streams - FCluster: remove noise from high throughput nucleotide sequence data - FClusterM: remove noise from high throughput nucleotide sequence data - FcMatrixCopy: Copy a matrix - FcMatrixEqual: Compare two matrices - FcMatrixInit: initialize an FcMatrix structure - FcMatrixMultiply: Multiply matrices - FcMatrixRotate: Rotate a matrix - FcMatrixScale: Scale a matrix - FcMatrixShear: Shear a matrix - FcNameConstant: Get the value for a symbolic constant - FcNameGetConstant: Lookup symbolic constant - FcNameGetObjectType: Lookup an object type - FcNameParse: Parse a pattern string - FcNameRegisterConstants: Register symbolic constants - FcNameRegisterObjectTypes: Register object types - FcNameUnparse: Convert a pattern back into a string that can be parsed - FcNameUnregisterConstants: Unregister symbolic constants - FcNameUnregisterObjectTypes: Unregister object types - fcntl.h: file control options - fcntl: manipulate file descriptor - Fcntl: load the C Fcntl.h defines - fcntl64: manipulate file descriptor - FcObjectSetAdd: Add to an object set - FcObjectSetBuild: Build object set from args - FcObjectSetCreate: Create an object set - FcObjectSetDestroy: Destroy an object set - fcoeadm: The Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) administration tool - fcoemon: The Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) administration tool for... - fcoll.cpp: Implementation of FileCollection - fcoll.h: Header file that defines FileCollection - fcollexceptions.cpp: Implementation of a number of Exceptions used by... - fcollexceptions.h: Header file that defines a number of exceptions used by... - fcomp: file compare - fconfigure: Set and get options on a channel - fconsense: Majority-rule and strict consensus tree - fcontml: Gene frequency and continuous character Maximum Likelihood - fcontrast: Continuous character Contrasts - fconvolver: is a Convolution Engine for JACK using FFT-based partitioned... - fcopy: Copy data from one channel to another - fcopy: copy files using classes - FcPatternAdd-Type: Add a typed value to a pattern - FcPatternAdd: Add a value to a pattern - FcPatternAddWeak: Add a value to a pattern with weak binding - FcPatternBuild: Create patterns from arguments - FcPatternCreate: Create a pattern - FcPatternDel: Delete a property from a pattern - FcPatternDestroy: Destroy a pattern - FcPatternDuplicate: Copy a pattern - FcPatternEqual: Compare patterns - FcPatternEqualSubset: Compare portions of patterns - FcPatternFilter: Filter the objects of pattern - FcPatternFormat: Format a pattern into a string according to a format... - FcPatternGet-Type: Return a typed value from a pattern - FcPatternGet: Return a value from a pattern - FcPatternHash: Compute a pattern hash value - FcPatternPrint: Print a pattern for debugging - FcPatternReference: Increment pattern reference count - FcPatternRemove: Remove one object of the specified type from the pattern - fcrackzip: a Free/Fast Zip Password Cracker - fcrackzipinfo: display zip information - fCreate: create a file lock - fcron-update-crontabs: refreshes all fcron crontabs - fcron.conf: configuration file for fcron and fcrontab - fcron: daemon to execute scheduled tasks - fcrondyn: dialog dyn-amically with a running fcron daemon - fcrontab: manipulate per-user fcrontab files - fcrontab: tables for driving fcron - FcStrBasename: last component of filename - FcStrCmp: compare UTF-8 strings - FcStrCmpIgnoreCase: compare UTF-8 strings ignoring case - FcStrCopy: duplicate a string - FcStrCopyFilename: create a complete path from a filename - FcStrDirname: directory part of filename - FcStrDowncase: create a lower case translation of a string - FcStrFree: free a string - FcStrListCreate: create a string iterator - FcStrListDone: destroy a string iterator - FcStrListNext: get next string in iteration - FcStrPlus: concatenate two strings - FcStrSetAdd: add to a string set - FcStrSetAddFilename: add a filename to a string set - FcStrSetCreate: create a string set - FcStrSetDel: delete from a string set - FcStrSetDestroy: destroy a string set - FcStrSetEqual: check sets for equality - FcStrSetMember: check set for membership - FcStrStr: locate UTF-8 substring - FcStrStrIgnoreCase: locate UTF-8 substring ignoring ASCII case - FcToLower: convert upper case ASCII to lower case - FcUcs4ToUtf8: convert UCS4 to UTF-8 - FcUtf8Len: count UTF-8 encoded chars - FcUtf8ToUcs4: convert UTF-8 to UCS4 - FcUtf16Len: count UTF-16 encoded chars - FcUtf16ToUcs4: convert UTF-16 to UCS4 - FcValueDestroy: Free a value - FcValueEqual: Test two values for equality - FcValuePrint: Print a value to stdout Page 1 - Page 2

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