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Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - eet.dox - Eet.h - eet: Small tool to handle eet files - eet_alias: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - Eet_Cipher_Group: EAPI Eet_Key - eet_clearcache: EAPI int eet_init - eet_close: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - Eet_Connection - eet_connection_close: EAPI Eet_Connection - Eet_Connection_Group: EAPI Eet_Connection - eet_connection_new: EAPI Eet_Connection - eet_connection_node_send: EAPI Eet_Connection - eet_connection_received: EAPI Eet_Connection - eet_connection_send: EAPI Eet_Connection - Eet_Data_Cipher_Group: EAPI void * eet_data_read_cipher - Eet_Data_Descriptor: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_ARRAY: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_BASIC: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_HASH: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_HASH_STRING: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI... - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_LIST: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_MAPPING: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_SUB: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_UNION: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_VARIANT: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_VAR_ARRAY: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_ADD_VAR_ARRAY_STRING: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI... - Eet_Data_Descriptor_Class - EET_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_CLASS_VERSION: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_descriptor_decode: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_descriptor_decode_cipher: EAPI void * eet_data_read_cipher - eet_data_descriptor_element_add: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_descriptor_encode: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_descriptor_encode_cipher: EAPI void * eet_data_read_cipher - eet_data_descriptor_file_new: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_descriptor_free: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_descriptor_new: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_descriptor_stream_new: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_dump: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_dump_cipher: EAPI void * eet_data_read_cipher - Eet_Data_Group: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_image_decode: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read - eet_data_image_decode_cipher: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read_cipher - eet_data_image_decode_to_surface: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read - eet_data_image_decode_to_surface_cipher: EAPI int... - eet_data_image_encode: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read - eet_data_image_encode_cipher: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read_cipher - eet_data_image_header_decode: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read - eet_data_image_header_decode_cipher: EAPI int... - eet_data_image_header_read: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read - eet_data_image_header_read_cipher: EAPI int... - eet_data_image_read: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read - eet_data_image_read_cipher: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read_cipher - eet_data_image_read_to_surface: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read - eet_data_image_read_to_surface_cipher: EAPI int... - eet_data_image_write: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read - eet_data_image_write_cipher: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read_cipher - eet_data_node_decode_cipher - eet_data_node_encode_cipher - eet_data_node_read_cipher - eet_data_node_write_cipher - eet_data_read: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_read_cipher: EAPI void * eet_data_read_cipher - eet_data_text_dump: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_text_dump_cipher: EAPI void * eet_data_read_cipher - eet_data_text_undump: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_text_undump_cipher: EAPI void * eet_data_read_cipher - eet_data_undump: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_undump_cipher: EAPI void * eet_data_read_cipher - eet_data_write: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - eet_data_write_cipher: EAPI void * eet_data_read_cipher - eet_delete: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - Eet_Dictionary - eet_dictionary_get: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const... - eet_dictionary_string_check: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File... - EET_EINA_FILE_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_CLASS_SET: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI... - EET_EINA_STREAM_DATA_DESCRIPTOR_CLASS_SET: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI... - Eet_Error - EET_ERROR_BAD_OBJECT: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_DECRYPT_FAILED: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_EMPTY: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_ENCRYPT_FAILED: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_INVALID_SIGNATURE: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_MMAP_FAILED: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_NONE: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_NOT_SIGNED: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_NOT_WRITABLE: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_OUT_OF_MEMORY: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_PRNG_NOT_SEEDED: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_SIGNATURE_FAILED: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_WRITE_ERROR: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_WRITE_ERROR_FILE_CLOSED: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_WRITE_ERROR_FILE_TOO_BIG: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_WRITE_ERROR_IO_ERROR: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_WRITE_ERROR_OUT_OF_SPACE: EAPI int eet_init - EET_ERROR_X509_ENCODING_FAILED: EAPI int eet_init - Eet_File: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - Eet_File_Cipher_Group: EAPI void * eet_read_cipher - Eet_File_Group: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - Eet_File_Image_Cipher_Group: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read_cipher - Eet_File_Image_Group: EAPI int eet_data_image_header_read - Eet_File_Mode: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - EET_FILE_MODE_READ: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const... - EET_FILE_MODE_READ_WRITE: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef,... - EET_FILE_MODE_WRITE: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const... - Eet_Group: EAPI int eet_init - EET_G_ARRAY - EET_G_HASH - EET_G_LAST - EET_G_LIST - EET_G_UNION - EET_G_UNKNOWN - EET_G_VARIANT - EET_G_VAR_ARRAY - eet_identity_certificate_print: EAPI Eet_Key - eet_identity_close: EAPI Eet_Key - eet_identity_open: EAPI Eet_Key - eet_identity_print: EAPI Eet_Key - eet_identity_set: EAPI Eet_Key - eet_identity_sha1: EAPI Eet_Key - eet_identity_signature: EAPI Eet_Key - eet_identity_x509: EAPI Eet_Key - eet_init: EAPI int eet_init - EET_I_LIMIT: EINA_DEPRECATED EAPI Eet_Data_Descriptor - Eet_Key - Eet_Key_Password_Callback: EAPI Eet_Key - eet_list: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - eet_memopen_read: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const... - eet_mode_get: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - Eet_Node - eet_node_array_new - eet_node_char_new - Eet_Node_Data - eet_node_del - eet_node_double_new - eet_node_dump - eet_node_float_new - Eet_Node_Group: EAPI Eet_Node - eet_node_hash_add - eet_node_hash_new - eet_node_inlined_string_new - eet_node_int_new - eet_node_list_append - eet_node_list_new - eet_node_long_long_new - eet_node_null_new - eet_node_short_new - eet_node_string_new - eet_node_struct_append - eet_node_struct_child_new - eet_node_struct_new - eet_node_unsigned_char_new - eet_node_unsigned_int_new - eet_node_unsigned_long_long_new - eet_node_unsigned_short_new - eet_node_var_array_new - Eet_Node_Walk - eet_num_entries: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const... - eet_open: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - eet_read: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - Eet_Read_Cb - eet_read_cipher: EAPI void * eet_read_cipher - eet_read_direct: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const... - eet_shutdown: EAPI int eet_init - eet_sync: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - EET_T_CHAR - EET_T_DOUBLE - EET_T_F8P24 - EET_T_F16P16 - EET_T_F32P32 - EET_T_FLOAT - EET_T_INLINED_STRING - EET_T_INT - EET_T_LAST - EET_T_LONG_LONG - EET_T_NULL - EET_T_SHORT - EET_T_STRING - EET_T_UCHAR - EET_T_UINT - EET_T_ULONG_LONG - EET_T_UNKNOW - EET_T_USHORT - Eet_Version - eet_write: written. EAPI Eina_Bool eet_alias (Eet_File *ef, const char... - Eet_Write_Cb - eet_write_cipher: EAPI void * eet_read_cipher - eexpress-diag: Diagnostic program for Intel EtherExpress 16 - ef: pseudo-device driver providing support for multiple Ethernet frame... - efax-0.9a: send/receive faxes with Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem - efax-gtk-faxfilter: Wrapper around efax-gtk-socket-client - efax-gtk-socket-client: a client of efax-gtk to work with lpd/lprng - efax-gtk: GUI front end for efax program - efax: send/receive faxes with Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem - efetch: retrieve entries from sequence databases - efibootmgr: manipulate the EFI Boot Manager - eficas: eficas command - eficasQt: eficasQt command - eficasTk: eficasTk command - efingerd: another finger daemon for linux - efix-0.9a: convert between fax, text, bit-map and gray-scale formats - efix: convert between fax, text, bit-map and gray-scale formats - eflite: a speech server for Festival lite - efp.nes: Escape from Pong NES game - eftaccess: eftd configuration file - eftd: ISDN EUROFILE file transfer server - efte: Text editor - efthosts: eftd individual user host access file - eftp: ISDN EUROFILE file transfer client - eft_wuauth: authentication for eftp4linux Eurofile server based on wuftpd - eft_xferlog: EFT server logfile - ef_expand_file: expand filenames containing ~user/$envvar and wildcard... - ef_last_error: expand filenames containing ~user/$envvar and wildcard... - ef_list_expansions: expand filenames containing ~user/$envvar and wildcard... - eg: git for mere mortals - egd: egd - egetcds: get identifiers list molrev - eggdrop: an IRC bot - egrep: print lines matching a pattern - egrope: massage a file for a while - eground: The Equational Theorem Prover User Manual - ehci: USB Enhanced Host Controller driver - ei: routines for handling the erlang binary term format - eiciel: GNOME ACL file permissions editor - eiconctrl: configure Eicon active ISDN card - eid: Query ID database and report results - eidenv: utility for accessing visible data from electronic identity cards - EigenSolver - EigenSystem - EigenTimeSolver - eigen_solver.C - eigen_solver.h - eigen_system.C - eigen_system.h - eigen_time_solver.C - eigen_time_solver.h - einfo: shows information of an EPub document - einsi: Multiple alignment program for amino acid or nucleotide sequences - einstein: Puzzle game inspired on Einstein's puzzle - einverted: Finds inverted repeats in nucleotide sequences - eiskaltdcpp-daemon: simple uncontrollable daemon - eiskaltdcpp-gtk: GUI based on Gtk (based on FreeDC++ and LinuxDC++) - eiskaltdcpp-qt: GUI based on Qt - eiskaltdcpp: graphical client for Direct Connect which uses Qt libraries - ei_connect: Communicate with distributed erlang - ejabberd: a distributed fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server - ejabberd2prosody: ejabbed db dump importer for prosody - ejabberdctl: a control interface of ejabberd Jabber/XMPP server - eject: eject removable media - ejecter: application to unmount easily and safely external devices - ekey-rekey: Entropy Key Long Term Session Key tool - ekey-setkey: Entropy Key Long Term Key programmer - ekey-ulusbd: Entropy Key, Userland USB Daemon - ekeyd-egd-linux: EGD Entropy Daemon - ekeyd.conf: entropy key configuration - ekeyd: Entropy Key Daemon - ekeydctl: Entropy Key Daemon Control tool - ekg: A Gadu-Gadu compatible client - ekg2-remote: remote User Interface for EKG2 - ekg2: opensource IM client for UNIX systems - ekglogs: a logs lister for EKG - ekiga-config-tool: Ekiga GConf Setup Configuration Assistant - ekiga: SIP and H.323 Voice over IP and Videoconferencing for UN*X - ekl2: EKG history viewer - el: program to make a tuned shell-command for Oneliner - el3diag: diagnostic program for the 3Com 3x9 cards - elaps: Utilities for creating mathematically accurate figures - elastichosts-upload: upload disk images to ElasticHosts - elastichosts: command line interface for ElasticHosts' API - elastix: perform image registration - electric: a VLSI design system - electricsheep-preferences: GUI to edit defaults for electricsheep - electricsheep: a distributed screen-saver (version 2.7b12) - eleet: assorted text filters - eleeye_engine: a chess program engine to communicate with its user... - elektra: A framework to store configuration atoms hierarchically - elektra: A framework to store configuration atoms hierarchically Library... - elem.C - elem.h - Elem - ElementPropertiesWidget.h - ElementPropertiesWidgetPlugin.h - ElementPropertiesWidgetUI.h - elements - ElementTree.addDataAt: Add text to an element - ElementTree.addElementAt: Add a new child element - ElementTree.addGeneratorAt: Add a new child generator - ElementTree.attrHash: ElementTree - ElementTree.elementTree: Converts a String to an ElementTree - ElementTree.evaluateGenerator: Evaluate a lazy element generator - ElementTree.ExpectedChar: Expected character missing parsing XML - ElementTree.findElement: Get the index of a named sub-element from an... - ElementTree.getAllText: Returns the text content of the element and... - ElementTree.getAttribute: Get an attribute value from an element - ElementTree.getAttributes: Get an element's attributes - ElementTree.getElements: Get all child elements - ElementTree.getName: Get an element name - ElementTree.getSubtrees: Get all child element trees - ElementTree.getText: Returns the text content of the element - ElementTree.InputError: Input error parsing XML - ElementTree.lazyOutput: Print an ElementTree to a user-defined target - ElementTree.lazyPrint: Print an ElementTree - ElementTree.newElement: Create a new element - ElementTree.NotLazy: The item to evaluate is not a generator - ElementTree.pushData: Add text to the end of an element - ElementTree.pushElement: Add a new child element to the end - ElementTree.pushGenerator: Add a new child generator to the end - ElementTree.setAttribute: Set an attribute - ElementTree.simpleEncode: HTML-escape a string - ElementTree.string: Convert an ElementTree to a String - ElementTree.textSizeOfBlock: Get the text length of an element - ElementTree.UnexpectedChar: Unexpected character found parsing XML - ElementTree.UnexpectedEnd: Unexpected end of data parsing XML - ElementTree.unsetAttribute: Unset an attribute - ElementTree.unshiftData: Add text to the start of an element - ElementTree.unshiftElement: Add a new child element to the start - ElementTree.unshiftGenerator: Add a new child generator to the start - ElementTreeData.Element: Types of element - ElementTreeData.ElementTree: An element and its descendants - ElementTreeData.EmptyTagMode: Controls printing of empty elements - ElementTreeData.UnicodeFormat: Controls the output format of non - ElementTypes - elem_quality.C - elem_quality.h - elem_range.h - elem_refinement.C - elem_type.C - elem_type.h - elf: format of Executable and Linking Format (ELF) files - elfedit: Update the ELF header of ELF files - elfrc: a resource compiler for ELF systems - elfsign: sign ELF binary images - elfverify: program to do something - elida: process source package in mail request - elidad: builds packages using pbuilder and runs piuparts and lintian - elilo: install EFI boot loader - eliloalt: manipulate elilo alternate - elinks.conf: ELinks configuration file - elinks: lynx-like alternative character mode WWW browser - elinkskeys: keybindings for ELinks - elixir-column: reformat 'elixir resolve' output - elixir-compose: reformat 'elixir compose' output - elixir-resolve: Arabic morphological analyzer derived from ElixirFM - ElixirFM: Interfaces to the ElixirFM system implementing Functional Arabic... - elk: extensible Scheme interpreter - elksemu: Embedded Linux Kernel Subset emulator - ellcc.xemacs21: Program to compile an emacs dynamic module - ellipse: Draws an ellipse. Allegro game programming library - EllipseComp: ellipse component subject, view, and PostScript external... - ellipsefill: Draws a filled ellipse. Allegro game programming library - ellipses: abstract base class and predefined subclasses for elliptical... - elogin: Cisco/Foundry login script - elographics: Elographics input driver - elvfmt: adjust line-length for paragraphs of text - elvi: surfraw(1) search tools - elvis-tiny: Tiny vi-compatible editor - elvis: a clone of the ex/vi text editor - elvisnox: a clone of the ex/vi text editor - elvtags: Generates "tags" and (optionally) "refs" files - elyxer: convert LyX files to html - elza.def: elza(1) configuration file - elza: script language for automating HTTP requests - el_deletestr: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_end: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_get: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_getc: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_gets: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_init: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_insertstr: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_line: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_parse: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_push: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_reset: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_resize: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_set: line editor, history and tokenization functions - el_source: line editor, history and tokenization functions - em: Intel(R) PRO/1000 Gigabit Ethernet adapter driver - emacs-snapshot-gtk: GNU project Emacs - emacs-snapshot-nox: GNU project Emacs - emacs-snapshot: GNU project Emacs - emacs.emacs23: GNU project Emacs - emacs: GNU project Emacs - emacs23-lucid: GNU project Emacs - emacs23-nox: GNU project Emacs - emacs23-x: GNU project Emacs - emacs23: GNU project Emacs - emacsclient.emacs23: tells a running Emacs to visit a file - emacsclient: tells a running Emacs to visit a file - emacspeak: speech output interface to Emacs - emacspeakconfig: configure emacspeak - email-conduit-control-applet: GNOME applet to manipulate a Palm PDA - email-reminder-editor: edit special occasion reminders - email2page: converts RFC822 email text into text suitable for paging - email2trac: Creates and amends Trac tickets from e-mail - Embedder.cpp - Embedder: An implementation of the HDE algorithm - EmbedderBfs.cpp - EmbedderBfs.h - EmbedderDefs.h - EmbedderDijkstra.cpp - EmbedderDijkstra.h - EmbedderEmbedGraph.cpp - EmbedderEmbedGraph.h - EmbedderParameters.cpp - EmbedderParameters.h - EmbedderPowerIterationDense.cpp - ember.bin: 3D client for the WorldForge project - ember: 3D client for the WorldForge project - embossdata: Find and retrieve EMBOSS data files - embossversion: Reports the current EMBOSS version number - Embperl: Building dynamic Websites with Perl - embpexec: Run an Embperl file offline - embpmsgid: Extract message ids from Embperl files - embryo_cc: a small compiler - embuilddeps: handle native and cross build-dependency installation - emelfm2 - emerald-theme-manager: The Emerald Theme Manager - emerald: The Emerald Windows Decorator - emerillon: map viewer for Gnome - emesene: an instant messaging client - emgrip-build: build wrapper script for Emdebian Grip - emgrip-dumpsingle.pl: dump details of a single package as a control file - emgrip-dupes: find packages listed in more than one component - emgrip-edos: add missing dependencies within Emdebian Grip - emgrip-remove: remove a source package from all components in all unfrozen... - emgrip: converts a .deb to Emdebian Grip on-the-fly - emil.cf: configuration file for emil(1) - emil: conversion filter for Internet messages - emilda-print: Client-side print application for Emilda - EmissiveMaterialSource: 3D API emissive material source - Emma: extendable MySQL managing assistant - emms-print-metadata: Print information about music files - emowse: Search protein sequences by digest fragment molecular weight - empathy-accounts: Accounts configuration dialog for Empathy instant... - empathy: GNOME multi-protocol chat and call client - empcommand: Multitouch 2d touch-and-shoot game - empire: the wargame of the century - empty-page: empty page detector of the ExactImage toolkit - empty-trash: Command line trash utility - empty: run processes under pseudo-terminal sessions - empty_string: Universal string NULL terminator. Allegro game programming... - empy: A powerful and robust templating system for Python - emp_hub: Empire multiplexer - emu-sock-creator: emulate socket creator - emu8051: Simulator/emulator for the Intel 8051 family of microcontrollers - emuga-groupgen: Generate group information - emuga-target: Generate group information - emuga-usergen: Generate group information - emvendor: retrieve vendor-specific package configuration strings - em_autogrip: create and maintain an Emdebian Grip repository - em_cons: Create a consensus sequence from a multiple alignment - em_installtdeb: generate Emdebian TDeb translation packages and source - em_pscan: Scans protein sequence(s) with fingerprints from the PRINTS... - en: device driver for Midway-based ATM interfaces - Enable: enable or disable options - enable_hardware_cursor: Enables the OS hardware cursor. Allegro game... - enable_triple_buffer: Enables triple buffering. Allegro game programming... - enblend-mp: combine images using a multiresolution spline - enblend: combine images using a multiresolution spline - enc: symmetric cipher routines - enc: Encapsulating Interface - enc2xs: Perl Encode Module Generator - enca: detect and convert encoding of text files - encadre-image: manual page for encadre-image v0.7 (11.10.06) for linux - encapsulate: multiplex several channels over a single socket with sampling... - encfs: mounts or creates an encrypted virtual filesystem - encfsctl: administrative tool for working with EncFS filesystems - enchant: a spellchecker - Encode: character encodings - encodedv: encode a series of images to a digital video stream - encode_keychange: produce the KeyChange string for SNMPv3 - encoding: allows you to write your script in non-ascii or non-utf8 - enconv: detect and convert encoding of text files - encrypt: encrypt 64-bit messages - encryptbuf: Encrypts information using various methods into a std::ostream - encrypt_r: encrypt 64-bit messages - end: end of program segments - END: commit the current transaction - end2xml: bibliography conversion utilities - endaliasent: read an alias entry - endCDK: Cdk Screen and Widget Manipulation Functions - endfsent: handle fstab entries - endgame: endgame chess screensaver - endgrent: get group file entry - endhostent: get network host entry - endian: convert values between host and big-/little-endian byte order - endmntent: get file system descriptor file entry - endnetent: get network entry - endnetgrent: handle network group entries - endnote-format: frontend to the Biblio::EndnoteStyle perl package - endprotoent: get protocol entry - endpwent: get password file entry - endrpcent: get RPC entry - endservent: get service entry - endspent: get shadow password file entry - endttyent: get ttys file entry - endusershell: get permitted user shells - endutent: access utmp file entries - endutxent: access utmp file entries Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3

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