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This are man pages for commands starting with letter D.

Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - dcm_diff: Compare the attributes in two DICOM files - dcm_dump_compressed: Generic CTN manual page - dcm_dump_element: Dump element from a DICOM file into to another - dcm_dump_file: Dump the contents of a DICOM File - dcm_make_object: Make a DICOM information object from an ASCII description - dcm_map_to_8: map original pixel data (10, 12 bit) to 8 bit - dcm_mask_image: Generic CTN manual page - dcm_modify_elements: Generic CTN manual page - dcm_modify_object: Generic CTN manual page - dcm_print_dictionary: Generic CTN manual page - dcm_resize: Resize a DICOM image - dcm_rm_element: Remove an element from a DICOM file - dcm_rm_group: Generic CTN manual page - dcm_snoop: Generic CTN manual page - dcm_template: Generic CTN manual page - dcm_to_html: Generic CTN manual page - dcm_to_text: Generic CTN manual page - dcm_verify: Verify DICOM File - dcm_vr_patterns: Generic CTN manual page - dcm_x_disp: Generic CTN manual page - dcngettext: translate message and choose plural form - dcod2lum: Convert hardcopy characteristic curve file to softcopy format - dconf: create a system's hardware and software configuration snapshot - dcons: dumb console device driver - dcons_crom: Configuration ROM stub for dcons(4) - dcontrol: Query package and source control files for all Debian... - dconvlum: Convert VeriLUM files to DCMTK display files - dcop: Console DCOP client - dcopclient: extracts the application id from a DCOP reference of a KDE... - dcopfind: Find the DCOP reference of a KDE service - dcopobject: extracts the object id from a DCOP reference of a KDE service - dcopquit: terminates a KDE service - dcopref: creates a DCOP reference of a KDE service from application id and... - dcopserver: KDE DCOP server - dcopserver_shutdown: shuts down the KDE DCOP service - dcopstart: Start a KDE service and return its DCOP reference - dcparse: Extract embeded thumbnail image and print CIFF/TIFF data to screen - dcposn: ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... DICOM PS3 - dcraw: command-line decoder for raw digital photos - dcsort: ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... DICOM PS3 - dcsrdump: ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... DICOM PS3 - dcstats: ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... DICOM PS3 - dctable: ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... DICOM PS3 - dctimestep: compute annual simulation time-step via matrix multiplication - dctopgm8: ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... DICOM PS3 - dctopgx: ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... DICOM PS3 - dctopnm: ACR/NEMA DICOM PS3 ... DICOM PS3 - dctrl2xml: Debian control data to XML converter - dcut: Debian archive .commands file upload tool - dd-list: nicely list .deb packages and their maintainers - dd: convert and copy a file - ddate: converts Gregorian dates to Discordian dates - ddb: interactive kernel debugger - ddccontrol: A utility to control monitor parameters via software - ddclient: Update IP addresses at dynamic DNS services - ddd: The Data Display Debugger - dde: Execute a Dynamic Data Exchange command - ddest: Data destination - ddir: display hierarchical directory tree - ddisna: computes the reciprocal condition numbers for the eigenvectors of a... - ddjvu: Command line DjVu decoder - ddns-confgen: ddns key generation tool - ddns3-client: ddns.nu remote update client - ddns3: ddns.nu remote update client - ddp: Linux AppleTalk protocol implementation - ddpt: copies data between files and storage devices. Support for devices... - ddrescue: data recovery tool - dds-dd: tool to read a dds device - dds: double dummy solver frontend - dds2index: tool to create an indexfile for the use of - dds2tar: tool for fast tape access - ddtc: ddts client tool to help translators and reviewers - ddtcrc: ddtc script configuration file - ddttrf: compute an LU factorization of a complex tridiagonal matrix A using... - ddttrsv: solve one of the systems of equations L * X = B, L**T * X = B, or... - ddv: DeuxD-Viewer for multiple sequence alignment - ddx: returns approximate partial derivative with respect to window - ddy: returns approximate partial derivative with respect to window - dd_driver: Data descriptors globus_xio uses data descriptors to associate... - dd_rescue: copies data from one file (or block device) to another - de: DEC DC21x4x Ethernet device driver - deactivateCDKMarquee: curses marquee widget - deal: bridge hand generator - dealer.dpp: preprocessor for dealer scripts - dealer: bridge hand generator - DEALLOCATE: deallocate a prepared statement - deallocate_voice: Frees a sound card voice. Allegro game programming... - deallocvt: deallocate unused virtual consoles - deb-control: Debian packages' master control file format - deb-extra-override: Debian archive extra override file - deb-gview: GNOME viewer for .deb package files and contents - deb-old: old style Debian binary package format - deb-override: Debian archive override file - deb-reversion: simple script to change the version of a .deb file - deb-shlibs: Debian shared library information file - deb-split: Debian multi-part binary package format - deb-substvars: Debian source substitution variables - deb-symbols: Debian's extended shared library information file - deb-triggers: package triggers - deb-version: Debian package version number format - deb: Debian binary package format - debarchiver: Tool to sort debian packages - debaux-build: Debian package building script - debaux-publish: Debian package publishing script - debbugs-dbhash: migrate a debbugs database to hashed format - debbugs: surfraw(1) search tools - debbugsconfig: copy basic debbugs configuration files from templates - debc: view contents of a generated Debian package - debchange: Tool for maintenance of the debian/changelog file in a source... - debcheckout: checkout the development repository of a Debian package - debclean: clean up a sourcecode tree - debcommit: commit changes to a package - debconf-apt-progress: install packages using debconf to display a progress... - debconf-communicate: communicate with debconf - debconf-copydb: copy a debconf database - debconf-devel: developers guide - debconf-escape: helper when working with debconf's escape capability - debconf-get-selections: output contents of debconf database - debconf-getlang: extract a language from a templates file - debconf-gettextize: extract translations of debconf templates into PO files - debconf-kde-helper: Provide KDE Debconf frontend - debconf-loadtemplate: load template file into debconf database - debconf-mergetemplate: merge together multiple debconf template files - debconf-set-selections: insert new default values into the debconf database - debconf-show: query the debconf database - debconf-updatepo: update PO files about debconf templates - debconf.conf: debconf configuration file - debconf: run a debconf-using program - debconf: Debian package configuration system - debcontents: surfraw(1) search tools - debdelta-upgrade: Downloads all deltas that may be used to 'apt-get... - debdelta: compute changes between Debian packages - debdeltas: compute deltas between Debian packages - debdiff: compare file lists in two Debian packages - debfoster: weed unnecessary Debian packages - debget-madison: show what versions of a package are in Debian - debget: Fetch a .deb for a package in APT's database - debgtd: a tool to help organise and prioritise your Debian bugs - debhelper: the debhelper tool suite - debi: install current version of generated Debian package - debian-bug-search: searches the Debian bug tracking system - debian-builder: Rebuild a Debian package from its source code - debian-distro-info: provides information about Debian's distributions - debian-installer-launcher: Debian Installer desktop launcher - debian-matlab-mexhelper: helper to build Matlab extensions on Debian - debian-mirrors: measure response times from mirrors - debian-reference: post-installation user's guide - debian-report: report differences in packages referenced by two... - debiandoc-sgml: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2dbk: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2dvi: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2html: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2info: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2latex: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2latexdvi: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2latexpdf: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2latexps: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2pdf: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2ps: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2texinfo: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2text: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2textov: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debiandoc2wiki: overview of the DebianDoc-SGML formatting tools - debianize-vdrplugin: debianize a VDR plugin source archive - DebianNet: create, remove, enable or disable entry in /etc/inetd.conf - debirf: build an initrd to boot a full Debian system entirely from RAM - deblists: surfraw(1) search tools - deblogs: surfraw(1) search tools - debman: read man pages from uninstalled packages - debmany: select manpages or documentation files from installed packages,... - debmirror: Debian partial mirror script, with ftp, http or rsync and... - debnest_make: creates a nested debian source package tree - debomatic.conf: Configuration file for debomatic - debomatic: Automatic build machine for Debian source packages - debootstrap: Bootstrap a basic Debian system - deborphan: Orphaned package finder - debpackages: surfraw(1) search tools - debpartial-mirror: debpartial-mirror is a program to generate partial... - debpatch: Applies a patch to recreate a debian package - debpkg: wrapper for dpkg - debpkghome: surfraw(1) search tools - debpts: surfraw(1) search tools - debram: look .debs up in the Debian Ramification - debrelease: a wrapper around dupload or dput - debrsign: remotely sign a Debian changes and dsc file pair using SSH - debruijn: de Bruijn sequence generator - debsec: surfraw(1) search tools - debsecan-create-cron: Create cron entry for the Debian Security Analyzer - debsecan: Debian Security Analyzer - debsig-verify: Verify signatures for a Debian format package - debsign: sign a Debian changes and dsc file pair using GPG/PGP - debsigs-autosign: batch-sign Debian package files - debsigs-installer: process signatures in .deb packages - debsigs-signchanges: cryptographically sign Debian packages based on... - debsigs: process signatures in .deb packages - debsnap: retrieve old snapshots of Debian packages - debsums: check the MD5 sums of installed Debian packages - debsums_gen: Generate /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.md5sums for packages lacking it - debsums_init: Initialize md5sums files for packages lacking them - debtags-updatecontrol: Update Debtags information in control files - debtags: Command line interface to access and manipulate Debian Package... - debtorrent-client: download files using a scatter-gather network - debtorrent-tracker: debtorrent tracker - debtree: show relationships between packages - Debug: enable/disable debugging options - debugapp: A wrapper for openapp - debugcal: Specialty programs of the Radiance package, used by experts - debugfs.ocfs2: OCFS2 file system debugger - debugfs.reiser4: the program for debugging reiser4 filesystem - debugfs: ext2/ext3/ext4 file system debugger - debugger: Erlang Debugger - debugim: prints the raw image data of a vasari file format - debugperl: The Perl language interpreter - debugreiserfs: The debugging tool for the ReiserFS filesystem - debugvdr: Runs the VDR debugging binary with the GDB debugger - debugvmfs: VMFS file system debugger - debuild-pbuilder: A "debuild" wrapper to satisfy build-dependency... - debuild: build a Debian package - debvcsbrowse: surfraw(1) search tools - debwiki: surfraw(1) search tools - decayscreen: make a screen meltdown - decibel-audio-player-remote: Control Decibel Audio Player remotely - decibel-audio-player: a simple audio player - Deck2_6: a stack of interactors on top of each other - DECLARE: define a cursor - DECLARE_GEOM_CLASS: GEOM class declaration macro - DECLARE_MODULE: kernel module declaration macro - decnet.conf: DECnet hosts file - decnet.proxy: DECnet proxy file - decnetconf: Simple configuration script for DECnet - deco: draw tacky 70s basement wall panelling - decode_teergrube: reveal the sender of a sugarplum teergrube address - decomment: remove comments from C and C++ files - decryptbuf: Decrypts information using various methods into a std::ostream - decryptdir: encrypt/decrypt all files in a directory - deejayd.conf: Site-wide configuration file for deejayd, a media player... - deejayd: A media player daemon - default.cfg: Chocolate Doom configuration file - default.pa: PulseAudio Sound Server Startup Script - DefaultColormap: Display macros and functions - DefaultColormapOfScreen: screen information functions and macros - DefaultDepth: Display macros and functions - DefaultDepthOfScreen: screen information functions and macros - DefaultGC: Display macros and functions - DefaultGCOfScreen: screen information functions and macros - defaultpapername: return names for managing system paper information - defaultpapersizefile: return names for managing system paper information - DefaultRootWindow: Display macros and functions - defaults: read or modify GNUstep user defaults - DefaultScreen: Display macros and functions - DefaultScreenOfDisplay: Display macros and functions - DefaultVisual: Display macros and functions - DefaultVisualOfScreen: screen information functions and macros - default_colors: use terminal's default colors - default_palette: The default IBM BIOS palette. Allegro game programming... - default_store: generic storage of global data - defendguin: A bidirectionally scrolling space game based on Defender - defer: Postfix delivery status reports - defid: DESCRIPTION - DEFINE_CLASS: a kernel object system for FreeBSD - define_key: define a keycode - define_key_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - deflateoutputstreambuf.cpp: Implementation of DeflateOutputStreambuf - deflateoutputstreambuf.h: Header file that defines DeflateOutputStreambuf - defmt-c: a sample ispell deformatter for C, C++, and shell sources - defmt-sh: a sample ispell deformatter for C, C++, and shell sources - defncopy: extract procedures and views from a Microsoft server - defoma-app: configure a specific application about fonts registered in... - defoma-font: register/unregister font(s) to Debian Font Manager - defoma-hints: generate font hints - defoma-id: Manage id-cache of Debian Font Manager - defoma-psfont-installer: register fonts installed in a PostScript printer - defoma-reconfigure: Reconfigure all from zero - defoma-subst: Modify a rulefile of Defoma font substitution system - defoma-user: Debian Font Manager for users - defoma: Debian Font Manager, a framework for automatic font configuration - defs.h - def_prog_mode: low - def_prog_mode_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - def_shell_mode: low - def_shell_mode_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - degapseq: Removes non-alphabetic (e.g. gap) characters from sequences - degene4: get identifiers list molrev - degene4l: get identifiers list molrev - deghosting_mask: Creates mask for removing ghosting in images - degrees: converts values of scalars and vectors from radians to degrees - degrep: grep through files belonging to an installed Debian package - dehtmldiff: get usable diff from an HTML page - dehumanize_number: format a number into a human readable form and viceversa - deja-dup-preferences: manual page for deja-dup-preferences 19.3 - deja-dup: manual page for deja-dup 19.3 - deja: surfraw(1) search tools - Delaunay.h - delaunay: constructs the constrained Delaunay triangulation of the input - DELAY: busy loop for an interval - delay_output: miscellaneous curses utility routines - delay_output_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - delch: delete character under the cursor in a curses window - delcr: removes a CR (\015) at the end of each line of input, if a CR is... - deledgeg: For each edge e, output G-e - deleg_method: Creation of comm delegates (snit methods) - deleg_proc: Creation of comm delegates (procedures) - delete-pr: deletes closed PRs - delete: The GNU database manager. Includes dbm and ndbm compatability.... - DELETE: delete rows of a table - deleteCDKScrollItem: curses scrolling list widget - deleteCursesWindow: Cdk utility functions - deleteFileCB: curses file selector widget - deleteln: delete and insert lines in a curses window - delete_file: Removes a file from the disk. Allegro game programming library - delete_spam: Deletes spam tickets from Trac - delete_unrhdr: kernel unit number allocator - delgroup: remove a user or group from the system - deliver: Dovecot's local mail delivery agent - deliverquota.courier: deliver to a maildir with a quota - deliverquota.maildrop: deliver to a maildir with a quota - dell-recovery: dell recovery suite - delp-2.4.4: The Free Pascal file deletion tool - delp: The Free Pascal file deletion tool - delpart: simple wrapper around the "del partition" ioctl - delrconsole: Delete a remote console user - delscreen: curses screen initialization and manipulation routines - delta-filter: package for sequence alignment of multiple genomes - delta: find differences between two RDF graphs - deluge-console: a bittorrent client curses interface - deluge-gtk: a bittorrent client gtk interface - deluge-web: a bittorrent client ajax web interface - deluge: a bittorrent client - deluged: a bittorrent client daemon - deluser.conf: configuration file for deluser(8) and delgroup(8) - deluser: remove a user or group from the system - deluxe: pulsing sequence of stars, circles, and lines - delve: Inspect the contents of a Xapian database - delwin: create curses windows - delwords: Deleting words from specified dictionary collectively - del_CplFileConf: lookup possible completions for a word - del_curterm: curses interfaces to terminfo database - del_curterm_sp: curses screen-pointer extension - del_ExpandFile: expand filenames containing ~user/$envvar and wildcard... - del_GetLine: allow the user to compose an input line - del_panel: panel stack extension for curses - del_PathCache: lookup a file in a list of directories - del_PcaPathConf: lookup a file in a list of directories - del_WordCompletion: lookup possible completions for a word - demangle: Undo C++ name mangling for symbols - demon: cellular automaton - demo_project: At this point, you should have the GNU tools configured,... - demux: Convert XPLOR distance restraints to Gromacs format - Dendrogram.cpp - Dendrogram.h - Dendrogram - denef: Decode Nikon NEF file - denemo: gtk+ frontend to GNU Lilypond - DenseMatrices - DenseMatrix - DenseMatrixBase - DenseSubMatrix - DenseSubVector - DenseVector - DenseVectorBase - dense_matrix.C - dense_matrix.h - dense_matrix_base.C - dense_matrix_base.h - dense_submatrix.C - dense_submatrix.h - dense_subvector.C - dense_subvector.h - dense_vector.C - dense_vector.h - dense_vector_base.C - dense_vector_base.h - density: Draw a nucleic acid density plot - denyhosts: version: 2.6 - depmod.conf: Configuration file/directory for depmod - depmod.d: Configuration file/directory for depmod - depmod: program to generate modules.dep and map files - depot: the basic API of QDBM - deprecate: Perl pragma for deprecating the core version of a module - deprecated_items: <compat/deprecated.h> - DepthBias: 3D API depth bias - DepthBounds: 3D API depth bounds - DepthBoundsEnable: 3D API depth bounds enable - DepthClampEnable: 3D API depth clamp enable - DepthCueing: set depth cueing parameters - DepthFunc: 3D API depth func - DepthMask: 3D API depth mask - DepthMetric.cpp - DepthMetric.h - DepthMetric: This plugins compute for each node n, the maximum path - DepthRange: 3D API depth range - DepthTestEnable: 3D API depth test enable - derb: disassemble a resource bundle - derivations: book: Derivations of Applied Mathematics - deriving: camlp4 with deriving syntax extension - derwin: create curses windows - des: DES encryption - desaggregartp: Reorders incoming packets and reconstitutes the original RTP... - descseq: Alter the name or description of a sequence - designer-qt3: Visual user interface designer for Qt - designer-qt4: Visual user interface designer for Qt4 - design_coupler: for designing directional couplers (part of the atlc... - desklaunch: a small utility for creating desktop icons - deskmenu: A root menu for X - deskscribe: Suite of tools for recording desktop activity - desktop-file-install: Install desktop files - desktop-file-install: install a desktop file to the applications directory - desktop-file-validate: Validate desktop entry files - desktop-profiles: introduction and overview - desktop2menu: create a menu file skeleton from a desktop file - desktopcouch-pair: A tool used to pair desktop CouchDBs - desktopnova-daemon: daemon for desktopnova - desktopnova-tray: control the DesktopNova daemon - desktopnova: change your desktop wallpaper automatically - desktop_color_depth: Finds out the desktop color depth. Allegro game... - desktop_palette: The palette used by the Atari ST low resolution desktop.... - desmume-cli: Nintendo DS emulator - desmume-glade: Nintendo DS emulator - desmume: Nintendo DS emulator - desproxy-dns: DNS for dynamic connections - desproxy-inetd: Desproxy for inetd - desproxy-socksserver: Using desproxy with dynamic connections - desproxy: a TCP tunnel for HTTP proxies - dessert: print a random German adage regeln - DestBlend: 3D API dest blend - DestinationListHandler - DestinationListHandler_TransportAddress: DestinationListHandler - destroy: Destroy one or more windows - destroyCDKAlphalist: curses sorted list widget - destroyCDKButton: create and manage a curses button widget - destroyCDKButtonbox: Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget - destroyCDKCalendar: curses calendar widget - destroyCDKDialog: curses dialog widget - destroyCDKDScale: curses scale widget (type double) - destroyCDKEntry: curses text-entry widget - destroyCDKFScale: curses scale widget (type float) - destroyCDKFselect: curses file selector widget - destroyCDKFSlider: curses slider widget (type float) - destroyCDKGraph: curses graph widget - destroyCDKHistogram: curses histogram widget - destroyCDKItemlist: curses itemlist widget - destroyCDKLabel: Creates a managed curses label widget - destroyCDKMarquee: curses marquee widget - destroyCDKMatrix: curses matrix widget - destroyCDKMentry: curses multiple line entry widget - destroyCDKMenu: curses menu widget - destroyCDKRadio: curses radio list widget - destroyCDKScale: curses scale widget (type int) - destroyCDKScreen: Cdk Screen and Widget Manipulation Functions - destroyCDKScroll: curses scrolling list widget - destroyCDKSelection: curses selection list widget - destroyCDKSlider: curses slider widget (type int) - destroyCDKSwindow: a curses scrolling window widget - destroyCDKTemplate: a curses template widget - destroyCDKUScale: curses scale widget (type unsigned) - destroyCDKUSlider: curses slider widget (type unsigned) - destroyCDKViewer: curses viewer list widget - destroy_bitmap: Destroys any type of created bitmap. Allegro game... - destroy_compiled_sprite: Destroys a compiled sprite. Allegro game... - destroy_datafile_index: Destroys a datafile index. Allegro game programming... - destroy_dev: manage cdev's and DEVFS registration for devices - destroy_font: Frees the memory being used by a font structure. Allegro game... - destroy_gfx_mode_list: Frees the list created by get_gfx_mode_list().... - destroy_midi: Destroys a MIDI structure when you are done with it. Allegro... - destroy_rle_sprite: Destroys an RLE sprite. Allegro game programming... - destroy_sample: Destroys a sample structure when you are done with it.... - destroy_scene: Deallocates the memory used by a scene. Allegro game... - destroy_zbuffer: Destroys a Z-buffer. Allegro game programming library - DES_cbc_cksum: DES encryption - DES_cfb64_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_cfb_encrypt: DES encryption - des_crypt: fast DES encryption - DES_ecb2_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_ecb3_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_ecb_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_ede2_cbc_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_ede2_cfb64_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_ede2_ofb64_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_ede3_cbcm_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_ede3_cbc_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_ede3_cfb64_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_ede3_ofb64_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_enc_read: DES encryption - DES_enc_write: DES encryption - DES_fcrypt: DES encryption - DES_is_weak_key: DES encryption - DES_key_sched: DES encryption - des_modes: the variants of DES and other crypto algorithms of OpenSSL - DES_ncbc_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_ofb64_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_ofb_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_pcbc_encrypt: DES encryption - DES_quad_cksum: DES encryption - DES_random_key: DES encryption - des_read_2passwords: Compatibility user interface functions - des_read_password: Compatibility user interface functions - des_read_pw: Compatibility user interface functions - des_read_pw_string: Compatibility user interface functions - des_setparity: fast DES encryption - DES_set_key: DES encryption Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3

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