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This are man pages for commands starting with letter C.

Page 1 - Page 2 - c++decl: decode C type declarations - c-icap-client: simple ICAP client - c-icap-config: script to get information about c-icap server - c-icap-libicapapi-config: script to get information about c-icap library - c-icap-mkbdb: simple ICAP clientutility to create Berkeley DB lookup tables - c-icap-stretch: A simple utility for stretching ICAP servers - c-icap: ICAP filtering server - c: genericised soft drink generator (ie coffee, coke etc) - c: Command Interface Module - c2bciter: software to extract bibliographic references from various sources - c2bimport: software to extract bibliographic references from various... - c2faxrecv: receive fax using hylafax to ISDN using CAPI - c2faxsend: send fax using hylafax to ISDN using CAPI - c2hs: C->Haskell Interface Generator - c2html: generates highlighted html-files from C source - c2ph: Dump C structures as generated from "cc -g -S" stabs - c4: Chip's Challenge combined converter - c44: DjVuPhoto encode - c89-gcc: ANSI (1989) C compiler - c99-gcc: ANSI (1999) C compiler - c99: compile standard C programs - c1541: a stand alone disk image maintenance program - c2050: Ghostscript bitcymk to Lexmark 2050 Series protocol translator - c3270: curses-based IBM host access tool - CA.pl: friendlier interface for OpenSSL certificate programs - ca: sample minimal CA application - cabal-debian: create Debian package meta data from a Haskell cabal file - cabextract: program to extract files from Microsoft cabinet (.cab) archives - cabin: the utility API of QDBM - cableidx: generate index files from gccxml xml files - cabs: absolute value of a complex number - cabsf: absolute value of a complex number - cabsl: absolute value of a complex number - caca-config: script to get information about the installed version of... - caca.h: public header - cacademo: libcaca's demonstration applications - cacafire: libcaca's demonstration applications - cacaplay: play libcaca files - cacaserver: telnet server for libcaca - cacaview: ASCII image browser - caca_add_dirty_rect: __extern int caca_disable_dirty_rect - CACA_API_VERSION_1: public header - caca_attr: enum caca_color - caca_attributes: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_attr_to_ansi: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_attr_to_ansi_bg: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_attr_to_ansi_fg: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_attr_to_argb64: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_attr_to_rgb12_bg: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_attr_to_rgb12_fg: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - CACA_BLACK: enum caca_color - CACA_BLINK: enum caca_color - caca_blit: __extern int caca_gotoxy - CACA_BLUE: enum caca_color - CACA_BOLD: enum caca_color - CACA_BROWN: enum caca_color - caca_canvas: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_canvas_set_figfont: public header - caca_canvas_t: public header - caca_charset: __extern uint32_t caca_utf8_to_utf32 - caca_clear_canvas: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_clear_dirty_rect_list: __extern int caca_disable_dirty_rect - caca_color: enum caca_color - caca_conio_cgets: public header - caca_conio_clreol: public header - caca_conio_clrscr: public header - CACA_CONIO_COLORS: public header - caca_conio_cprintf: public header - caca_conio_cputs: public header - caca_conio_cscanf: public header - CACA_CONIO_CURSOR: public header - caca_conio_delay: public header - caca_conio_delline: public header - caca_conio_directvideo: public header - caca_conio_getch: public header - caca_conio_getche: public header - caca_conio_getpass: public header - caca_conio_gettext: public header - caca_conio_gettextinfo: public header - caca_conio_gotoxy: public header - caca_conio_highvideo: public header - caca_conio_insline: public header - caca_conio_kbhit: public header - caca_conio_lowvideo: public header - CACA_CONIO_MODE: public header - caca_conio_movetext: public header - caca_conio_normvideo: public header - caca_conio_nosound: public header - caca_conio_printf: public header - caca_conio_putch: public header - caca_conio_puttext: public header - caca_conio_sleep: public header - caca_conio_sound: public header - caca_conio_textattr: public header - caca_conio_textbackground: public header - caca_conio_textcolor: public header - caca_conio_textmode: public header - caca_conio_text_info - caca_conio_ungetch: public header - caca_conio_wherex: public header - caca_conio_wherey: public header - caca_conio_window: public header - caca_conio__setcursortype: public header - caca_conio__wscroll: public header - caca_cp437_to_utf32: __extern uint32_t caca_utf8_to_utf32 - caca_create_canvas: __extern caca_canvas_t - caca_create_display: __extern caca_display_t - caca_create_display_with_driver: __extern caca_display_t - caca_create_dither: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_create_frame: __extern int caca_get_frame_count - CACA_CYAN: enum caca_color - CACA_DARKGRAY: enum caca_color - CACA_DEFAULT: enum caca_color - caca_dirty: __extern int caca_disable_dirty_rect - caca_disable_dirty_rect: __extern int caca_disable_dirty_rect - caca_display: __extern caca_display_t - caca_display_t: public header - caca_dither: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_dither_bitmap: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_dither_t: public header - caca_draw_box: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_draw_circle: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_draw_cp437_box: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_draw_ellipse: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_draw_line: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_draw_polyline: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_draw_thin_box: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_draw_thin_ellipse: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_draw_thin_line: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_draw_thin_polyline: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_draw_thin_triangle: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_draw_triangle: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_enable_dirty_rect: __extern int caca_disable_dirty_rect - caca_event - CACA_EVENT_ANY: public header - CACA_EVENT_KEY_PRESS: public header - CACA_EVENT_KEY_RELEASE: public header - CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_MOTION: public header - CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_PRESS: public header - CACA_EVENT_MOUSE_RELEASE: public header - CACA_EVENT_NONE: public header - CACA_EVENT_QUIT: public header - CACA_EVENT_RESIZE: public header - caca_event_t: public header - caca_event_type: public header - caca_export_area_to_memory: __extern ssize_t caca_import_canvas_from_memory - caca_export_canvas_to_memory: __extern ssize_t... - caca_figfont: __extern int caca_canvas_set_figfont - caca_file: __extern caca_file_t - caca_file_close: __extern caca_file_t - caca_file_eof: __extern caca_file_t - caca_file_gets: __extern caca_file_t - caca_file_open: __extern caca_file_t - caca_file_read: __extern caca_file_t - caca_file_t: public header - caca_file_tell: __extern caca_file_t - caca_file_write: __extern caca_file_t - caca_fill_box: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_fill_ellipse: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_fill_triangle: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_fill_triangle_textured: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_flip: __extern int caca_invert - caca_flop: __extern int caca_invert - caca_flush_figlet: public header - caca_font: __extern caca_font_t - caca_font_t: public header - caca_frame: __extern int caca_get_frame_count - caca_free_canvas: __extern caca_canvas_t - caca_free_display: __extern caca_display_t - caca_free_dither: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_free_font: __extern caca_font_t - caca_free_frame: __extern int caca_get_frame_count - caca_get_attr: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_get_canvas: __extern caca_display_t - caca_get_canvas_attrs: __extern caca_canvas_t - caca_get_canvas_chars: __extern caca_canvas_t - caca_get_canvas_handle_x: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_get_canvas_handle_y: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_get_canvas_height: __extern caca_canvas_t - caca_get_canvas_width: __extern caca_canvas_t - caca_get_char: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_get_dirty_rect: __extern int caca_disable_dirty_rect - caca_get_dirty_rect_count: __extern int caca_disable_dirty_rect - caca_get_display_driver: __extern caca_display_t - caca_get_display_driver_list: __extern caca_display_t - caca_get_display_height: __extern caca_display_t - caca_get_display_time: __extern caca_display_t - caca_get_display_width: __extern caca_display_t - caca_get_dither_algorithm: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_get_dither_algorithm_list: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_get_dither_antialias: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_get_dither_antialias_list: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_get_dither_brightness: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_get_dither_charset: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_get_dither_charset_list: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_get_dither_color: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_get_dither_color_list: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_get_dither_contrast: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_get_dither_gamma: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_get_event - caca_get_event_key_ch - caca_get_event_key_utf8 - caca_get_event_key_utf32 - caca_get_event_mouse_button - caca_get_event_mouse_x - caca_get_event_mouse_y - caca_get_event_resize_height - caca_get_event_resize_width - caca_get_event_type - caca_get_export_list: __extern ssize_t caca_import_canvas_from_memory - caca_get_font_blocks: __extern caca_font_t - caca_get_font_height: __extern caca_font_t - caca_get_font_list: __extern caca_font_t - caca_get_font_width: __extern caca_font_t - caca_get_frame_count: __extern int caca_get_frame_count - caca_get_frame_name: __extern int caca_get_frame_count - caca_get_import_list: __extern ssize_t caca_import_canvas_from_memory - caca_get_mouse_x - caca_get_mouse_y - caca_get_version: __extern caca_canvas_t - caca_gotoxy: __extern int caca_gotoxy - CACA_GREEN: enum caca_color - caca_importexport: __extern ssize_t caca_import_canvas_from_memory - caca_import_area_from_file: __extern ssize_t caca_import_canvas_from_memory - caca_import_area_from_memory: __extern ssize_t... - caca_import_canvas_from_file: __extern ssize_t... - caca_import_canvas_from_memory: __extern ssize_t... - caca_invert: __extern int caca_invert - CACA_ITALICS: enum caca_color - caca_key: public header - CACA_KEY_BACKSPACE: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_A: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_B: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_C: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_D: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_E: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_F: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_G: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_J: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_K: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_L: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_N: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_O: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_P: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_Q: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_R: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_T: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_U: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_V: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_W: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_X: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_Y: public header - CACA_KEY_CTRL_Z: public header - CACA_KEY_DELETE: public header - CACA_KEY_DOWN: public header - CACA_KEY_END: public header - CACA_KEY_ESCAPE: public header - CACA_KEY_F1: public header - CACA_KEY_F2: public header - CACA_KEY_F3: public header - CACA_KEY_F4: public header - CACA_KEY_F5: public header - CACA_KEY_F6: public header - CACA_KEY_F7: public header - CACA_KEY_F8: public header - CACA_KEY_F9: public header - CACA_KEY_F10: public header - CACA_KEY_F11: public header - CACA_KEY_F12: public header - CACA_KEY_F13: public header - CACA_KEY_F14: public header - CACA_KEY_F15: public header - CACA_KEY_HOME: public header - CACA_KEY_INSERT: public header - CACA_KEY_LEFT: public header - CACA_KEY_PAGEDOWN: public header - CACA_KEY_PAGEUP: public header - CACA_KEY_PAUSE: public header - CACA_KEY_RETURN: public header - CACA_KEY_RIGHT: public header - CACA_KEY_TAB: public header - CACA_KEY_UNKNOWN: public header - CACA_KEY_UP: public header - CACA_LIGHTBLUE: enum caca_color - CACA_LIGHTCYAN: enum caca_color - CACA_LIGHTGRAY: enum caca_color - CACA_LIGHTGREEN: enum caca_color - CACA_LIGHTMAGENTA: enum caca_color - CACA_LIGHTRED: enum caca_color - caca_load_font: __extern caca_font_t - CACA_MAGENTA: enum caca_color - CACA_MAGIC_FULLWIDTH: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_manage_canvas: __extern caca_canvas_t - caca_primitives: __extern int caca_draw_line - caca_printf: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_put_attr: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_put_char: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_put_figchar: public header - caca_put_str: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_rand: __extern caca_canvas_t - CACA_RED: enum caca_color - caca_refresh_display: __extern caca_display_t - caca_remove_dirty_rect: __extern int caca_disable_dirty_rect - caca_render_canvas: __extern caca_font_t - caca_rotate_180: __extern int caca_invert - caca_rotate_left: __extern int caca_invert - caca_rotate_right: __extern int caca_invert - caca_set_attr: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_set_canvas_boundaries: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_set_canvas_handle: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_set_canvas_size: __extern caca_canvas_t - caca_set_color_ansi: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_set_color_argb: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_set_cursor: __extern caca_display_t - caca_set_display_driver: __extern caca_display_t - caca_set_display_time: __extern caca_display_t - caca_set_display_title: __extern caca_display_t - caca_set_dither_algorithm: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_set_dither_antialias: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_set_dither_brightness: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_set_dither_charset: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_set_dither_color: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_set_dither_contrast: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_set_dither_gamma: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_set_dither_palette: __extern caca_dither_t - caca_set_frame: __extern int caca_get_frame_count - caca_set_frame_name: __extern int caca_get_frame_count - caca_set_mouse: __extern caca_display_t - caca_stretch_left: __extern int caca_invert - caca_stretch_right: __extern int caca_invert - caca_style: enum caca_color - caca_toggle_attr: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_transform: __extern int caca_invert - CACA_TRANSPARENT: enum caca_color - CACA_UNDERLINE: enum caca_color - caca_unmanage_canvas: __extern caca_canvas_t - caca_unset_attr: __extern uint32_t caca_get_attr - caca_utf8_to_utf32: __extern uint32_t caca_utf8_to_utf32 - caca_utf32_is_fullwidth: __extern uint32_t caca_utf8_to_utf32 - caca_utf32_to_ascii: __extern uint32_t caca_utf8_to_utf32 - caca_utf32_to_cp437: __extern uint32_t caca_utf8_to_utf32 - caca_utf32_to_utf8: __extern uint32_t caca_utf8_to_utf32 - caca_vprintf: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_wherex: __extern int caca_gotoxy - caca_wherey: __extern int caca_gotoxy - CACA_WHITE: enum caca_color - CACA_YELLOW: enum caca_color - cache-clean: Administration tool for the A-REX cache - cache-list: List contents of the Grid Manager cache - Cache: the Cache interface - cache: cache parameters - cacheadm: administer and configure AtFS derived object cache - cachefilesd.conf: Local file caching configuration file - cachefilesd: CacheFiles userspace management daemon - cacheflush: flush contents of instruction and/or data cache - cacheinfo: Defines configuration parameters for the Cache Manager - cachemgr.cgi: squid HTTP proxy manager interface - caches - cacos: complex arc cosine - cacosf: complex arc cosine - cacosh: complex arc hyperbolic cosine - cacoshf: complex arc hyperbolic cosine - cacoshl: complex arc hyperbolic cosine - cacosl: complex arc cosine - cad: plot a boundary file - cad: the boundary definition class - cadabra: field-theory motivated computer algebra system - cadaver: A command-line WebDAV client for Unix - cadubi: Creative ASCII Drawing Utility By Ian - caduceus: A multi-language multi-prover verification tool - caesar: decrypt caesar ciphers - caff: CA - cage: Escher's impossible cage, for xscreensaver - cai: Calculate codon adaptation index - cairo-5c: cairo bindings for nickle programs - cairo-clock: an analog clock drawn with vector-graphics - cairo-dock: A dock to launch your programs easily - Cairo: Perl interface to the cairo library - cairodriver: driver for bitmap or vector output using the Cairo graphics... - cake: CakePHP application shell - cakephp-instaweb: lightweight HTTP server for developing CakePHP... - cal: displays a calendar and the date of Easter - cal3d_converter: convert cal3d files from / to binary and XML (version 0.11... - caladmin: Calendar Server Administrative Interface - calamaris: generate text and graphical statistics out of log files from... - calc: arbitrary precision calculator - calcappclient: RSerPool Client (PU) for the CalcApp service - calcoo: scientific calculator (GTK+) - calculator-from-Allegro: small example programs to demonstrate the power of... - Calculator: various example GNUstep tools/applications - calculus: algebraic type system tool - calculus: Integration and ordinary differential equations - calcurse: text-based organizer - calc_spline: Calculates a series of values along a Bezier spline. Allegro... - caldavd: Darwin Calendar Server Control Interface - calendar: reminder service - calendar: Local and universal time, day-of-the-week, date and time... - calendarserver_export: Darwin Calendar Server Export Tool - calendarserver_manage_principals: Darwin Calendar Server principal... - calf: a audio plugin library - calfjackhost: JACK wrapper for Calf plugins - calibrate_joystick: Calibrates the specified joystick. Allegro game... - calibrate_joystick_name: Returns the next calibration text string. Allegro... - calibrate_lens: Lens calibration from straight lines - calibrate_ppa: pnm2ppa calibration tool - calibre-debug: run an embedded python interpreter for debug purposes - calibre-fontconfig: font configuration tool for calibre - calibre-parallel: parallel tool for calibre - calibre: launch Calibre Graphical User Interface - calife.auth: format of the calife authorization file - calife: becomes root (or another user) legally - CallableBonds: Example of callable-bond pricing - Callback: define a callback function - callback: call a user back, presenting a login prompt - callerid.conf: config file for isdnlog numbers and scripts - callgrind_annotate: post-processing tool for the Callgrind - callgrind_control: observe and control programs being run by Callgrind - calloc: a memory allocator - callout: execute a function after a specified length of time - callout_active: execute a function after a specified length of time - callout_deactivate: execute a function after a specified length of time - callout_drain: execute a function after a specified length of time - callout_handle_init: execute a function after a specified length of time - callout_init: execute a function after a specified length of time - callout_init_mtx: execute a function after a specified length of time - callout_init_rw: execute a function after a specified length of time - callout_pending: execute a function after a specified length of time - callout_reset: execute a function after a specified length of time - callout_schedule: execute a function after a specified length of time - callout_stop: execute a function after a specified length of time - callpass: generate Pass-code associated with your callsign for... - callrpc: library routines for remote procedure calls - cam-config2.byte: Configuration values for cameleon2 - cam-mktop2: Building custom toplevel systems base on topcameleon - cam: CPU'S AUDIO MIXER for Linux - cam: Common Access Method SCSI/ATA subsystem - cameleon2.byte: IDE for OCaml - camelot: Gmerlin webcam application - camera-calib: GUI for calibrating a monocular camera using a checker-board - Camera.h - Camera: downloads files from your digital camera - cameramonitor: Webcam monitoring in system tray - caminfo: Small tool to dump information about your video devices - caml2html: colorizes a set of OCaml source files - camlidl: A stub code generator for OCaml - CamlinternalLazy: no description - CamlinternalMod: no description - CamlinternalOO: Run-time support for objects and classes - camlmix: preprocessor which converts text with embedded OCaml - camlp4: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4boot: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4o.opt: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4o: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4of.opt: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4of: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4oof.opt: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4oof: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4orf.opt: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4orf: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4prof: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4r.opt: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4r: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4rf.opt: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp4rf: Pre-Processor-Pretty-Printer for Objective Caml - camlp5: Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for OCaml mkcamlp5 - camlp5o.opt: Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for OCaml mkcamlp5 - camlp5o: Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for OCaml mkcamlp5 - camlp5r.opt: Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for OCaml mkcamlp5 - camlp5r: Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for OCaml mkcamlp5 - camlp5sch: Pre-Precessor-Pretty-Printer for OCaml mkcamlp5 - camomilecharmap.byte: a charmap database translators for camomile - camomilecharmap.opt: a charmap database translators for camomile - camomilecharmap: a charmap database translators for camomile - camomilelocaledef.byte: a localedef database translators for camomile - camomilelocaledef.opt: a localedef database translators for camomile - camomilelocaledef: a localedef database translators for camomile - camorama: GNOME2 Video4Linux viewer - camping: small Ruby web framework for MVC type applications - camstream: Webcamming tool - canadian-english-huge: a list of English words - canadian-english-insane: a list of English words - canadian-english-large: a list of English words - canadian-english-small: a list of English words - canadian-english: a list of English words - canberra: Command line interface to canberra in mlpy (version 2.2.0) - canberraq: Command line interface to canberraq in mlpy (version 2.2.0) - cancel: cancel jobs - cancelmsg: Cancel an E-mail message - canfield: the solitaire card game canfield - canlisp: parse canlisp commands - cannacheck: Display information about Japanese input system Canna - cannakill: Terminate operation of the Kana-Kanji conversion server... - cannalib: Kana-to-Kanji Conversion Library Intro - cannaserver: Kana-Kanji conversion server - cannastat: Display information about the Kana-Kanji conversion server - canonical: Postfix canonical table format - Canonicalise: 'cat' filters for XML documents - CanonicaliseLazy: 'cat' filters for XML documents - canonicalize_filename: Converts any filename into its canonical form.... - canonicalize_file_name: return the canonicalized filename Page 1 - Page 2

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