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This are man pages for commands starting with letter B.

Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - Binary.base64Encode: base64 encode a block - Binary.Binary: Block of binary data - Binary.blockData: Get a foreign pointer to Binary data - Binary.blockSize: Get the size of a block - Binary.copyBlock: Copy a block of data - Binary.copyChunk: Copy a sub-block - Binary.createBlock: Create a new, uninitialised block for binary data - Binary.createInitialisedBlock: Create a new and initialised block for... - Binary.getBlockChunk: Return a chunk from a block as an array - Binary.OffsetOutOfRange: Attempt to access an offset outside a block - Binary.peek: Query binary data - Binary.peekString: Read a String from binary data - Binary.poke: Modify binary data - Binary.pokeString: Write a String of binary data - Binary.readBlock: Read a block from a file - Binary.setBlockData: Set the contents of a block - Binary.writeBlock: Write a block to a file - binary: Insert and extract fields from binary strings - binary2ascii: Convert binary numbers to textual representation - binarysearch: Extensions to the STL binary_search function template - binclock: prints time in binary format - bind: bind a name to a socket - bind: bind a name to a socket - bind2csv2: convert zone files from BIND to MaraDNS compatible format - bind8_named2dlf: convert BIND8 named logs into dlf format - bind8_query2dlf: convert BIND8 querylogs to dlf - bind9_query2dlf: convert BIND9 querylogs to dlf - bindCDKObject: Curses Development Kit Character Binding Capabilities - bindfs: mount --bind in user-space - bindresvport: bind a socket to a privileged IP port - bindrules: ShapeTools version bind rules - bindtags: Determine which bindings apply to a window, and order of... - bindtextdomain: set directory containing message catalogs - bind_textdomain_codeset: set encoding of message translations - binfile: convert raw binary files to VIPS format - binfmtasm-interpreter: binfmt_misc Assembly handler - binfmtc-interpreter: binfmt_misc C handler - binfmtcxx-interpreter: binfmt_misc C++ handler - binfmtf-interpreter: binfmt_misc fortran handler - binfmtf95-interpreter: binfmt_misc fortran handler - binfmtgcj-interpreter: binfmt_misc gcj handler - binfmtp-interpreter: binfmt_misc pascal handler - bing: surfraw(1) search tools - bing: compute point to point throughput using two sizes of ICMP... - binhex: Hexifies a series of files - biniax2: Logic game with arcade and tactics modes - binkd: transfer files between two Fidonet systems over TCP/IP - binkdlogstat: binkd log analyser and statistic generator - binlegs: Maintain the GMT index files for mgg supplement - binmazetest: image processing library - binops: Template functions for class-type binary operators - bins: Generate a static HTML photo albums using XML and EXIF tags - binsrch: general purpose functions for performing a binary search - binstats: display statistics about programs and libraries - bins_cleanupgallery: remove any unused file in your HTML galleries - bins_edit: Set fields in XML picture description files for BINS - bintime: get the current time - binuptime: get the time elapsed since boot - bin_dec_hex: How to use binary, decimal, and hexadecimal notation - bio: I/O abstraction - bio2jack-config: bio2jack build information script - BioCocoa: Sequence file format conversion - BioCocoa: Bioinformatics framework for GNUstep and Cocoa - biof: rotating stack of quads - biogenesis: Biogenesis, an artificial life program focused on evolution - biomaj: downloads and transform remote biological data banks - bioradtopgm: convert a Biorad confocal file into a portable graymap - bios: interact with PC BIOS - biosdecode: BIOS information decoder - biosdevname: give BIOS-given name of a device - biosed: Replace or delete sequence sections - biosinfo: Shows type, revision and vendor of the mainboard as well as... - BIO_append_filename: FILE bio - BIO_callback_ctrl: BIO control operations - BIO_ctrl: BIO control operations - BIO_ctrl_get_read_request: BIO pair BIO - BIO_ctrl_get_write_guarantee: BIO pair BIO - BIO_ctrl_pending: BIO control operations - BIO_ctrl_reset_read_request: BIO pair BIO - BIO_ctrl_wpending: BIO control operations - BIO_debug_callback: BIO callback functions - BIO_destroy_bio_pair: BIO pair BIO - BIO_do_accept: accept BIO - BIO_do_connect: connect BIO - BIO_eof: BIO control operations - BIO_find_type: BIO chain traversal - BIO_flush: BIO control operations - BIO_free: BIO allocation and freeing functions - BIO_free_all: BIO allocation and freeing functions - BIO_f_base64: base64 BIO filter - BIO_f_buffer: buffering BIO - BIO_f_cipher: cipher BIO filter - BIO_f_md: message digest BIO filter - BIO_f_null: null filter - BIO_f_ssl: SSL BIO - BIO_gets: BIO I/O functions - BIO_get_accept_port: accept BIO - BIO_get_bind_mode: accept BIO - BIO_get_callback: BIO callback functions - BIO_get_callback_arg: BIO callback functions - BIO_get_cipher_ctx: cipher BIO filter - BIO_get_cipher_status: cipher BIO filter - BIO_get_close: BIO control operations - BIO_get_conn_hostname: connect BIO - BIO_get_conn_int_port: connect BIO - BIO_get_conn_ip: connect BIO - BIO_get_conn_port: connect BIO - BIO_get_fd: file descriptor BIO - BIO_get_fp: FILE bio - BIO_get_info_callback: BIO control operations - BIO_get_md: message digest BIO filter - BIO_get_md_ctx: message digest BIO filter - BIO_get_mem_data: memory BIO - BIO_get_mem_ptr: memory BIO - BIO_get_num_renegotiates: SSL BIO - BIO_get_read_request: BIO pair BIO - BIO_get_retry_BIO: BIO retry functions - BIO_get_retry_reason: BIO retry functions - BIO_get_ssl: SSL BIO - BIO_get_write_buf_size: BIO pair BIO - BIO_get_write_guarantee: BIO pair BIO - BIO_int_ctrl: BIO control operations - BIO_make_bio_pair: BIO pair BIO - BIO_new: BIO allocation and freeing functions - BIO_new_bio_pair: BIO pair BIO - BIO_new_buffer_ssl_connect: SSL BIO - BIO_new_CMS: CMS streaming filter BIO - BIO_new_fd: file descriptor BIO - BIO_new_file: FILE bio - BIO_new_fp: FILE bio - BIO_new_mem_buf: memory BIO - BIO_new_socket: socket BIO - BIO_new_ssl: SSL BIO - BIO_new_ssl_connect: SSL BIO - BIO_next: BIO chain traversal - BIO_pending: BIO control operations - BIO_pop: add and remove BIOs from a chain - BIO_ptr_ctrl: BIO control operations - BIO_push: add and remove BIOs from a chain - BIO_puts: BIO I/O functions - BIO_read: BIO I/O functions - BIO_read_filename: FILE bio - BIO_reset: BIO control operations - BIO_retry_type: BIO retry functions - BIO_rw_filename: FILE bio - BIO_seek: BIO control operations - BIO_set: BIO allocation and freeing functions - BIO_set_accept_bios: accept BIO - BIO_set_accept_port: accept BIO - BIO_set_bind_mode: accept BIO - BIO_set_callback: BIO callback functions - BIO_set_callback_arg: BIO callback functions - BIO_set_cipher: cipher BIO filter - BIO_set_close: BIO control operations - BIO_set_conn_hostname: connect BIO - BIO_set_conn_int_port: connect BIO - BIO_set_conn_ip: connect BIO - BIO_set_conn_port: connect BIO - BIO_set_fd: file descriptor BIO - BIO_set_fp: FILE bio - BIO_set_info_callback: BIO control operations - BIO_set_md: message digest BIO filter - BIO_set_mem_buf: memory BIO - BIO_set_mem_eof_return: memory BIO - BIO_set_nbio: connect BIO - BIO_set_nbio_accept: accept BIO - BIO_set_ssl: SSL BIO - BIO_set_ssl_mode: SSL BIO - BIO_set_ssl_renegotiate_bytes: SSL BIO - BIO_set_ssl_renegotiate_timeout: SSL BIO - BIO_set_write_buf_size: BIO pair BIO - BIO_should_io_special: BIO retry functions - BIO_should_read: BIO retry functions - BIO_should_retry: BIO retry functions - BIO_should_write: BIO retry functions - BIO_shutdown_wr: BIO pair BIO - BIO_ssl_copy_session_id: SSL BIO - BIO_ssl_shutdown: SSL BIO - BIO_s_accept: accept BIO - BIO_s_bio: BIO pair BIO - BIO_s_connect: connect BIO - BIO_s_fd: file descriptor BIO - BIO_s_file: FILE bio - BIO_s_mem: memory BIO - BIO_s_null: null data sink - BIO_s_socket: socket BIO - BIO_tell: BIO control operations - BIO_vfree: BIO allocation and freeing functions - BIO_wpending: BIO control operations - BIO_write: BIO I/O functions - BIO_write_filename: FILE bio - bip.conf: Configuration file for BIP IRC Proxy - bip: BIP IRC Proxy - bipgenconfig: BIP IRC Proxy configuration program - biplabg: Label bipartite graphs so that the colour classes are contiguous - bipmkpw: Password hasher for BIP - birthday: warn about upcoming birthdays and other events - bisho: program to set the account information for Moblin web services - bison.yacc: GNU Project parser generator - bison: GNU Project parser generator (yacc replacement) - bisque: Modify the Tk color palette - bist: a chemical drawing tool - bitarr: bit array manipulation - bitbake: simple tool for the execution of tasks - bitcoin.conf: bitcoin configuration file - bitcoind: peer-to-peer network based anonymous digital currency - bitesize: Add bitesize tag to bugs and add a comment - bitfling: secure remote access to BitFling - bitlbee.conf: configuration file for bitlbee(8) - bitlbee: IRC gateway to IM chat networks - bitmap: bitmap editor and converter utilities for the X Window System - BITMAP: Stores the contents of a bitmap. Allegro game programming library - BitmapBitOrder: image format functions and macros - BitmapPad: image format functions and macros - BitmapUnit: image format functions and macros - bitmap_color_depth: Returns the color depth of the specified bitmap.... - bitmap_mask_color: Returns the mask color of the specified bitmap. Allegro... - bitpim: utility to communicate with many CDMA phones - bitstormlite: BitTorrent Client based on C++/Gtk+2.0 - bitten-slave: Performs a build and sends result to the Bitten master - bittorrent-downloader.bittornado: download files using a scatter-gather... - bittorrent-downloader.bittorrent: download files using a scatter-gather... - bittorrent-multi-downloader.bittornado: download multiple files using a... - bittorrent-multi-downloader.bittorrent: multiple file clients for... - bittwist: pcap based ethernet packet generator - bittwistb: pcap based ethernet bridge - bittwiste: pcap capture file editor - bitxoscope: configuration tool for xoscope - bjam: software build tool - bjavaloader: Barry Project's program to manage BlackBerry applications - bkchem: a free chemical drawing program - bkgd: curses window background manipulation routines - bkgdset: curses window background manipulation routines - bkgrnd: curses window complex background manipulation routines - bkgrndset: curses window complex background manipulation routines - bkhive: dumps the syskey bootkey from a Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista system hive - bkl-client-test: program to test bickley as clients - bkl-orbiter: daemon to watching sources that need to be indexed - bkl-rename-user: program to replace the initial username in a Bickley DB - bkl-source-test: program to test bickley as sources - bktr: Brooktree Bt848/849/878/879 and Pinnacle PCTV video capture driver - bl: Adjust the backlight of the embedded device running GPE under the... - bl2seq: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool - black-box: find the crystals - blackbox: a window manager for X11 - blackboxgame: guessing game - blackhole: a sysctl(8) MIB for manipulating behaviour in respect of refused... - BlackPixel: Display macros and functions - BlackPixelOfScreen: screen information functions and macros - black_palette: A palette containing solid black colors. Allegro game... - blahtexml: Converts TeX equations into MathML - blam: A nice RSS aggregator for GNOME - blame: annotate RCS files - blast: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool - blast2: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool - blastall: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool - blastall_old: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool - blastcl3: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool - blastclust: BLAST score-based single-linkage clustering - blaster: simulation of space combat - blastpgp: Basic Local Alignment Search Tool - blat2gff: Converts BLAT output files to GFF formatted files - blaze-add: adds a blog post or a page to the BlazeBlogger repository - blaze-config: displays or sets BlazeBlogger configuration options - blaze-edit: edits a blog post or a page in the BlazeBlogger repository - blaze-init: creates or recovers a BlazeBlogger repository - blaze-list: lists blog posts or pages in the BlazeBlogger repository - blaze-log: displays the BlazeBlogger repository log - blaze-make: generates a blog from the BlazeBlogger repository - blaze-remove: removes a post or page from the BlazeBlogger repository - blaze: Simple to use CMS for the command line - blazer: Driver for Megatec/Q1 protocol serial (blazer_ser) and USB... - bld-mrtg: return MRTG-friendly statistics about local BLD status - bld-pf_log: feed BLD with Postifx log files - bld-pf_policy: BLD policy server for Postfix - bld.conf: Configuration file for BLD - bld: A black list daemon - blddecr: decrement the counter of an IP address on a bld host - bldinsert: submit an IP address to a bld host - bldquery: query a bld host - bldread: read bld dumps - bldsubmit: submit an IP address to a bld host - bld_acl.conf: Access lists for BLD - bld_whitelist.conf: White lists for BLD - bleachbit: Delete unnecessary files from the system - bleachbit_cli: Delete unnecessary files from the system (CLI) - blend-role: add/remove roles in registered Debian Pure Blend - blend-update-menus: add menu of meta package to all Debian Pure Blend users - blend-update-usermenus: update user menus of all Debian Pure Blend users - blend-user: add/remove user to Role of a registered Debian Pure Blend - BlendColor: 3D API blend color - BlendEnable: 3D API blend enable - BlendEquation: 3D API blend equation - BlendEquationSeparate: 3D API blend equation separate - blender-bin: a 3D modelling and rendering package - blender: a 3D modelling and rendering package - blender: functionality for blending of image data using diofferent... - blenderplayer: a 3D modelling and rendering package - BlendFunc: 3D API blend function - BlendFuncSeparate: 3D API blend function separate - BlendOp: 3D API blend operator - bless: graphical hexadecimal Gtk# editor - bley: intelligent greylisting daemon for Postfix - blib: Use MakeMaker's uninstalled version of a package - blindtty: Run command in a detached terminal - blinkbox: shows a ball inside a box - blinkenlights.conf: Configuration file for the DNSSEC-Tools... - blinkenlights: DNSSEC-Tools rollerd GUI - bliss: Compute automorphism groups and canonical labelings of graphs - blit: Copies a rectangular area from one bitmap to another. Allegro game... - blitspin: rotate a bitmap in an interesting way - blitztest: program to test blitz imaging filter library - blkcalc: Converts between unallocated disk unit numbers and regular disk... - blkcat: Display the contents of file system data unit in a disk image - blkid: command-line utility to locate/print block device attributes - blkiomon: monitor block device I/O based o blktrace data - blkls: List or output file system data units - blkparse: produce formatted output of event streams of block devices - blkrawverify: verifies an output file produced by blkparse - blkstat: Display details of a file system data unit (i.e. block or sector) - blktool: Display or change block device settings - blktrace: generate traces of the i/o traffic on block devices - blm: manipulate line oriented files using boolean set operations and, or,... - blobAndConquer: 3D platform shooting game - blobby-server: A volleyball game with blobs - blobby: A volleyball game with blobs - bloboats: A Boat racing game - blobwars: platform shooting game - blockade - blockattack: Rise of the Blocks - blockdev: call block device ioctls from the command line - blockmean: filter to block average (x,y,z) data by L2 norm - blockmedian: filter to block average (x,y,z) data by L1 norm - blockmode: filter to block average (x,y,z) data by mode estimation - blockout2: the tetris like game (3D tetris) - blocks-of-the-undead: Tetris Attack clone with spooky undertones - BlocksOfTheUndead: Tetris Attack clone with spooky undertones - blocktube: draws a swirling, falling tunnel of reflective slabs - blogin: Cisco/Foundry login script - BloGTK: graphical weblog client - blootbot: the slowest and most bloated IRC bot on the internet - blootbotsetup: create the mysql tables for blootbot - blosxom: A lightweight yet feature-packed weblog - blowfish: Blowfish encryption - bls: Bacula's 'Tape LS' - BLT: Introduction to the BLT library... - bltdebug: print Tcl commands before execution - Blt_Tree: Tree data object - Blt_TreeCreate: Create tree data object - Blt_TreeCreateNode: Creates a node in a tree data object - Blt_TreeDeleteNode: Deletes a node and its descendants - Blt_TreeExists: Indicates if a tree exists - Blt_TreeGetNode: Finds the node from the ID - Blt_TreeGetToken: Grabs a token associated with existing tree data object - Blt_TreeName: Returns the name of the tree data object - Blt_TreeNodeId: Returns the node serial number - Blt_TreeReleaseToken: Releases token associated with tree object - bluefish: editor for experienced web designers and programmers - blueman-adapters: an utility to set adapter properties - blueman-applet: a tray applet for managing bluetooth - blueman-assistant: application for configuring and pairing bluetooth... - blueman-browse: Helper application for launching an obex browser - blueman-manager: bluetooth device manager - blueman-sendto: application for sending files to bluetooth devices - blueman-services: Configure local bluetooth services - bluemindo: simple yet powerful audio player - bluemon-client: Activate or deactivate programs based on bluetooth link... - bluemon-dbus: DBUS interface to bluemon(1) - bluemon-query: Query the state of and send commands to bluemon(1) - bluemon: Activate or deactivate programs based on bluetooth link quality - blueproximity: locks/unlocks your desktop tracking a bluetooth device - bluetile: full-featured tiling for the GNOME desktop environment - bluetooth-agent: Bluetooth pass agent - bluetooth-applet: GNOME applet for prompting the user for a Bluetooth... - bluetooth-properties: GTK dialog for managing properties of the Linux... - bluetooth-sendto: GTK application for transfering files over Bluetooth - bluetooth-wizard: GTK wizard for setting up devices with the Linux... - bluetoothd: Bluetooth daemon - bluewho: Information and notification of new discovered bluetooth devices - bluez-simple-agent: A PIN management and agent program for pairing to... - bmc-config.conf: BMC configuration file format and details - bmc-config: configure BMC values - bmc-device: perform advanced BMC commands - bmc-info: display BMC information - bmc-watchdog: BMC watchdog timer daemon and control utility - BmdLink.h - BmdList.h - bmf: efficient Bayesian mail filter - bmfconv: Database converter for bmf - bmon: Portable bandwidth monitor and rate estimator - bmore: browse through a binary file - bmp2tiff: create a TIFF file from a Microsoft Windows Device Independent... - bmptopnm: convert a BMP file into a portable anymap - bmptoppm: convert a BMP file into a portable anymap - BMPtoRGB: converts BMP files to RGB to stdout RGBtoBMP - bmp_read_line: Direct access bank switching line selection for reading.... - bmp_unwrite_line: Direct access bank switching line release. Allegro game... - bmp_write_line: Direct access bank switching line selection for writing.... - bn: multiprecision integer arithmetics - bnbot: Battle.net text-based chat bot client - bncdb: pvpgn Constant DataBase (CDB) tool - bnchat: Battle.net text-based chat client - bnd: Create and diagnose OSGi R4 bundles - bnetd.conf: configuration for the Unix Battle.net daemon - bnetd: Unix Battle.net daemon - bnetd: Unix Battle.net(R) daemon - bnftp: Battle.net file transfer client - bni2tga: convert a Battle.net icon file to a Targa file - bnibuild: build a Battle.net icon file from a directory of Targa icon files - bniextract: extract a directory of Targa icon files from a Battle.net icon... - bnilist: list contents of a Battle.net icon file - bnissue.txt: messages for the Unix Battle.net daemon - bnmotd.txt: messages for the Unix Battle.net daemon - bnnews.txt: messages for the Unix Battle.net daemon - bno_plot: generate interactive 3D plot of IO blocks and sizes - bnpass: bnetd password utility - bnproxy: Battle.net(R) proxy daemon - bnstat: Battle.net statisics client - bntext: messages for the Unix Battle.net daemon - bntrackd: bnetd tracking daemon - BN_add: arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs - BN_add_word: arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers - bn_add_words: BIGNUM library internal functions - BN_bin2bn: format conversions - BN_BLINDING_convert: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_BLINDING_convert_ex: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_BLINDING_create_param: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_BLINDING_free: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_BLINDING_get_flags: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_BLINDING_get_thread_id: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_BLINDING_invert: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_BLINDING_invert_ex: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_BLINDING_new: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_BLINDING_set_flags: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_BLINDING_set_thread_id: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_BLINDING_update: blinding related BIGNUM functions - BN_bn2bin: format conversions - BN_bn2dec: format conversions - BN_bn2hex: format conversions - BN_bn2mpi: format conversions - bn_check_top: BIGNUM library internal functions - BN_clear: allocate and free BIGNUMs - BN_clear_bit: bit operations on BIGNUMs - BN_clear_free: allocate and free BIGNUMs - BN_cmp: BIGNUM comparison and test functions - bn_cmp_words: BIGNUM library internal functions - BN_copy: copy BIGNUMs - BN_CTX_end: use temporary BIGNUM variables - BN_CTX_free: allocate and free BN_CTX structures - BN_CTX_get: use temporary BIGNUM variables - BN_CTX_init: allocate and free BN_CTX structures - BN_CTX_new: allocate and free BN_CTX structures - BN_CTX_start: use temporary BIGNUM variables - BN_dec2bn: format conversions - BN_div: arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs - BN_div_recp: modular multiplication using reciprocal - BN_div_word: arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers - bn_div_words: BIGNUM library internal functions - bn_dump: BIGNUM library internal functions - BN_dup: copy BIGNUMs - BN_exp: arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs - bn_expand: BIGNUM library internal functions - bn_expand2: BIGNUM library internal functions - bn_fix_top: BIGNUM library internal functions - BN_free: allocate and free BIGNUMs - BN_from_montgomery: Montgomery multiplication - BN_gcd: arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs - BN_generate_prime: generate primes and test for primality - BN_get_word: BIGNUM assignment operations - BN_hex2bn: format conversions - BN_init: allocate and free BIGNUMs - bn_internal: BIGNUM library internal functions - BN_is_bit_set: bit operations on BIGNUMs - BN_is_odd: BIGNUM comparison and test functions - BN_is_one: BIGNUM comparison and test functions - BN_is_prime: generate primes and test for primality - BN_is_prime_fasttest: generate primes and test for primality - BN_is_word: BIGNUM comparison and test functions - BN_is_zero: BIGNUM comparison and test functions - BN_lshift: bit operations on BIGNUMs - BN_lshift1: bit operations on BIGNUMs - BN_mask_bits: bit operations on BIGNUMs - BN_mod: arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs - BN_mod_add: arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs - BN_mod_exp: arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs - BN_mod_inverse: compute inverse modulo n - BN_mod_mul: arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs - BN_mod_mul_montgomery: Montgomery multiplication - BN_mod_mul_reciprocal: modular multiplication using reciprocal - BN_mod_sqr: arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs - BN_mod_sub: arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs - BN_mod_word: arithmetic functions on BIGNUMs with integers - BN_MONT_CTX_copy: Montgomery multiplication - BN_MONT_CTX_free: Montgomery multiplication - BN_MONT_CTX_init: Montgomery multiplication - BN_MONT_CTX_new: Montgomery multiplication - BN_MONT_CTX_set: Montgomery multiplication - BN_mpi2bn: format conversions - BN_mul: arithmetic operations on BIGNUMs - bn_mul_add_words: BIGNUM library internal functions Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3

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