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This are man pages for commands starting with letter A.

Page 1 - Page 2 - a2crd: attempts the conversion of lyrics file into chordii input - a2dismod: enable or disable an apache2 module - a2dissite: enable or disable an apache2 site / virtual host - a2enmod: enable or disable an apache2 module - a2ensite: enable or disable an apache2 site / virtual host - a2j: Wrapper script to simulate a2jmidid's non-DBUS behaviour though... - a2jmidid: JACK MIDI daemon for ALSA MIDI - a2jmidi_bridge: static bridge with one ALSA playback port and one JACK MIDI... - a2j_control: utility to control a2jmidid daemon - a2mp3: program to optimize your music for your mp3 player - a2p: Awk to Perl translator - a2ping: convert between PS, EPS and PDF and other page description formats - a2ps-lpr-wrapper: lp/lpr wrapper script for GNU a2ps on Debian - a2ps: format files for printing on a PostScript printer - a2x: A toolchain manager for AsciiDoc (converts Asciidoc text files to... - a2x: Objects performing ascii-to-x (anything) conversions - a5booklet: copy two A5 pages from a .dvi file to one A4 page in another - a7xpg: chase action game - a52dec: decode ATSC A/52 audio streams - a56: Motorola DSP56001 assembler - a64l: convert between long and base-64 - a68g: Algol 68 Genie, an Algol 68 compiler-interpreter - aa-audit: set a AppArmor security profile to audit mode - aa-autodep: guess basic AppArmor profile requirements - aa-complain: set a AppArmor security profile to complain mode - aa-decode: decode hex-encoded in AppArmor log files - aa-disable: disable an AppArmor security profile - aa-enforce: set an AppArmor security profile to enforce mode from being... - aa-genprof: profile generation utility for AppArmor - aa-logprof: utility program for managing AppArmor security profiles - aa-notify: display information about logged AppArmor messages - aa-status: display various information about the current AppArmor policy - aa-unconfined: output a list of processes with tcp or udp ports that do not... - aa-update-browser: update browser profiles with browser abstractions - aa: astronomical almanac - aa3d: An ASCII art stereogram generator - aac: Adaptec AdvancedRAID Controller driver - aafigure: convert ASCII art to an image - aaflip: An ASCII art video player - aaindexextract: Extract amino acid property data from AAINDEX - aajm: ascii art jugglemaster - aalib-config: script to get information about the installed version of... - aaphoto: automatic color correction of photos - aaxine: an ASCII art video player - aa_attrs: returns pointer to the text output buffer used by AA-lib - aa_autoinit: easy to use AA-lib initialization function - aa_autoinitkbd: easy to use AA-lib keyboard initialization function - aa_autoinitmouse: easy to use AA-lib mouse initialization function - aa_change_hat: change to or from a "hat" within a AppArmor... - aa_change_profile: change to another profile within an AppArmor profile... - aa_close: close the AA-lib context - aa_createedit: Simple interactive line editor provided as helper function - aa_currentfont: returns specification of the fonts used by AA-lib rendering... - aa_defparams: default hardware paramters requested by AA-lib programs - aa_defrenderparams: default rendering parameters - aa_displayrecommended: List of recommended drivers - aa_dithernames: Names of dithering methods supported by AA-lib - aa_drivers: NULL-terminated array of output drivers available in AA - aa_edit: Simple interactive line editor - aa_editkey: Notify the line editor about keypress - aa_fastrender: simple and fast AA-lib rendering function - aa_fonts: Null-terminated array of available fonts - aa_formats: NULL terminated array of save formats supported by AA-lib - aa_getevent: keyboard functions - aa_getkey: return next keypress event from queue - aa_getmouse: Get mouse position as specified by last mouse event read by... - aa_gotoxy: move the hardware cursor (if any) to specified position - aa_help: AA-lib help string for the default command line parser - aa_hidecursor: hide the hardware cursor - aa_hidemouse: hide the mouse cursor - aa_image: returns pointer to the framebuffer emulated by AA-lib - aa_imgheight: returns height of the emulated image in pixels - aa_imgwidth: returns width of the emulated image in pixels - aa_init: open the output display for AA-lib - aa_initkbd: initialize the AA-lib keyboard driver - aa_initmouse: initialize the AA-lib mouse driver - aa_kbddrivers: NULL-terminated array of keyboard drivers available in... - aa_kbdrecommended: List of recommended drivers - aa_mmheight: returns height of the output screen in millimeters - aa_mmwidth: returns width of the output screen in millimeters - aa_mousedrivers: NULL terminated array of mouse drivers supported by AA-lib - aa_mouserecommended: List of recommended drivers - aa_parseoptions: parse the standard command line options used by AA - aa_printf: print text to AA-lib output buffers - aa_putpixel: put pixel to emulated framebuffer - aa_puts: output string to AA-lib output buffers - aa_recommendhi: insert the given driver on beggining of the list of... - aa_recommendhidisplay: insert the given driver on beggining of the list of... - aa_recommendhikbd: insert the given driver on beggining of the list of... - aa_recommendhimouse: insert the given driver on beggining of the list of... - aa_recommendlow: Add the given driver to the end of list of recommended... - aa_recommendlowdisplay: Add the given driver to the end of list of display... - aa_recommendlowkbd: Add the given driver to the end of list of keyboard... - aa_recommendlowmouse: Add the given driver to the end of list of mouse... - aa_registerfont: add new font specification to aa_fonts array - aa_render: convert image buffer to ASCII-art - aa_resize: resize functions - aa_resizehandler: Set user handler to be called on resize event - aa_scrheight: returns height of the output screen in characters - aa_scrwidth: returns width of the output screen in characters - aa_setfont: set font specification to be used by rendering functions - aa_setsupported: alter the "supported" field of hardware_params... - aa_showcursor: show the hardware cursor - aa_showmouse: show the mouse cursor - aa_text: returns pointer to the text output buffer used by AA-lib - aa_uninitkbd: uninitialize the keyboard driver - aa_uninitmouse: uninitialize the mouse driver - ab: Apache HTTP server benchmarking tool - abacas: Algorithm Based Automatic Contiguation of Assembled Sequences - abby: front-end for cclive and clive - abc2abc: a simple abc checker/re-formatter/transposer - abc2ly: manual page for abc2ly (LilyPond) 2.12.3 - abc2midi: converts abc file to MIDI file(s) - abcde: Grab an entire CD and compress it to Ogg/Vorbis, MP3, FLAC,... - abcm2ps: translate ABC music notation to PostScript - abcmatch: search sequences of notes in an ABC file - abcmidi-yaps: converts an abc file to a PostScript file - abe: Abe's Amazing Adventure - abi-compliance-checker: Compare ABI/binary compatibility for C/C++ shared... - abicheck: check application binaries for calls to private or evolving... - abinit: Sequential version of ABINIT - abiview: Display the trace in an ABI sequencer file - abiword: flexible cross-platform word processor - abook: text-based address book program - abookrc: configuration file for abook address book program - abootimg: manipulate Android Boot Images - abort: cause abnormal process termination - ABORT: abort the current transaction - abort2: abort process with diagnostics - abr2gbr: Converts PhotoShop and Paint Shop Pro brushes to GIMP - abraca: XMMS2 client for the GNOME desktop - abs: compute the absolute value of an integer - abstractile: draw abstract mosaic patterns of interlocking tiles - AbstractProperty.h - AbstractView.h - abuse-tool: Minimal data editor for the Abuse game files - abuse.sdl: The Abuse game, by Crack dot Com and the Abuse community - abuse: The Abuse game, by Crack dot Com and the Abuse community - ac: print statistics about users' connect time - ac3dec: AC-3 stream decoder - acat: A script for managing file archives of various types - accc: Ac3d Compiler - accept: accept a connection on a socket - accept: accept a new connection on a socket - accept4: accept a connection on a socket - accept_check: Check whether a grammar accept / reject given word sequences - accept_filter: filter incoming connections - accerciser: an interactive accessibility explorer - access.conf: the login access control table file - access: check real user's permissions for a file - access: determine accessibility of a file - access: Postfix SMTP server access table - accessdb: dumps the content of a man-db database in a human readable format - accf_data: buffer incoming connections until data arrives - accf_dns: buffer incoming DNS requests until the whole first request is... - accf_http: buffer incoming connections until a certain complete HTTP... - accs: manipulate and administer version object base - acct: switch process accounting on or off - acct: process accounting file - accton: turns process accounting on or off - acct_users: user accounting file for the FreeRADIUS server - acd: generic ATA/ATAPI disk controller driver - acdc: Test an application ACD file - acdcheck - acdlog: Test application ACD file processing and trace data structures - acdpretty: Correctly reformat an application ACD file - acdrelations: Add relations: attribute to ACD files - acdtable: Generate an HTML table of parameters from an application ACD file - acdtrace: Trace processing of an application ACD file (for testing) - acdvalid: Validate an application ACD file - ace-canfield: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-freecell: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-golf: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-mastermind: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-merlin: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-minesweeper: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-of-penguins: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-pegged: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-solitaire: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-spider: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-taipedit: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-taipei: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - ace-thornq: Solitaire-games with penguin-look - Ace: Object-Oriented Access to ACEDB Databases - acecad: Acecad Flair input driver - acetoneiso: feature-rich graphical application to mount and manage CD/DVD... - ace_gperf: generate a perfect hash function from a key set - ace_netsvcs: ACE network services driver - acgvision-agent: acgvision-agent monitoring client - acheck-rules: Rules set for acheck - acheck: Check common localization mistakes - acheck: Acheck configuration file - achilles: OpenGL simulation of artificial life and evolution - acidrip: a Gtk2::Perl wrapper for MPlayer / Mencoder - acinclude: autoconf macros - ack-grep: grep-like text finder - ack: Kanji code converter - acl.php: manages Access Control Lists (ACLs) for CakePHP applications - acl: Access Control Lists - acl: virtual file system access control lists - acl2: A Computational Logic - aclocal-1.4: automatically generate aclocal.m4 from configure.in - aclocal-1.7: automatically generate aclocal.m4 from configure.in - aclocal-1.9: automatically generate aclocal.m4 from configure.in - aclocal-1.10: automatically generate aclocal.m4 from configure.in - aclocal-1.11: manual page for aclocal 1.11.1 - AClock: Analog dockapp clock for GNUstep - acl_add_perm: add a permission to an ACL permission set - acl_calc_mask: calculate the file group class mask - acl_check: check an ACL for validity - acl_clear_perms: clear all permissions from an ACL permission set - acl_cmp: compare two ACLs - acl_copy_entry: copy an ACL entry - acl_copy_ext: copy an ACL from internal to external representation - acl_copy_int: copy an ACL from external to internal representation - acl_create_entry: create a new ACL entry - acl_delete_def_file: delete a default ACL by filename - acl_delete_entry: delete an ACL entry - acl_delete_perm: delete a permission from an ACL permission set - acl_dup: duplicate an ACL - acl_entries: return the number of entries in an ACL - acl_equiv_mode: check for an equivalent ACL - acl_error: convert an ACL error code to a text message - acl_extended_fd: test for information in the ACL by file descriptor - acl_extended_file: test for information in ACLs by file name - acl_extended_file_nofollow: test for information in ACLs by file name - acl_free: release memory allocated to an ACL data object - acl_from_mode: create an ACL from file permission bits - acl_from_text: create an ACL from text - acl_get_entry: get an ACL entry - acl_get_fd: get an ACL by file descriptor - acl_get_file: get an ACL by filename - acl_get_perm: test for a permission in an ACL permission set - acl_get_permset: retrieve the permission set from an ACL entry - acl_get_qualifier: retrieve the qualifier from an ACL entry - acl_get_tag_type: get the tag type of an ACL entry - acl_gran: Rule Set Based Access Control - acl_grant: Rule Set Based Access Control - acl_group: Rule Set Based Access Control - acl_init: initialize ACL working storage - acl_mask: View or set an object's mask for right inheritance - acl_rights: Rule Set Based Access Control - acl_rm_user: remove all groups and memberships of a user - acl_set_fd: set an ACL by file descriptor - acl_set_file: set an ACL by filename - acl_set_permset: set the permission set in an ACL entry - acl_set_qualifier: set the qualifier of an ACL entry - acl_set_tag_type: set the tag type of an ACL entry - acl_size: get the size of the external representation of an ACL - acl_tlist: Rule Set Based Access Control - acl_to_any_text: convert an ACL to text - acl_to_text: convert an ACL to text - acl_valid: validate an ACL - acm: an aerial combat simulator for X - acm4: an aerial combat simulator for X (version 4.X) - acms: an aerial combat simulator for X (version 4.X) - acngfs: Virtual file system for use with apt-cacher-ng - aconnect: ALSA sequencer connection manager - aconnectgui: FLTK based frontend for aconnect - acos: arc cosine function - acosf: arc cosine function - acosh: inverse hyperbolic cosine function - acoshf: inverse hyperbolic cosine function - acoshl: inverse hyperbolic cosine function - acosl: arc cosine function - acpi: Shows battery status and other ACPI information - acpi: Advanced Configuration and Power Management support - acpid: Advanced Configuration and Power Interface event daemon - acpidump: dump a system's ACPI tables to an ASCII file acpixtract - acpitail: Show ACPI information in a tail-like style - acpitool: a Linux ACPI client, allowing you to query or set ACPI values - acpixtract: dump a system's ACPI tables to an ASCII file acpixtract - acpi_aiboost: ASUS AI Booster hardware monitor - acpi_asus: Asus Laptop Extras - acpi_available: test whether ACPI subsystem is available - acpi_dock: Laptop Docking Station device driver - acpi_fakekey: acpi event wrapper - acpi_fujitsu: Fujitsu Laptop Extras - acpi_hp: ACPI extras driver for HP laptops - acpi_ibm: ACPI extras driver for IBM laptops - acpi_listen: ACPI event listener - acpi_panasonic: ACPI hotkey driver for Panasonic laptops - acpi_sony: ACPI notebook controller driver for Sony laptops - acpi_thermal: ACPI thermal management subsystem - acpi_toshiba: Toshiba HCI interface - acpi_video: ACPI Video Extensions driver - acpi_wmi: ACPI to WMI mapping driver - acpl-int32: compile a target architectures - acpl-int64: compile a target architectures - acpl-long: compile a target architectures - acpl: compile a target architectures - acquire_bitmap: Locks the bitmap before drawing onto it. Allegro game... - acquire_screen: Shortcut of acquire_bitmap(screen); Allegro game... - acronym: surfraw(1) search tools - acs_map: curses terminfo global variables - actctrl: configure IBM Active 2000 ISDN adaptor - actions - activate: read/write flags marking active boot partition - activateCDKAlphalist: curses sorted list widget - activateCDKButton: create and manage a curses button widget - activateCDKButtonbox: Creates a managed curses buttonbox widget - activateCDKCalendar: curses calendar widget - activateCDKDialog: curses dialog widget - activateCDKDScale: curses scale widget (type double) - activateCDKEntry: curses text-entry widget - activateCDKFScale: curses scale widget (type float) - activateCDKFselect: curses file selector widget - activateCDKFSlider: curses slider widget (type float) - activateCDKGraph: curses graph widget - activateCDKHistogram: curses histogram widget - activateCDKItemlist: curses itemlist widget - activateCDKLabel: Creates a managed curses label widget - activateCDKMarquee: curses marquee widget - activateCDKMatrix: curses matrix widget - activateCDKMentry: curses multiple line entry widget - activateCDKMenu: curses menu widget - activateCDKRadio: curses radio list widget - activateCDKScale: curses scale widget (type int) - activateCDKScroll: curses scrolling list widget - activateCDKSelection: curses selection list widget - activateCDKSlider: curses slider widget (type int) - activateCDKSwindow: a curses scrolling window widget - activateCDKTemplate: a curses template widget - activateCDKUScale: curses scale widget (type unsigned) - activateCDKUSlider: curses slider widget (type unsigned) - activateCDKViewer: curses viewer list widget - active.times: List of local creation times of newsgroups - active: List of newsgroups carried by the server - active_dialog: Global pointer to the most recent activated dialog. Allegro... - active_menu: Global pointer to the most recent activated menu. Allegro game... - actsync: Synchronize newsgroups - actsyncd: Synchronize newsgroups - acyclic: make directed graph acyclic - AcyclicTest.h - ad: Netatalk compatible UNIX file utility suite - ad: generic ATA/ATAPI disk controller driver - ada: ATA Direct Access device driver - ada2wsdl: Generate a WDSL document from an Ada package specification - adabrowse: Generate fully cross-referenced HTML rendering of Ada 95 specs - adactl: Ada rules controller - adanaxisgpl: A deep space 4d action game - adaptive.h - Adaptive - AdaptiveTimeSolver - adaptive_time_solver.C - adaptive_time_solver.h - adasockets-config: script to get information about the installed AdaSockets... - ada_count: count physical lines of code, given a comment marker - adb2mhc: Convert ADB DB of HP200LX into MHC format - add-accession-numbers: Generic CTN manual page - add-apt-key: Command line tool to add GPG keys to the APT keyring - add-apt-repository: Adds a repository into the /etc/apt/sources.list or... - add-patch: tool for preparing patches for Debian source packages - add-shell: add shells to the list of valid login shells - addCDKScrollItem: curses scrolling list widget - addCDKSwindow: a curses scrolling window widget - addch: add a character (with attributes) to a curses window, then advance... - addchnstr: add a string of characters (and attributes) to a curses window - addchstr: add a string of characters (and attributes) to a curses window - addcr: converts 0x0a to 0x0d 0x0a - adddebug: Modifies Makefile(s) to add debug info - addedgeg: For each edge e, output G-e - addftinfo: add information to troff font files for use with groff - addftpuser: set up anonymous FTP user rmftpuser - addgnupghome: Create .gnupg home directories - addgroup: add a user or group to the system - addld: Lexicon & Dictionary module creation tool for SWORD Project - addmntent: get file system descriptor file entry - addnstr: add a string of characters to a curses window and advance cursor - addnwstr: add a string of wide characters to a curses window and advance... - addpart: simple wrapper around the "add partition" ioctl - addr2line: convert addresses into file names and line numbers - addr2name: perform DNS lookups from scripts - addrconsole: Setup a new remote console user - address.h - Address: Handler for Palm AddressBook databases - AddressManager: Personal address manager for GNUstep - addresstool: Command-line utility for the Addresses framework - addrinfo: Resolve network services - addseverity: introduce new severity classes - addstr: add a string of characters to a curses window and advance cursor - addtcpquota: Allowe or disallowe users to use tcp quota - adduser.conf: configuration file for adduser(8) and addgroup(8) - adduser: add a user or group to the system - addwords: Adding words to specified dictionary collectively - addwstr: add a string of wide characters to a curses window and advance... - add_clip_rect: Intersects a bitmap's clipping rectangle with the given area... - add_ds.pl: program to add datasources to an existing RRD - add_key: Add a key to the kernel's key management facility - add_members: Add members to a list from the command line - add_mibdir: mib_api functions - add_module_replacement: mib_api functions - add_txrx: add two new Data Sources called 'tx' and 'rx' to an RRD file - add_wch: add a complex character and rendition to a curses window, then... - add_wchnstr: add an array of complex characters (and attributes) to a... - add_wchstr: add an array of complex characters (and attributes) to a curses... - adgnumailconverter: Convert GNUMail addresses to Addresses format - adiff: A script for managing file archives of various types - adinrec: record audio device and save one utterance to a file - adintool: a tool to record / split / send / receive audio streams - AdjacencyMatrixImport.cpp - AdjacencyMatrixImport: Import a graph coded with matrix - AdjointResidualErrorEstimator - adjoint_residual_error_estimator.C - adjoint_residual_error_estimator.h - adjtime: smoothly tune kernel clock - adjtime: correct the time to synchronize the system clock - adjtimex: tune kernel clock - adjtimex: display or set the kernel time variables - adjtimexconfig: find kernel clock variables and save for reboots - adjust: Procedures to adjust, indent, and undent paragraphs - Adjuster: button-like interactors for incremental scrolling and zooming - adjust_sample: Alters the parameters of a sample while it is playing.... - adler: Message digest "adler" - admesh: Processing triangulated solid meshes - admin: create and administer SCCS files (DEVELOPMENT) - adonthell-wastesedge: Waste's Edge game for the Adonthell engine - adonthell: a Free Role Playing Game engine - adp: afnix documentation processor - adplay: AdPlay/UNIX console-based OPL2 audio player - adplugdb: AdPlug database maintenance utility - adserver: Simple address book server - adt-run: test an installed binary package using the package's tests - adt-testreport-onepackage: choose one package and test it with adt-run - adt-testreport-runloop: repeatedly choose and test packages - adt-virt-chroot: autopkgtest virtualisation server using a chroot - adt-virt-null: autopkgtest null virtualisation server - adt-virt-xenlvm: autopkgtest virtualisation server using Xen and LVM - adtool: Active Directory administration tool - AdunCore: core module of the Adun molecular simulator - AdunServer: server for the Adun molecular simulator - adv: Advansys ISA/VL/EISA/PCI 8bit SCSI Host adapter driver - advdef: AdvanceCOMP Deflate Compression Utility - adventure: an exploration game - advfs: convert and extract a filesystem to/from a cloop volume - advi: a DVI previewer and presenter with some eye candy effects for... - advmng: AdvanceCOMP MNG Compression Utility - advpng: AdvanceCOMP PNG Compression Utility - advzip: AdvanceCOMP ZIP Compression Utility - adw: Advansys PCI 16bit SCSI Host adapter driver - adzapper.wrapper: squid_redirect advertisement zapper wrapper - adzapper: squid_redirect advertisement zapper - adzapper2ab: adzapper to Mozilla AdBlock generation utility - adzapper2konq: adzapper to Konqueror AdBlocK generation utility - ae-cvs-ci: checkin a change set to CVS - ae-repo-ci: redundant repository checkin - ae-sccs-put: put sccs version - AE: simpler/faster/newer/cooler AnyEvent API - ae: Attansic/Atheros L2 FastEthernet controller driver - aeannotate: annotated source file listing - aeb: build a change - aebuffy: watch for changes - aeca: modify the attributes of a change - aecat: display an aewan document - aecattr: aegis change attributes file - aecd: change directory - aecho: send AppleTalk Echo Protocol packets to network hosts - aechown: set change owner - aeclean: clean files from development directory - aeclients: programs for use with aewm(1x) - aeclone: make an exact copy of a change - aecomp: compare two changes - aecomplete: command completion - aecp: copy a file into a change - aecpu: reverse action of aecp - aecstate: aegis change state file - aecvsserver: serve CVS client protocol against Aegis projects - aed: find differences between a change and the baseline - aedb: begin development of a change - aedbu: undo the effects of aedb - aede-policy: check change set is ready for aede - aede: complete development of a change - aedesk: programs for use with aewm(1x) - aedeu: recall a change for further development - aediff: file differences between deltas - aedir: aegis directory structures - aedist: remotely distribute a change - aedn: assign a symbolic name to a project delta - aee: another (easy) editor - aeedit: edit a change's files - aefa: modify the attributes of a file - aefattr: aegis file attribute file format - aefind: search for files in directory hierarchy - aefinish: finish a change - aefp: calculate file fingerprint - aefstate: aegis file state file - aeget: Aegis CGI file access - aegis: project change supervisor - aegis: meta-data file format - aegstate: aegis global state file - aeib: begin integrating a change - aeibu: reverse the aeib command - aeifail: fail a change integration - aeimport: import foreign repository into Aegis - aeintegratq: integrate changes into projects - aeipass: pass a change integration - ael: list (possibly) interesting things - aelcf: list change files - aelock: take a lock while a command runs - aelock: how locking works, and which commands use them Page 1 - Page 2

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