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Maintenance Commands

This are man pages for commands in category 8: Maintenance Commands.

Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - c-icap-stretch: A simple utility for stretching ICAP servers - c-icap: ICAP filtering server - cache: cache parameters - cachefilesd: CacheFiles userspace management daemon - cachemgr.cgi: squid HTTP proxy manager interface - caladmin: Calendar Server Administrative Interface - calcappclient: RSerPool Client (PU) for the CalcApp service - caldavd: Darwin Calendar Server Control Interface - calendarserver_export: Darwin Calendar Server Export Tool - calendarserver_manage_principals: Darwin Calendar Server principal... - calibrate_ppa: pnm2ppa calibration tool - callback: call a user back, presenting a login prompt - capiinfo: Show supported features of all installed CAPI2.0 controllers - capiinit: start or stop CAPI-capable ISDN cards - capiplugin: Plugin for pppd (Point-to-Point Protocol daemon) - capsh: 'bash' wrapper to raise and lower the bset and pI capabilities - captest: a program to demonstrate capabilities - carrousel: perform load balancing services - catman: create or update the pre-formatted manual pages - cat_nvram: Dumps the contents of nvram to STDOUT - cauthtool: ceph keyring manipulation tool - cbpadmin: Policyd v2 (Clurbringer) Postfix policy server administration... - cbpolicyd: Policyd v2 (Clurbringer) Postfix policy server - cciss_vol_status: show status of logical drives attached to HP Smartarray... - cclsinfo: show class object information - cconf: ceph conf file tool - ccs-auditd: TOMOYO Linux's auditing daemon - ccs-checkpolicy: TOMOYO Linux's policy validator - ccs-diffpolicy: Diff TOMOYO Linux's domain policy - ccs-domainmatch: Scan TOMOYO Linux's domain policy - ccs-editpolicy-agent: Agent for editing TOMOYO Linux's policy - ccs-editpolicy: Edit TOMOYO Linux's policy - ccs-editpolicy_offline: Edit TOMOYO Linux's policy - ccs-findtemp: Detect TOMOYO Linux's temporary pathnames - ccs-init: Load TOMOYO Linux's policy automatically - ccs-ld-watch: Update TOMOYO Linux's library's pathnames automatically - ccs-loadpolicy: Load TOMOYO Linux's policy manually - ccs-notifyd: Notify TOMOYO Linux's policy violation - ccs-pathmatch: Do TOMOYO Linux's pathname pattern matching on the... - ccs-patternize: Convert TOMOYO Linux's pathnames into patterns - ccs-pstree: View TOMOYO Linux's process information - ccs-queryd: Handle TOMOYO Linux's delayed enforcing mode - ccs-savepolicy: Save TOMOYO Linux's policy - ccs-selectpolicy: Pick up TOMOYO Linux's specific domain's policy - ccs-setlevel: Update TOMOYO Linux's profile - ccs-setprofile: Assign TOMOYO Linux's profile to domains - ccs-sortpolicy: Sort TOMOYO Linux's domain policy - ccs_config_dump: Tool to generate XML output of running configuration - ccs_config_validate - ccs_tool: The tool used to make online updates of CCS config files - cdd-role: add/remove roles in registered Debian Pure Blend - cdd-update-menus: add menu of meta package to all Debian Pure Blend users - cdd-update-usermenus: update user menus of all Debian Pure Blend users - cdd-user: add/remove user to Role of a registered Debian Pure Blend - cdebugpack: ceph debug packer utility - cdpr: Cisco Discovery Protocol Reporter - ceph: ceph file system control utility - cephfs: ceph file system options utility - cereal-admin: administer cereal sessions - certpatch: add subjectAltName identities to X.509 certificates - cf-agent: cfengine's change agent - cf-execd: cfengine's execution agent - cf-key: cfengine's key generator - cf-know: cfengine's knowledge agent - cf-monitord: cfengine's monitoring agent - cf-promises: cfengine's promise analyzer - cf-report: cfengine's reporting agent - cf-runagent: Run agent - cf-serverd: cfengine's server agent - cfagent: system configuration agent - cfdisk: Curses/slang based disk partition table manipulator for Linux - cfdoc: Simple utility to document a cfengine configuration file - cfengine: network configuration engine - cfenvd: network configuration engine - cfenvgraph: network configuration engine - cfetool: Standalone UI for Long term state registry - cfetoolcheck: Check a new value against the averages currently in the... - cfetoolcreate: Set up a new Database - cfetooldump: dump the contents of a database in XML format - cfetoolgraph: create graphs from a cfetool database - cfetoolimport: import the contents of a database from XML format - cfetoolinfo: Get information about a database - cfetoolupdate: Update the database with a new value - cfexecd: network configuration engine - cfingerd: Configurable finger daemon - cfkey: network configuration engine - cfrun: Execute remote cfagents - cfservd: cfengine server daemon - cfshow: Dump cfengine databases - cfuse: FUSE-based client for ceph - cgconfigparser: setup control group file system - cgrulesengd: control group rules daemon - chainsaw: tools to improve network performance via SNIP - chat: Automated conversational script with a modem - chbind: The chbind utility is used to lock a process and its children into... - chcat: change file SELinux security category - chcontext: chcontext allocates a new security context and executes a... - chcp: change mode of NILFS2 checkpoints - check-diskfree: check for mounted filesystems nearing capacity - check-passwd: check for empty or duplicate system accounts - check-selinux-installation: perform configuration checks in SELinux... - check-setuid: check for changes to setuid programs - checkapoppw: checks APOP password against the file ~/Maildir/.password - checkgid: checks the gid - checkgroups: update group descriptions - checkinstall: Track installation of local software, and produce a binary... - checkmodule: SELinux policy module compiler - checkpassword: check a password - checkpc: check out the printcap database - checkpolicy: SELinux policy compiler - checkpw: checks password against the file ~/Maildir/.password - checkrhosts: program to check the users .rhosts files for security problems - checksecurity: Run a collection of simple system checks - checksendmail: verify sendmail address transformations - check_db: Check the integrity of a list's database file - check_forensic: tool to extract mod_log_forensic output from apache log... - check_gearman: Nagios service check to monitor the gearman job server - check_lft_balance: check InfiniBand unicast forwarding tables balance - check_multi: nagios plugin to combine multiple service checks in one run - check_perms: Check permissions of Mailman's files - chef-client: Runs a client node connecting to a chef-server - chef-solo: Runs chef in solo mode against a specified cookbook location - cherokee-admin: Runs Cherokee's administrative interface - chgpasswd: update group passwords in batch mode - chiark-named-conf: check and generate nameserver configuration - chilli: ChilliSpot.org. A Wireless LAN Access Point Controller - chillispot: ChilliSpot.org. A Wireless LAN Access Point Controller - chkcon: determine if a security context is valid for a given binary policy - chkconf: check ircd config-file - chkconfig: enable or disable system services - chktcpquota: Check the tcp quotas for the user(s) thus far - chk_cyrus: perform a consistency check of the cyrus mailstore - chntpw: utility to overwrite Windows NT/2000 SAM passwords - choptest: HylaFAX page chopping test program - chpasswd: update passwords in batch mode - chpst: runs a program with a changed process state - chronyd: chrony background daemon - chroot: run command or interactive shell with special root directory - cibadmin: read, modify, or administer heartbeat Cluster Information Base - cifs.upcall: Userspace upcall helper for Common Internet File System (CIFS) - citserver: Core of the Citadel Suite - ckpasswd: nnrpd password authenticator - clamav-check: check clamav installation - clamav-milter: milter compatible mail scanner - clamav-unofficial-sigs: Download, test, and install third-party ClamAV... - clamd: an anti-virus daemon - clamsmtpd: an SMTP server for scanning viruses via clamd - cleandb: purges old HybServ services database backups - cleanup: canonicalize and enqueue Postfix message - clock: query and set the hardware clock (RTC) - clockdiff: measure clock difference between hosts - clone: UPS driver clone - clone_member: Clone a Mailman subscriber address - clubufflush: Flush buffers on a service's file system - clufindhostname: Find a hostname or IP address given the other - clulog: Log a message to the cluster and/or system logs - clurgmgrd: Resource Group (Cluster Service) Manager Daemon - clustat: Cluster Status Utility - clusvcadm: Cluster User Service Administration Utility - clvmd: cluster LVM daemon - cmannotifyd: CMAN Notification Daemon - cman_tool: Cluster Management Tool - cmds: ceph metadata server daemon - cmon: ceph monitor daemon - cmospwd: a cmos/bios password recovery tool - cmpi-provider-register: install class definitions (MOFs) and registration... - cnfsheadconf: Read and write CNFS headers - cnfsstat: Show usage of CNFS buffers - cnid_dbd: implement access to CNID databases through a dedicated daemon... - cnid_metad: start cnid_dbd daemons on request - coldreboot: Force a cold reboot bypassing kexec-tools default - comedi_calibrate: COMEDI calibration utility - comedi_config: COMEDI configuration utility - computer-janitor-gtk: remove cruft from system (GUI version) - computer-janitor: clean up a system installation - comsat: biff server - comsatd: the Comsat daemon - confdb2ldif: Create an LDIF file from a cluster configuration - confdb_overview: Confdb Library Overview - configure-debian: central configuration program for packages using debconf - config_list: Configure a Mailman list from a text file description - conflict: search for alias/password conflicts - connmand: connection manager - conntrack: command line interface for netfilter connection tracking - conntrackd: netfilter connection tracking user-space daemon - conserver: console server daemon - consolechars: load EGA/VGA console screen font, screen-font map, and/or... - consolehelper-gtk: A helper program for consolehelper - consolehelper: A wrapper that helps console users run system programs - controlchan: channel-fed control message handler - convertquota: convert quota from old file format to new one - convirt-ctl: Control tool for convirt - coraid-update: upload an update file to a CORAID appliance - coroipc_overview: Overview of coroipc libraries - corosync-blackbox: Dump live "flight data" from the corosync... - corosync-cfgtool: An administrative tool for corosync - corosync-cpgtool: A tool for displaying cpg groups and members - corosync-fplay: Display "flight data" from the corosync... - corosync-keygen: Generate an authentication key for Corosync - corosync-objctl: Configure objects in the Object Database - corosync-pload: Start payload test - corosync-quorumtool: Set and display quorum settings - corosync: The Corosync Cluster Engine - corosync_overview: Corosync overview - cosd: ceph object storage daemon - courier-filter-perl: A Courier::Filter-based filter for the Courier MTA - courier-mtaconfig: Show configuration parameters for the Courier MTA - courier: The Courier mail server - courieresmtpd: Courier mail server ESMTP daemon - courierfax: Send faxes via E-mail - courierfilter: Courier mail filters - courierldapaliasd: LDAP-based mail aliasing - courierpassd: change passwords from across the network using the Courier... - courierperlfilter: Sample Perl-based mail filter - courierpop3d: The Courier POP3 server - courierpop3login: The Courier POP3 server - courieruucp: Sample Courier mail filter - cowbuilder: a pbuilder wrapper for cowdancer - cpgr: copy with locking the given file to the password or group file - cpg_overview: CPG library overview - cppw: copy with locking the given file to the password or group file - cpu-ldap: a user administration tool for LDAP backends - cpu: A tool for user and group administration - cpufreqd: intelligently monitor and manipulate CPU frequency - cpupcstat: Measure the DTLB miss rate - cqtest: HylaFAX copy quality checking test program - Crack-Reporter: programs to break password files - Crack: programs to break password files - cracklib-check: Check passwords using libcrack2 - cracklib-format: cracklib dictionary utilities - cracklib-packer: cracklib dictionary utilities - cracklib-unpacker: cracklib dictionary utilities - cramfsck: check a compressed ROM file system - crash: Analyze Linux crash dump data or a live system - crda: send to the kernel a wireless regulatory domain for a given ISO / IEC... - create-cracklib-dict: Check passwords using libcrack2 - create-munge-key: Create munge key - createrepo: Create repomd (xml-rpm-metadata) repository - crmadmin: Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager - crm_attribute: Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager - crm_diff: Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager - crm_mon: Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager - crm_node: Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager - crm_resource: Interact with the Cluster Resource Manager - crm_shadow: Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager - crm_uuid: Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager - crm_verify: Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager - cron-apt: program to update the system using apt-get - cron: daemon to execute scheduled commands (Vixie Cron) - crosspost: create the links for cross posted articles - cruft: Check the filesystem for cruft (missing and unexplained files) - crun: restart daemon on core dump - crushtool: CRUSH map manipulation tool - cryptdisks_start: wrapper around cryptsetup that parses /etc/crypttab - cryptdisks_stop: wrapper around cryptsetup that parses /etc/crypttab - cryptmount-setup: setup a new encrypted filing system - cryptmount: mount/unmount/configure an encrypted filing system - cryptsetup: setup cryptographic volumes for dm-crypt (including LUKS... - cserver: To start the Chinese server - cspmonitor: CSP server for monitoring RSerPool components - csyn: ceph synthetic workload generator - ctcs-newburn: generate a CTCS burn profile, and run the burnin - ctermd: CTERM services for Linux - ctlinnd: Control the main InterNetNews daemon - ctluser: control lusers - ctl_cyrusdb: perform operations common to all Cyrus databases - ctl_deliver: perform operations on the duplicate delivery database - ctl_mboxlist: perform operations on the mailbox list database - ctrlaltdel: set the function of the Ctrl-Alt-Del combination - ctstat: unified linux network statistics - cups-calibrate: ESP CUPS Printer Calibration Tool - cups-deviced: cups device daemon - cups-driverd: cups driver daemon - cups-genppdupdate: update CUPS+Gutenprint PPD files - cups-lpd: receive print jobs and report printer status to lpd clients - cups-polld: cups printer polling daemon - cupsaccept: accept/reject jobs sent to a destination - cupsaddsmb: export printers to samba for windows clients - cupsctl: configure cupsd.conf options - cupsd: cups scheduler - cupsdisable: stop/start printers and classes - cupsenable: stop/start printers and classes - cupsfilter: convert a file to another format using cups filters - cupsreject: accept/reject jobs sent to a destination - cutter: cut tcp/ip connections - cvm-benchclient: testing the performance of a CV module - cvm-checkpassword: checkpassword interface for CVM modules - cvm-mysql: MySQL module - cvm-pgsql: PgSQL module - cvm-pwfile: POSIX-style passwd file module - cvm-qmail: qmail configuration lookup module - cvm-testclient: testing CV modules from the command line - cvm-unix: UNIX/POSIX-standard module - cvm-vmailmgr: vmailmgr virtual user validation module - cvs-pserver: The GNU Concurrent Versions System - cvsbug: send problem report (PR) about CVS to a central support site - cvsd-buginfo: print out cvsd configuration information for bug reports - cvsd-buildroot: create a chrooted directory structure for use in cvsd - cvsd-passwd: generate password entries for repositories - cvsd: chroot wrapper to run 'cvs pserver' more securely - cvtbatch: Convert Usenet batch files to INN format - cvt_cyrusdb: convert a database file between cyrus database formats - cwdaemon: morse daemon for the serial or parallel port - cwnnkill: To terminate the cserver - cyclades-ser-cli: Serial Port Interface for Cyclades Terminal Servers - cyclades-serial-client: Serial Port Interface for Cyclades Terminal Servers - cyclictest: High resolution test program - cyrdeliver: deliver mail to an IMAP mailbox - cyrdump: dump mailboxes to stdout - cyrmaster: master Cyrus process - cyrquota: report and optionally fix quota usage - cyrreconstruct: reconstruct mailboxes - cyrus-arbitron: arbitron mailboxes - cyrus-arbitronsort: sorts arbitron(8) output - cyrus-chk_cyrus: perform a consistency check of the cyrus mailstore - cyrus-ctl_cyrusdb: perform operations common to all Cyrus databases - cyrus-ctl_deliver: perform operations on the duplicate delivery database - cyrus-ctl_mboxlist: perform operations on the mailbox list database - cyrus-cvt_cyrusdb: convert a database file between cyrus database formats - cyrus-cyr_dbtool: manage Cyrus databases - cyrus-cyr_df: report Cyrus spool partition disk space usage - cyrus-cyr_expire: expire messages and duplicate delivery database entries - cyrus-cyr_synclog: add entries to the replication log - cyrus-dump: dump mailboxes to stdout - cyrus-imspd: server for storing application preferences and address book... - cyrus-ipurge: delete mail from IMAP mailbox or partition based on age or... - cyrus-makedirs: Sets up the Cyrus IMAPd system directories (spools) - cyrus-mbpath: translate mailbox names to filesystem paths - cyrus-quota: report and optionally fix quota usage - cyrus-reconstruct: reconstruct mailboxes - cyrus-squatter: create SQUAT indexes for mailboxes - cyrus-sync_client: client side of the synchronization (replication) engine - cyrus-sync_reset: Account reset utility. DANGER - cyrus-tls_prune: prune expired sessions from the TLS sessions database - cyrus-unexpunge: restore expunged (but yet unremoved) messages - cyr_dbtool: manage Cyrus databases - cyr_df: report Cyrus spool partition disk space usage - cyr_expire: expire messages and duplicate delivery database entries - cyr_synclog: add entries to the replication log - cytune: Tune driver parameters for Cyclades-Z multiport serial card - d2cs: Program needed to host Diablo II open and closed servers - d2dbs: Program needed to host Diablo II open and closed servers - dafileserver: Initializes the File Server component of the dafs process - dafssync-debug: Introduction to the fssync-debug command suite - dahdi_cfg: configures DAHDI kernel modules from /etc/dahdi/system.conf - dahdi_diag: Dump DAHDI channel parameters - dahdi_genconf: Generate configuration for dahdi channels - dahdi_hardware: Shows Dahdi hardware devices - dahdi_monitor: checks the rx/tx levels of DAHDI channels - dahdi_registration: Handle registration of Xorcom XPD modules in dahdi - dahdi_scan: Print Configuration of DAHDI Spans - dahdi_test: Test if the DAHDI timer provides timely response - dahdi_tool: Shows status of DAHDI interfaces - damnit: DAtabase MaNagement InTerface - dancer-ircd: an IRC server - dansguardian: web content filter - danted: network proxyserver - daptup: wrapper script on 'apt-get update' - darkstat: network statistics gatherer - dasalvager: Initializes the Salvager component of the dafs process - davolserver: Initializes the Volume Server component of the dafs process - dbcheck: Bacula's Catalog Database Check/Clean program - dbck: LysKOM database maintenance program - dbmail-export: export a mailbox from the DBMail mailsystem to mbox format - dbmail-imapd: provides access to the DBMail system to clients supporting... - dbmail-lmtpd: receive messages from an MTA supporting the Lightweight Mail... - dbmail-pop3d: provides access to the DBMail system to client support - dbmail-sievecmd: manipulates Sieve scripts in the DBMail database - dbmail-timsieved: speaks the Manage Sieve draft protocol, used for managing... - dbmail-users: manages the DBMail user database - dbmail-util: maintains the integrity and cleanliness of the DBMail... - dbskkd-cdb: a dictionary server for the SKK - dcbd: Data Center Bridging capabilities exchange daemon - dcbtool: manage the Data Center Bridging (DCB) settings of a DCB interface - ddclient: Update IP addresses at dynamic DNS services - ddns-confgen: ddns key generation tool - ddpt: copies data between files and storage devices. Support for devices... - debbugs-dbhash: migrate a debbugs database to hashed format - debbugsconfig: copy basic debbugs configuration files from templates - debfoster: weed unnecessary Debian packages - debian-installer-launcher: Debian Installer desktop launcher - debootstrap: Bootstrap a basic Debian system - debsecan-create-cron: Create cron entry for the Debian Security Analyzer - debsums_gen: Generate /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.md5sums for packages lacking it - debsums_init: Initialize md5sums files for packages lacking them - debugfs.ocfs2: OCFS2 file system debugger - debugfs.reiser4: the program for debugging reiser4 filesystem - debugfs: ext2/ext3/ext4 file system debugger - debugreiserfs: The debugging tool for the ReiserFS filesystem - debugvmfs: VMFS file system debugger - decnetconf: Simple configuration script for DECnet - defer: Postfix delivery status reports - defoma-reconfigure: Reconfigure all from zero - delete-pr: deletes closed PRs - delgroup: remove a user or group from the system - deliverquota.courier: deliver to a maildir with a quota - deliverquota.maildrop: deliver to a maildir with a quota - delpart: simple wrapper around the "del partition" ioctl - delrconsole: Delete a remote console user - deluser: remove a user or group from the system - denyhosts: version: 2.6 - depmod: program to generate modules.dep and map files - desktop-file-install: install a desktop file to the applications directory - devmap_name: Query device-mapper name - dhclient-script: DHCP client network configuration script - dhclient: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client - dhclient3: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Client - dhcp-edit: add or and remove entries to/from dhcpd.conf - dhcp-helper: A DHCP/BOOTP relay agent - dhcp6c: DHCPv6 client daemon - dhcp6ctl: DHCPv6 client and server control utility - dhcp6relay: DHCPv6 relay agent - dhcp6s: DHCPv6 server - dhcpcd-bin: an RFC 2131 compliant DHCP client - dhcpcd-gtk: a GTK+ frontend for network configuration - dhcpcd-run-hooks: DHCP client configuration script - dhcpcd3: a wrapper for the DHCP client daemon - dhcpcd5: an RFC 2131 compliant DHCP client - dhcpd: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Server - dhcpdump: DHCP packet dumper - dhcping: send a DHCP request to DHCP server to see if it's up and running - dhcp_probe: locate DCHP and BootP servers on a directly-attached network - dhcrelay: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Relay Agent - dhelp_parse: Debian online help parser - dhid: Dynamic Host Information System client - dhis-genid: Dynamic Host Information System client ID generation - dhis-genkeys: Dynamic Host Information System key generation - dhis-genpass: Dynamic Host Information System password generation - dhis-register-p: Dynamic Host Information System client registration - dhis-register-q: Dynamic Host Information System client registration - dhis-register: Dynamic Host Information System client registration - dhisd: Dynamic Host Information System server - dh_make: prepare Debian packaging for an original source archive - diagperm: Enable access to network diagnostic tools for a user group - dialtest: HylaFAX dial string processing rules test program - dibbler-client: a portable DHCPv6 client - dibbler-relay: a portable DHCPv6 relay - dibbler-server: a portable DHCPv6 server - dicod: a DICT daemon - dicodconfig: write dicod database configuration section - dictd: a dictionary database server - dictdconfig: write dicod database configuration section - dirvish-expire: delete expired dirvish images - dirvish-runall: run a set of dirvish backup jobs - dirvish: Disk based virtual image network backup system - discard: Postfix discard mail delivery agent - discover-modprobe: kernel module loading using discover(1) - discover-pkginstall: intsall packages for available hardware using... - distributed-net-config: distributed.net client configuration - divaload: configure Eicon Diva active ISDN card - divalog: Utility to read and translate messages from divalogd - divalogd: utility to record messages from Diva cards - divertctrl: set/query ISDN diversion services for (E)DSS1 protocol - dizzy-render: seed a directory with cached texture files - dk-filter: DomainKeys filter for sendmail - dkimproxy.in: SMTP proxy for verifying DKIM signatures - dkimproxy.out: SMTP proxy for adding DKIM signatures to email - dkms: Dynamic Kernel Module Support - dl10k1: emu10k1(emu10k2) dump loader - dlm_controld: daemon that configures dlm according to cluster events - dlm_tool: a utility for the dlm and dlm_controld daemon - dma-migrate: convert the DragonFly Mail Agent's queue files - dma: DragonFly Mail Agent - dmevent_tool: A utility used to load a DSO into dmeventd and (un)register... - dmidecode: DMI table decoder - dmraid: discover, configure and activate software (ATA)RAID - dmsetup: low level logical volume management - dncopynodes: copy a list of nodes from a remote DEC system - dneigh: DECnet Neighborhood Information - dnetd: DECnet Super-server - dnetinfo: DECnet Routing Information - dnetnml: DECnet Network Management Listener - dnroute: DECnet Routing Daemon - dns-flood-detector: dns flood detection and alert tool - dnsblog: Postfix DNS white/blacklist logger - dnscache-conf: sets up a DNS cache service - dnscache: a DNS cache - dnsmasq: A lightweight DHCP and caching DNS server - dnssec-dsfromkey: DNSSEC DS RR generation tool - dnssec-keyfromlabel: DNSSEC key generation tool - dnssec-keygen: DNSSEC key generation tool - dnssec-revoke: Set the REVOKED bit on a DNSSEC key - dnssec-settime: Set the key timing metadata for a DNSSEC key - dnssec-signzone: DNSSEC zone signing tool - dnsspoof: forge replies to DNS address / pointer queries - dnstop: displays various tables of DNS traffic on your network - dnstracer: trace a chain of DNS servers to the source - do-release-upgrade: manual page for do-release-upgrade - docheckgroups: Process checkgroups and output a list of changes - domain: nnrpd domain resolver - domainjoin-cli: Join a host to an Active Directory domain - domainname: set or display name of current domain nisdomainname - dosfsck: check and repair MS-DOS file systems - dosfslabel: set or get a MS-DOS filesystem label - dosspwrite: write messages to Windows PC - dotdee: convert a flat file into one dynamically generated from a .d... - dovecot: An IMAP and POP3 mail server - downtimed: system downtime monitoring and reporting daemon - do_auth: Program allowing more granular control than tac_plus - dp: parse dates 822-style Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3

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