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This are man pages for commands in category 5: File Formats.

Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3 - hotswaprc: configuration file for hotswap - html2psrc: configuration file format for html2ps(1) - html2textrc: formatting properties file for html2text(1) - hylafax-config: HylaFAX configuration database - hylafax-info: remote device capability database - hylafax-log: session log files - hylafax-server: introduction to HylaFAX server operation and file formats - hylafax-shutdown: server shutdown control file - iauth.conf: The Internet Relay Chat Authentication Configuration File - ibid.ini: Configuration file for Ibid - ibm_hosts: host database for x3270 and c3270 - ietd.conf: configuration for iSCSI Enterprise Target Daemon - if.conf: server IP filter shell script file - ifplugd.conf: ifplugd configuration file - iked.conf: Internet Key Exchange Daemon Configuration File - imapd.conf: IMAP configuration file - imapfilter_config: imapfilter configuration file - imdbgetrc: Configuration for imdb-get(1) - inadyn.conf: configuration for the inadyn client for open DNS servers - incoming.conf: Configuration of incoming news feeds - incron.conf: main config file for inotify cron (incron) - incrontab: tables for driving inotify cron (incron) - info: readable online documentation - init: Upstart init daemon job configuration - initramfs.conf: configuration file for mkinitramfs - inittab: init daemon configuration - inn.conf: Configuration data for InterNetNews programs - innfeed.conf: configuration file for innfeed - innwatch.ctl: control Usenet supervision by innwatch - input: input data file format - instances.conf: zorp(8) instances database - interface-order: resolvconf configuration file - interfaces: network interface configuration for ifup and ifdown - intro: Introduction to file formats - ipfilter-defs: netscript ipfilter-defs compile definitions directory - ipfilter.conf: server IP filter shell script file - ipfm.conf: IP Flow Meter configuration file - ipmidetect.conf: specify alternate default values for the ipmidetect... - ipmidetectd.conf: ipmidetectd configuration file - ipmimonitoring.conf: specify sensor interpretation rules - ipmimonitoring_sensors.conf: specify sensor interpretation rules - ipmi_monitoring_sensors.conf: specify sensor interpretation rules - ippl.conf: IP Protocols Logger configuration file - ipsec.conf: IPsec configuration and connections - ipsec.secrets: secrets for IKE/IPsec authentication - ipsec_eroute: list of existing eroutes - ipsec_klipsdebug: list KLIPS (kernel IPSEC support) debug features and... - ipsec_pf_key: lists PF_KEY sockets registered with KLIPS - ipsec_spi: list IPSEC Security Associations - ipsec_spigrp: list IPSEC Security Association groupings - ipsec_tncfg: lists IPSEC virtual interfaces attached to real interfaces - ipsec_trap_count: KLIPS statistic on number of ACQUIREs - ipsec_trap_sendcount: KLIPS statistic on number of successful ACQUIREs - ipsec_version: lists KLIPS version information - ipsvd-instruct: format of the ipsvd(8) instructions directory - iptotal_config: iptotal configuration file - ipwatchd.conf: Configuration file of IPwatchD daemon - irish: a list of Irish words - isakmpd.conf: configuration file for isakmpd - isakmpd.policy: policy configuration file for isakmpd - isdn.conf: config file for isdnlog - isdnformat: common isdn config file format - isdnlog.users: user base isdnlog config file - isdnlog: isdn log file - isodump: format of IEEE 1394 isochronous packets dump file - ispell: format of ispell dictionaries and affix files - issue.net: identification file for telnet sessions - issue: prelogin message and identification file - italian: a list of italian words - jabber.xml: jabberd daemon configuration file - jailer.conf: configuration file of jailer - jazip.conf: jazip(1) configuration file - jfbterm.conf: configuration file for jfbterm(1) - jng: JPEG Network Graphics (JNG) sub-format - jython.conf: Jython registry for system-wide options - kanif.conf: configuration file for kanif - kdc.conf: Kerberos V5 KDC configuration file - kde-config-tablet: kcm module that implements a GUI for the Wacom Linux... - kdm.options: configuration options for X display manager - kdump-tools: configuration file for the kdump-tools init script - keepalived.conf: configuration file for keepalived - kernel-img.conf: site wide configuration file for kernel image packages - kernel-package: A system for creating kernel related packages - kernel-pkg.conf: configuration file for make-kpkg - KeyFile: Defines AFS server encryption keys - keymaps: keyboard table descriptions for loadkeys and dumpkeys - kismet.conf: Wireless sniffing and monitoring configuration file - kismet_drone.conf: Wireless sniffing and monitoring drone configuration... - kismet_ui.conf: Wireless sniffing and monitoring configuration file - kloned.conf: The configuration file for the kloned daemon - krb.conf: Configures the kerberos realm to AFS cell mapping - krb.excl: Lists exclusions for mapping kerberos principals to AFS... - krb5.conf: Kerberos configuration file - l2tp-secrets: L2TPD secrets file - labrea.conf: labrea(1) configuration file - lam-helpfile: LAM help message file - latd.conf: LAT configuration file - lcdproc-config: format of LCDproc's configuration files - lcovrc: lcov configuration file - ldap.conf: LDAP configuration file/environment variables - ldapscripts: Scripts to manage POSIX accounts in your LDAP directory - ldap_table: Postfix LDAP client configuration - ldif: LDAP Data Interchange Format - ledcontrol.conf: configuration file for ledd's default startup script - ledd.conf: configuration file for the LED control daemon - lexnames: List of WordNet lexicographer file names and numbers - lftp.conf: the global configuration file for lftp - lg.conf: looking glass configuration file - lgrindef: LGrind's language definition data base - libao.conf: configuration for libao - libarchive-formats: archive formats supported by the libarchive library - libforms1: A GUI Toolkit for X Window Systems - libgfshare: Shamir Secret Sharing - libgii.conf: LibGII configuration file format - libipmimonitoring.conf: specify sensor interpretation rules - libuser.conf: configuration for libuser and libuser utilities - libvga.config: the svgalib configuration file - lilo.conf: configuration file for lilo - limits.conf: configuration file for the pam_limits module - linkcheckerrc: configuration file for LinkChecker - lj4_font: groff fonts for use with devlj4 - llgalrc: Configuration file for llgal - lltag_config: Configuration file for lltag - lltag_formats: Internal formats database file for lltag - lmhosts: The Samba NetBIOS hosts file - locale.alias: Locale name alias data base - locale: Describes a locale definition file - locatedb: front-compressed file name database - log2mail.conf: log2mail.conf describes the configuration file options for... - login.defs: shadow password suite configuration - logprof.conf: configuration file for expert options that modify the... - londiste: PostgreSQL replication engine written in python - lpd.conf: configuration file for the LPRng line printer spooler system - lpd.perms: permissions control file for the LPRng line printer spooler... - lrzip.conf: Configuration File for lrzip - lsmboxrc: configuration file for lsmbox - lts.conf: Main configuration file for LTSP - lvm.conf: Configuration file for LVM2 - lwatch.conf: configuration file for lwatch(1), syntax highlighting for... - lwip_radv.conf: configuration file for the LWIPV6a router advertising... - lxc.conf: linux container configuration file - lyskom: LysKOM database format - mac-vendor: Ethernet vendor file for arp-scan - magic: file command's magic pattern file - mailcap.order: the mailcap ordering specifications - mailcap: metamail capabilities file - maildir.courier: E-mail directory - maildir.maildrop: E-mail directory - mailfilterex: Mailfilter configuration file examples - mailfilterrc: Mailfilter configuration file - mailname: the visible mail name of the system - mailto.conf: configuration file for cups email notifier - mairixrc: configuration file for mairix(1) - mandos-clients.conf: Configuration file for the Mandos server - mandos.conf: Configuration file for the Mandos server - manpath: format of the /etc/manpath.config file - manx: a list of Manx Gaelic words - mararc: Format of the mararc zone file that MaraDNS uses - masqmail.aliases: masqmail alias file format - masqmail.conf: masqmail configuration file - masqmail.get: masqmail get configuration file - masqmail.route: masqmail route configuration file - master: Postfix master process configuration file format - mathopd.conf: Configuration file for the Mathopd HTTP server - matrix.conf: matrix.pl configuration file - mbot.conf: mbot configuration file - mbox: Format for mail message storage - mdadm.conf: configuration for management of Software RAID with mdadm - mdbCharsetList: List of character set definitions - mdbCodingList: List of coding system definitions - mdbDir: List of data in a database directory - mdbFLT: Font Layout Table - mdbFontEncoding: Font Encoding - mdbFontset: Fontset - mdbFontSize: Font Size - mdbGeneral: General Format - mdbIM: Input Method - mdbTutorialIM: Tutorial of input method - mdoc: Mono Documentation XML Format - menufile: entry in the Debian menu system - META: File that specifies metainformation of OCaml packages - metafile: graphics command interface, similar to plot(5) - mh-alias: alias file for nmh message system - mh-draft: draft folder facility for nmh message system - mh-format: format file for nmh message system - mh-mail: message format for nmh message system - mh-profile: user profile customization for nmh message handler - mh-sequence: sequence specification for nmh message system - mh-tailor: mail transport customization for nmh message handler - mhc: Message Harmonized Calendaring system - mib2c.conf: How to write mib2c.conf files to do ANYTHING based on MIB input - mime.convs: mime type conversion file for cups - mime.types: mime type description file for cups - mimedefang-filter: Configuration file for MIMEDefang mail filter - minidlna.conf: MiniDLNA server configuration file - miredo-server.conf: configuration for miredo-server - miredo.conf: configuration for Miredo - mixed_solver: solvers for mixed linear problems - mke2fs.conf: Configuration file for mke2fs - mlocate.db: a mlocate database - mmdf: Multi-channel Memorandum Distribution Facility mailbox format - mmorph: MULTEXT morphology tool formalism syntax - mng: Multiple-image Network Graphics (MNG) format - moderators: Submission addresses for moderated groups - modprobe.conf: Configuration directory/file for modprobe - modprobe.d: Configuration directory/file for modprobe - modules.dep.bin: Module dependency information - modules.dep: Module dependency information - modules: kernel modules to load at boot time - moduli: Diffie Hellman moduli - mono-config: Mono runtime file format configuration - mosquitto.conf: the configuration file for mosquitto - motd.innd: Message of the day information for feeders or readers - motd.news: Message of the day information for feeders or readers - motd.nnrpd: Message of the day information for feeders or readers - motd.tail: Template for building the system message of the day - motd: message of the day - mpd.conf: Music Player Daemon configuration file - mps-pcx: file format for linear programming problems - mtailrc: Configuration file for monkeytail - mtools.conf: mtools configuration files - mtools: mtools configuration files - mtree: format of mtree dir hierarchy files - mts.conf: mail transport customization for nmh message handler - mu-bookmarks: file with bookmarks (shortcuts) for mu search expressions - multipath.conf: multipath daemon configuration file - munin-node.conf: Munin-node configuration file - munin.conf: Munin configuration file - muttrc: Configuration file for the Mutt Mail User Agent - mwmrc: The M*tif Window Manager configuration file - mysql_table: Postfix MySQL client configuration - named.conf: configuration file for named - namespace.conf: the namespace configuration file - nanorc: GNU nano's rcfile - nanoweb.conf: Nanoweb main configuration file - nasd.conf: Configuration file for NAS servers - naslist: RADIUS naslist file - nbd-server: configuration file for nbd-server - netatalk.conf: Configuration file used by Netatalk to determine its general... - netgroup: specify network groups - NetInfo: Defines machine interfaces to register with AFS servers - netrc: user configuration for ftp - NetRestrict: Defines interfaces not to register with AFS servers - netrikrc: netrik configuration file - netscript-2.4.conf: server IP filter shell script file - network.conf: server IP filter shell script file - NetworkManager.conf: NetworkManager configuration file - networks: network name information - newsfeeds: Determine where Usenet articles are sent - newsgroups: List of newsgroups and their short descriptions - newslog: Description of INN log files - newton: Newton nonlinear algorithm - nfs: fstab format and options for the nfs file systems - nfs4_acl: NFSv4 Access Control Lists - nfsidmap: The NFS idmapper upcall program - nfsmount.conf: Configuration file for NFS mounts - ngircd.conf: configuration file of ngIRCd - nicknames: nickname translation table for NIS maps - nilfs_cleanerd.conf: nilfs_cleanerd(8) configuration file - nisplus_table: Postfix NIS+ client - nm-system-settings.conf: Deprecated NetworkManager configuration file - nnrp.access: access file for on-campus NNTP sites - nnrpd.track: file to specify hosts to be tracked by nnrpd - nntpsend.ctl: List of sites to feed via nntpsend - NoAuth: Disables authorization checking - node.conf: LinuxNode configuration file - node.perms: LinuxNode permissions file - nologin: prevent unprivileged users from logging into the system - normality: definition of what types of normalities different users may have - nrbroadcast: NET/ROM routing broadcast configuration file - nrports: NET/ROM port configuration file - nscd.conf: configuration file for Name Service Caching Daemon - nsd.conf: NSD configuration file - nslcd.conf: configuration file for LDAP nameservice daemon - nsswitch.conf: System Databases and Name Service Switch configuration file - nss_ldap: LDAP nameservice provider - ntp.conf: NTP server configuration file - ntpd.conf: Network Time Protocol daemon configuration file - nuclient.conf: nuauth client configuration file - nut.conf: UPS definitions for Network UPS Tools - nvram-wakeup.conf: the configuration file for NVRAM WakeUp - nwclient: configuration file for NWClient program suite - ocaml-gettext: common options to manage internationalisation in OCaml... - ods-timing: OpenDNSSEC timing specification - oidentd.conf: The oidentd configuration file - oidentd_masq.conf: oidentd IP masquerading/NAT configuration file - olsrd.conf: configuration file for olsrd(8) - olvwmrc: Resource file for the OPEN LOOK Virtual Window Manager - openais.conf: openais executive configuration file - opendkim.conf: Configuration file for opendkim - openerp-server.conf: configuration file for OpenERP - openerp_serverrc: configuration file for OpenERP - opiekeys: OPIE database of user key information - optimise: output data file formats - oroborusrc: oroborus(1) configuration file - orpierc: orpierc is the configuration textfile for the orpie(1) console... - outlook.pst: format of MS Outlook .pst file - output: output data file formats - ovdb: Overview storage method for INN - overview.fmt: format of news overview database - pacorc: configuration file for paco - pagermap: SNPP pager identifier mapping file - pagesizes: HylaFAX page size definitions - pam.conf: PAM configuration files - pam.d: PAM configuration files - pam: portable arbitrary map file format - pam_afs_session: AFS PAG and token PAM module - pam_env.conf: the environment variables config file - pam_krb5: Kerberos v5 PAM module - pam_ldap: LDAP pluggable authentication module - pam_mount.conf: Description of the pam_mount configuration file - pandoc_markdown: markdown syntax for pandoc(1) - papd.conf: Configuration file used by papd(8) to determine the... - papersize: specify preferred paper size - partimagedusers: list of allowed users - passwd.nntp: Passwords for connecting to remote NNTP servers - passwd: the password file - passwdqc.conf: libpasswdqc configuration file - pbm: portable bitmap file format - pbuilder-uml.conf: configuration file for user-mode-linux port of pbuilder - pbuilderrc: configuration files for personal package builder - pcap-savefile: libpcap savefile format - pcg: conjugate gradient algorithm - pcre_table: format of Postfix PCRE tables - pdmenurc: menu definitions file for pdmenu - pdnsd.conf: The configuration file for pdnsd - perditiondb: perdition modular popmap support - pfqueue.conf: pfqueue configuration file - pf_key: lists PF_KEY sockets registered with KLIPS - PGACheckSum: maps a string to a number to be used a verification check... - PGAGetBestIndex: returns the index of the string with the best evaluation... - PGAGetRandomSeed: returns the integer to seed random numbers with - PGAGetWorstIndex: returns the index of the string with the worst evaluation... - PGAHammingDistance: Calculates the mean Hamming distance for a population... - PGAMean: calculates the mean value of an array of elements - PGARandom01: generates a uniform random number on the interval 0,1) - PGARandomFlip: flip a biased coin and return PGA_TRUE if the coin is a... - PGARandomGaussian: returns an approximation to a Gaussian random number - PGARandomInterval: returns a uniform random number on the specified... - PGARandomUniform: returns a uniform random number on the interval start,end - PGARound: Mathematically round a double to an integer, using 0.5 as the... - PGASetRandomSeed: set a seed for the random number generator - PGAStddev: calculates the standard deviation of an array of elements - pgbouncer: Lightweight connection pooler for PostgreSQL - pgm: portable graymap file format - pgsql_table: Postfix PostgreSQL client configuration - pg_staging: Prepare a staging environment from http accessible backups - pingd.conf: configuration file for the Echolot ping daemon - pkcs15-profile: format of profile for pkcs15-init - pkspxy.conf: The PKS proxy server configuration file - pk_config_data: Configuration file for pkcsslotd - pminres: conjugate gradient algorithm - pmk.conf: premake configuration file - pmkfile: pmk specification file - pmksyntax: PMK files syntax manual - png: Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format - pnm: portable anymap file format - po4a-build.conf: configuration file for building translated content - policyd-spf.conf: pure-Python Postfix policy daemon for SPF checking - policyd-spf.peruser: pure-Python Postfix policy daemon for SPF checking - policyd-weight.conf: policyd-weight configuration parameters - polish: a list of Polish words - portsentry.conf: portsentry's main configuration file - postconf: Postfix configuration parameters - postfix-wrapper: Postfix multi-instance API - postgresqlrc: Per-user PostgreSQL cluster configuration - powerman.conf: configuration file for PowerMan - powerman.dev: PowerMan device specification files - ppdcfile: cups ppd compiler source file format - ppm: portable pixmap file format - pptpd.conf: PPTP VPN daemon configuration - prayer.cf: main Prayer configuration file - prboom.cfg: Configuration file for PrBoom v2.1.0 onwards - prdb.DB0: Contain the Protection Database and associated log - print.ini: survex printer settings - printcap: printer capability data base - printers.conf: printer configuration file for cups - proc: process information pseudo-file system - procmailex: procmail rcfile examples - procmailrc: procmail rcfile - procmailsc: procmail weighted scoring technique - procmeterrc: The procmeterrc configuration file for procmeter3,... - procschema: LAM process schema format - projects: persistent project root defintion - projid: the project name mapping file - protocols: the protocols definition file - proxsmtpd.conf: the configuration file for proxsmtpd(8) - pslave.conf: configuration file for portslave(8) - ptop-2.4.4.cfg: The ptop source-beautifier configuration file - ptop.cfg: The ptop source-beautifier configuration file - pulse-client.conf: PulseAudio client configuration file - pulse-daemon.conf: PulseAudio daemon configuration file - puzawa: Uzawa algorithm - pwrkap_aggregate: Configuration file for pwrkap_aggregate - qdisk: a disk-based quorum daemon for CMAN / Linux-Cluster - qmr: quasi-minimal residual algoritm - qos.conf: server IP filter shell script file - quantize: ImageMagick's color reduction algorithm - r2test.conf: OpenR2 r2test program configuration file - rabbitmq-env.conf: default settings for RabbitMQ AMQP server - racoon-tool.conf: configuration file for racoon-tool(8) - racoon.conf: configuration file for racoon - radarerc: Configuration file for radare - radius.conf: Configuration for nnrpd RADIUS authenticator - radiusd.conf: configuration file for the FreeRADIUS server - radiusd_attributes: extended users attributes - radrelay.conf: configuration file for the FreeRADIUS server... - radvd.conf: configuration file of the router advertisement daemon radvd - ragator: ragator flow model definitions - raidfile.conf: Userland RAID for Box Backup - ramond.conf: Configuration file for ramond(8) - rancid.conf: rancid environment configuration file - ranonymize: ranonymize(1) configuration file - rarc: ra client resource file - rate-files: Format of rate-files - razor-agent.conf: Configuration file for Razor Agents - razor-agents: Collection of files for checking, reporting, and revoking... - razor-whitelist: Format for Vipul's Razor Whitelist - rcS: variables that affect the behavior of boot scripts - rcsfile: format of RCS file - reader.conf: configuration file for pcscd readers' drivers - readers.conf: Access control and configuration for nnrpd - recoll.conf: main personal configuration file for Recoll - recvq: received facsimile document format - regexp_table: format of Postfix regular expression tables - relocated: Postfix relocated table format - reportbug.conf: The configuration file for reportbug - request-key.conf: Instantiation handler configuration file - resolv.conf: resolver configuration file - resolvconf.conf: resolvconf configuration file - resolver: resolver configuration file - rhosts: allow rlogin, rsh and rcp connections to the local machine without... - riesz_representer: integrate a function by using quadrature formulae - rip98d.conf: control RIP98 routing messages - rlinetd.conf: rlinetd configuration file - rlm_acct_unique: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_always: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_attr_filter: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_attr_rewrite: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_chap: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_counter: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_detail: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_digest: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_expr: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_files: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_mschap: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_pap: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_passwd: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_policy: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_realm: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_sql: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_sql_log: FreeRADIUS Module - rlm_unix: FreeRADIUS Module - rlprrc: remote printing resource file - rndc.conf: rndc configuration file - router.db: rancid group configuration file - rpc: RPC program number data base - rplay.conf: rplay sound database - rplay.helpers: rplay helper applications - rplay.hosts: rplay host authentication database - rplay.servers: rplay servers database - rpld.conf: rpld configuration file - rrdcollect.conf: RRDcollect configuration file - rsl: GRAM5 RSL Attributes - rsports: Rose port configuration file - rssh.conf: configuration file for rssh - rsyncd.conf: configuration file for rsync in daemon mode - rsyslog.conf: rsyslogd(8) configuration file - rtcm-104: RTCM-104 dump format emitted by GPSD tools - runinfo: Format of the .runinfo files used by xeno-load(1) to execute... - rxecho.conf: control rxecho AX.25 packet routing - rygel.conf: Rygel configuration file - SALVAGE.fs: Triggers salvaging of AFS server partitions - salvage.lock: Prevents multiple simultaneous salvage operations on a... - SalvageLog: Traces Salvager operations - samhainrc: samhain(8) configuration file - sane-abaton: SANE backend for Abaton flatbed scanners - sane-agfafocus: SANE backend for AGFA Focus flatbed scanners - sane-apple: SANE backend for Apple flatbed scanners - sane-artec: SANE backend for Artec flatbed scanners - sane-artec_eplus48u: SANE backend for the scanner Artec E+ 48U and re - sane-as6e: SANE backend for using the Artec AS6E parallel port interface... - sane-avision: SANE backend for original Avision and Avision OEM scanners... - sane-bh: SANE backend for Bell+Howell Copiscan II series document scanners - sane-canon: SANE backend for Canon SCSI scanners - sane-canon630u: SANE backend for the Canon 630u USB flatbed scanner - sane-canon_dr: SANE backend for Canon DR-series scanners - sane-canon_pp: SANE backend for Canon CanoScan Parallel Port flatbed... - sane-cardscan: SANE backend for Corex CardScan usb scanners - sane-coolscan: SANE backend for Nikon film-scanners - sane-coolscan2: SANE backend for Nikon Coolscan film scanners - sane-coolscan3: SANE backend for Nikon Coolscan film scanners - sane-dc25: SANE backend for Kodak DC20/DC25 Digital Cameras - sane-dc210: SANE backend for Kodak DC210 Digital Camera - sane-dc240: SANE backend for Kodak DC240 Digital Camera - sane-dmc: SANE backend for the Polaroid Digital Microscope Camera - sane-epjitsu: SANE backend for Epson-based Fujitsu USB scanners - sane-epson: SANE backend for EPSON scanners - sane-epson2: SANE backend for EPSON scanners - sane-fujitsu: SANE backend for Fujitsu flatbed and ADF scanners Page 1 - Page 2 - Page 3

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