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Page 1 - Page 2 - abookrc: configuration file for abook address book program - access.conf: the login access control table file - access: Postfix SMTP server access table - acct: process accounting file - acct_users: user accounting file for the FreeRADIUS server - acheck-rules: Rules set for acheck - acheck: Acheck configuration file - acl: Access Control Lists - active.times: List of local creation times of newsgroups - active: List of newsgroups carried by the server - adduser.conf: configuration file for adduser(8) and addgroup(8) - aecattr: aegis change attributes file - aecstate: aegis change state file - aedir: aegis directory structures - aefattr: aegis file attribute file format - aefstate: aegis file state file - aegis: meta-data file format - aegstate: aegis global state file - aelock: how locking works, and which commands use them - aemetrics: metrics values file format - aepattr: aegis project attribute file - aepconf: aegis project configuration file - aepstate: aegis project state file - aer: aegis report script language definition - aerptidx: aegis report index file format - aesub: aegis command substitutions - aetest: aegis test results file format - aeuconf: user configuration file - aeustate: aegis user state file - aewan: File format documentation - afclient.conf: Configuration File for afclient - afpd.conf: Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the setup of its... - afp_ldap.conf: Configuration file used by afpd(8) to configure a LDAP... - afp_signature.conf: Configuration file used by afpd(8) to specify server... - afp_voluuid.conf: Configuration file used by afpd(8) to specify UUID for... - afs: Introduction to AFS files - afserver.conf: Configuration File for afserver - afsmonitor: Provides instructions for the afsmonitor command - afszcm.cat: Error message catalog for debugging the Cache Manager - afs_cache: Format of data stored in an AFS client disk cache - afs_volume_header: Represents an AFS volume - af_archive: format of archive files in the Attribute Filesystem - aide.conf: The configuration file for Advanced Intrusion Detection... - album: flphoto album file format - aliases.sendmail: aliases file for sendmail - aliases: Postfix local alias database format - alifmt: Aligned sequences formats - amanda-archive-format: Format of amanda archive streams - amanda-client.conf: Client configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced... - amanda.conf: Main configuration file for Amanda, the Advanced Maryland... - amd.conf: Amd configuration file - american-english-huge: a list of English words - american-english-insane: a list of English words - american-english-large: a list of English words - american-english-small: a list of English words - american-english: a list of English words - american-huge: flag format for English ispell dictionaries - american-insane: flag format for English ispell dictionaries - american-large: flag format for English ispell dictionaries - american-small: flag format for English ispell dictionaries - american: flag format for English ispell dictionaries - amf.conf: corosync AMF configuration file - ample.conf: configuration file for Ample - ample: html template for Ample - anacrontab: configuration file for anacron - and.conf: general configuration parameters for the auto nice daemon - and.priorities: priority database for the auto nice daemon - apparmor.d: syntax of security profiles for AppArmor - apparmor.vim: vim syntax highlighting file for AppArmor profiles - AppleVolumes.default: Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the... - AppleVolumes.system: Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the... - AppleVolumes: Configuration file used by afpd(8) to determine the shares... - approx.conf: configuration file for approx proxy server - appschema: LAM application schema format - apsfilterrc: configuration file for magic print filter - apt-dater.conf: configuration file of apt-dater(8) - apt-p2p.conf: configuration file for apt-p2p.conf - apt.conf: Configuration file for APT - apt_preferences: Preference control file for APT - arc.conf: ARC configuration - argus.conf: argus resource file - argus: IP Network Auditing Facility - asmailrc: the asmail resource file - asmtpd.conf: Avenger SMTP Daemon configuration file - at.allow: determine who can submit jobs via at or batch - at.deny: determine who can submit jobs via at or batch - atalkd.conf: Configuration file used by atalkd(8) to determine the... - atoprc: atop/atopsar related rcfile - attr: Extended attributes - audisp-prelude.conf: the audisp-prelude configuration file - audisp-remote.conf: the audisp-remote configuration file - audispd.conf: the audit event dispatcher configuration file - auditd.conf: audit daemon configuration file - ausearch-expression: audit search expression format - authkeys: Authentication file for the Heartbeat cluster messaging layer - auto.master: Master Map for automounter - autofs: Format of the automounter maps - autofs_ldap_auth.conf: autofs LDAP authentication configuration - autolog.conf: Configuration file for the autolog command - avahi-daemon.conf: avahi-daemon configuration file - avahi.hosts: avahi-daemon static host name file - avahi.service: avahi-daemon static service file - awayrc: configuration file for Away - awesomerc: Configuration file for the awesome window manager - ax25d.conf: ax25d configuration file - ax25ipd.conf: Control the operation of ax25ipd - ax25mond.conf: Specify the sockets which ax25mond will provide - ax25rtd.conf: ax25 routing daemon configuration file - ax25spyd.conf: Specify the sockets which ax25spyd will provide and other... - axports: AX.25 port configuration file - axspawn.conf: Control the operation of axspawn - backup.d: Action configuration files for backupninja(1) - BackupLog: Traces Backup Server operations - backupninja.conf: Configuration file(s) for backupninja (1) - bandwidthd.conf: configuration file for bandwidthd - battery-stats: collected battery statistics - bb-hosts: Main Xymon configuration file - bb-services: Configuration of TCP network services - bbackupd.conf: Box Backup client daemon configuration file - bbcombotest.cfg: Configuration of bbcombotest tool - bbstored.conf: Box Backup store daemon configuration file - bcfg2.conf: configuration parameters for Bcfg2 - bcrontab: tables for driving bcron - bdb.DB0: Contain the Backup Database and associated log - bdii4: configuration files - bhost: LAM boot schema (host file) format - bicgstab: bi-conjugate gradient stabilized method - bip.conf: Configuration file for BIP IRC Proxy - bitcoin.conf: bitcoin configuration file - bitlbee.conf: configuration file for bitlbee(8) - bld.conf: Configuration file for BLD - bld_acl.conf: Access lists for BLD - bld_whitelist.conf: White lists for BLD - blinkenlights.conf: Configuration file for the DNSSEC-Tools... - bmc-config.conf: BMC configuration file format and details - bnetd.conf: configuration for the Unix Battle.net daemon - bnissue.txt: messages for the Unix Battle.net daemon - bnmotd.txt: messages for the Unix Battle.net daemon - bnnews.txt: messages for the Unix Battle.net daemon - bntext: messages for the Unix Battle.net daemon - bochsrc: Configuration file for Bochs - body_checks: Postfix built-in content inspection - bootcd2disk.conf: configuration file for bootcd2disk - bootcdbackup.conf: configuration file for bootcdbackup - bootcdwrite.conf: configuration file for bootcdwrite - bootparams: boot parameter database - bootptab: Internet Bootstrap Protocol server database - BosConfig: Defines server processes for the BOS Server to monitor - BosLog: Traces BOS Server operations - bounce: Postfix bounce message template format - bpython-config: user configuration file for bpython - bridge-utils-interfaces: bridge-utils extensions for the interfaces(5) file... - british-english-huge: a list of English words - british-english-insane: a list of English words - british-english-large: a list of English words - british-english-small: a list of English words - british-english: a list of English words - british-huge: flag format for English ispell dictionaries - british-insane: flag format for English ispell dictionaries - british-large: flag format for English ispell dictionaries - british-small: flag format for English ispell dictionaries - british: flag format for English ispell dictionaries - bse: Better Sound Engine File Format - buffindexed.conf: Configuration for the buffindexed overview method - build.xml: configuration file used by ant to build projects - buildd.conf: configuration file for buildd - butc: Defines Tape Coordinator instructions for automated tape devices - butc_logs: Message logs from the Tape Coordinator process - byteprefix: Configuration for display of sizes - cachefilesd.conf: Local file caching configuration file - cacheinfo: Defines configuration parameters for the Cache Manager - calife.auth: format of the calife authorization file - callerid.conf: config file for isdnlog numbers and scripts - canadian-english-huge: a list of English words - canadian-english-insane: a list of English words - canadian-english-large: a list of English words - canadian-english-small: a list of English words - canadian-english: a list of English words - canonical: Postfix canonical table format - cdb: Constant DataBase file format - cdde.xml: Configuration file for cdde - CellAlias: Maps cell names to aliases in /afs - CellServDB: Lists the database server machines in AFS cells - cfingerd.conf: configurable finger daemon configuration file - cfingerd.text: cfingerd text rules - cgconfig.conf: libcgroup configuration file - cgred.conf: libcgroup configuration file - cgroup.conf: Slurm configuration file for the cgroup support - cgrules.conf: libcgroup configuration file - charmap: character symbols to define character encodings - checkrad: See if a user is (still) logged in on a certain port - checkservice: checks the status of services on (remote) hosts - chocolate-doom.cfg: Chocolate Doom configuration file - chrony.conf: chronyd configuration file - cidr_table: format of Postfix CIDR tables - clamav-milter.conf: Configuration file for clamav-milter - clamd.conf: Configuration file for Clam AntiVirus Daemon - clamsmtpd.conf: the configuration file for clamsmtpd(8) - classes.conf: class configuration file for cups - client-local.cfg: Local configuration settings for Xymon clients - client.conf: client configuration file for cups - clientlaunch.cfg: Task definitions for the hobbitlaunch utility - clients.conf: FreeRADIUS client configuration - clients: RADIUS clients file - cloginrc: clogin configuration file - clush.conf: Configuration file for clush - cluster.conf: configuration file for cman and related daemons - cman: cluster.conf cman configuration section - cmtab: static information about filesystems managed by cryptmount - cntlist: file listing number of times each tagged sense occurs in a... - collectd-email: Documentation of collectd's "email plugin" - collectd-exec: Documentation of collectd's "exec plugin" - collectd-java: Documentation of collectd's "java plugin" - collectd-perl: Documentation of collectd's "perl plugin" - collectd-python: Documentation of collectd's "python plugin" - collectd-snmp: Documentation of collectd's "snmp plugin" - collectd-unixsock: Documentation of collectd's "unixsock plugin" - collectd.conf: Configuration for the system statistics collection daemon... - colorgccrc: configuration file for colorgcc - Compose: X client mappings for multi-key input sequences - conf: LAM node process schema - config: OpenSSL CONF library configuration files - conserver.cf: console configuration file for conserver(8) - conserver.passwd: user access information for conserver(8) - console-log.conf: Main configuration file for console-log - CONSTANTS: constants for LAM Fortran programming - control.ctl: Specify handling of Usenet control messages - core: core dump file - corosync.conf: corosync executive configuration file - cpio: format of cpio archive files - cpm: CP/M disk and file system format - cpu.conf: cpu configuration file - cpufreqd.conf: configuration file for cpufreqd(1) - craftyrc: run control for crafty(6) - crypttab: static information about encrypted filesystems - csv1: Format of the csv1 zone file that MaraDNS uses - csv2: Description of the csv2 zone file that MaraDNS uses - csv2_txt: Description of txt and raw resource records in the csv2 zone file - ctid.conf: configuration file for an OpenVZ container - cups-snmp.conf: snmp configuration file for cups - cupsd.conf: server configuration file for cups - cupt_vs_apt: overview of things Cupt and APT differ in - curves: CurVeS preferences file - cvs-autoreleasedeb.conf: Configuration for cvs-autoreleasedeb - cvs: Concurrent Versions System support files - cvsd.conf: configuration file for cvsd - cvsdeb.conf: site-wide configuration file for cvs-buildpackage and friends - cvsgraph.conf: CVS/RCS repository grapher configuration - cycbuff.conf: Configuration file for INN CNFS storage method - cyclades-devices: tables for driving cyclades-serial-client - cyrus.conf: Cyrus configuration file - damped-newton: damped Newton nonlinear algorithm - dante.conf: socks client configuration file syntax - danted.conf: Dante server configuration file syntax - darkice.cfg: configuration file for darkice - dat.conf: configuration file for static registration of user-level DAT rdma... - databases: the known set of GNATS databases - davfs2.conf: Configuration file for mount.davfs - dbconfig: GNATS database configuration file - dbmail.conf: configuration file for DBMail, the Database Mailer - ddtcrc: ddtc script configuration file - deb-control: Debian packages' master control file format - deb-extra-override: Debian archive extra override file - deb-old: old style Debian binary package format - deb-override: Debian archive override file - deb-shlibs: Debian shared library information file - deb-split: Debian multi-part binary package format - deb-substvars: Debian source substitution variables - deb-symbols: Debian's extended shared library information file - deb-triggers: package triggers - deb-version: Debian package version number format - deb: Debian binary package format - debconf.conf: debconf configuration file - debomatic.conf: Configuration file for debomatic - decnet.conf: DECnet hosts file - decnet.proxy: DECnet proxy file - deejayd.conf: Site-wide configuration file for deejayd, a media player... - default.cfg: Chocolate Doom configuration file - default.pa: PulseAudio Sound Server Startup Script - deluser.conf: configuration file for deluser(8) and delgroup(8) - depmod.conf: Configuration file/directory for depmod - depmod.d: Configuration file/directory for depmod - detect.conf: provides the configuration for detection of locations for... - detox.tbl: translation table for detox(1) - detoxrc: configuration file for detox(1) - devscripts.conf: configuration file for the devscripts package - dgenrc: file containing settings for dgen(1) - dhclient.conf: DHCP client configuration file - dhclient.leases: DHCP client lease database - dhcp-eval: ISC DHCP conditional evaluation - dhcp-options: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol options - dhcp6c.conf: DHCPv6 client configuration file - dhcp6s.conf: DHCPv6 server configuration file - dhcpcd.conf: dhcpcd configuration file - dhcpd.conf: dhcpd configuration file - dhcpd.leases: DHCP client lease database - dhcp_probe.cf: configuration file for dhcp_probe - dhexrc: Configuration File for dhex - dhex_markers: marker file for dhex - dhex_searchlog: search log file for dhex - dialrules: HylaFAX dial string processing rules - dictionary: RADIUS dictionary file - directfbrc: DirectFB configuration file - dirvish.conf: dirvish configuration file - dir_colors: configuration file for dircolors(1) - discgrp: discrete group file formats - discover-modprobe.conf: configuration file for discover-modprobe(5) - discover.conf: configuration file format for discover(1) - disklist: List of partitions to back up for Amanda - distrib.pats: Default values for the Distribution: header - distributions: Recommended values for the Distribution: header - dnetd.conf: DECnet objects file - dnssec-tools.conf: Configuration file for the DNSSEC-Tools programs - doneq: HylaFAX outbound job description - dot-courier: Local mail delivery instructions - dot-obdgpslogger: configuration file for obdgpslogger - dot-spop3d: user configuration data for The Solid POP3 Server - dpkg.cfg: dpkg configuration file - dput.cf: Debian package upload tool configuration file - dracut.conf: configuration file for dracut - dradio: Danmarks Radio netradio player configuration file - drbd.conf: Configuration file for DRBD's devices - DSA: Digital Signature Algorithm - dsbl.conf: configuration file for all DSBL testers - dselect.cfg: dselect configuration file - dsh.conf: configuration file for distributed shell, or dancer's shell - dtaus: Converter for DTAUS files - dupload.conf: configuration file for dupload - dupload: configuration file for dupload - dutch: a list of Dutch words - dvdwizard.conf: configuration file for DVDwizard - e2fsck.conf: Configuration file for e2fsck - ecasoundrc: ecasound rcfile - editrc.tn: configuration file for editline library - editrc: configuration file for editline library - eftaccess: eftd configuration file - efthosts: eftd individual user host access file - eft_wuauth: authentication for eftp4linux Eurofile server based on wuftpd - eft_xferlog: EFT server logfile - ekeyd.conf: entropy key configuration - elektra: A framework to store configuration atoms hierarchically - elf: format of Executable and Linking Format (ELF) files - elinks.conf: ELinks configuration file - elinkskeys: keybindings for ELinks - elza.def: elza(1) configuration file - emil.cf: configuration file for emil(1) - english: flag format for English ispell dictionaries - epm.list: epm list file format - epylog-modules: epylog module cofiguration - epylog.conf: epylog configuration - esmtprc: esmtp configuration file - etc-aliases: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - etc-email-addresses: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - ethers: Ethernet address to IP number database - etter.conf: Ettercap configuration file - eucalyptus.conf: configuration files for Eucalyptus - eucalyptus.local.conf: configuration files for Eucalyptus - exim4-config_files: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - exim4_exim_crt: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - exim4_exim_key: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - exim4_hubbed_hosts: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - exim4_local_domain_dnsbl_whitelist: Files in use by the Debian exim4... - exim4_local_host_blacklist: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - exim4_local_host_whitelist: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - exim4_local_rcpt_callout: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - exim4_local_sender_blacklist: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - exim4_local_sender_callout: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - exim4_local_sender_whitelist: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - exim4_passwd: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - exim4_passwd_client: Files in use by the Debian exim4 packages - expire.ctl: Configuration file for article expiration - exports: NFS server export table - faillog: login failure logging file - fair.conf: configuration file for the carrousel and transponder daemons - fam.conf: The File Alteration Monitor (FAM) configuration file - faxqueue: sendfax fax spool queue control files - fb.modes: frame buffer modes file - fcron.conf: configuration file for fcron and fcrontab - fcrontab: tables for driving fcron - fdm.conf: fdm configuration file - feed2imaprc: feed2imap configuration file - ffproxy.conf: filtering HTTP/HTTPS proxy server configuration file - fiaif.conf: fiaif global configuration file - FileLog: Traces File Server operations - filesystems: Linux file-system types: minix, ext, ext2, ext3, ext4,... - filter_syntax: Input format for filtergen packet filter compiler - findlib.conf: Configuration of findlib/ocamlfind - firehol.conf: Configuration file for firehol(1) - first: output data file format - flexbackup.conf: a flexible backup/archiving tool configuration file - fluxbox-apps: per-window attribute configuration for fluxbox(1) - fluxbox-keys: keyboard shortcuts configuration for fluxbox(1) - fluxbox-menu: fluxbox(1) menu syntax - fluxbox-style: A comprehensive look at styles/themes for fluxbox(1) - fmtutil.cnf: configuration file for fmtutil - fodtrack.conf: Configuration file for fodtrack rotor driver - FontDatabase: database of fonts accessible to t1lib - fonts-conf: Font configuration files - FORCESALVAGE: Forces salvage of entire partition - forktracer.conf: apt-forktracer configuration file - fpc-2.4.4.cfg: Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) configuration file, name derived... - fpc.cfg: Free Pascal Compiler (FPC) configuration file, name derived from... - fpcmake-2.4.4: Configuration file for fpcmake - fpcmake: Configuration file for fpcmake - freeipmi.conf: specify default values to FreeIPMI - freetds.conf: configuration file for FreeTDS - french: a list of french words - freshclam.conf: Configuration file for Clam AntiVirus database update tool - frox.conf - fs: Linux file-system types: minix, ext, ext2, ext3, ext4, Reiserfs, XFS,... - fsniper: user configuration file for fsniper - fstab: static information about the filesystems - fsvs-howto-backup: Backup HOWTO - fsvs-howto-master_local: Please read the HOWTO: Backup first, to know about... - fsvs-options: FSVS understands some other options, that modify its... - fsvs-url-format: the lower the number, the higher the priority. (See... - ftp-proxy.conf: configuration file for FTP-Proxy - ftpaccess: ftpd configuration file - ftpchroot: file which lists users who need to be chrooted - ftpconversions: ftpd conversions database - ftphosts: ftpd individual user host access file - ftpservers: ftpd virtual hosting configuration specification file - ftpusers: FTP access list file - fusesmb.conf: the configuration file for fusesmb - fzdefaults.xml: Default options for FileZilla - gaeilge: flag format for Irish Ispell dictionaries - gaelic: a list of Scots Gaelic words - gai.conf: getaddrinfo(3) configuration file - galician-minimos: a list of Galician words, using the "minimos"... - gammu-smsdrc: gammu-smsd(1) configuration file - gammurc: gammu(1) configuration file - gbsplayrc: Gameboy sound player configuration file - generic: Postfix generic table format - genisoimagerc: startup configuration file for genisoimage - gfarm2.conf: Gfarm configuration file - ggz.modules: GGZ Gaming Zone module configuration file - gimprc-2.6: gimp configuration file - gimprc: gimp configuration file - gitattributes: defining attributes per path - githooks: Hooks used by git - gitignore: Specifies intentionally untracked files to ignore - gitmodules: defining submodule properties - gitrepository-layout: Git Repository Layout - gkrellkam-list: format of the list description files used by GKrellKam - glboom.cfg: Configuration file for PrBoom v2.1.0 onwards - glhackrc: Configuration file for the glHack game - gmond.conf: configuration file for ganglia monitoring daemon (gmond) - gmres: generalized minimum residual method - gmtcolors: Explanation of color codes in GMT - gnunet.conf: GNUnet client configuration file - gnunetd.conf: GNUnet daemon configuration file - gnuspool.conf: master configuration file - gnuspool.hosts: hosts description file - gogoc.conf: gogoCLIENT Configuration File - gopherrc: configuration file for gopher(1) - gosa.conf: GOsa configuration file - gpm.conf: startup configuration file for gpm - gres.conf: Slurm configuration file for generic resource management - greylist.conf: milter-greylist configuration file - groff_font: format of groff device and font description files - groff_out: groff intermediate output format - groff_tmac: macro files in the roff typesetting system - grossd.conf: Greylisting of Suspicious Sources daemon configuration file - group.conf: configuration file for the pam_group module - group: user group file - groups.conf: Configuration file for ClusterShell external node groups - gshadow: shadowed group file - gtkwaverc: GTKWave Configuration File - gvpe.conf: configuration file for the GNU VPE daemon - gvpe.osdep: os dependent information - gvpe: Overview of the GNU Virtual Private Ethernet suite - ha.cf: Configuration file for the Heartbeat cluster messaging layer - halt: variables that affect the behavior of the shutdown scripts - hdparm.conf: Debian configuration file for hdparm - hdup.conf: the hdup configuration file - header_checks: Postfix built-in content inspection - hesiod.conf: Configuration file for the Hesiod library - hgignore: syntax for Mercurial ignore files - hgrc: configuration files for Mercurial - hibernate.conf: configuration file for the hibernate script - history: record of current and recently expired Usenet articles - hobbit-alerts.cfg: Configuration for for hobbitd_alert module - hobbit-clients.cfg: Configuration file for the hobbitd_client module - hobbit-nkview.cfg: Configuration of the hobbitgraph CGI - hobbitcgi.cfg: Command-line parameters for the Xymon CGI tools - hobbitclient.cfg: Xymon client environment variables - hobbitgraph.cfg: Configuration of the hobbitgraph CGI - hobbitlaunch.cfg: Task definitions for the hobbitlaunch utility - hobbitserver.cfg: Xymon environment variables - hobbitweb: Xymon web page headers, footers and forms - host.conf: resolver configuration file - hosts.allow: format of host access control files - hosts.conf: Access control for Network UPS Tools CGI programs - hosts.deny: format of host access control files - hosts.equiv: list of hosts and users that are granted "trusted" r... - hosts.hfaxd: HylaFAX client access control list - hosts.nntp: list of hosts that feed NNTP news - hosts: The static table lookup for hostnames - hosts_access: format of host access control files - hosts_options: host access control language extensions Page 1 - Page 2

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