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vflush: flush vnodes for a mount point

vflush - flush vnodes for a mount point
#include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/vnode.h> int vflush(struct mount *mp, int rootrefs, int flags, struct thread *td);


The vflush() function removes any vnodes in the vnode table that belong to the given mount structure. Its arguments are: mp The mount point whose vnodes should be removed. rootrefs The number of references expected on the root vnode. vrele(9) will be invoked on the root vnode rootrefs times. flags The flags indicating how vnodes should be handled. FORCECLOSE If set, busy vnodes will be forcibly closed. SKIPSYSTEM If set, vnodes with the VV_SYSTEM flag set will be skipped. WRITECLOSE If set, only regular files currently opened for writing will be removed. td The calling thread.


A value of 0 is returned if the flush is successful; otherwise, EBUSY will be returned.


vgone(9), vrele(9)


This manual page was written by Chad David <davidc@acns.ab.ca>. VFLUSH(9)

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