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gsignal: post signal to a process or process group


psignal, pgsignal, gsignal - post signal to a process or process group


#include <sys/types.h> #include <sys/signalvar.h> void psignal(struct proc *p, int signum); void pgsignal(struct pgrp *pgrp, int signum, int checkctty); void gsignal(int pgid, int signum);


These functions post a signal to one or more processes. The argument signum common to all three functions should be in the range [1-NSIG]. The psignal() function posts signal number signum to the process represented by the process structure p. With a few exceptions noted below, the target process signal disposition is updated and is marked as runnable, so further handling of the signal is done in the context of the target process after a context switch. Note that psignal() does not by itself cause a context switch to happen. The target process is not marked as runnable in the following cases: +
sigaction(2), signal(9), tsleep(9) GSIGNAL(9)

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