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man page of zabbix_agentd

zabbix_agentd: remote agent that collects system information


zabbix_agentd - remote agent that collects system information


The Zabbix agent can be installed on system that are supposed to be monitored by a Zabbix server. It will listen on port 10050 and collect system information that gets evaluated by the Zabbix server.
zabbix_agentd [-Vhp] [-c <file>] [-t <metric>]
-c --config <file> Specify configuration file -h --help give this help -V --version display version number -p --print print supported metrics and exit -t --test <metric> test specified metric and exit


This man page was written by Christoph Haas <haas@debian.org> for the Debian GNU/Linux distribution but may be freely used by anyone. ZABBIX_AGENTD(8)

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