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yiff: Y sound system server


yiff - Y sound system server
yiff [config_file] [options]
The YIFF sound server is a Y compliant sound server providing Y compliant client applications with sound support. Uses either OSS or ALSA sound drivers and follows OSS compliancy.


The location of the config_file should be specified as the first argument. The default value is /etc/yiff/yiffrc.


--device <device> Specifies the digital signal processor (DSP) device. The default value is /dev/dsp. --mixer <device> Specifies the mixer device. The default value is /dev/dsp. Note that more than one non-Y compliant application can open the mixer in accordance with the OSS standard. --mixer_rc <file> Specifies alternate Y mixer settings file. The default is located in /var/state/yiff/mixer. --port <port> Specifies the port number to accept incoming connections on. This value overrides the value set in the config_file. The default value is 9433. --path <path> Adds a sound path to the Y server's list of sound paths (this option can be specified multiple times). --foreground Run in foreground, do not fork into background. The default behavour is to fork and run in the background. --help Prints help and exits. --version Prints version information and exits. Note that host access lists are modified after the yiff server is running. Use yhost(1) to add or remove addresses to the Y server's host access list. It's helpful to include yhost(1) commands along with other startup commands in /etc/init.d/yiff (the Y server startup script).


/etc/yiff/yiffrc /dev/dsp /dev/mixer /var/state/yiff/mixer


HOME Specifies the user's home directory.
To run the YIFF sound server using the configuration file /usr/etc/yiffrc, type: # /usr/sbin/yiff /usr/etc/yiffrc It is more common to start the YIFF sound server by invoking the startup script (make sure it is written properly), type: # /usr/sbin/starty Note that yiff will automatically fork itself to run in the background so adding a & after the command is not needed. If you want yiff to run in the foreground, then type: # /usr/sbin/yiff /usr/etc/yiffrc --foreground


YIFF home page //wolfpack.twu.net/YIFF/ yhost(1) ymixer(1) yplay(1) yrecinfo(1) yshutdown(1) yset(1) YIFF(8)

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