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man page of yate-config

yate-config: retrieve metainformation about the YATE telephony engine


yate-config - retrieve metainformation about the YATE telephony engine


yate-config [options]


The yate-config program is used to retrieve information about the installed YATE engine. It is typically used to compile and link modules against the engine's library. Here is a typical usage scenario in a Makefile: module.yate: module.cpp g++ 'yate-config --c-all --ldflags' module.cpp 'yate-config --libs'
Version and paths --version Reports the installed YATE version (in x.y.z format) --release Reports the installed YATE code status (if not release) and release number --config Returns the configuration files directory --modules Returns the modules directory --share Returns the base shared directory --scripts Returns the scripts directory --skins Returns the base skins directory Compiler flags --cflags Various C++ compiler flags --includes Include option and path to the header files --c-all All compiler options - the above two concatenated Linker flags --ldflags Various linker flags --libs Library option and libraries names --ld-all All linker options - the above two concatenated
Paul Chitescu <paulc@voip.null.ro> Diana Cionoiu <diana@voip.null.ro>


yate(8), pkg-config(1) YATE-CONFIG(8)

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