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man page of vboxputty

vboxputty: a self-dialing/-calling vboxgetty


vboxputty - a self-dialing/-calling vboxgetty


vboxputty -d device [-f config-file] [-c phonenumber] [-s ring-timeout] [-w wait] [-t redial] [-r redial-pause] vboxputty [-hv]
vboxputty is a vboxgetty, not waiting for, but triggering a call. After connect, vboxputty is acting exactly like vboxgetty. vboxputty exits with 0 if a connection was established, 99 on BUSY.
-h display a short help -v display the version information -f config-file use config-file instead of the default vboxgetty.conf -d device use device (/dev/ttyI*) for dialout -c phonenumber the phonenumber to be called -s ring-timeout vboxputty will dial the phonenumber and wait ring-timeout seconds for the called party to accept the call, if ring-timeout seconds are ellapsed before connect, vboxputty will hangup. -w wait after the connection is established, vboxputty will wait wait seconds before starting the tcl-script -t redial if the called party is BUSY, vboxputty will try redial times to get a connect -r redial-pause vboxputty waits redial-pause seconds between BUSY-redials




Gerrit Pape <pape@innominate.de>


the vbox-documentation VBOXPUTTY(8)

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