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radosgw_admin: rados REST gateway user administration utility


radosgw_admin - rados REST gateway user administration utility


radosgw_admin <cmd> [options..]


radosgw_admin is a RADOS gateway user administration utility. It allows creating and modifying users.
cmd can be one of the following options: user create Create a new user user modify Modify a user user info Display information of a user user rm Remove a user bucket list List all buckets bucket unlink Remove a bucket policy Display bucket/object policy log show Show the log of a bucket (with a specified date)
-c ceph.conf, --conf=ceph.conf Use ceph.conf configuration file instead of the default /etc/ceph/ceph.conf to determine monitor addresses during startup. -m monaddress[:port] Connect to specified monitor (instead of looking through ceph.conf). --uid=uid The S3 user/access key. --secret=secret The S3 secret. --display-name=name Configure the display name of the user. --email=email The e-mail address of the user --bucket=bucket Specify the bucket name. --object=object Specify the object name. --date=yyyy-mm-dd The date need for some commands --os-user=group:name The OpenStack user (only needed for use with OpenStack) --os-secret=key The OpenStack key --auth-uid=auid The librados auid


Generate a new user $ radosgw_admin user gen --display-name="johnny rotten" --email=johnny@rotten.com User ID: CHBQFRTG26I8DGJDGQLW Secret Key: QR6cI/31N+J0VKVgHSpEGVSfEEsmf6PyXG040KCB Display Name: johnny rotten Remove a user $ radosgw_admin user rm --uid=CHBQFRTG26I8DGJDGQLW Remove a bucket $ radosgw_admin bucket unlink --bucket=foo Thow the logs of a bucket from April 1st 2011 $ radosgw_admin log show --bucket=foo --date=2011=04-01


radosgw_admin is part of the Ceph distributed file system. Please refer to the Ceph wiki at //ceph.newdream.net/wiki for more information.


ceph(8) RADOSGW_ADMIN(8)

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