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man page of racoon-tool

racoon-tool: program to manage the racoon(8) IPSEC IKE daemon.


racoon-tool - program to manage the racoon(8) IPSEC IKE daemon.


racoon-tool [-h] reload|restart|force-reload|start|stop racoon-tool [-h] sadflush|spdflush|saddump|spddump racoon-tool [-h] vpndown|vdown|vpnup|vup connection-name|all racoon-tool [-h] vpnreload|vreload connection-name|all racoon-tool [-h] vpnlist|vlist [connection-name|all] racoon-tool [-h] vpnmenu|vmenu [connection-name-regexp] racoon-tool [-h] racoonstart|racoonstop|rstart|rstop
This manual page documents briefly the racoon-tool command. racoon- tool(8) is a perl script that can be used to control the racoon(8) IKE daemon and the SPD database within the kernel via the setkey(8) command. Various operations that it can do are described below. You can also optionally choose not to use it via reconfiguring the racoon package using dpkg-reconfigure(8).
A summary of options are included below. -h Show summary of options.


start Start racoon(8), loading any needed modules, configuring the SPD, and generating a configuration from /etc/racoon/racoon- tool.conf. stop Stop racoon(8) unloading any crypto/IPSEC modules, flushing the SAD and SPD. reload Regenerate configuration from /etc/racoon/racoon.conf, HUP racoon(8) and reinitialise the SPD and SAD. restart|force-reload Perform a stop followed by a start sadflush Flush the SAD via setkey(8). spdflush Flush the SPD via setkey(8). saddump|dump Dump the SAD to screen via setkey(8), paginating via your pager. spddump Dump the SPD to screen via setkey(8), paginating via your pager. vpnup|vup connection-name|all Bring up the VPN connection(s). vpndown|vdown connection-name|all Take down the VPN connection(s). vpnreload|vreload connection-name|all Reload the VPN connection(s). vpnlist|vlist [connection-name|all] List the known VPN connections in /etc/racoon/racoon-tool.conf. Can be used by a script or administrator to see if a VPN connection exists. vpnmenu|vmenu [connection-name-regexp] Start the VPN menu management mode. This displays the SPD, and you can shutdown VPNs from here. Latter on support will be added for checking status and reloading the chosen connection. racoonstart|rstart Start only the racoon(8) daemon. racoonstop|rstop Stop only the racoon(8) daemon.


/etc/racoon/racoon-tool.conf - configuration file. /var/lib/racoon/racoon.conf - generated racoon.conf


racoon(8), racoon.conf(5), setkey(8), racoon-tool.conf(5).


This manual page was written by Matthew Grant <grantma@anathoth.gen.nz>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). RACOON-TOOL(8)

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