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man page of ql-lun-state-online

ql-lun-state-online: scans for all offline LUNs and enables them.


ql-lun-state-online - scans for all offline LUNs and enables them.


ql-lun-state-online [OPTIONS]
QLogic Linux LUN STATE Change Utility This utility allows you to change the state of LUNs connected to a QLogic HBA from offline to online/running. The SCSI mid-layer may change a device's state to offline when it does not receive a response from the device. Once these devices are offline, the SCSI mid-layer ignores them OPTIONS : HOST NUMBER/S The QLogic LUN STATE change utility scans for all offline LUNs on the Specified HOSTS and enables them -a, --all The QLogic LUN STATE change utility enables all disabled LUNS -i, --interactive Use this option to use the menu driven program -h, --help, ? Prints this help message
ql-dynamic-tgt-lun-disc(8), ql-hba-snapshot(8), ql-set-cmd-timeout(8) Matthias Schmitz <matthias@sigxcpuAugu>st 2008 QL-LUN-STATE-ONLINE(8)

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