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paperconfig: configure the system default paper size


paperconfig - configure the system default paper size


paperconfig [ -v,--version ] [ -h,--help ] [ -p, --paper papername | --force ]


paperconfig sets the system (or default) paper to be used by tools using the papersize file. It can either ask interactively for the paper to use or be called non-interactively by scripts. When the paper size has been changed, paperconfig notifies other packages of the change by running the scripts in the /etc/libpaper.d directory.


-v,--version Print the version of paperconfig and exit. -h,--help Print help about usage and exit. -p, --paper papername Use papername if possible. If papername is not a valid paper, print an error message and exit. --force Force interactive selection of the system paper even if the actual paper is a valid one.
PAPERCONF Full path to a file containing the paper size to use; this file will be rewritten with the system paper size.
/etc/papersize Contains the name of the system-wide default paper size to be used if the PAPERSIZE variable is not set. /etc/libpaper.d Directory of scripts to run after the paper size has been changed. This package puts no scripts here, but other packages may.


Yves Arrouye <arrouye@debian.org>


paperconf(1) papersize(5) PAPERCONFIG(8)

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