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pam_timestamp_check: Check to see if the default timestamp is valid


pam_timestamp_check - Check to see if the default timestamp is valid


pam_timestamp_check [-k] [-d] [target_user]
With no arguments pam_timestamp_check will check to see if the default timestamp is valid, or optionally remove it.
-k Instead of checking the validity of a timestamp, remove it. This is analogous to sudo's -k option. -d Instead of returning validity using an exit status, loop indefinitely, polling regularly and printing the status on standard output. target_user By default pam_timestamp_check checks or removes timestamps generated by pam_timestamp when the user authenticates as herself. When the user authenticates as a different user, the name of the timestamp file changes to accommodate this. target_user allows to specify this user name.


0 The timestamp is valid. 2 The binary is not setuid root. 3 Invalid invocation. 4 User is unknown. 5 Permissions error. 6 Invalid controlling tty. 7 Timestamp is not valid.


Users can get confused when they are not always asked for passwords when running a given program. Some users reflexively begin typing information before noticing that it is not being asked for.


auth sufficient pam_timestamp.so verbose auth required pam_unix.so session required pam_unix.so session optional pam_timestamp.so


/var/run/sudo/... timestamp files and directories
pam_timestamp_check(8), pam.conf(5), pam.d(5), pam(8)
pam_tally was written by Nalin Dahyabhai. PAM_TIMESTAMP_CHECK(8)

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