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man page of keydctl

keydctl: control an onak keyd instance


keydctl - control an onak keyd instance


keydctl [ options ] command


keydctl is a command line client for interacting with a backend keyd daemon. It's intended to perform functions that are specifically related to keyd rather than being generic keyserver functions. See onak(1) for details about how to perform key related operations. Options -c FILE Use FILE as the config file instead of the default. -h Display help text. Commands check Query if keyd is running and accepting commands. Returns 0 if it is, 1 otherwise. Outputs nothing to stdout/stderr. quit Request that keyd exits cleanly status Display the status of a running keyd. Currently the protocol version in use, when keyd was started, the number of client connections seen and a breakdown of the commands seen.
/etc/onak.conf default configuration file
This man page could probably do with some more details.


onak(1) keyd(8)


onak was written by Jonathan McDowell <noodles@earth.li>. It can be found at //www.earth.li/projectpurple/progs/onak.html KEYDCTL(8)

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