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man page of kdeinit4

kdeinit4: KDE process launcher.


kdeinit4 - KDE process launcher.
kdeinit4 [--help] [[--no-fork] | [--no-kded] | [--suicide]] [[+programs] | [programs]]
kdeinit4 is a process launcher somewhat similar to the famous init used for booting UNIX. It executes KDE programs and kdeinit loadable modules (KLMs) starting them more efficiently. Using kdeinit4 to launch KDE applications makes starting a typical KDE application a couple times faster and reduces memory consumption by a substantial amount. kdeinit4 is linked against all libraries a standard KDE application needs. With this technique, starting an application becomes much faster because now only the application itself needs to be linked whereas otherwise both the application as well as all the libaries it uses need to be linked.


The process name of applications started via kdeinit4 is "kdeinit4". This problem can be corrected to a degree by changing the application name as shown by ps. However, applications like killall will only see kdeinit4 as the process name. To workaround this, use kdekillall (from kdesdk/scripts) for applications started via kdeinit4.


--help Show help about options --no-fork Do not fork, i.e. do not exit until all the executed programs ends --no-kded Do not start kded --suicide Terminate when no KDE applications are left running +programs runs the programs handling requests programs runs the programs without handling requests


A standard way to run this program is by simply specifying the following command at the prompt kdeinit4 program or kdeinit4 +program


/tmp/kde-$USER/kdeinit4_$INSTANCE ...
$HOME Specifies the home directory of the current user $KDE_HOME_READONLY Specifies if the home directory of the current user is read only $KDE_IS_PRELINKED If set, tells kdeinit4 that the KDE programs are pre-linked. (Prelinking is a process that allows you to speed up the process of dynamic linking.) $KDE_DISPLAY If set, tells kdeinit4 that it is running on a KDE desktop.
kded, kdekillall


There are probably tons of bugs. Use bugs.kde.org[1] to report them.


Waldo Bastian <bastian@kde.org> Author. Mario Weilguni <mweilguni@sime.com> Author. Lubos Lunak <l.lunak@kde.org> Author.


1. bugs.kde.org //bugs.kde.org KDEINIT4(8)

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