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danted: network proxyserver


danted - network proxyserver


danted [-DLVdhnv] [-N number] [-f file]


Dante implements the socks standard and can function as a firewall between networks. Dante relays TCP and UDP both from outside the network and in, and from inside and out. The options are as follows: -D Dante will detach from the controlling terminal and run in the background as a system daemon. -L Displays the license Dante comes under. -Nnumber Dante will fork of number copies of itself when starting. Can be used for very busy servers. -V Verifies config file and exits. -d Enables debugging. -ffile Dante will read its configuration from file. -h Shows the currently valid options. -n Disables TCP keep-alive messages. Normally Dante enables TCP keep-alive messages so that connections from machines that have crashed or for other reasons no longer can be reached time out. -v Displays Dante version.


TMPDIR Use TMPDIR for temporary files. Since Dante uses lockfiles it is recommended that TMPDIR be set to a (local) filesystem with low latency.
/etc/danted.conf Dante server configuration file.
For Inferno Nettverk A/S, Norway: Michael Shuldman <michaels@inet.no>: Design and implementation. Karl-Andre' Skevik <karls@inet.no>: Autoconf and porting.


dante.conf(5) danted.conf(5) Information about new releases and other related issues can be found on the Dante WWW home page at //www.inet.no/dante.


See the accompanying BUGS file. New ones should be reported to dante-bugs@inet.no. Feb 17, 2001 DANTED(8)

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