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Boot-Up Manager

man page of Boot-Up Manager

Boot-Up Manager: Graphical runlevel configuration tool


Boot-Up Manager - Graphical runlevel configuration tool
bum is a runlevel configuration editor which allows to configure init services when the system boots up or reboots. It displays a list of every service which could be started at boot. User can toggle individual services on and off. A detailed documentation on the program could be read at: //www.marzocca.net/linux/bumdocs.html.


/var/lib/bum/packages The script<->packages name file. /var/lib/bum/numbers The service number data file. /var/lock/bum Lock file.


Fabio MARZOCCA <thesaltydog@gmail.org> User Contributed Perl Documentatiperl v5.10.0 BOOT-UP MANAGER(8)

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