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bootptest: send BOOTP queries and print responses


bootptest - send BOOTP queries and print responses
bootptest [ -f bootfile ] [ -h ] [ -m magic_number ] server-name [template-file]
bootptest sends BOOTP requests to the host specified as server-name at one-second intervals until either a response is received, or until ten requests have gone unanswered. After a response is received, bootptest will wait one more second listening for additional responses.


-f bootfile Fill in the boot file field of the request with bootfile. -h Use the hardware (Ethernet) address to identify the client. By default, the IP address is copied into the request indicating that this client already knows its IP address. -m magic_number Initialize the first word of the vendor options field with magic_number. A template-file may be specified, in which case bootptest uses the (binary) contents of this file to initialize the options area of the request packet.


The bootptest program is a combination of original and derived works. The main program module (bootptest.c) is original work by Gordon W. Ross <gwr@mc.com>. The packet printing module (print-bootp.c) is a slightly modified version of a file from the BSD tcpdump program. This program includes software developed by the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and its contributors. (See the copyright notice in print-bootp.c)




RFC951 BOOTSTRAP PROTOCOL (BOOTP) RFC1048 BOOTP Vendor Information Extensions BOOTPTEST(8)

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