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bcfg2-info: Creates a local version of the bcfg2 server core for state observation


bcfg2-info - Creates a local version of the bcfg2 server core for state observation
bcfg2-info [-C <config file>] [-E <encoding>] [-Q <repository path>] [-h] [-p] [-x <password>] <mode> <mode args> <mode options>
bcfg2-info Instantiate an instance of the Bcfg2 core for data examination and debugging purposes.


-C <config file> Specify the location of the configuration file (if it is not in /etc/bcfg2.conf). -E <encoding> Specify the encoding of cfg files. -Q <repository path> Specify the server repository path. -d Run in debug mode. -h Give a bit of help about the command line arguments and options. After this bcfg2-info exits. -p Specify a profile. -x <password> Set the communication password.


build <hostname> <filename> Build config for hostname, writing to filename. builddir <hostname> <dirname> Build config for hostname, writing separate files to dirname. buildall <directory> Build configs for all clients in directory. buildfile <filename> <hostname> Build config file for hostname (not written to disk). bundles Print out group/bundle information. clients Print out client/profile information. debug Shell out to native python interpreter. event_debug Display filesystem events as they are processed. generators List current versions of generators. groups List groups help Print the list of available commands. mappings <type*> <name*> Print generator mappings for optional type and name. profile <command> <args> Profile a single bcfg2-info command. quit Exit bcfg2-info command line. showentries <hostname> <type> Show abstract configuration entries for a given host. showclient <client1> <client2> Show metadata for given hosts. update Process pending file events. version Print version of this tool.


bcfg2(1), bcfg2-server(8)


None currently known BCFG2-INFO(8)

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