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man page of bbackupd-config

bbackupd-config: Box Backup client daemon configuration file generator


bbackupd-config - Box Backup client daemon configuration file generator
bbackupd-config config-dir backup-mode account-num server-hostname working-dir backup-dir [backup-dir ...]
The bbackupd-config script creates configuration files and client certificates. It takes at least six parameters: config-dir Configuration directory. Usually /etc/box. backup-mode Either lazy or snapshot. account-num The client account number. This is set by the bbstored administrator. server-hostname The hostname or IP address of the bbstored server. working-dir A directory to keep temporary state files. This is usually something like /var/bbackupd. This can be changed in bbackupd.conf later on if required. backup-dir A space-separated list of directories to be backed up. Note that this does not traverse mount points.


/etc/box/bbackupd.conf /etc/box/bbackupd/NotifySysAdmin.sh


bbackupd.conf(5), bbackupd(8), bbackupctl(8)


Ben Summers Per Thomsen James O'Gorman BBACKUPD-CONFIG(8)

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