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man page of apt-cacher-ng

apt-cacher-ng: caching proxy for software package downloads

apt-cacher-ng - caching proxy for software package downloads


apt-cacher-ng [-c confdir] [-h] [optname=optvalue ...]


Apt-Cacher NG is a caching proxy for software packages which are downloaded by Unix/Linux system distribution mechanisms from mirror servers accessible via HTTP.


The command-line options supported by apt-cacher-ng are: -c confdir Scan the specified configuration directory and interpret configuration files find there. -h Short option summary varname=varopt The options from the configuration can be passed on the command line as key=value pairs.


Only few signals are handled in non-default ways. SIGUSR1 closes and reopens log files. SIGTERM and SIGINT close log files and stop the daemon.
For more information on Apt-Cacher NG, read the User Manual which can be found either in the doc/pdf directory of the software source package or installed in the documentation directory of apt-cacher-ng by your distribution. APT-CACHER-NG(8)

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