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ocf_heartbeat_drbd: Manages a DRBD resource (deprecated)


ocf_heartbeat_drbd - Manages a DRBD resource (deprecated)


drbd [start | stop | monitor | promote | demote | meta-data | validate-all]


Deprecation warning: This agent is deprecated and may be removed from a future release. See the ocf:linbit:drbd resource agent for a supported alternative. -- This resource agent manages a Distributed Replicated Block Device (DRBD) object as a master/slave resource. DRBD is a mechanism for replicating storage; please see the documentation for setup details.
drbd_resource The name of the drbd resource from the drbd.conf file. (unique, required, string, default drbd0) drbdconf Full path to the drbd.conf file. (optional, string, default /etc/drbd.conf) clone_overrides_hostname Whether or not to override the hostname with the clone number. This can be used to create floating peer configurations; drbd will be told to use node_<cloneno> as the hostname instead of the real uname, which can then be used in drbd.conf. (optional, boolean, default no) ignore_deprecation If set to true, suppresses the deprecation warning for this agent. (optional, boolean, default false)
This resource agent supports the following actions (operations): start Starts the resource. Suggested minimum timeout: 240. promote Promotes the resource to the Master role. Suggested minimum timeout: 90. demote Demotes the resource to the Slave role. Suggested minimum timeout: 90. notify Suggested minimum timeout: 90. stop Stops the resource. Suggested minimum timeout: 100. monitor (Slave role) Performs a detailed status check. Suggested minimum timeout: 20. Suggested interval: 20. monitor (Master role) Performs a detailed status check. Suggested minimum timeout: 20. Suggested interval: 10. meta-data Retrieves resource agent metadata (internal use only). Suggested minimum timeout: 5. validate-all Performs a validation of the resource configuration. Suggested minimum timeout: 30.


The following is an example configuration for a drbd resource using the crm(8) shell: primitive p_drbd ocf:heartbeat:drbd \ params \ drbd_resource="drbd0" \ op monitor depth="0" timeout="20" interval="20" role="Slave" \ op monitor depth="0" timeout="20" interval="10" role="Master" ms ms_drbd p_drbd \ meta notify="true" interleave="true"




Linux-HA contributors (see the resource agent source for information about individual OCF_HEARTBEAT_DRBD(7)

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