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libgiigic: A flexible library for action/event binding


libgiigic - A flexible library for action/event binding


GIC stands for General Input Configuration. LibGIIGIC is a convenience library running on top of libgii(7), which implements easy Descent/Forsaken style input configuration. It basically handles binding of keystrokes, mice and valuators to program actions. It is designed to make such schemes so easy, that noone would want to bother doing something else.
The following outlines the environment variables, intended for the user, which affect the behaviour of LibGIIGIC: GIC_DEBUG The debug level for LibGIIGIC: o 0 or unset : debug output is off; debugging is off o 255 : all debug output is on You may also bitwise 'or' any of the following together: o 2 : debug core o 32 : misc debugging output o 64 : debug dynamic library handling o 128 : debug event handling GIC_DEBUGSYNC Turn on synchronous debug output, flushing the output buffers before returning from DPRINT calls. GGI_CONFDIR Override compiled-in path to global config files (Win32 only, but not Cygwin). Note that the last environment variable really begin with GGI, and not GIC. Other environment variables specific to recognizers are documented in the corresponding manual page.
libgiigic-usage(7) LIBGIIGIC(7)

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