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libggigcp: GGI extension for color and palette


libggigcp - GGI extension for color and palette


LibGGIGCP is a generic color and palette management extension. It supports conversion between different color spaces such as RGBA, YUV, HSV and CMYK.


GCP_DEBUG The debugging level for LibGGIGCP: 0 or unset debug output is off; debugging is off 255 all debug output is on You may also bitwise-or any of the following together: o 2 : debug core o 4 : debug mode setting o 8 : debug color handling o 16 : debug drawing o 32 : misc debugging output o 64 : debug dynamic library handling o 128 : debug event handling The debugging output can be quite verbose and in most cases you should redirect stderr so that it does not interfere with your program's output. GCP_DEBUGSYNC Turn on synchronous debugging output, flushing the output buffers before returning from DPRINT calls. GGI_CONFDIR Override compiled-in path to global config files (Win32 only, but not Cygwin). Note that the last environment variable really begin with GGI, and not GCP.


libggi(7) LIBGGIGCP(7)

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