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gnome-options: Standard Command Line Options for GNOME 2 Programs


gnome-options - Standard Command Line Options for GNOME 2 Programs
program [standard options] [specific options] arguments
This manual page describes the command line options, which are common to all Gnome applications.


Help options -?, --help Show the application's help message. --usage Display a brief usage message. --version Show the application's version information. Bonobo Activation support --oaf-ior-fd=FD File descriptor to print IOR on --oaf-activate-iid=IID IID to activate --oaf-private Prevent registering of server with OAF GNOME library options --disable-sound Disable sound server usage --enable-sound Enable sound server usage --espeaker=HOSTNAME:PORT Host:port on which the esd sound server to use is running. This is useful if you simultaneously run programs on several machines. GNOME GUI options --disable-crash-dialog Disable the crash dialog, which is normally shown when the application segfaults. Session management options --sm-client-id=ID Specify session management ID. Only used by the session manager itself while restarting the application. --sm-config-prefix=PREFIX Specify prefix of saved configuration. --sm-disable Disable connection to session manager. Other options --load-modules=MODULE1,MODULE2,... Dynamic modules to load


gtk-options(7) For most GNOME programs there will be additional command line options, which are specific to the program. These will be explained in the Application options section of the --help output and in the application's online help.


This manual page was written by Jochen Voss <voss@debian.org>. A first version was generated with the help of the help2man program. The program's output was manually edited later. GNOME-OPTIONS(7)

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